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Complete Guide to Naming Your Nail Business

Our nail business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get nail business name inspiration.

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Trending Words

Here are the top trending words used in Nails company names.





















How Nails are often described

(“______ Nails”)

Example Nails company names using these related descriptive words ‘Sheer Beauty Nails’ and ‘Lush Nail Salon.’.












Brand Goals & Target Market

Nail salons and manicure/pedicure product manufacturers target a predominantly female audience. These women are interested in looking good. Some of them want to be pampered in a nail salon. Others want the convenience of getting excellent results at home.

While making the practical benefits of the product central to the brand may seem like a good approach, it isn’t always the best one.

Most customers are looking for an experience or a specific appearance. They follow trends or they want to get a manicure endorsed by a celebrity. If you can promise and deliver such a vision, you will have a great brand that will benefit from high levels of customer loyalty.

A focus on professional results at home, long-lasting manicures and simple nail art products can all help your brand grow and win its market share. Think about the market segment you want to occupy and determine what kind of audience you’ll be addressing. Based on these considerations, you can make the branding choices that are most logical and potentially profitable.

Nails Verbs

You can use a Verb in your business name to create a business name like ‘Polish’d Nail Salon‘ or ‘Stylez Nail Salon‘.







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Combine Words

We’ve taken words from above and from our generator results and combined the words to create new Nail company names.

StyNails (Style + Nails)

ExoNails (Exotic + Nails)

PoliNails (Polish + Nails)

ElegaNails (Elegant + Nails)

Demographic Interests

The overwhelming majority of people looking for nail products is female. These women are interested in their appearance but they have varying income levels and they belong to an array of age groups. Good manicures and pedicures are equally popular among women in their 20s and those over the age of 40 or even 50.

Since products in the niche are quite diversified, the customer demographics will also vary.

Expensive nail polishes, tools, UV lamps and other supplies are most popular among wealthier women who want to give themselves a manicure at home instead of going to a salon. Salon may have wealthier clients or they could work with less affluent customers if the service they offer is more affordable.

There are also cheap, mass manufactured nail polishes and supplies. These are most popular among a youthful crowd of women in their 20s and teens. Most of these individuals do not have a well-established source of income. They still want to look good but they’re capable of spending less on a beauty routine.

Competitor Name Analysis

Rainbow Nails

There’s something particularly cheerful and exciting about the name of this business. A medley of colours is always a great thing when looking for a beautiful manicure.

The Nail Library

A quirky interior design and a vast range of nail polishes to choose among turn this spot in a favourite among New Yorkers. Plus, the name does it justice.


This salon has chosen a somewhat different name, which is great in a world that’s characterised by pretty stereotypical choices in this industry.

WAH London

Originally, WAH started as a hip-hop based fanzine. The concept grew quickly and eventually, a salon opened. Everything – from the name to the online presence – is characterised by youthfulness and quirkiness.

Cheeky Parlour

Another youthful place with a fun and hip name, Cheeky parlours are designed to be trendy, exciting and a bit more interesting than the standard manicure place.

Nail’d It

While this one is a bit of a more obvious choice, it still sounds good and the brand accomplishes one main thing –it’s incredibly memorable.

Nail Business Name Inspiration

  1. Brittle No More: brittleness is a problem that many women cannot overcome on their own. If you have a range of specialised care product, the name would be a good choice.
  2. Holo Sparkles: holographic and sparkly nail polishes appeal to many fans of fun and exciting manicures, hence the name is a great choice.
  3. The Pampered Nail: for many, going to a salon is a relaxing experience and a chance to have quality me-time. This is precisely what the name conveys.
  4. Warm Hues, Cold Tones: if abundance and a range of great colours is your main thing, the name would be a good choice for you.
  5. Get Designed: nail art and special designs are increasingly gaining fans. If you have technicians who are skilled enough in art and design, flaunt it!
  6. Chic and French: the French manicure is a staple when it comes to classic, elegant nail. Such a name will help you build a sophisticated brand.
  7. Silky Lace: look for a name that sounds feminine and enticing. This one can give you a chance to play around with the other branding elements.
  8. Sunset Nails: the sunset is characterised by warm and beautiful tones. You can use the name in conjunction with the right corporate colours to build an attractive brand.
  9. Cotton Candy: cotton candy is known for its pink, cute colour. Such a business name is ideal if teens and younger women are your main target.
  10. Glamourous City Girl: this is a more indirect choice but it still makes sense when it comes to enticing the target demographic.

What Not to Name Your Nail Business

Avoid the obvious picks and the clichés in this industry. The Nail Spa is so overdone that you will have an incredibly hard time differentiating your brand and giving it a bit of personality.

A good name is reflective of the product price range. Don’t opt for something that sounds posh and exquisite if budget, mass solutions are what you have to offer. Instead, you may want to focus on personality, a wide range of choices and a friendly customer service.

Your location doesn’t really matter. Don’t waste an opportunity by branding yourself via the place where your business is located.

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