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2. Get Perfume Business Name Ideas

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Get the Most Out of Our Perfume Name Generator

Our perfume name generator is an AI-powered tool that uses your keywords and carefully set up industry filters to come up with perfume name ideas for free.

Finding a business name is an important step, but it’s just a step. That’s why our tool offers more than name ideas. Use it to:

 Perfume Name Generator

Check domain name availability

When you click on a name you like, we’ll automatically check the availability of matching domain names with the most popular extensions.

Get a professional logo

Perfume brand imagery is just as important as clothing and jewelry. Select one of the suggested logos to get your brand on point.

Register and protect your business

With our partners’ help, you can automate the processes of registering an LLC and protecting your perfume brand with a trademark.

Top Tips

How to Come Up With Your Perfume Brand Name

Your perfume brand name is crucial and can attract or dissuade customers. Follow our tips to help you come up with – and spot – the perfect perfume name idea.


Describe the Fragrance

As a perfume business owner, you must have a scent preference. Try to think of words that describe your fragrance style and personality.


Know Your Audience

Majesté impériale and Apothecary perfumes clearly aim at different people. Defining your target audience may help you in your naming process.


Be Exotic

Think of as many extravagant, exclusivity-invoking words that go well together with your perfume. Play around with foreign languages as well.


Smell the Future

Don’t pick a name that’s relevant only to your current line of products. Make sure your brand will be usable for years to come.


Domain Availability

Eau de toilette without a story is just toilet water. You need an accompanying domain name where you can showcase your brand and sell the story to customers.


The Fragrance of Feedback

Don’t jump into it without consulting with your friends and potential customers. Create a survey to see how others feel about your name ideas.

Get Inspired

Perfume Name Ideas

We’ve curated a list of 20 unique perfume and fragrance names to give you an idea of what you can expect from our perfume name generator:

  • Fresh Petals
  • Aroma Essence
  • Pure Bliss
  • Scented Delight
  • Scent Haven
  • Fresh Blend
  • Whiff of Bliss
  • Paradise Aromas
  • Scentsational
  • Citrus Zest
  • Floral Whiff
  • Paradise Appeal
  • Aromatic Essence
  • Scenter Whispers
  • Tropical Bliss
  • Aroma Boutique
  • Invigorating Scents
  • Fragrance Finesse
  • Scented Oasis
  • Serene Aromas

Video Guides

Setting Up Your Perfume Brand

Learn how to use our perfume business name generator to get the best perfume name ideas and protect the chosen name with a trademark:

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Finding a Gap in the Fragrance Market

The perfume industry is a massive one, with the global revenue being around $58 billion for 2023. The number is expected to grow to over $67 billion in 2028.

Perfumes were a product that traditionally had a tough time breaking into the eCommerce space. After all, it’s tough to buy cologne if you don’t give it a whiff first.

However, that trend is changing for the better, and experts believe people will buy perfumes online increasingly more often.

According to Statista, the fragrance industry revenue from online sales will be $4.61 billion in 2027, compared to just $1.57 billion back in 2018. This may be an interesting avenue to explore by adding eCommerce as an important sales channel.

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The name should be short, easy to pronounce, and catchy. You may opt for a foreign-sounding name to create a sense of exclusivity, but you should still pick a name that’s memorable and easy to spell. Try to think of names that describe the scent and personality of your perfume.

A good perfume name is descriptive and memorable. Use captivating words, such as floral, essence, scent, or seduction, to create a certain atmosphere around your perfume. Make sure the name is catchy – consider using rhymes and alliteration.


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