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How To Name Your Tanning Salon Business

Over the past years, tanning has seen a rise. More and more people choose tan to not look bronzed but prevent hazardous sun rays. Opening a tanning salon is among the most profitable options right now. Even though people can find self-tanning products everywhere, no one can deny the expertise of a tanning salon or the fantastic experience of visiting one.

You can definitely grab the opportunity and open your own tanning salon. Starting a tanning salon business is an interesting procedure. On the top of the list should be to find a proper business name. It may sound like a boring and tiresome task, but you will realize that it is fun.

Our Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is here to help you out. It is a great tool that provides you with numerous name ideas and other crucial functionalities.

How to Use the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator

The Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is designed to be convenient and easy for you to use. The first step is to add focus keywords at the central bar on the platform. For instance, good keywords for a tanning salon are bronze, sun, tropical, tan, beach, gold. You add them and click the Generate button. In a few seconds, the Generator will show you hundreds of ideas.

The Generator allows you to save the ideas you like. In addition, you can use the filters on the right side of the page. You can choose how many words you want the name to be or the place of the focus keyword. Also, you can choose if you want the name to rhyme, which is always eye-catching.

However, the most helpful feature of the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is the Domain Checker. You enter the name of your choice, and it checks online if it is free on any domain. This feature will save you from a lot of trouble because it guarantees that your name is unique and that you are not getting someone else’s business name by accident.

20 Tanning Salon Name Ideas

As you have probably figured out, the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is super easy to use. It creates unique names fast, and you can play with it as long as you like. The goal is to help you find the perfect name for your tanning salon. In order to assist you even further, we have gathered 20 tanning salon name ideas. We used the previous keywords: bronze, sun, tropical, tan, beach, gold. Here are some of the options the Generator created:

  1. Tropical Posh
  2. Bronze Khan
  3. Goldaholic
  4. Tropicadri
  5. Bronze Starline
  6. Tropical Wander
  7. Bronze Fierce
  8. Sunporium
  9. Beach Mode
  10. Tan Clique
  11. Tan Slay
  12. Gold Profuse
  13. Beach Dreamy
  14. Tropical Stream
  15. Sun Colorway
  16. Tan Lux
  17. Gold Lion
  18. Sun Siren
  19. Tropical Dazzle
  20. Sun Awe

These are only but a few of the dozens the Generator created. If you add more keywords, it will generate even more options for you. Coming up with a tanning salon business name idea isn’t that hard anymore, is it?

20 More Tanning Salon Name Ideas

  1. Tan & Go
  2. Shades of Bronze
  3. Beach Babes
  4. Urban Tan Spa
  5. Extreme Tan
  6. Safe Sun Spa
  7. Bronzed
  8. Bottled Sun
  9. Pure Bronze
  10. Gold’N Beautiful
  11. Tanology
  12. Sunless Lounge
  13. Sun Extracts
  14. Midnight Kiss
  15. Tropical Bodies
  16. The Soleil Spa
  17. Sunless Kiss
  18. Sweet Solar Studio
  19. Always Summer
  20. Beyond Sunset

Best Tanning Salon Businesses

Any expert will tell you to look at your competition before opening your business. However, this is not only for realizing who is your “rival,” but also to find inspiration. It is always beneficial to look at what the best companies do. It will help you find a strategy for your own business.

Today, we want to draw your attention to how a proper name can make your business a success. Below you will find five of the best tanning salon businesses. Take into consideration their name and the way it reflects the services they provide, as well as how it portrays the branding. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be even closer to finding a good tanning salon business name idea.

Palm Beach Tan

This Tanning Salon was founded in the 90s, and now it has 265 franchises across the states. So, we are talking about a success story. Customers visit Palm Beach Tan because they know they will get excellent service. But, notice the salon’s name. It is easy to remember and clear. You can’t mistake it for something else. You can’t get confused over what it sells. Therefore, the name of this salon is very effective. Upon this name, the salon built its reputation and today, it is one of the best in the industry.

Tan Republic

The Tan Republic is another successful tanning salon. It is spread through the West Coast, and it has become a favorite to all tanning fanatics. Its broad success is not only because of the excellent services it provides but also due to its name. It is unique and original. Also, it proceeds its reputation in the sense that when you hear the name, you understand what the company is all about.

Itan Franchising

This is another tanning business on this list with a clear name that relates to its services. It provides a very direct message — I tan. So, yes, when you come across Itan Franchising, you know that it is a tanning salon. In addition, given that the name includes the word Franchising, you understand that it is a big tanning salon, with stores in different cities and states.

South Beach Tanning Company

South Beach Tanning Company is a tanning salon with many branches. Its name is inspired by the South Beach in Miami. Its art deco style and the beautiful beach influenced the owner, who decided to name the salon after this. So, when you think of the South Beach Tanning Company, you expect to get a gorgeous tan like the one you would get if you visited the original South Beach.

The Palms Tanning Resort

The Palms Tanning Resort & Sunless Spa is a resort all about tanning, massage, and spa services. You go there to relax and take care of your body and soul. And guess what, you do not need to google it. You can understand it by the name alone. The Palms add an exotic element because it is associated with beaches and beautiful locations. So, there you have it. A great name that reflects the services and creates a positive attitude.

Unique Advice Content

We hope it is clear why you need to come up with a great tanning salon business name idea. All the aforementioned companies had a specific strategy around the naming process. The strategy was not only to have a clear name that describes the service, but it is also interesting to attract new customers.

So, this is our advice to you. Your tanning salon business name idea needs to have very specific characteristics. It needs to be clear so that the customers can understand that you are running a tanning salon. Also, if you have the choice, opt for a short name. That way, it will be easier for your customers to remember it. However, a short name is not a must. It can be a little bigger, but it must have a keyword that makes it unique. Finally, do not be afraid to get creative. Our Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is here to simplify this process for you.

5 Tips for creating unique Tanning Salon Business name ideas

Branding matters.

As in any business, you have to think about branding. This forms the identity of the business and helps you build a strategy. There are many tanning salons out there, what will you do to make yours stand out? It could be the decorations and the theme, it could be the services you provide, you may have brand-new machines and equipment, or it could be exclusive gifts and benefits for returning customers. These are all things you need to consider because they will give the foundations for a good tanning salon business name idea.

Describe your business.

Yes, you read correctly. You have to describe your business. Take a pen and a notebook and write down words that come to your mind when you think of your salon. It could be just adjectives, nouns, or anything else that you feel describes your brand. Now, it is time to add all these words into the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator. The more you add, the more options it will generate for you. Save the ones you like the most and come back to them after you are done. Imagine them being on your business card, on the salon’s label, or on social media. Would you like how they look?

Use your location.

It may sound a little generic or boring, but it is a good element to add a location to your company’s name. Your future clients will know where the business is making it easier for them to reach you. Also, if your company is successful, and you decide to have franchises and other branches, people will know what inspired the name. You can add your location to the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator, and it will also create a tanning salon business name idea that includes it.

Check the online availability.

Our Tanning Salon Business Name Generator has a Domain Checker feature. If you put your tanning salon business name idea there, it will search online if it is free as a domain. Why is this an important step? Nowadays you have to be online if you want people to see you. Therefore, you should make sure that your tanning salon business name idea is available and unique online.

An original name will help your business stand out in the market and eliminate the competition. Also, it will reflect your brand identity. It will show potential and existing customers that your company is different, that it is unique, and it has something special to offer. Finally, yet importantly, it will help you prevent any copyright infringements. If you copy someone else’s name by mistake, you will have severe legal issues. So, it is better to check for this at an early stage.

Opt for a memorable name.

It may feel a little hectic to combine all the aforementioned information. Yet, it is crucial that you do, in order to come up with a memorable tanning salon business name idea. It needs to stand out if you want to succeed. So, use all the elements you have at your disposal. Do not be afraid to get a little creative. By adding keywords such as kingdom, fairyland, exotic, you have more chances in creating a unique and fun name.

This way, your clients will have a subconscious positive attitude towards your company. It all comes down to marketing strategies. A creative name is compulsory. It will make your business more special and easier to distinguish it from others. There are many tanning salons in the market. Make yours distinctive and exceptional. Opt for a memorable name that reflects your branding but also makes people feel something positive about it. Lucky for you, our Tanning Salon Business Name Generator can become your best friend during this process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator is free of charge. Its special features are also available for free.

You can use our Tanning Salon Business Name Generator. By adding specific keywords, it will generate many unique names for you to choose from.

Yes, the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator will check if your name idea is available on any domain.

A unique name will make you stand out in any market. It will make your brand easy to remember and customers will know what the product or service is.

You should register your company officially, as the Tanning Salon Business Name Generator only gives you ideas.


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