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How To Name Your Soap Business

The global soap market size is set to reach $55.29bn by 2027. With relatively low startup costs and cheap ingredients, the soap industry is a great place to make your fortune.

If you’re looking to set up your own soap company, you may be searching for inspiration for soap business names. Our soap company name generator is a great place to start for inspiration and quick name ideas.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring all of the ways you can generate a soap company name. I’m Alex and I’m going to be your guide on this journey to a fantastic new name from your soap business.

20 Soap Business Name Ideas

20 Soap Business Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s take a look at some soap business name ideas. Here’s 20 I came up with by plugging words associated with a soap business into the soap company name generator.

  1. Cleangenics
  2. Latherbea
  3. Soapable
  4. Select Clean
  5. Eco Soap
  6. Universal Clean
  7. Dream Clean
  8. Essential Aromatic
  9. Top Wash
  10. Soapworks
  11. Aromatify
  12. Soapporium
  13. Flawless Soap
  14. Angelic Aromatic
  15. Swanky Soap
  16. Ruby Wash
  17. Soapsy
  18. Lake Scent
  19. Splendorous Wash
  20. Naked Soap

20 More Soap Business Name Ideas

  1. Vita Soap
  2. Green Touch
  3. Pure Bliss
  4. Naturalis Soap Co.
  5. Skin Paradise
  6. Cocosoap
  7. Soapanic
  8. Golden Glow
  9. Soft Touch
  10. Golden Kiss
  11. Soapure
  12. EcoSoap
  13. VitaPure
  14. Palmovita Organic Beauty Co.
  15. Eden Bliss
  16. Handmade Beauty
  17. Coco Scent
  18. Organicare
  19. Derma Clean
  20. Earth Scent

Best Real-world Soap Business Names

Best Real-world Soap Business Names

Now we’ve taken a look at some generated soap business names, let’s have a look at some real-world ones! Below we have gathered a list of a few of our favorite soap names.

We’ve taken a look at why we like the names and what we think works well with their brand names. Check them out and see if you can get inspired too!

The Little Soap Company

The Little Soap Company brand name invokes images of a small, family-run business that creates their soaps by hand from their kitchen table. Indeed, this is what they did when they started way back in 2008.

This brand name is simple and wholesome. It tells the customer exactly what the brand is going to offer and it communicates that the brand is run on a smaller scale.

This name links to the overall image of the brand and lets customers see the brand behind the name in just four little words.

The Highland Soap Company

This name, similar to the above, tells us exactly what this brand is going to offer. The brand name also lets us know where the products are coming from, The Highlands of Scotland.

This brand uses wild-harvested ingredients and so, the use of ‘highlands’ in their name allows us to imagine wild, rolling mountains as the home of the ingredients used in the soap.

Another relatively simple, yet effective brand name.

Bare Bar

We love a bit of wordplay and the Bare Bar brand name is just that. Using ‘bare’ can mean both, that one is naked while using their body soap, and two, that the ingredients used in these soap bars for men are stripped back, raw, and totally natural. The name is also fun in that bare and bar look similar and are alliterative.

This fun and unique name is simple but works well to sell the company’s ethos to the buyer.


A maker of natural and eco-friendly soap bars, the EarthBits name lets customers know exactly the kind of brand they are looking at. The use of the word earth in any brand name usually means that the brand has an eco-friendly ethos, communicating straight away that their products are good for the planet.

Promoting a plastic-free way of life, the brand swiftly lets on that they offering an alternative to the mainstream products we already know so much about.


Beginning in 1992, Biotique uses traditional ayurvedic practices to create their soaps and other skincare. This brand name, like the above, invokes images of natural and raw ingredients. Like with ‘earth,’ using ‘bio’ in your brand name is another way of communicating a certain naturalness to your products.

Biotique is reminiscent of boutique, invoking the feeling of a small, boutique-style brand that creates niche products for their customers.

Unique Content for the Niche

The world of soap has undergone a massive shift in recent years. With many consumers now looking for skincare that is natural, organic, and free-from chemicals, soap brands who have understood this are thriving. Natural, handmade soap appears the way to go when it comes to new soap businesses.

When you begin using our soap company name generator, try adding words like ‘natural,’ ‘earth,’ and ‘bio,’ to communicate to customers that your brand is natural and full of good-for-you ingredients. This niche of plastic-free, natural soaps is really thriving as many, especially the young, turn to a more eco-friendly way of living.

There is no problem in using a paired back name for your soap company either. If your ingredients are paired back why, too, can your soap business name not be. Choose wisely and make sure to let the customer glimpse the truth behind your brand through your name.

5-Tips for creating unique Soap Business name ideas

Now that you’ve been inspired, it’s time for you to start brainstorming some ideas. Below are some tips and tricks to try, before using our soap name generator, that will help you on your journey to a fantastic soap business name.

We’ve listed a few different ideas that can help you when choosing your new business name. Check them out below.

1. Brainstorm words associated with your brand

This tip is helpful if you’re planning on using our soap names generator.

Gather as many words together that you associate with your brand as you can. Do you make natural soaps? Is there a specific location where you make your soaps or gather your ingredients? These are all unique to you and your brand and should have a place in your brand name.

Plugging these words into our soap company name generator can help you to find different and unique combinations of words to create an interesting and memorable company name.

2. Keep it to fewer words

If you want people to remember your brand, you need to make it so customers can! Choose your words wisely and don’t have too many of them. There may be five or six words you associate with your brand and want to have in your brand name, but you should whittle it down until your left with only the most necessary,

Customers are unlikely to remember your brand name if it goes on for too long! Choosing only a few words will help it be more memorable. Our soap company name generator can offer combinations of two of the most necessary words to help you find a short, sharp brand name,

3. Ask your friends and family

Test out some of your favorite brand name ideas on your friends and family and see what they think. See if they can discern what your business is all about to ensure you’re communicating the right image for your brand in the name.

Try out a few different ideas on your friends and family and see if there are any popular ones. You may also find that a blend of your two favorites is the one you end up choosing!

4. Check its available

This is a necessary step to ensure you don’t fall in love with a name that is already taken! Do a quick google search, check the domain name, and ensure you’re the only one planning on using this name!

Make sure to do this early on in your process so as not to hit a block right at the end of your journey. You can’t be a unique and individual business if someone else is using your name!

5. Use the soap company name generator

Our soap name generator is such a great resource if you’re stuck and trying to find a soap business name. Just input words that are associated with your brand and get loads of suggestions for how to create a name with these words.

The soap company name generator is a great place to start or to use throughout your naming process. Check it out now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming a soap company is one of the first steps to creating a brand. Start by finding words you want to be associated with your brand and begin trying out different combinations. Use our soap company name generator to find unique word combinations and give you inspiration for your soap company name. Remember to find your market niche and use words that they will respond to. Make sure your brand name offers perspective on the unique qualities of your brand and use only a few words so that it is easy to remember.


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