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How To Name Your Paparazzi Company

Are you a freelance photographer? Do you love getting that perfect shot of celebrities and sharing all the most talked about gossip?

If you’re taking photographs of high-profile celebrities daily then you’re going to need that sensational name to trademark your style. Stick with this guide to find everything you need to know about paparazzi business names.

We’ll break down all the logistics behind some of the world’s most renowned paparazzi agencies and the meaning behind their names.

As a primary source in your journey, the Paparazzi Name Generator is here for you! Within seconds you can find unique names that you may have never thought of.

20 Paparazzi Name Ideas

You can find paparazzi names all over the web, from cheeky choices to more professionally-suited alternatives. Observe the 20 we found by using the Paparazzi Name Generator:

  1. Frisky Flashes
  2. CelebCapture
  3. StarEyes Shots
  4. Celebra Obscrura
  5. Glossed & Gorgeous
  6. Paparazzi Mania
  7. Celeb Obsessed
  8. BlowUp
  9. VIP Obscura
  10. Pique Pics
  11. Blockbuster Pix
  12. A-List Snaps
  13. The Paparazzi Carousel
  14. Iconic Starshots
  15. My Starborn Camera
  16. Behind the A-List
  17. Starlet Services
  18. FlashFab
  19. Snap & Blush
  20. Celebs 4 U

20 More Paparazzi Name Ideas

  1. Frisky Flashes
  2. Gorgeous & Glossed
  3. CelebCapture
  4. Celebrity Carousel
  5. Celebra Obscura
  6. ShutterStars
  7. Starshots
  8. Starborn Stills
  9. VIP Vignettes
  10. A-List Fix
  11. Blockbuster Shutterbugs
  12. Legacy Celebs
  13. Luxe & Bux
  14. Starlit Starlets
  15. Venture VIPs
  16. VIP & Verve
  17. Panache Pix
  18. Pique Photos
  19. Exposure Et-Al
  20. FabFlash

Best Real-world Paparazzi Business Names

Did you know that the term paparazzi derives from a famous movie character named Paparazzo in the 1960 film, La Dolce Vita? Director Federico Fellini described such freelance photographers as always buzzing around, ready to dart and sting.

Seems like a fitting description? I guess we all know that members of the paparazzi are ready to snap that perfect image!

Finding paparazzi business names may be difficult as the majority tend to be independent contractors who aren’t affiliated with one single media organization. Some of the most known members of the paparazzi like Ron Galella have helped to immortalize celebrities on the red carpet, yet they don’t publish in one single newspaper or magazine.

With that said, let’s take a look at media outlets that are dedicated to sharing the best shots of celebrities.

Many of these paparazzi business names indicate experience in supplying top celebrity exposure. Here are some of the most known ones:

  • MediaPunch Inc
  • Planet Photos
  • Shooting Star International
  • Splash
  • E!Online
  • TMZ
  • Famous

MediaPunch Inc.

A dynamic, New York-based company that acts as a dedicated celebrity photo agency. They date back to the 1960s and specialize in red carpet photography.

MediaPunch understands the seriousness of paparazzi work and creates a personalized service with reliable follow-through. What says follow-through better than the word “punch”?

Planet Photos

This London-based agency produces high-resolution images ready to be sent out to newspapers and magazines. Take a look at how the word “planet” is used in their advertising campaign by visiting their website. With a lunar-looking logo and shots all over the world, the name definitely matches their brand.


A worldwide news supplier with offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and London. Splash is an around-the-clock, 24/7 picture desk agency that snaps some of the best candid photos of celebrities.

Working to provide coverage of every celebrity event, this company certainly “dives in” head first to produce a splash of gossip!


The popular online newspaper owned by WarnerMedia covers everything in Los Angeles. If it’s the glitz and glam of Hollywood, TMZ has more than likely reported on it.

Their name actually makes use of a very clever acronym that refers to studio lots around Hollywood. TMZ stands for “Thirty-Mile Zone”. This zone is the historic “studio zone” radius on the intersection between West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard.

Don’t Choose a Name That Implies Bad Rep

One of the main problems for freelance paparazzi workers and agencies is the bad reputation that comes with their profession. With reports of bending rules, the demand for celebrity photos can be a messy business.

However, it can be a very lucrative industry, with some photographs costing up to $250. Snaps taken by famous paparazzi members have donned many of the most luxurious hotels and buildings in the world, just like Paul Rice’s shot of Marilyn Monroe in 1956 that hangs at the Corbis Corporation lobby.

As a startup agency, the last thing you want is to get off to a bad start. That’s why your name should never carry any negative connotations of the paparazzi world. Paparazzi business names should be professional, catchy, and always represent the honesty of your services.

Don’t Include Anything Invasive

We recommend staying clear of any names that imply an invasive quality. This includes words like “undercover”, “exposed”, and “uncovered”. As a professional, you want your paparazzi business name to promote content, reliability, and honesty.

Clear Up Your Credentials

What type of paparazzi work do you take part in? Are you accredited with official red carpet events? Or, are you hiring freelance photographers? Taking some time to figure out what photographs you will be promoting will help your decision-making.

You can’t exactly include words like “red carpet”, “stardom”, or “official” if you’re not accredited for the major celebrity events. If you do then great. Try using a few in the Paparazzi Name Generator.

Try Not to Imply Any Voyeurism

As a paparazzi professional, you’re going to be taking shots of celebrities from all angles on the red carpet. However, you don’t want to be looking at any paparazzi business names that promote voyeuristic content.

Inquisitive language like this is likely to lead to questions about your dependability and trustworthiness.

Celebrities Are Your Friends, Not Just Subjects.

Some of the most famous members of the paparazzi have always kept close relationships with the celebrities they have shot. Don’t choose a name that is going to put celebrities off.

Remember, in this business, it’s not only about your clients, but also about maintaining fruitful and enjoyable relationships with celebrities. Choose a name that suggests an air of openness and transparency.

Ultimately, the celebrities you shoot are helping you reach out to buyers. Sustain professional and personal relationships by starting with a non-invasive, sincere business name.

5-Tips for creating unique Paparazzi name ideas

1. Let Your Photographs Do the Talking

The advantage of working in the paparazzi industry is that your photographs are going to define your brand identity. Rather than struggling to come up with a name from scratch, go back to your photos and find some ideas.

Let Your Photographs Do the Talking!

Look through your portfolios and ask questions about your profession. Do I photograph celebrities in public? Do I do 1-2-1 appointments with celebrities? Have I got more shots in natural surroundings or in cities?

2. Try Your Own Name

Due to your industry being filled with a heavy freelance workforce, you can always try using your own name as the trademark. Paparazzi business names that go down this route find success as celebrities know they are literally putting their name on the line.

This means that every photograph your agency produces will be synonymous with your name. Take extra care when publishing photographs because any complaints will be referred right back to you.

3. Take Pride in Your Name

You’re in the entertainment business so your name is going to be in magazines and newspapers. Take your time to decide between paparazzi business names that you can really take pride in.

A lot of people are going to be seeing your name when reading through news columns and gossip sections, so you want a name that you enjoy seeing a lot! There are many memorable names available through our Paparazzi Name Generator.

4. Let Your Personality Inspire You

Let Your Personality Inspire You!

In this industry, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet rushing around to snap that perfect pic. You’ll also be interacting with some of the most famous celebrities in the world! Whatever your personality is, let it show in your name.

Make it warm, friendly, and welcoming. That will definitely keep the readers coming back for more!

5. Start Brainstorming Keywords

The final step is to take all this advice and begin to make lists of keywords that represent your agency. Are you all about glitz and glamour? Use words like “magic”, “charm”, and “swagger”.

Maybe you’re more interested in the perfect love story between two celebrities? Find words related to “devotion”, “loyalty”, and “affection”.

All you have to do now is put these keywords into the Paparazzi Name Generator and within seconds you will find some great names!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Try acronyms. Start making mash-ups. Utilize foreign words Try your own name Get creative and break out some literature.

For cute business, names try some of these: Playful Souls, Cute Living, The Pretty Parlour, CuteTube, Yummy Yums

Paparazzi are photographers who keep track of celebrities and take photos of them. Take the example of Ron Galella’s photos of classical Hollywood actors that are now on show all over America.


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