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How To Name Your Lingerie Store

The lingerie industry is incredibly lucrative and its market size is continuously growing. Indeed, by 2027, it is forecast to have reached 78.66 billion US dollars. As you start your lingerie business, you’re probably starting to consider your business name, and if you are, we can help. Why not try out our lingerie store name generator to come up with smart and sexy business names for your lingerie business.

Our unique, smart, and sexy name generator can help you to create a really memorable and interesting business name for your lingerie store. Just type in words you would like to be used in your business name and take a look at the tonnes of amazing names that it gives back to you.

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at how our lingerie business sexy username generator can help you to create a great lingerie business name. We’ll also take a look over some inspiring real-world business names and some handy tips for creating a lingerie business name. I’m Alex and I’ll be with you throughout this article, so let’s get started.

20 Lingerie Store Name Ideas

To begin with, let’s take a look at the way our lingerie store name generator works. Below are twenty different lingerie business names that I came up with after using our lingerie business sexy username generator. Let’s check them out.

  1. Elegant Silks
  2. Emerald Boutique
  3. Belle Luxury
  4. The Silky Lingerie Co.
  5. The Luxury Lingerie Boutique
  6. Rose Boutique
  7. Exquisite Silks
  8. Amor Luxury
  9. Sonnets Silks
  10. Elegance Boutique
  11. Lovesome Luxury
  12. Silky Boutique
  13. Majestic Silks
  14. Dream Luxury
  15. Divine Luxury
  16. Lucent Lingerie
  17. Harmony Silks
  18. Juliet Lingerie
  19. Flutter Lingerie
  20. The Lovely Boutique

20 More Lingerie Store Name Ideas

  1. Naughty Girl Lingerie
  2. Sugar & Spice
  3. Lovely Lingerie
  4. Exquisite Lace Lingerie
  5. Silk and Frills
  6. Naughty & Nice Lingerie
  7. The Little Erotic Shoppe
  8. Delicate Secrets
  9. Taudry Tami’s
  10. The Sensual Bride
  11. Gossamer Lingerie
  12. Tastefully Trashy Lingerie Shop
  13. Wonderful & Wispy
  14. Glamorous Parisian Lingerie
  15. The Elegant Provocateur
  16. Sensual Silk and Lace
  17. Antoinette’s Boudoir
  18. Crave
  19. Bare Fantasies
  20. Gumdrops

Best Real-world Lingerie Business Names

Now we’ve seen how our lingerie business sexy name generator can create memorable and unique names, let’s have a look at the way real-world lingerie businesses are naming their businesses.

We’ve gathered our favorite names below and discussed why we like them. Check them out now!

Victoria’s Secret

Named for Queen Victoria and the refinement of the Victorian era, we love the name Victoria’s Secret as it references the intimacy of underwear. It suggests that the lingerie is a secret, almost exclusive.

The use of Victoria, though in reference to Queen Victoria, feels like it could be referencing any woman.


Translating to freedom, we like this lingerie store name because it allows women to feel that this brand can make them feel free and empowered. This kind of language is great for lingerie stores because women like to feel empowered by their underwear.

The use of a foreign language is a great way to make your lingerie brand seem elegant and exotic.


The underwear from this brand is supposed to be light enough to feel like skin. We like this name because it suggests the lingerie is barely there, as though it skims over your body.

Referencing the lightness and quality of your lingerie is a great idea in the lingerie industry. Women want to know that their lingerie is made of good materials and will be comfortable for them.

Pour Moi

Translating from French to ‘for me,’ this is a really great name because it references the lingerie being almost like a gift to the customer, from themselves.

As we discussed earlier, we think using foreign languages, like French, is a really great way of making your brand stand out.


We love this bra business name. The word cup references part of the bra and the use of two ‘U’s references a woman’s body.

This kind of wordplay is really clever and makes your brand name memorable and interesting.

Unique Content for the Niche

Lingerie is usually aimed at women and so catering to this target customer is probably in your best interests. It seems a common trend to use foreign languages, particularly French, in lingerie business names. Perhaps you could consider using French words as you come up with elegant and sexy business names.

As well as French, some lingerie brands refer to the lightness, comfort, and quality of their lingerie. This is a really good idea for your lingerie business if your lingerie is made for comfort. It can draw in the right customers and help them to find and remember your brand.

Coming up with a new lingerie business name is really easy when you use our lingerie store name generator to come up with tonnes of unique lingerie business names. Check it out now and see what it can do for your lingerie business!

5-Tips for creating unique Lingerie Business name ideas

Now we’ve seen how our lingerie store name generator can help you out and have taken a look at some real-world lingerie business names, it’s time for you to come up with your own lingerie business names. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few handy tips to help you get started.

Check out our best tips and tricks for coming up with a brand new lingerie store name, as well as some pointers for using our lingerie store name generator. Let’s get going!

1. Get all of your ideas out on paper

Try writing down all of the different words you want to be associated with your lingerie business. Who are you? Why are you different? What makes your brand stand out?

Use all these words and begin creating unique business names. Input these words into our lingerie store name generator to get some help and some great inspiration!

2. Use fewer words in your business name

You want your business name to be memorable and so keeping it short will help people to remember it! Using fewer words will keep it short and sharp and ensure your customers can remember your business name.

The key to a successful business name is to keep it memorable. Using easy-to-remember phrases, unique and memorable words, and short and sharp names can ensure it is a well-remembered name.

3. Check that the business name is available

This is an essential step to avoid disappointment. Make sure you do a google search and check that the domain name is available before you settle on your business name to avoid being upset when coming to list your business and finding out someone else is using the name.

Ensure you do this whenever you change your mind about the name too, otherwise, you could find you are stuck further down the line.

4. Get feedback from your friends and family

Asking others for their opinion can open up new avenues of inspiration. As everyone has different perspectives, this can be a great way to help when you’re stuck on your name journey!

Ask your friends and family their opinion on your name. Ask them how they think it presents the brand and what it communicates to the public.

You should do this throughout the naming process to ensure you keep your lingerie business name fresh and unique.

5. Use our lingerie store name generator

And finally, we think our lingerie store name generator is a really great resource for you to use as you decide on a lingerie business name. Input words from the list you made earlier and take a look at all the incredible names it reveals to you!

Keep coming back to the lingerie store name generator throughout your process to keep yourself inspired!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your lingerie business is about creating a name that your target customers will be attracted to. You should understand your target customers and use this to choose a name they will respond well to. Use words you know they will understand and create a memorable and unique business name. Using our lingerie store name generator can be really helpful if you’re looking for unique and memorable business names. Check it out now!

Coming up with a catchy business name for your lingerie business is really easy when you use our lingerie store name generator! Input words that you would want to be associated with your brand into the generator and see all of the different names it reveals to you!

Naming your sleepwear business should involve understanding the kind of customers you’re trying to attract. What is it about your brand that stands out? Is all of your sleepwear made out of comfortable fabric? Is your sleepwear brand eco-conscious? These are all things to consider when naming your business, and you should use these things to inform your name. You could also use our business name generator to come up with unique and memorable business names for your brand!


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