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How To Name Your Lipstick Business

How to name your lipstick business

Are you thinking of starting a lip gloss business? Unsure how to name your cosmetic brand?

If you are starting a lipstick business, this guide will give you some advice on how to name your business and tailor a lip gloss business name that will reflect your unique brand!

Once you read this guide for naming your lipstick brand, you will avoid making mistakes that could misrepresent your brand by making it immemorable or overcomplicated.

20 Lipstick Business Name Ideas

20 Lipstick Business Name Ideas

We have selected 20 business name ideas for you using the lip gloss business name generator. By simply typing in a keyword associated with your brand, you can generate multiple lip gloss business name ideas for inspiration.

So, here are some lip gloss business name ideas:

  1. Lipry
  2. Aesthetic Lip
  3. Madonna Lip
  4. PlumpX
  5. Monroe Plump
  6. Warrior Gloss
  7. Sinful Gloss
  8. Venom Gloss
  9. Bare Pout
  10. Venus Pout
  11. Tease Pout
  12. PoutLux
  13. Kitten Kiss
  14. Cosmic Kiss
  15. Honey Kiss
  16. Athena Lipstick
  17. Visage Lipstick
  18. Kisssy
  19. Kissology
  20. Poutella

20 More Lipstick Business Name Ideas

  1. Liptastix
  2. Gloss Goddess
  3. SentimentaLips
  4. Lipology
  5. The Lipstick Maven
  6. Ace Lipstick
  7. Glitter Lips
  8. Paint & Powder
  9. The Lipstick Guru
  10. The Lip Wizard
  11. Expert Lips
  12. Lipstick School
  13. Sweet Lips
  14. Stick Lip Up!
  15. The Lipstick Boutique
  16. The Lip Scholar
  17. Lipmetics
  18. Tasty Lips
  19. The Frosted Lip Co.
  20. Apply Here

If none of these names are jumping out to you, you can choose different keywords. You can even choose whether your lip gloss business name is one word or two words and restrict how many characters you want.

Best Real-world Lipstick Business Names

For more guidance, let’s take a look at some of the best real-world lipstick business brand names. We will cover how they were named and why the name makes a lasting impact.


MAC cosmetics is a great lipstick brand name. It only has one syllable, making it easy to pronounce. The simplicity of this lip gloss brand name is what makes it so memorable.

The lip gloss brand name MAC was created for the brand in 1984 by two Canadian men who came up with the name as an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics. The use of acronyms is a clever way to get a simple, low-character brand name that’s easy to pronounce and remember.

Cover Girl

Cover Girl is a successful lip gloss brand name with a name created to suggest that users of Cover Girl lipstick will feel like a supermodel on the cover of a magazine.

To further promote Cover Girl as a brand that’s fit for supermodels, Cover Girl marketed its products using actresses, singers, and supermodels wearing Cover Girl products.

This brand name is successful as it creates a picture of what they can achieve by wearing Cover Girl cosmetics.

Too Faced

This lipstick brand’s name is memorable as it is a clever play on the phrase ‘two-faced.’ The history of the Too Faced name comes from a phrase the Too Faced creator came up with while working behind the makeup counter.

He used the term ‘too faced’ to refer to customers that would have a meltdown if the counter had run out of their favorite shade, implying that they were too faced, taking vanity to an extreme level.

This brand name is a memorable and fun play on words.


Highr is a chic alteration of the word higher. The brand name Highr reflects the brand’s commitment to carbon-neutral production processes and shipping.

The word higher suggests that consumers will be taking a higher path towards saving the planet by opting for a carbon-neutral lipstick company.


Stila is a lip gloss brand name from the Latin word ‘stilare,’ which means ‘to pen.’ This brand name is designed to insinuate that by using Stila’s lipstick and other cosmetic products, you will be able to create a makeup look that is as distinct and personal as your signature.

The name is both short and memorable as it is a unique word that consumers don’t come across every day.

Things To Avoid When Choosing A Lipstick Brand Name

There are some mistakes you can make when picking your lipstick brand name, so let’s look at some of the areas where you could go wrong to make sure you get the best name for your business. The name, after all, is one of the fundamental factors in branding.

When naming your lipstick brand, you should avoid names that are too long and difficult to pronounce. If people can’t say your lipstick brand name, they won’t know how to ask for it or tell their friends about it and may not remember it.

You should also avoid names that are already taken and names that are too similar to existing brand names. You want your brand to be unique and one of a kind.

You should never choose a brand name that is too different from most competitors’ brand names.

If your brand name is much longer than others or has a tone that is very different from other brands, it is likely that the name you have chosen is unsuitable for your lipstick business. You should stick to names that are within the scope of other brand names.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Lipstick Business Name Ideas

For more guidance on creating your unique lip gloss business name, we have provided 5 tips to ensure you have all of the advice and tools to select your business name. If you implement these tips, you are bound to come up with a fantastic name for your brand.

1. Try Using Your Name For Your Brand

If you want your name to be at the forefront of your brand, you will have to consider how difficult your name is to pronounce first.

If your name is easy to pronounce, then naming your brand is a great way to promote yourself as the brand owner. It will also allow you to create a legacy with your successful brand, allowing you to pass the business down to your children in the future.

2. Consider Your Brand Identity

In cosmetics, there are many things you must consider when trying to distinguish your brand identity.

For example, you will need to determine whether your brand is health-focused with a natural approach to beauty or more glamour-focused with a fashion-based approach to beauty. Is your brand luxurious and sophisticated, or is it more focused on young consumers with thematic packaging and fun colors?

3. Make Sure The Domain Is Available

If you decide on your brand name, it will be highly frustrating to find the perfect name when the domain name has been taken. To avoid this, use our business name generator, as all of the suggested names are available as domain names.

4.  Use Other Brand Names To Gauge What Is Popular

Once you have decided where your brand identity lies, you should look up lipstick competitors in the field and research their brand names. What message is being told about their products by the brand name? How can you send a similar message with your choice in a brand name? This will give you something to think about.

5. Harness Your Unique Selling Point

If something about your lipstick brand is different from other lipstick brand products, you need to show it in your brand name. Your brand name should reflect precisely what makes your product special. This way, you will draw consumers to your product just from the name itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a name for your lipstick business by using the lip gloss business name generator to give you some inspiration. Also, you may want to perform research into successful lipstick businesses and consider what makes those names distinct and how the names reflect the brand identity.

The best lipstick brand names include Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Stila, Cover Girl, and MAC. There are many more successful lipstick brands. It is crucial to notice that these lipstick brand names are mostly the names of the company creators, or they are unique and thoughtful names that are distinct.

There are many ways you can choose a name for your lipstick company. You can use your name or a business name generator to turn your keywords into a unique business name with an available domain. Or, you can check out your competitors’ brand names and find out what makes those names memorable and distinct.

If you want a luxurious brand name for your business, you should use a simple, modern, and powerful word or phrase. You should also consider abbreviations and impactful capitalized letters such as NameX or BrandZ. Remember to keep the words related to your business so that the name accurately reflects your products.

A good brand name has some of the following characteristics: -A good brand name is simple and easy to pronounce -A good brand name is unique -A good brand name contains few syllables -A good brand name reflects the brand identity


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