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Complete Guide to Naming Your Swimwear Business

Our swimwear business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get swimwear business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Swimwear brands can aim to accomplish several things through their marketing efforts. In some cases, the fashion of the pieces and their appearance will be most important. The aim of branding would be to highlight the unique appeal of the swimwear line and the manner in which it’s going to accentuate the body of the wearer.

Other swimsuits are designed for speed and efficiency. These are typically created for athletes and people who like to work out in the pool. For such brands, the focus will have to focus on other characteristics. Comfort and the durability of the swimsuit will have to be emphasised.

Think about the nature of your product and the people you’ll be advertising it to. Based on such information, you can determine what your core message is going to be. This core message should be prominent in the title of the company, the branding and all the advertising materials you’re going to produce.

Demographic Interests

When it comes to fashionable swimwear, the vast majority of the customer demographic is female. Women are much more concerned with looking good at the beach. They’re also more likely than men to own a bigger number of swimsuits.

The quality of the swimsuit, its appearance and trendiness are important for such clients. While some may be looking for an affordable product that looks good, others will be willing to spend a lot on a quality brand.

The world of athletic swimwear is different.

Both men and women need practical and comfortable swimsuits for working out. The quality of the material and its durability will be much more important than the print and the colour. When people go swimming in pools, the swimsuit will be subjected to all of the chemicals used for disinfection purposes. This is why many will be looking for a well-made swimsuit that’s likely to remain in a good condition for a longer period of time.

Competitor Name Analysis


One of the most popular swimwear brands was originally called Fortitude. In 1928, a name and slogan contest was launched and the winning entry was “Speed on in Your Speedos.”


One of the biggest Australian swimwear brands was originally called Peters Folly after its founder. Eventually, rebranding efforts took place and the new, more streamlined Seafolly was chosen.

To Dive For

Wordplay is always good because it results in an incredibly memorable name. To Dive For is an excellent illustration of the concept.


The name of this swimwear brand comes from the French Ose(ree) which translates roughly to “to dare.” This is a fashion brand that’s known for bold designs, making the name completely appropriate.

L Space Swimwear

According to the official brand presentation, the L in the name of the company stands for love, laugh, lounge and live – everything you’d associate to the beach lifestyle.

Solid and Striped

The company’s biggest strength is the classic design of swimwear, something that the name is definitely hinting towards.

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You can get really creative with the selection of the right name for your brand. The right choice will depend on whether you see your products as fashion or functional accessories.

A brainstorming session will help you pinpoint the words and the phrases that are best matched to the tone and the style of your brand. Once you have a list of phrases, try our Business Name Generator to get variations. Information about domain name availability will be provided to streamline your online branding efforts.

To explore the capabilities of the generator, try the following swimwear-related words and phrases:


Bathing suit








Boy shorts

Swim dress

Colour blocking

Cover up







Halter top


Peek a boo



Pool party



Swimwear Business Name Inspiration

  1. Pool Diva: this is pretty obvious and a great choice for a fashion brand that’s predominantly targeting a female audience.
  2. Dolphin Lagoon: the dolphin is one of the most beautiful and graceful marine creatures, which is why the association is going to be a positive one.
  3. B for Bikini: a more contemporary and streamlined name, this one is memorable and it also provides great visual branding opportunities.
  4. Sand in Your Bellybutton: another visual brand name that helps the customer visualise and experience the specific mood most of us are in while on the beach.
  5. Mediterranean Siren: the word “siren” is ales popular version of mermaid, which is why it adds up to an interesting brand.
  6. Sea Athlete: if you have a line of athletic swimwear, a name like this one will certainly appeal to your target audience.
  7. Wet Temptation: on occasions, it may be a good idea to opt for a name that’s sexier and a bit more seductive – two things that ladies would definitely want to be on the beach.
  8. Aqua Speed: a name for an athletic swimwear brand that does not really need much of an explanation to make sense.
  9. Sun Goddess: every woman would like to feel confident and beautiful while soaking up the sun. This is a promise that the respective brand makes.
  10. Vibes of Summer: swimwear brands can opt for many positive images and references their clients will get immediately. The choice of this title is one of them.

What Not to Name Your Swimwear Business

While you may be influenced by the names of the bigger players in the field while doing your research, refrain from choosing a title that sounds too similar. If your brand lacks authenticity and originality, you’ll find it very difficult to differentiate your products.

A bit of abstract thinking can go a long way but don’t take it too far in attempts to be original. If you do, your brand will probably remain misunderstood. Think creatively but create a notion of something relevant, something that people will still understand in the absence of additional explanation.

Speak to the right audience and don’t try to make your name attractive to just about everyone. If you do, you will miss the mark. A general audience isn’t ready to engage with your brand or buy. Thus, a niche name will make a lot more sense because it will reach qualified prospects almost immediately.

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