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How To Name Your Swimwear Business

The idea of swimwear might summon images of fun in the sun, summer holidays, and relaxing by the side of a pool. And these are all great things to imagine, particularly if you are trying to get customers into your new swimwear business!

By tackling some of the keywords associated with summer fun, let’s use our swimwear company name generator to make a splashy brand for your swimsuit business.

20 Swimwear Business Name Ideas

To get you started, I used our swimwear company name generator to come up with 20 new and inspiring swimwear business names that evoke the tones and fun times of summer or a sunny holiday. And it’s easier than ever to create your own with the perfect keywords.

  1. Aquamarine Swimwear
  2. Splash Into Swim
  3. Mermaids ‘R’ Us
  4. Ready-Wear Swim Gear
  5. Bikini Paradise
  6. Deep Water Style
  7. Summer Splash Swimwear
  8. Wave Apparel 
  9. Sunny Daze Swimsuits
  10. Ocean Wonder Swim
  11. Dive Into Summer Swimwear
  12. Any Wave Swimming
  13. Curves & Conch Shells Swimwear
  14. Aurora Swimming
  15. Pisces Swimwear
  16. Beachy Keen Swim & Surf
  17. Sand, Sun, & Surf, Swimming Gear
  18. Arabesque Swimming Accessories
  19. Hot & Sunny Swimwear
  20. Bright Sea Swimming

Swimsuit line names, swimwear stores, and more can be branded with this handy-dandy swimwear name generator, as well as a plethora of beachy, summertime, and vacation-themed keywords and phrases. Just play around with some of your favorite words that make you think of swimming, and see what you come up with!

20 More Swimwear Business Name Ideas

  1. Bikini Goddess
  2. Beach Fashionista
  3. Hot Curves
  4. Slimfit Swimwear
  5. Wave Designs
  6. Curves+ Beauty Line
  7. Little Bikini Studio
  8. Beachy Apparel
  9. The Perfect Hourglass Swimsuits
  10. Aqua Athletics
  11. Performa Swimwear
  12. Sweet n Sexy
  13. Heat Swimwear
  14. Undressed Perfection
  15. Body Beauty
  16. Beach Diva
  17. Confidence Swim
  18. ComfoSwim
  19. Top Athlete Swimwear
  20. Sandy Mess

Best Real-World Swimwear Business Names

In order to get some more ideas for what to put into our swimwear company name generator and create the perfect title not only for your swimwear business but also for any swimsuit line names that you might stock, let’s take a closer look at some successful companies right in the U.S.

Blue Sky Swimwear

The idea of sunny, blue skies definitely summons some good, summertime vibes which are perfect for a company selling swimwear. 

Evoking the feeling of the sun and sunshine is a great way to promote sales via swimwear business names or even swimsuit line names, including keywords like “surf”, “sand”, “sunny”, “summertime”, and many more.

Once your customer base is lured in by your name, they will likely begin conjuring up images of favorite summer holidays or beachy vacations where they relaxed by the water, which is a great place to guide them and will enhance your sales!

Swimwear Anywhere

This name starts strong by denoting its main sales right out of the gate. We are under no false impressions about what this company offers— it definitely sells swimsuits and a variety of swimwear lines. 

Furthermore, the addition of “anywhere” is a very clever tactic that lets your imagination know that you can imagine wearing these items for a range of uses, depending on your passions. 

For someone who loves to sunbathe at the beach, “anywhere” could make them think of swimwear that looks adorable for photoshoots. Social customers might see themselves transitioning the outfits from pool swimming to evening drinks. 

Or adventurous swimmers could imagine swimwear line names that allow them to dive deep and explore underwater caves.

It’s all about what comes to mind for the consumer when “anywhere” is on the table.

Swim USA

The all-around confidence of this name is one of its main selling features. It simply offers to provide the U.S. with swimwear and has no reticence in letting customers know that. 

Sometimes, a very simple name like this can actually work great in the company’s favor, as the lack of bells and whistles can entice customers to shop there on the basis of what seems like a fully inclusive selection of swim-related goods.

Swoon Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear and other clothing items that could be seen as more frivolous, you can play around with some “cute” swimwear business names. In fact, this can be a big selling feature, as adorable or Instagram-worthy swimsuits are in high demand among influencers and holiday-goers alike.

Using keywords like “dainty”, “kawaii”, “charming”, or “irresistible” can add some great options to what is available for your swimsuit company or line.


This company has decided to let their business name do double duty— not only does it reference the most common season for swimming and a key part of what people associate with beaches, but it also brings in great use of a literary device known as a homophone.

The connotation of a somersault does a wonderful job of making the mind go to a popular summertime activity or expression of joy, particularly when said aloud to activate the homophonic similarity. Thus, this company has given their name a really interesting duality for the senses, between simply reading it silently as opposed to saying it!

Give Your Swimwear Business A Niche

When it comes to clothing companies and creating your own brand or business, it’s important to figure out where you stand in the rest of the industry. To accomplish this, take some time to consider what niche you want your swimwear company to fall into.

There are plenty of all-purpose swimwear businesses available, but what can your company offer that others cannot?

Consider specific sizes that your swimwear could cater to, including plus size, petite, tall, short, and a variety of other body types and shapes. You could also specialize in long sleeve swimsuits, removable tummy panels, or wet-suit style bottoms for anyone who has body modifications, disabilities, or prosthetics they might not want to draw attention to.

Finding a niche for your swimwear will help you discover the right keywords to plug into our swimsuit company name generator to come up with plenty of unique and inspiring options for swimwear business names and swimwear line names.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Swimwear Business Name Ideas

Your swimwear business is almost ready to be officially branded and given a name, and make a splash in the clothing industry! Let’s go over 5 more must-know tips for how to come up with keywords for our swimwear company name generator and weave them into an airtight product.

Tip #1: Check Out Your Competitors

As with all new companies, it’s essential to check out who else is working in your sector. By figuring out their niches, styles, and marketing techniques, you can tailor a perfect fit for your business when it comes to a company name.

Tip #2: Consider Your Niche And Market

Once you figure out what your company’s target consumer base will be, based on the unique niche of swimwear types or styles you want to carry, it’s important to market to that specification. 

But don’t make the mistake of targeting one gender, either— swimwear is for all, and narrowing your focus too much will limit possible customers from finding you.

Tip #3: List Keywords And Synonyms That Work

The easiest way to implement our swimwear company name generator is by coming up with a variety of words that encapsulate the idea and tone of your business perfectly and inputting them. 

These keywords and synonyms can reference your niche, your target audience, or even just summon the image of an ideal summer vacation spent in the water.

Tip #4: Get Feedback On Names

Whether you gather a pool of potential customers, or just use your friends as a sounding board, make sure to present your favorite options from our swimwear company name generator and get some feedback. Look for pronunciation ease, memorability, and overall spark.

Tip #5: Avoid Confusing Or Forgettable Names

If you opt for a name that is difficult to spell or entirely forgettable, it can negatively affect your business. Try to avoid coming up with your own words or using something too common.

A great way to do this is to use literary devices that make swimsuit business names easier to remember and much more unique in the range of other swimwear line names out there, like the earlier example of the Summersalt company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting a swimsuit business is much like launching any other type of company or establishment. First of all, it’s important to understand the competition that lies in wait in the swimwear, fashion, and clothing industries.

And to be able to stand level with established companies, it’s important to come up with a name that is unique, memorable, and will draw in the customers from far and wide!

In terms of the clothing industry, swimwear is not generally used on a daily basis, and thus is in less demand than everyday wear.

However, for anyone targeting the market of professional swimmers, marine workers, or even influencers who need plenty of swimsuits for their jobs, you can definitely make a good amount of money. The key lies in marketing and niche production!

Nearly as important as the name of your swimwear company, each individual swimsuit line needs a distinctive and individual brand name that customers can look at and understand the benefits of purchasing that item.

Opt for titles that showcase the function or special abilities of your swimsuit lines, such as “curvy”, “crochet”, or even “UV” to refer to each type in particular.


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