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How to Use Our Makeup Business Name Generator

Ready to try our makeup business name generator and make hundreds of unique makeup business name ideas for your new business? 

If this is the case, you first need to think of a few words that are relevant to your business and enter them into the generator.



Insert relevant keywords in the search box.



Generate thousands of name ideas for your brand.



Filter the results and select the winning name.

The makeup name generator will take the words you entered and use them to make lots of makeup brand name ideas. Then, you can use filters to narrow down the list and search specifically for makeup business names of different lengths or styles.

Finally, look at your list of makeup names and find the ones you like best. Adapt them to your business if needed and check website availability before claiming a name.

Benefits of Our Makeup Business Name Generator

We wanted to make our makeup business name generator as user-friendly as possible. It’s packed with helpful features that make it easy for you to come up with relevant name ideas. 

These are some of the benefits you’ll get when you use our makeup name generator.

  • AI technology – Our makeup business name generator is powered by a super-smart AI algorithm that creates unique, original, and memorable business names.
  • Free to use – There are no hidden fees or charges to worry about when using our makeup name generator. It’s completely free for everyone.
  • Customized names – The BNG generator creates custom makeup business names for you based on the words you type into the start box.
  • Powerful filters – You can apply powerful filters to narrow down your list of makeup name ideas, making it easier to find the right name for your new makeup line, store, or business.
  • Domain search – Our makeup brand name generator also comes with a built-in domain checker, letting you see if your favorite names have already been claimed or not. 
  • Unlimited ideas – The makeup artist name generator can make countless makeup names, including descriptive names, evocative names, rhyming names, and more.

20 Makeup Business Name Ideas

Our makeup business name generator is the perfect tool for making unique makeup company names. Here are 20 examples of original, inventive makeup brand names, created by the generator from the following keywords: look, glow, belle, beauty, and skin.

  • Belle Glamor 
  • Lily Look 
  • Genesis Glow 
  • BeautX 
  • Skin Reign 
  • Belle Revive 
  • The Look Locker
  • Beach Glow 
  • Beautadora 
  • Crystal Skin 
  • Belle Addiction 
  • The Look Queens 
  • Glow Fox 
  • Ruby Beauty 
  • Evolve Skin 
  • Belleadora 
  • Sapphire Look
  • Coco Glow 
  • Bonjour Beauty
  • Angelic Skin

Different Types of Makeup Styles

There are different types of makeup styles. Each type is different, and perhaps your company would like to specialize in one type or another, which could affect your name. 

For example, if you specialize in nude makeup, you could use words like “nude” or “natural” in your makeup brand name.

In the table below, you can find some examples of different makeup styles and short descriptions of each style.

Makeup StyleDescription
point png Nude Nude makeup is designed to look very light and natural, almost as though you’re wearing no makeup at all.
point png HD HD makeup is made with special pigments that reflect light in clever ways to provide a smooth, harmonious glow to the skin.
point png Matte Matte makeup is good for people with oily skin. It stays in place and provides a natural looking finish without shining.
point png Dewy Dewy makeup is the opposite to matte makeup. It’s designed to make the wearer’s skin glimmer and glow.
point png AirbrushAirbrush makeup is makeup designed to be applied with a special airbrush applicator for a super smooth finish.

Unique Makeup Business Name Ideas For Different Makeup Styles

Since there are so many different types of makeup and you may have a specific focus in mind for your business, let’s look at some examples of makeup company name ideas based on the five types of makeup in the table above.

Makeup Brand Name Ideas for Nude Makeup 

As explained above, nude makeup is all about giving the impression that the wearer is as natural as possible, with products that look completely natural. Here are some makeup brand name ideas made using the following keywords: nude and nature.

  • Sugar Nude 
  • Ameli Nude 
  • Natural Focus 
  • Nature Clinical
  • Nature FX

Makeup Business Names for HD Makeup 

HD makeup is all about glamour and glitz, designed to make people feel like a celebrity and bring out their beauty with a radiant glow. Here are some makeup names made by our makeup business name generator using keywords like glam, glitz, and glow.

  • Glam Grande 
  • Glam Dazzle 
  • Glitz Addiction 
  • Glow Fantasy 
  • Phoenix Glow

Makeup Names Ideas for Matte Makeup 

Matte makeup is calm and neutral, without any excessive shimmer or shine. Once again, here are a few makeup company names, made by our makeup name generator using keywords such as matte, soft, and pure.

  • Matte Lit 
  • Matte Finesse 
  • Soft Romance 
  • Pure Serenity 
  • Pure Lotus

Makeup Brand Names for Dewy Makeup 

Dewy makeup stands out for its ability to make people glow and shine, so it’s often used at special events or for people who have slightly duller skin. Here are some examples of makeup brand names in this style, using keywords like dew, gloss, and glimmer.

  • Youthful Dew 
  • Dew Lux 
  • Foxy Glimmer 
  • Glimmer Ora 
  • Crystal Gloss

Makeup Name Ideas for Airbrush Makeup

Finally, we have airbrush makeup, which is famed for its professional-level quality and smooth finish. Using keywords like harmony, bliss, and air, our makeup business name generator created these name examples:

  • Harmony Bay 
  • Aesthetic Harmony 
  • Magnificent Bliss 
  • Bliss Kitten 
  • Air Princess

You can also try other name generators on our page if you’re looking for something different. We recommend our cosmetics company name generator, beauty business name generator, and jewelry business name generator.

The Difference Between A Beauty Brand And A Makeup Brand

Beauty brands and makeup brands have a lot in common, as both of them aim to help people look and feel their very best. However, there are some differences between them, as the table below shows:

BrandDifference Between Beauty and Makeup Brands
tick png Beauty BrandFocuses on making and selling products that are designed to alter the appearance or texture of the skin, hair, nails, etc.
tick png Makeup BrandFocuses exclusively on making and selling makeup products that are applied externally to alter the appearance of the skin, lips, eyes, etc.

In simple terms, a makeup company makes makeup products like lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation, which people can use to cover up imperfections or make their skin look cleaner and clearer. 

Beauty companies, meanwhile, tend to focus on products like moisturizers or eye creams, which aim to change the skin at a deeper level, making it feel and look different or slowing the signs of aging. 

Both of these companies are focused on helping people to change their appearance and feel better about the way they look, but they do it in different ways and create different kinds of products.

The makeup business name generator is the best tool to use for making makeup business names and makeup store names. But, if you’re interested in creating another kind of business, we have many other generators to help. Here are some popular options:

Make sure to use the trademark function in the side-panel to check if you can legally use the name you picked.

10 Tips For Creating Makeup Business Name Ideas

  1. Find Your Niche – Many makeup companies have a certain specialty or niche factor that makes them special, like using natural ingredients or cruelty-free products. Think about what makes your brand special and use words that are relevant to your niche.
  2. Consider Your Company Values – Many modern consumers look at a company’s values and philosophies before buying from them. Therefore, it can be a good idea to describe your company’s values in your brand name, for example, using a word like “Green” to show that your brand is environmentally friendly.
  3. Think Outside the Box – Customers might not pay much attention to your brand if you choose a basic or bland name. It’s often better to think outside of the box and find creative and inventive ways to describe your products and your company aims.
  4. Use Euphonious Words – Have you noticed how certain words simply sound pleasant when you hear them? Those are known as euphonious words, and they’re used to great effect by beauty brands like Olay and Sephora. Using words like this can be a good way to make a memorable, effective makeup business name.
  5. Speak to Your Customers – Another method that a lot of real-life makeup and beauty brands use is to think of names that speak directly to the target audience. Think about what your customers want to hear and find ways to grab their attention.
  6. Consider Non-English Words – A lot of beauty and makeup brand names also involve words from other languages, like Italian or French. This can be an effective way to make your brand sound more exotic and alluring.
  7. Celebrate Feminism – Feminism is on the rise and the beauty industry has changed in recent years as attitudes towards women and femininity have evolved. Celebrate this through your brand’s name and messaging with words that make women feel empowered.
  8. Think About Other Genders, Too – Of course, women aren’t the only ones who can wear make-up. In fact, studies show that more and more men and non-binary people are using makeup, too. So don’t leave them out of your brand’s messaging, and consider using genderless names to avoid excluding any demographics.
  9. Abbreviations Can Work Well – If you look at real-world makeup brand names, you may notice that some of them are made up of acronyms. MAC, for example, stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics, and there are plenty of other examples to prove that snappy acronyms can work well in this industry.
  10. Analyze the Competition – In any industry, it’s important to check out what kinds of names your rivals are using. Scan the competition and look for words that might work well for your brand, or try to find one that is totally different from your competition.

Top 5 Real-World Makeup Brand Names

There are already plenty of great makeup brands out there, many of which have interesting and alluring names that helped them become successful. Let’s take a look at five famous makeup brand names and examine why they work so well.


Sephora is a French beauty brand with stores around the world that sells makeup products and other personal care items, including its own range. 

The brand’s name was created by fusing the words “Sephosis”, which means “beauty” and “Zipporah”, the name of Moses’ wife.

The result is a beautiful example of a euphonious word or one that is pleasing to the ear. It has a poetic and mystical quality that has helped this brand become a great global success.


Neutrogena is a makeup and skincare company based in LA, selling its products around the world. The name comes from the fact that one of the company’s original products was a soap that had a neutral pH.

The founder of the company took the word “Neutral” and added a pleasant-sounding suffix, resulting in a name that is unique, easy to remember, and enjoyable to hear or say out loud.


Maybelline is another leading makeup brand. The founder actually named his company after his sister, Mabel, using her name and adding the ending “ine” to give it a pleasant sound.

Again, just like Neutrogena and Sephora, this is an example of a makeup business name that has a pleasant sound. And when people hear a brand name that sounds nice, they can associate that same pleasant feeling with the brand’s products, too.

Bare Minerals 

Bare Minerals is the name of a makeup brand that specializes in mineral makeup products, like mineral foundation. The company also aims to make nude-style makeup that gives people a truly natural look.

The founders chose to use a descriptive name, focusing on two keywords that quickly and directly tell people everything they need to know about the products.


About-Face is the makeup brand of popular singer-songwriter, Halsey. The company specializes in makeup products that are diverse, vegan, and cruelty-free.

The company’s name cleverly uses the phrase “about face”, which refers to someone quickly changing their opinion, and it embodies the fresh new vibe in the makeup industry that About-Face aims to create with its products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many great names for beauty businesses. Good names in this industry tend to have beautiful sounds that make them pleasant for people to hear, and they can also be descriptive, evocative, or metaphorical. You can use our makeup business name generator to make unique makeup brand names.

To choose the best makeup name for your business, it’s a good idea to first make a shortlist of your favorites. Then, try to find the name that works best and encapsulates your business’ vibes and values. You can also consult with friends, family, or fellow professionals for feedback and advice.

A good way to create a catchy business name is to keep it short. Try to use just one or two words, maximum, and opt for words that flow nicely together, such as words that rhyme or words that begin with the same letter. Our makeup business name generator can help with this, and you can use filters to find the catchiest names.

A lot of professional makeup artists tend to use their own names for business, as this helps to build up awareness of their work and conveys a sense of authority. However, you could also choose to get creative and think of other words that describe what kind of services you offer or how you feel about beauty and makeup in general.


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