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2. Get Tanning Business Name Ideas

The AI-based generator will make thousands of name ideas for you to read through. You can apply filters to narrow down the list.

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Benefits of Our Tanning Business Name Generator

Our wellness name generator uses your input and an AI algorithm to come up with the best name for your enterprise. It is a straightforward process that helps you to create a perfect wellness brand name in a couple of clicks.

Benefits of Our Tanning Business Name Generator

Sun-Inspired creativity
Generates names that evoke warmth, relaxation, and beauty.

Customizable options
Offers flexibility in terms of name length, rhyme, and keyword placement.

Get online
Includes a domain checker to ensure your name shines online.

Branding support 
Focuses on creating distinctive names and supporting logos that stand out in the industry.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Tanning Business

Your business name should be a sunny reflection of your salon’s atmosphere and quality of service. Here are six top tips to help you come up with a tanning salon business name. 

Be Relevant

Be Relevant

Start with keywords related to tanning, like ‘bronze’, ‘glow’, or ‘sun’, to guide the generator. These kinds of words help put people in a positive frame of mind and help set a good tone for the business right from the start. 

Play With Options

Play With Options

You can have fun here and experiment with different tanning and sun-related keyword combinations for various tanning name options. Try puns and humor to create something memorable. 


Consider Your Audience

Will you offer a high-end tanning service or pitch yourself as a cheaper tanning alternative? It would help if you considered these things when choosing your name. 

Brand Image

Brand Image

How do you want people to think about your business? For example, are you offering eco-friendly tanning products, high-end spray tanning services or using natural ingredients? Choose names that reflect the image and ethos of your tanning salon. This will help you stand out from other tanning salon names. 

Review Favorites

Review Favorites

Once you have a selection of names, bookmark your favorite names and create a shortlist for final consideration. At this stage, get feedback from your potential customers via family and friends and use social media to access different opinions. 

Check Domains

Check Domains

You may want to run a high-street salon, but tanning customers will want to see your opening hours, promotions, reviews and more. So, ensure your chosen name has an available domain to help you build an online presence. 

Get Inspired

20 Shining Tanning Business Name Ideas

  • Sun Kissed Haven
  • Glow Lounge
  • Bronze Bliss
  • Radiant Rays 
  • Tropical Time 
  • Sunbathed Sanctuary
  • Gilded Lily Tanning
  • Beachfront Bronze
  • Sunset Tans
  • Solar Flare Studios
  • Bask in Bronze
  • Luminous Tan 
  • Sunkissed Silhouettes
  • Azure Ray
  • Golden Horizon Tans
  • Solaris Sun Spa
  • Bronzed Elegance
  • Sunshine Splendor
  • Coastal Glow 
  • Radiance Retreat

Examples of Successful Tanning Salon Business Names

  1. Palm Beach Tan: Simple, evocative, and directly communicates the service and experience.
  2. Tan Republic: Unique and catchy, instantly recognizable.
  3. Itan Franchising: Direct and to the point, easy for customers to remember.
  4. South Beach Tanning Company: Location-inspired, suggesting a specific style of tan.
  5. The Palms Tanning Resort: Conveys an exotic and luxurious tanning experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good tanning business name captures what your salon offers and leaves a lasting impression on potential customers. It should be catchy, memorable, and reflective of the tanning treatments you will offer.

A good spray tan business name hints at spray tanning, using words like "sun-kissed," "glow," "bronze," or "radiant." But you should avoid overly generic terms to distinguish your business from others spray tanning brands.

Yes, the tanning business name generator is free of charge.

A unique name helps in building a professional and distinctive brand identity for your tanning business and can attract more clientele.

Ideally, yes. Your tanning business name should nod to the nature of your services while being catchy and memorable.


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