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How To Name Your Teeth Whitening Business

In 2020, the global teeth whitening industry was valued at around 6.14bn US dollars. This lucrative business is set for incredible growth over the next few years and so starting a teeth whitening business could be great for your bank account!

If you are thinking of starting your own teeth whitening business, you may be in need of some teeth whitening name ideas. Our teeth whitening business name generator can help you out along the way to come up with some interesting teeth whitening names for businesses!

In this guide, we’ll be looking at different ways you can choose brand new teeth whitening business name. I’m Alex and I’ll be with you throughout this guide.

20 Teeth Whitening Business Name Ideas

Firstly, let’s have a look at some interesting teeth whitening business name ideas. I found these by inputting different words that I associate with teeth-whitening businesses into our generator. Check them out below.

  1. Enviable Shine
  2. Whitenetic
  3. Smashing White
  4. Angelic White
  5. Bright Whites
  6. Radiant Whites
  7. Formula Whites
  8. Clinical White
  9. Glamorous Teeth
  10. Visage Teeth
  11. Teethly
  12. Aphrodite Teeth
  13. Essential Shine
  14. Luxe Shine
  15. Naked Teeth
  16. Flawless Teeth
  17. TeethX
  18. Irresistible Teeth
  19. Attractive Teeth
  20. Radiate Pearls

20 More Teeth Whitening Business Name Ideas

  1. Smile Brighter
  2. Teeth Care
  3. We clean teeth
  4. BetterWhite
  5. Brighter Smiles
  6. Make It White
  7. All White All Right
  8. Pearly Whites
  9. Sparkly
  10. Bright n White
  11. Sparklez
  12. FinallyWhite Teeth
  13. Whitebrite
  14. Super Smilez
  15. Teethtastic
  16. Teeth Cleaners
  17. Angel Grins
  18. Pure Smiles
  19. Teethmatters
  20. All White teeth

Best Real-world Teeth Whitening Business Names

Now we’ve seen what our teeth whitening business name generator can do, let’s take a look at the way others have chosen to name their teeth-whitening businesses. Below we’ve looked at some of our favorite teeth whitening business name choices.

Looking to your competitors can help to inspire your own name. You may find their name inspiring or find you don’t like certain aspects of it. It can also help to show how you can communicate your business values to your customers through your teeth whitening business name.

We’ve summarised why we like these names and how we think they work like teeth whitening business names. Check them out to get inspired by some great teeth whitening business name ideas.

The Teeth Whitening Company

This is a really simple name. It communicates exactly what this brand does to the consumer and is incredibly effective. This kind of simple and effective name is on-trend, particularly in the teeth whitening business, and is something you should consider for your own teeth whitening business!

These names really work as they tell the customer what they should expect from the brand and they do it in simple terms that are easy to understand. Don’t shy away from using something as simple as this for your own business.

Global White

This teeth whitening business name works to invoke images of a truly global business, a brand that is covering the whole earth. It also suggests that their teeth whitening range will whiten all parts of the teeth.

Using words like global can indicate a worldwide business, and promote the efficacy of the product too! Word choice is really important in your teeth whitening business name because it will communicate who you are as a business to your customers.

White Glo

An at-home teeth whitening kit, we love the name White Glo because it communicates that this brand is young and trendy. The use of shortened words can make the brand feel more contemporary and communicate to customers that you’re a young brand.

Shortening words is a great way to reduce the length of your name too. Long names can be difficult to remember, but make sure not to shorten the words too much that they become unrecognizable.


The MySmile name is great because it really helps the brand connect to its customers. It reminds customers exactly who and what is going to benefit from this service and makes the customer feel that the business is really working for them.

The stylization of this name is also interesting. The lack of space between the two words makes it a shorter and more stylish business name.


This name is great because it invokes images of gemstones, shining in the sun. The word opalescence conveys a certain lustrousness and reminds customers of the luxury of this service.

Using words that invoke images of fabulousness is a really great way of enticing customers to your teeth whitening business.

Unique Content for the Niche

As a high-demand business, the teeth whitening industry may be difficult to break into. You need to establish trust with your customers and entice them to choose you over more well-known brands. To do this, choosing words that communicate why customers can trust your business is essential.

Choosing words that express why you’re different from other teeth whitening businesses and why people should pick your product first will help people to trust your brand more easily. In addition, using synonyms of ‘white’ and other descriptive words that are desirable when it comes to teeth, is a good idea.

Make sure you plug some of the words you come up with into our teeth whitening business name generator and see what teeth whitening names for business it suggests!

5-Tips for creating unique Teeth Whitening Business name ideas

Now we’ve looked over some teeth whitening business names that our teeth whitening business name generator came up with and looked at some competitor names, let’s have a look at some of the steps you can take to create your own teeth whitening business name.

Below are some handy tips and tricks that will help you on your journey to a teeth whitening business name. Check them out below and learn the best way to use our teeth whitening business name generator!

1. Put all your ideas on paper

This is a really simple way to get to know your brand. Write down all the words that you want to be associated with your brand and then use these words to inform the name!

Use synonyms of white, shine, pearls, and find different ways to show how your teeth whitening business is the teeth whitening business customers should choose.

Once you have this list of words, you can start putting them into the teeth whitening business name generator and find lots of unique and memorable word combinations to inspire your teeth whitening business name.

2. Use fewer words

This is a great tip if you want to create a truly memorable name! The more words you use the more chance you have that customers will forget it! Choose a name with fewer, better words!

If you are intent on a longer name, then how about trying an acronym? Try using it along with the longer name to ensure your customers remember it!

3. Ask your friends what they think

Getting outside feedback is really helpful to your creative process. It can open your eyes to things you haven’t seen or maybe didn’t consider before. It can also help to have feedback on how your name comes across to an outsider.

Remember to keep checking back in with your friends, family, and colleagues as your name develops to ensure it is reflecting your brand as best as possible.

4. Check out the competition

We’ve already done this part once but you need to find businesses that you are inspired by, who are local to you, and who are doing things the way you would! Find names that you love and names that you don’t and understand why they work or don’t.

Keep checking in on competitors throughout the process to learn more about the industry too.

5. Use our teeth whitening business name generator

Use our fantastic teeth whitening business name generator to help you come up with unique and interesting word combinations for your brand name! This is an invaluable resource and should be continually used throughout the process to help you get inspired every time you get stuck!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Names for teeth whitening businesses vary from simple names that tell the customers exactly what the brand does to names using descriptive language to invoke images of pearly white teeth as a result of the treatment! Choosing a teeth whitening business name is all about choosing the name you think your customers will respond best to. Think about what you want to be as a business and use words associated with this image in your business name to ensure that customers understand who you are and why they should choose you. A good business name is a name that customers respond well to.

You can use our teeth whitening business name generator to come up with a whole list of unique business names for your teeth whitening business! To use it, you should create a list of words that you associate with your business and input them into the generator. The business name generator can be used throughout the naming process to give inspiration for business names whenever you need it!

Naming a teeth whitening business means coming up with the first impression of your brand that your customers will see. You need to ensure that you stand out. Choose words that associate with your brand values and set you apart from other teeth whitening businesses. Try our teeth whitening business name generator too, to give you inspiration as you name your new business.


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