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How To Name Your Manufacturing Company

After a year of decline, the manufacturing business is set to rebound quickly and lucratively in the coming years. If you’re thinking of starting a manufacturing business, now might be a great time to take the leap! And, with a new business comes a new business name.

Our manufacturing company name generator is the perfect resource for you to be using as you come up with factory names and work out how best to represent your company. Just input words you want to be associated with your company and watch as the manufacturing company name generator presents hundreds of different factory names for you to try out.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at how to choose a manufacturing company name, how others have named their manufacturing business, and some tips and tricks on how to use our manufacturing company name generator for the best results.

I’m Alex and I’ll be your guide throughout this article! Let’s get started.

20 Manufacturing Company Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s take a look at how our factory name generator can offer you tonnes of manufacturing company name ideas quickly. Below are twenty names I came up with by inputting words I associated with manufacturing businesses. Let’s see how I got on.

  1. Develop Manufacturing Ltd
  2. Venture Construction
  3. Major Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing International
  5. Products CEO
  6. Motors Corporation
  7. Buildaholic
  8. Advanced Motors
  9. Mind Motors
  10. Central Construction
  11. The Manufacturing Company
  12. Vista Manufacturing
  13. The Manufacturing Grid
  14. The Manufacturing Works
  15. The Manufacturing Association

20 More Manufacturing Company Name Ideas

  1. Alliance Inc
  2. Assured Industries
  3. Action Place
  4. Abridge Inc
  5. Manufacturing Facility Co.
  6. Man-units
  7. Manufacturing Nation
  8. The BaseManufacturing Company
  9. Total Manufacturing Co.
  10. Manufacturing Oriented
  11. Agile Manufacturing
  12. Manufacturing Transformative
  13. The CanMan Company
  14. Tradufacturing
  15. The Manestic Company
  16. Conficio Co.
  17. The InvolvedManufacturing Company
  18. Engage Manufacturing
  19. MadeManufacturing Co.
  20. Fabrico Manufacturing

Best Real-world Manufacturing Business Names

Now we’ve taken a look at what our manufacturing company name generator can do for you, we’re going to see how other manufacturing businesses have named their companies. Checking out how others in your market sector have been naming their businesses can help you to work out what works and what doesn’t.

Below we’ve listed our top five manufacturing company names, discussed why we like them, and added a bit about why we think they could inspire your manufacturing company name. Check them out below to get inspired.


Smashing together ‘integrated’ and ‘electronics,’ Intel is a short and sharp name that is easy to remember. It is a well-known brand name and also links loosely to the word intelligence, making people think that this is a clever product.

We think this name is great because it’s short and memorable. Business names work best if your customers can remember them and so smashing two words together to make a new word can be a great way to shorten a long name and make a memorable new one in one go.


Standing for ‘International Business Machines Corporation,’ this acronym is the perfect example of how to take a long name and make it short and memorable.

We love acronyms and think they’re especially useful if your company name is on the longer side. Try using your full name and the acronym together at the beginning so that people know who you are but can also associate the acronym with your brand. 


As manufacturers of airplanes and other aerospace products, Airbus takes its name from an industry term for a commercial plane of a certain size and capacity. It was purportedly chosen for its linguistic acceptability in the French language.

This kind of consideration is always good for your company name. Pronouncability of your company name is just as important as memorability. If your business name is difficult for people to pronounce, they likely won’t remember it. Remember this, particularly if you’re planning on operating internationally.

General Motors

When naming General Motors, William C Durant actually borrowed a naming form from General Electrics. We like this name because it tells you exactly what this business does.

We like simple names like this because it means that the customer doesn’t have to go searching for what your business is about, it’s all right there in the name. Don’t shy away from simple and easy names like this, they can be very effective!

The Expanded Metal Company

This brand makes, you guessed it, expanded metal and it is named perfectly to let customers know that that is what they will be getting when they use this company.

We’ve already discussed why we like simple names, and this one does the job perfectly. No searching is required to understand what this brand does and that’s how we like it!

Unique Content for the Niche

A good manufacturing company name should offer the client a glimpse into your efficiency and ability as a manufacturer. Short, sharp, and memorable names are best as they appeal to your client’s need for efficacy and precise execution. Having a messy brand name will only reflect poorly on your company.

You need to ensure that your business name communicates to the public what your company does to ensure that people can find you when they need you. You also need to make sure your company name is memorable enough that people will keep coming back to you.

Our manufacturing company name generator is a great resource for anyone looking to create a new manufacturing business name. Why not check it out now and get started!

5-Tips for creating unique Manufacturing Business name ideas

Now we’ve seen what our manufacturing company name generator can do and how other manufacturing businesses have chosen to name their businesses, it’s time to take a look at your business name ideas.

Below, we’ve gathered our top tips for creating a unique manufacturing business name, as well as some handy tricks for using our manufacturing company name generator to help you out!

Take a look below!

Make notes on your business values

This first step is about getting to know your business. You need to know your business or you’re not going to be able to name it. We suggest sitting down and writing as many different words, values, and notes that can describe your business.

Use the words you find on this page to inform your business name and keep these notes handy for when you use our manufacturing business name generator.

Check out the competition

We’ve done this step a bit for you, but now you need to go further. You need to find businesses that work as you do and who operate in the same market sector to understand which names work and which ones don’t.

Looking to your competitors is a great way of understanding the industry you’re heading into, so ensure you keep up to date on what is going on around you.

Don’t use too many words

If there is one thing we can understand about manufacturing business names, it’s that the shorter ones always seem to work better. If your name is meant to reflect your business, then short, sharp, and precise names will be more effective in communicating your efficacy as a business than a long and confusing name.

Try using acronyms to shorten long business names, or shorten words to create new words!

Check it’s available 

Ensuring your business name is available is a must. You should do this before you begin any formalities just to make sure you can actually use the business name. Run a quick domain name check and do a google search to make sure it is truly unique.

Use our manufacturing company name generator

Our factory name generator is an invaluable resource for those hunting for a new name for their manufacturing business. To use, input words you would like associated with your brand into the generator and take a look at the names it offers you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The name of your manufacturing company should offer your clients insight into the kind of business you are. You should create a short and memorable business name to display your efficacy and precision as a business. In the manufacturing industry, a messy and long business name can make people associate these attributes with your business and we don’t want that!

A catchy business name is down to memorability. One of the easiest ways to make a memorable business name is to create a short and simple name. It should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. It could also explain what your business does to ensure clients don’t have to go searching for what your business is!

A manufacturer’s name can be anything from a name that explores exactly what the business is to a business name that uses the founder’s name in it! To create a catchy business name for your manufacturing business, try using our manufacturing company name generator by inputting words associated with your business and checking out all the fantastic names it offers you.


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