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How To Name Your Photobooth Business

Everyone loves a photo booth, right? The statistics don’t lie with the projected photo booth market size reaching over $1 billion by 2021? Do you aim to create the next big photo booth craze and keep all the guests smiling at weddings, parties, and fundraisers? Then you’ll need a business name that stands out and leaves an impression on your clients.

The great thing about your line of work is that you’re on hand to capture special moments and freeze memories in stone for years to come. When it comes to photobooth business names, customers want to know how you’ll spice up their event beforehand. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide to find you the best business name. 

We’ve compiled a list of creative ideas, examples from some of the most original photo booth companies out there, and tips catered to your industry.

While reading through this article, why not make use of our Photobooth Business Name Generator. In a matter of seconds, you can receive endless amounts of inspiration for your company.   

20 Photobooth Names

20 Photobooth Names

To get you started with your name search, we’ve used the Photobooth business name generator and found 20 names that will blow away all your clients. Take a look and see which ones jump out at you:

  1. Pic Me
  2. Laugh Out Loud Smiles
  3. Magic Booth
  4. Vogue Box
  5. Booth Gods
  6. Easy Breezy Lens
  7. Digital Expressions
  8. Frenzy Photos
  9. Freeze! 
  10. Pixter Poses
  11. Uptown Vintage
  12. Crazy Booth
  13. Workin’ n Smurkin’ 
  14. Hey Ya! Photobooth
  15. Trendy Pics
  16. Glam Booth Fusion
  17. Into The Past Images
  18. Oh Snap, You’re On Camera
  19. Tale Of The Booth
  20. Flicker Boxx

20 More Photobooth Business Name Ideas

  1. Dazzling Photo Booth Co.
  2. Shutter Booth Company
  3. Photo Delight
  4. Picture Perfect Photo Booths
  5. Flash Photo Booths
  6. Phenomenal Photo Booths
  7. Top Photo
  8. Memory Makers Photo Booths
  9. Everlasting Pics
  10. Photo Finish Booth Company
  11. Photomenal
  12. Affordaphotos
  13. Photoramic
  14. Favorite Photos
  15. Shutter Pics
  16. LightBooth
  17. Photoxperience
  18. Classic Photo Booths
  19. Ivory Photos
  20. Photo Rogue

Best Real-world Photo Booth Names

Best Real-world Photo Booth Names

Now you’ve seen some fun and quirky examples of photo booth names, your next step should be to conduct a competitor analysis. This is a strategy of identifying the major competitors in your industry and researching what makes them successful. 

This would usually include examining products, sales, and marketing strategies. Still, since we’re focusing on photobooth names, the focus should be more on brand identity and how a name can convey this. 

We’ve handpicked 5 photo booth businesses that we believe excel in creativity and inventiveness to get you started. Take a look at what each name provokes and how this connects with clients. The photobooth business names we’ve chosen are: 

  • SillyShotz
  • The Majestic Photobooth Co.
  • The Photo Booth Guys
  • Photobooth Rocks
  • Magic Moment Photobooth

Now let’s break each name down and see how it works for each company.


SillyShotz is a photo booth rental service that covers events like weddings, corporate fundraisers, and parties. They provide rentals and automated selfie stations around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Marketing itself as “the life of the party”, this company use the word “silly” to connect with customers in an informal tone. The business also replaces the letter “s” with a “z” again to focus on a relaxing and friendly approach. 

The Majestic Photobooth Co.

The Majestic Photobooth Co. focuses on custom-designed photo booths that range from retro vibes to modern-looking spaces. Providing services and rental options all over Nashville, Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia, this company is all about personalizing an experience and spreading the love for photobooths. 

What separates Majestic is there distinctive and beautiful designs they prove for clients, and their name clearly markets that.

The Photo Booth Guys

The Photo Booth Guys provide several photo booth services like social and virtual events and new experimental and immersive experiences. Business names that include words like “guys” or “gals” always show expertise and knowledge in a certain industry.

Placed at the end of a business name like this, “guys” also have a friendly tone, making the company easily approachable.

Photobooth Rocks

Photobooth Rocks are one of central Florida’s most known entertainment providers, specializing in milestone celebrations and corporate events. Again, this company embraces an informal approach to marketing by promoting their services as “a night they will never forget”. 

This company knows how essential photo booths are for celebratory events, aiming to make everyone laugh and take a break from real-world stress. They provide all the necessary props, services, and cutting-edge technology to make sure every event “rocks”.   

Magic Moment Photobooth

Magic Moment is Chicago’s leading photo booth rental service and creates long-lasting memories for all its clients. If there’s one thing that guests want to experience at a party it’s “magic”, so Magic Moment makes sure it’s the first thing clients see.   

Focus On Your Services

What type of booths do you specialize in? Are you following the new craze of digital booths that use an iPad? What about mirror booths that bring a vintage feel to the party? Or are you all about the OG photo booth that has been providing guests with entertainment for years?

Whatever services you plan on providing, let it inspire you. For example, if you provide classic photobooths, why not try photobooth names that capture a nostalgic atmosphere for your guests. 

If you’re breaking new ground with digital booths, then think about the Gen Zs and Millenials. What do they want at a party? 

Are you following in the footsteps of Majestic and want to design custom spaces for your clients? Then make this clear in your business name with words like “personalized”, “just 4 u”, and “made-to-fit”.

Try a couple of relatable words in our Photobooth business name generator once you have a better idea of what services you want to offer.   

5-Tips For Creating Unique Photobooth Business Names

1. Don’t Choose A Name That Will Limit Growth

While photobooth names should always try to be creative, it’s helpful to choose an ambitious name that will leave you open to growth in the future. Don’t pick a name that is too narrow. For example, picking a name with a city or state in it will be won’t be useful in the future if you decide to expand across the country.

2. Covey Meaning

One of the main factors in creating an engaging name that results in returning customers is making sure there is a meaning behind it. Names that usually fizzle out are those that are over-general and meaningless. 

Remember that your name represents the entirety of your company. It’ll be the first thing potential clients see, it’ll be shown at the top of your website, and it’ll dictate your marketing strategies. That’s why it needs to convey what your company is all about!  

3. See If It’s Catchy

Alongside a meaningful message, online consumers usually go for names that catch the eye. This is not the easiest of tasks but think about using alliteration, mash-ups, and even removing a letter like Flickr. Your aim should be to find a name that stops people scrolling and jumps right out at them.

4. Start A Brainstorming Session

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that choosing a name isn’t an independent process. Who understands your business the most? Colleagues and friends around you. So, get in touch with them and start some brainstorming sessions. 

Get all your colleagues to write down their favorite names and book a meeting space to discuss them. You never know your perfect business name could be one conversation away!

5. Use The Photobooth Business Name Generator

As we reach the end of this article, it’s time to give the Photobooth business name generator another go. To get the most out of the photobooth business name generator, we recommend creating a keyword list with all the words that describe your business. Then go ahead and begin typing those words into the generator, and you’ll get instant results. 

When you’ve found a name using the photobooth business name generator, your last step is to do a Business Name Search and Trademark. This will allow you to see whether the name is available. The last thing you want is to find that perfect name that has already been taken!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best photobooth names are the ones that are both memorable and unique in their nature. Furthermore, they must be creative and stand out from other competitors like those available using the Photobooth Business Name Generator. Here are our favorite names: Digital Expressions, Frenzy Photos, Freeze!, and Pixter Poses.

The coolest photobooth names are Pic Me, Laugh Out Loud Smiles, Magic Booth, Vogue Box, Booth Gods. You can find more names like these by using our Photobooth Business Name Generator. It always returns unique, fun, and creative names that will make your business stand out from competitors.


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