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How To Name Your T-Shirt Business

Do you specialize in unique t-shirt designs and making waves in the clothing industry? If the answer is yes then you need a t-shirt business name that will reach your intended audience and stand out against other competitors. That’s why you should use the T-Shirt Business Name Generator, which provides endless amounts of inspiration.

T-shirt business names are not easy to come by, but we’ve created a specific guide to help you every step of the way. Additionally, with the t-shirt printing market valued at $3.64 billion now may be the right time to get started!

More specifically, alongside the T-Shirt Business Name Generator, we’ve compiled a wealth of research to support your journey. Keep reading to find a unique list of names for t-shirt businesses, a comprehensive competitor analysis, and tips on how to start a t-shirt business.

Before we get started, make sure to refer back to the T-Shirt Business Name Generator, applying what you’ve learned to our dedicated generator service!

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20 Names From The T-Shirt Business Name Generator

To get you used to the T-Shirt Business Name Generator, we’ve created a list of our favorite picks. Have a look below to see which ones suit your business:

  1. T-Shirtable
  2. Tees For Everyone
  3. Custom Tee Company
  4. Red Hot Ink T-Shirts
  5. Eventual Apparel
  6. Shining Ink Hero
  7. Crystal Graphix Tees
  8. Stitch Me Up
  9. Ink-Tee Apparel
  10. 5DollarShirts
  1. Undefeated Creations
  2. T-spiration
  3. Tie-Dye Sisters
  4. Planet T-Shirt
  5. Interstellar Designs
  6. 80s/90s T-Shirts
  7. EagleTees
  8. Trendy Top Stop
  9. FunkRush Company
  10. EMP Tees

20 More T-Shirt Business Name Ideas

  1. Funky Prints
  2. Street Art
  3. T-Shirt Branding Co.
  4. Graphix
  5. Elite Cotton Prints
  6. Urban Hero
  7. Tee for Me
  8. PersonaliTee
  9. Art Ink
  10. Happy Prints
  1. For Kids Designs
  2. Promo Printing Company
  3. Tee with Care
  4. Unique Tee Designs
  5. Screen Print Gurus
  6. Colour Splash Prints
  7. Vibrant Designs
  8. Imagination T-Shirt
  9. Express Yourself Custom Tees
  10. Inkman T Factory

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Best Real-world T-Shirt Business Names

Whether it’s brands or designs, the t-shirt industry can be a competitive one. After all, the t-shirt is the staple of every wardrobe, essential for stylish occasions or lounging on the couch.

In order to know what makes names for t-shirt businesses successful, you need to understand the meaning, origins, and lineage behind the biggest brands. Subsequently, you can learn why a name connects with customers.

Luckily for you, we’ve analyzed some of the biggest t-shirt producers out there today. More specifically, we’ve researched what’s important about their name and how it catches the eye.

Some of these are specific brands and others focus on t-shirt printing. Let’s take a look:

  • Everlane
  • Carhartt
  • Uniqlo
  • Sunspel
  • GAP
  • Hanes
  • UberPrints
  • Custom Ink
  • Spreadshirt
  • Design A Shirt

Why Is The Name Important?

Many of these names are important because they tell a story, connect with a target audience, and showcase creativity.

Carhartt Logo


Carhartt is known for producing both construction clothing and minimalist t-shirts. Established by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, the name has consistently represented his mission statement.

Carhartt has stood for “hard work” since 1889, focusing on creating a better product for everyone. Sticking to the founder’s name implies a feeling of authority and timelessness.

Uniqlo Logo


Uniqlo is another major global supplier of basic cotton tees. More specifically, this Japanese powerhouse uses a unique process to yield less scuffing and more texture.

Founded in 1984 by Ogori Shōji called Unique Clothing Warehouse, this company decided to shorten the name and still include “unique” and “clothing”. Therefore, Uniqlo is pronounced “uni-clo” to stick with its marketing strategy.

GAP Logo


GAP symbolizes classic American style and their timeless 100% cotton t-shirts have been part of this since their inception. Founders Doris and Don Harris opened the first GAP store in 1969, and the name is a reference to the “generation gap”.

This inspiration came when Don was unable to find a pair of jeans that fit him properly. Accordingly, the name “GAP” relates to the generation gap between the retail industry in the 1960s and younger consumers. Furthermore, their iconic 1973 “Fall Into The Gap” jingle cited this gap between producers and younger consumers.

UberPrints Logo


UberPrints is a dedicated t-shirt printing service that lets you design the graphics of your t-shirt. With outstanding service, fast delivery, and impeccable quality, UberPrints is one of the most popular t-shirt design businesses in the US.

More importantly, their name contains a mash-up between two words “uber” and “prints”. Therefore, when placed together it represents an outstanding service with the word “uber” and specifically printed designs with the word “print”.

Find T-Shirt Business Names That Fit Your Niche

It may be daunting getting everything prepared for your new eCommerce business. For example, you’ll need to think about materials, printing options, designs, and website accessibility. However, we provide step-by-step guides when starting a clothing business, while also helping you find that perfect name!

As a means of finding a target audience for your clothing products, we highly recommend that you choose a niche on which to base your brand identity. In other words, having a unique selling point will help you attract the right audience.

As an illustration, some entrepreneurs have been able to transform a single t-shirt idea into a self-funded business. The point here is to have the courage to believe in your product.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you spend some time focusing on your brand identity and who your target audience is before trademarking a name.

How Do I Evaluate My Nice?

There are plenty of ways to research your chosen nice. For example:

  • Look at the most popular hobbies in the US.
  • Try using the Audience Insight Tool on Facebook to assess the popularity of your niche.
  • Ask those around you.
  • Research your niche choice on subreddits in order to engage with potential customers.

Once you have fully understood the size of your target audience, you can begin to calculate how your name will connect with them.

As an illustration, take some of the research from statistics, Reddit, and Facebook and begin to use the T-Shirt Business Name Generator.

For any more help with capturing your niche, take a look at our guide to starting a clothing line!

5-Tips For Creating Unique T-Shirt Business Names

1. What Is The Meaning Of Your Name?

Take some inspiration from clothing lines such as GAP that promote a meaningful message to consumers. That is to say, why have you decided now to start a business and what do you hope to gain. Names for t-shirt businesses often try to tell a story to pique the customer’s interest.

Likewise, what’s the story of your business? Have you found a niche that no one has offered before? Or, are using a production process that is more environmentally conscious? Whatever it may be, let your name do the talking!

2. What Does Your Audience Care About?

Next, find out what your future customers look for from t-shirt companies. To clarify, to create an authentic and long-lasting brand, you need to understand why you are important to your target audience.

For example, does your audience care about quality, types of designs, colors, or sustainable production? All these questions are vital when crafting a mission statement and brand identity.

Once you’ve found a purpose that serves your target audience, it’ll be much easier to start finding a name.

3. Always Keep It Simple

The last thing you want is to put off potential customers. Certainly, an overwordy and complex name is more than likely going to lead to a lack of interest.

Try to remember that your name is going to be part of your logo, marketing strategy, advertising campaign, and even organic SEO research.

4. Where Can I Find Inspiration?

There is a wealth of inspiration to be found all over the web. Try to research your favorite t-shirt brands, and look at what makes their names successful.

For instance, think about questions such as how does the name bring their identity to life? Or, how does the name fit with the logo?

Names for t-shirt businesses usually incorporate their logo so think whether you have any logo ideas in mind!

5. Use The T-Shirt Business Name Generator

Finally, go back and try the T-Shirt Business Name Generator after reading all these tips. T-shirt business names are not created overnight, so the more ideas you can get the better off you’ll be.

Therefore, try applying what you’ve learned in this article to find some creative results.

If you’ve found your name that’s great news! The final step is to check it’s available by doing a Business Name Search.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve reached the end of this article, but we hope you enjoyed it. Before you leave us, take a look at the most frequently asked questions about names for t-shirt businesses.

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