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Complete Guide to Naming Your Sewing Business

Our sewing business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get sewing business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Sewing companies and factories are often chosen as contractors by design firms and fashion brands looking for someone capable of producing the respective items. The process is typically labour-intensive, which is why sewing companies need to have the resources and the effective organisation required to accomplish the task.

When choosing a name for your sewing business, you have to convince potential clients that you possess both of the characteristics mentioned above. Branding can help you accomplish the goal.

A good name for a sewing company should highlight a bit of creativity but focusing on speed and efficiency will also be important. A capability to handle a large volume over a short period of time will also be appreciated.

Demographic Interests

Sewing contractors can produce both clothes and accessories. The specific equipment will determine the B2B demographic that such companies are going to interact with. Needless to say, sewing factories do not offer B2C services. They fulfil large orders, sometimes for leading designer brands that have strict requirements and protocols for the production of their clothes.

Clients will have very specific instructions. Designs and samples are going to be non-negotiable (there may be some exceptions but usually, sewing companies are the ones that execute an idea that has been conceptualised by someone else).

Some smaller sewing ateliers and boutiques may work with individual customers on the creation of custom items for them. These clients aren’t happy with off the rack clothes and accessories. They have a specific idea that boutiques don’t offer. Alternatively, they may have issues with conventional sizing. As a result, such individuals could turn to sewing shops or boutiques to get a particular item.

The quality and the tailoring will be the guiding factors that will determine whether a client is going to be satisfied with the final outcome. Since clothes that are sewn for a certain client tend to be more expensive than ready to wear items, expectations are going to be higher.

Competitor Name Analysis

Vogue Sewing Patterns Company

Apart from sewing the clothes themselves, sometimes such companies will also create sewing patterns. The name of this brand indicates its specialisation and it also establishes a link to one of the fashion world titans.

Uncommon Closet

This is a small sewing boutique that works with B2C clients. The name tells customers that the company can create items that aren’t common and readily available in shops.

Made Well

The private label garment and apparel manufacturer has chosen a name that puts emphasis on the quality of the final outcome.

Golden Needle Tailoring

The name is pretty relevant and self-explanatory. A golden needle is seen as the ultimate standard and quality symbol in the sewing world so the name is nothing but fitting.


While the name itself doesn’t provide an immediate idea about what the company does, the branding efforts have paid off. CalMade, as the name suggests, is located in California and this is where the clothes are made. The company offers comprehensive services from design to sewing and even packaging.

Artistic Stitches

Another small boutique that offers services to end customers. As you can see, small companies that offer B2C services can adopt a more frivolous approach towards the selection of the right name.


When brainstorming and coming up with company name ideas, think about the types of clients your business will be interacting with. A name that will be appropriate in the B2C world isn’t necessarily the one that will build your reputation as a B2B sewing factory.

Once you have a list of suitable words and phrases, give our Business Name Generator a try. It will surprise you with multiple variations, many of them sounding much more innovative and original than the first concept you came up with. For added convenience, you will get information about domain name availability.

To get started, try the following sewing-related words:








Sewing machine











Pin cushion



Measuring tape



Sewing Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Impeccable Hemline: a cute and somewhat frivolous name, it’s great for a small sewing boutique that offers tailoring and design solutions to clients.
  2. Stitch by Stitch: even the biggest of projects are done one stitch at a time, hence the name is meaningful for all kinds of sewing businesses.
  3. The Breakneck Needle: the term breakneck refers to incredibly fast. As such, the title is ideal for a company that wants to offer its clients reliability in terms of meeting deadlines.
  4. Spool and Yarn Sewing Factory: the name is simple and straightforward. It is a good choice for a factory that will be working with larger clients.
  5. Sewing Industries Co.: another pretty serious and corporate name. if you are trying to win big orders and attract large design customers, you should adopt a similar naming approach.
  6. The Crafty Measuring Tape: while the name isn’t particularly special, it’s a cute one and it will be a good choice for a small boutique or a creative local sewing factory.
  7. Apparel Makers: if you want to avoid the mention of words like sew or stitch in the name of your business, this title would be a good choice.
  8. Sewing Classics: this name is great both for a factory and for a small sewing boutique.
  9. Stitch Masters: while this name is slightly more frivolous, it can still apply to a sewing factory. It sounds a bit different and fun without going overboard.
  10. The Custom-Made Shop: tailoring and custom-made items are what people will be looking for in their interactions with a sewing business.

What Not to Name Your Sewing Business

Your name isn’t a great pick, unless you have a small local sewing shop and you’re known in the community.

Words like alterations, tailoring and sewing are best left out of your company’s name. these have been used so extensively that they will most often result in a massive cliché. There is probably a much more creative way to say the same thing.

The dictionary and thesaurus are your good friends but be careful. You may choose a word that’s way too abstract or old, impeding the mass understanding and recognition your name.