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How To Name Your Robotics Business

Is your business always seeking to find the next significant technological advancement in the robotics industry? Do you dedicate your life to automation and making everyone’s life easier? Then you’re also going to need a business name that captures the ambitious reach of your organization and the society-wide shift you aim for. 

With a global market revenue of $16.6 billion, the strive for automation has never been so high. If you’re part of this cutting-edge industry and still mulling over what name adequately represents your brand identity, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created an easy guide to finding the perfect robotics business name, which includes examples from our robotics business name generator, a competitor analysis, and personalized tips just for you.

As you read through this guide, make sure to refer to our dedicated Robotics Business Name Generator. It’s on hand to get your ideas flowing and push your creativity to the next step!

20 Robotics Business Name Ideas

20 Robotics Business Name Ideas

To show you the potential of the robotics business name generator, we’ve found 20 unique names you couldn’t find anywhere else. All we’ve done is input a number of correlating words into the robot company name generator, and within seconds these names appeared. Take a look and see if any echo with your vision:

  1. Logic Robot
  2. Robothut
  3. RobotCrew
  4. Robos Ready
  5. The Machine Men
  6. Ex Machina Solutions
  7. Robocoop
  8. AI Taskmasters
  9. Sync Simple Bots
  10. Immortal Bots
  11. Android Roboxy
  12. PulseMotion
  13. ExaSurgical
  14. Logix Roboneers
  15. InterRobotics
  16. 24/7 Robots
  17. Automaton Tomorrow
  18. The Bot Lot
  19. Androids Managed
  20. Robo Gogo

20 More Robotics Business Name Ideas

  1. Robotics Tech
  2. Control Robotics Co.
  3. The Absolute Robotics
  4. Access Robotics
  5. Education Robotics Co.
  6. The Cognitive Robotics Company
  7. Speed Robotics
  8. Classical Robot Co.
  9. Remote Robot
  10. Robot Line
  11. Automat Robotics Co.
  12. The Robocollect Company
  13. Robotique Co.
  14. Introduce Robots
  15. The Modular Robotic Company
  16. Robot Cognitive Co.
  17. Remote Robotics
  18. Robot Time
  19. InterRobotics
  20. The Robotics Art Company

Best Real-world Robotics Business Names

Best Real-world Robotics Business Names

If you’re still struggling to come up with some idea, we recommend looking at some of the most successful robotics businesses for inspiration. This is known as competitor analysis. However, rather than identifying the advantages and disadvantages of a company’s products and marketing strategies, we’ll focus on the effectiveness of their name. 

We’ve chosen 5 different robotics company names that appeal to customers and stand out against other competitors to get you started. The five we have chosen are:

  • Knightscope
  • Rethink Robotics
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Fetch Robotics
  • iRobot


Knightscope is a producer of Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs), designed and constructed in Silicon Valley. Knightscope launched after events such as Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, and 9/11. Its creators aimed to build security that can protect lives by deterring, detecting, and reporting.

Choosing a name that includes the word “knight” is an apt description for their company built to promote peace and protect civilians.

Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics is a pioneering company in the field of collaborative robotic solutions. Their motto is to continuously push the boundaries, and the term “rethink” clarifies this to its audience. Rethink evokes feelings of innovation and future thinking. 

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical is a developer and manufacturer of surgical systems. These innovations support surgeons in performing minimally invasive surgery. Since the word “intuitive” means the ability to complete a task without conscious reasoning, it suits a company that focuses on creating robot-assisted surgery.   

Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics designs and produces a wide array of autonomous mobile robots that provide distribution solutions, material delivery support, and manufacturing assistance. Fetch is a simple name that portrays what this company covers – pioneering on-demand solutions for the warehouse industry.


While this name may bring to mind the Will Smith movie, it’s also the name of a robotics company that specializes in vacuum services. As a leading global manufacturer of robotic devices that help people with their daily tasks, the personal touch of “iRobot” markets its products for everyday use.

If any ideas have popped into your head while reading through these companies, use the Robotics Business Name Generator to formulate your thoughts more. 

Focus On Innovation

It’s no secret that the robotics industry is one of the fastest-growing around the world. With a projected market size of $31.3 billion by 2028, many investors and entrepreneurs are breaking new ground in the industry.

Success in the robotics industry hinges upon several factors, from marketing strategies, flexible business models, and securing a trusted target audience. Nevertheless, before you get to that point, you need to construct your brand identity that sets your vision for the future in stone. 

This is why your business name is so important. It’s your trademark that tells every single customer what you represent and how you’ll deliver on that promise.

Having given some thought to our competitor analysis, we believe that innovation is a common trend that runs across all successful robotics companies. With every new leap forward in the industry, robotics companies prove that robots can be more and more incorporated into our everyday lives.

What does this mean for you? It means that you don’t want to be left behind by this continuous wave of innovation. To help you keep up, we recommend choosing a name that stamps your mark on the future of robotics. 

An innovative business name is generally creative, forward-thinking, and out of the ordinary. It can showcase an original, adventurous, and imaginative combination of words to grab someone’s attention. Here are a few recommendations that scream innovation:

  • Interstellar Robotics
  • NxtGen Innovations
  • Ionic Inventions
  • Transforming the Future     

5-Tips For Creating Unique Robotics Business Name Ideas

1. Make It Relatable

The best business names are those that connect with customers on every level, whether it’s digitally or physically. Generally, it’s okay to use scientific or technological terminology, but you need to make sure it will relate to your target audience. 

Using words like “AI”, “robotic”, and “bot” is a good start as they directly address an audience interested in the robotics industry. Try using several of these words in the robotics business name generator to see if you find any names that suit. Alternatively, if you’re leaning more towards the technology industry, you can try our Tech Business Name Generator.

2. Don’t Be Overwordy

The last thing you want is a name that is going to confuse your potential clients. As you’ve seen from most examples in this article, robotics business names are better as 1 or 2 words. Don’t try to cram too much information into your name, as it will appear less accessible for customers.

3. Don’t Limit Your Growth

The one thing that stands out about robotics companies is that they tend to be national or multinational corporations that appeal to everyone worldwide. If you plan to grow your business in the next 5 to 10 years, don’t choose a name that will limit this growth.

Choosing a name with geographical connotations tells customers that you only operate in that specific area. For example, picking a name with a city or state in it will be won’t be helpful in the future if you decide to expand across the country.

4. Try Using Relatable Words In A Creative Way

Another great way to create memorable and catchy business names is to play with certain words and create mash-ups. Look at the example of Facebook that makes a new engaging name that stands out from competitors. 

Alternatively, study how some companies choose to drop a specific letter from a word or use interchangeable spelling to make it stand out. Flickr and Compaq make use of this strategy.

5. Try The Robotics Business Name Generator

Before using the robotics business name generator, we recommend creating a keyword list with all the words that capture your business. Then go ahead and begin typing those words into the robotics team names generator, and you’ll get instant results. 

Relevant name generators and articles

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best robotics business names are those that are creative, innovative, and forward-thinking. Some of our favorite picks include Interstellar Robotics, NxtGen Innovations, Ionic Inventions, and Transforming the Future. These names are straightforward, relatable, marketable, and brandable. For more names, try using the robotics team names generator.

You can find some of the best robot names using the robot name generator. Here are some of our favorite names from the robot name generator: GoGo Robo, AutoBoty, IronBot, BeastBot. These robot names are friendly, relatable, and provide a natural science-fiction feel. Find more robot names like these using the robot name generator.


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