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How To Name Your Nail Business

If you want to come up with a distinctive name for your nail business, you’ve arrived in the right place! Our nail business name generator is an essential piece of tech to help you find a brand name to fall in love with. 

Nail businesses typically offer nail care and maintenance, but some specialize in areas such as nail art, false nails, and nail products. Nail salons are popular, with over 56,300 operating in the United States. Aside from salons, nail technicians also find work in department stores, hotels, and spas. 

Whatever your business model, the name of your nail business will feature heavily. From word of mouth to business cards and social media, you want to get it right the first time around. With the help of our nail salon name generator, you’re sure to find nail tech name ideas that match your mission.

Read on for 20 nail business names, 5 real nail salons, and unique content and tips to use during the naming procedure. 

20 Nail Business Name Ideas

The following 20 nail business names were constructed through our nail business name generator. Just from writing nails, nail salon, nail polish, and tips, we managed to build an original list. To find your nail business name, you don’t have to add the same words to the generator as I did! You can include any words which you believe represent your business and its services.

  1. Nailsdo
  2. Nailsporium
  3. Panda Nail
  4. Beryl Polish
  5. Crest Nail
  6. Daisy Nail
  7. Luxe Nail
  8. Nailex
  9. Phoenix Nail
  10. Lola Nail
  11. Prima Tips
  12. Dazzle Tips
  13. Cove Acrylics
  14. Dream Manicure
  15. Star Manicure
  16. Idol Salon
  17. Nailbea
  18. FX Nail
  19. Ruby Nails
  20. Express Nails

20 More Nail Business Name Ideas

  1. Classy Nails
  2. Dazzled Nails
  3. Prim And Polished
  4. Regal Nails
  5. Nautical Nails
  6. Cute-icles
  7. The Golden File
  8. Infinity Nails
  9. Decorated Digits
  10. Happy Fingers
  11. Beau Nails
  12. Viva Nails
  13. Hands And Feets
  14. Pretty Pedi
  15. Twinkle Toes
  16. Happy Hands
  17. Aurorique Nails
  18. Trendified Nails
  19. Glad hands
  20. Polish Palace

Best Real-world Nail Business Names

Analyzing your competition is a major factor for any business model. For nail tech name ideas, have a scroll through the various companies offering nail care services or nail products. From there you can get an overview of how some of the most successful businesses designed their branding.


This nails franchise has a unique name from the merging of two words, ‘mini’ and ‘luxe’. While mini means small, it’s a very similar-sounding word to ‘mani’ which we believe helps customers to associate the name with nails. Perhaps the mini refers to nails in the sense that a fresh manicure can be thought of as a small luxury. ‘Luxe’ is a sophisticated word choice that conveys luxury and professionalism.

Fantasy Nails

Fantasy Nails is an exciting name that gives the impression that your nails will be transformed at this salon. There’s a perceived concept that a visit here will give you the manicure you could only dream of. Ultimately, it’s a simple name that touches on imagination, with a clear message of what the services are.


An extremely popular brand of nail polish, O.P.I also has nail salons worldwide. The letters stand for Odontorium Products Inc, which was the original name when the brand began life as a dental supply company. After changing focus to nails, it rebranded to a simplified 3-letter word. It’s clean and professional-looking, super short, and easy to remember.


Glosslab is another made-up word, created by combining words together. Gloss is a nail-related word, referring to nail polish. The use of the word ‘lab’ brings authority to this brand, as laboratories can be associated with skilled professionals, researchers and scientists. You’d feel in good hands getting your nails done in a lab.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc is another famous nail brand. Customers can immediately tell what the brand’s focus is at first glance. Adding ‘incorporated’ to the end of the name gives the brand authority, presenting a sense of corporate identity. While many brands opt to use nails in the title, adding it alongside another specific word will ensure the individuality of your business name.

Unique Content for the Niche

The nail business name generator will power up your brain, but for the nail sector, here is some additional content to think about.

When thinking about nail business names to officially brand your business, you should consider the concept behind nail care. Treating and caring for your nails is a part of self-care. Many people visit nail technicians and artists to keep their nails healthy, and at the same time to treat themselves to self-maintenance. With this in mind, the name should resonate with what clients want from their local nail business.

Lots of nail salons use names that deliver beauty, luxury, and prettiness. Potential clients can then assume they will leave the salon with beautiful nails. Self-care is of great importance. For some, it’s a routine, and for others a luxury. Either way, a name should entice people to come to you for the best manicures, pedicures, and more.

To show the knowledge you have for your niche, you can also consider trending words. Think about words that are used repeatedly in the nail industry and write them down on paper.

5-Tips for creating unique Nail Business name ideas

The perfect business name conveys meaning, sells your brand, and remains memorable to past and future clients. Whether you’ve tried the nail business name generator yet or not, here are 5 further tips to think about as you begin the process of naming.

1. Get to grips with your brand’s identity

Can you summarize your brand in one sentence? Writing down a mission statement for your brand is a key factor to get to grips with your brand identity. Once you’re up and running, what services will you offer? Is nail art your area of expertise? Whatever your plans are, use your business name to tell it to the world.

2. Don’t cram words together

The real-world examples of nail businesses show that combinations of words can really work. However, many start-up companies makes the mistake of cramming words together that just don’t fit, resulting in nonsensical names. It can be tempting to use this technique as a means of developing something unique, but it can fail just as easily.

Think long and hard about names that match, and compliment each other.

3. Choose something people remember

If you want to remain in customers’ memories, you need to go for a name that they will remember. There are several ways of developing a memorable name. The initial way to achieve this is to keep it short and sweet. Customers don’t want to spend time searching the internet for a long name every time they make an appointment with you. Just a couple of words should suffice.

4. Know which names to avoid

Researching competitors, especially in the location you plan to set up a business is an important process to finding out which names to avoid. Your business name should be special and free from similar wording to other salons. When you use our nail salon name generator, you can find out which names are available for you to register.

5. Consider using your own name

If you want to really connect with your clients on a personal level, there’s always the option of using your real name within your business name. Your name, face, and business can then be matched as you gradually build up your reputation. It’s a way of selling yourself, as well as your business!

If you have an uncommon name, it’s also a great opportunity to create a unique name for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should take various factors into consideration when choosing a salon name. Key things to remember include making it personal, delivering the right image of your salon, and ensuring the name is not taken by any other salon.

A good name for a nail salon is unique above all else. Try throwing some words into our nail business name generator and seeing what you can come up with. There’s pages of name ideas to scroll through, and your perfect name could be waiting to be found!

Catchy business names are difficult to come up with. Start by only using one or two words, as shorter names are more easily remembered. A catchy name is instantly attractive, so think about your audience to determine what is considered catchy in their eyes.


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