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2. Get Nails Business Name Ideas

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Are you dreaming of launching your nail business but need help finding that perfect name? Our Nail Salon Name Generator is here to help spark inspiration and find you the ideal nail salon name. 

Our Nail Salon Name Generator Offers You

How to use our Nails Business Name Generator

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Top Tips

How to Name Your Nail Salon

Check out our top tips for naming your nail salon.

Understand Your Market

Understand Your Market

Consider your desired target market and research current trends and challenges in the nail industry. This will help you identify keywords to include in your nail salon name.

Nail Your Services

Nail Your Services

Will you offer all types of nail services? Or will you focus on one specific kind of nail treatment? For example, If you specialize in nail art or eco-friendly products, call this out in your name. 

Show Your Creativity 

Show Your Creativity 

From the bright nail colors you use to your nail art skills, give the nod to your creativity in your nail salon name and have some fun creating something clients remember for years to come.

Get Recommended Easily

Get Recommended Easily

When you start your nail salon and grow your business, word-of-mouth recommendations will be important. A catchy, easy-to-remember name will help with this. If in doubt, opt for a short word that is easy to use in your marketing material. 

Ask Your Followers

Ask Your Followers

If you use social media channels, use them to seek feedback on your nail salon name ideas. They are a great way to see your future clients’ thoughts about your name.

Future Growth

Future Growth

If you want to diversify your business offering in the future, choose a name that allows for potential expansion of services. For example, you may have plans to do other beauty services such as massages and facials. Consider if the domain name is free for the name you choose.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired: 20 Unique Nail Business Name Ideas

Taking into account the six steps above, we have developed 20 nail salon makes to help you start naming your nail business. 

  • GlamourTips
  • ArtisticNails
  • EcoMani
  • VelvetTouch
  • PolishPerfection
  • UrbanNailArt
  • TranquilTreatments
  • NeonNails
  • SereneStylings
  • MysticManicure
  • LushLacquer
  • SparkleSpecialists
  • VintageVarnish
  • TrendyTips
  • OpalOrnaments
  • ChicClaws
  • RadiantRefinement
  • ElegantEdges
  • GlossGoddesses
  • FinesseFingers

Successful Real-Life Nail Business Names

We’ve looked at some real-life nail brands and what makes them so unique. 

Nail Company Brand Why is Works 
MiniLuxeA blend of ‘mini’ and ‘luxury’, implying small indulgences in nail care.
Fantasy NailsEvokes a sense of imagination and transformative experiences.
O.P.IShort, memorable, and distinct, making a strong brand impression.
Nail IncCustomers can immediately tell what the brand’s focus is at first glance. Adding ‘incorporated’ to the end of the name gives the brand authority. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To choose a salon name, select short, memorable words, make the name relevant to your skills, and check that the domain name is available.

Yes, you can use it to create unlimited free nail salon name ideas.



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