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Complete Guide to Naming Your Leather Business

Our leather business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get leather business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Leather companies can provide many services. Leather restoration, handbag and shoe creation, leather furniture manufacturing and distribution – these are just some of the options. Each one of these services has its specific audience that will determine the best branding approach.

Quality leather has long been associated with luxury, sophistication and even masculinity. These are some of the features to put in the heart of the brand establishment efforts. Through the selection of your products, customers can set themselves apart from everybody else. A sense of exclusivity is a definite popularity booster, especially among the people who are looking for the best products on the market.

If you want to reach a broader audience, you may want to also diversify the portfolio through the provision of more affordable services. Faux leather, for example is a lot cheaper. In addition, it will appeal to the environment-conscious crowd, as well as to vegans. The number of people opposing genuine leather is growing, which is why you may want to consider options for catering to this market segment.

Demographic Interests

It’s difficult to determine the demographic profile of the target audience due to the fact that leather goods come in all shapes and sizes. Shoes, for example, are equally popular among men and women. Leather shoes come in an array of price ranges, depending on the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the materials used in the production.

Leather jackets and fashion accessories tend to be somewhat more expensive. They appeal to fashion-conscious individuals and those interested in the specific benefits that such items bring to the table (bikers are one example of such a group).

Furniture and home accessories made of this material are more expensive than the regular upholstered items. As a result, they tend to be more popular among the wealthiest market segments. These people are interested in exclusivity and the price tag is not really an issue. The quality of the furniture and the design label, however, play a crucial role in the selection of one item or another.

Competitor Name Analysis

A Simple Leather Belt Co

Since the industry is so diversified and there are so many products out there, letting the world know exactly what you do is excellent in terms of market positioning.

Aunts & Uncles

A name that tells the world this is a family business. Started by Angelika Schuerer, the brand responds to the audience’s growing need for emotional attachment and attention to detail.

Craft and Lore

A brand that keeps masculinity in the centre of the message. This message is reinforced by the axe, which has turned into the Craft and Lore primary symbol.

Bison Made

The emphasis here falls more on the origin of the products than on anything else. Bison Made has its items manufactured in the US, following traditional methods. A bit of masculinity is sprinkled in the title, as well.

Rogue Industries

A company that enjoys making leather items in a bold, innovative and original way. Obviously, this design specific is something that the title hints towards.

Vagabond Traveler (V.T.)

If you’re looking for a travel bag, a backpack or a suitcase, you’ll probably turn to a company that has a name like Vagabond Traveler.

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The examples above show the diversified approaches you can adopt towards name selection. It’s really up to you to decide whether you’re going to be more creative, bolder or a bit more traditional in the choice of a company title.

Use our Business Name Generator to play around with different ideas and fine-tune the original concept. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

If you need a few phrases to kick off those brainstorming efforts, here’s a list for you:




Full grain

Oil tanned









Chrome tanned





Heavy leather

Antiqued leather



Leather Business Name Inspiration

  1. Straps and Flaps: a slightly more humorous name that can be a great choice for a wide range of companies in the field.
  2. Suede and Velvet: if you want to provoke associations of luxury and sophistication, you should opt for a name like this one.
  3. American Eagle Creations: a focus on tradition and masculinity could never go wrong in this particular manufacturing area.
  4. Ornate Buckles and Clasps: the buckle and the clasp are integral to specific leather products we’re all familiar with. The approach is a bit more indirect but it works in terms of originality.
  5. Musky Leather: musk is considered a particularly masculine scent, which makes it a good choice for advertising a leather brand.
  6. The Leather Messenger Bag: the name accomplishes two things – it tells you the material being utilised and the type of product to expect in the company’s portfolio.
  7. Brown and Tan: these are two words typically associated with quality leather and they provide great opportunities for effective branding.
  8. A Gentleman’s Needs: a bit more sophisticated as a name, suggesting buyers could expect luxury goods.
  9. Pine Needles and Saw Dust: again, the focus is on ruggedness and masculinity. The company could make shoes, belts, wallets and other accessories targeting a male audience.
  10. Pelle Italiana: Italian leather is the standard when it comes to luxury and sophistication. A great choice for a fashion brand and the name is also gender-neutral.

What Not to Name Your Leather Business

Don’t choose a generic naming approach if you can be specific in the selection. Tell your potential buyers what types of products they could expect from you. Tell them what your strengths are. A general audience is bigger but fewer of these people will have an actual interest in the product you have to offer.

Don’t mislead. If you tell people that you import and use Italian leather, make sure this is the case. If a customer comes across the truth, your reputation will be ruined beyond repair.

Attempting to be way too abstract or creative in name selection will simply sound pretentious. The fashion niche allows for such an approach but choose a name that’s unorthodox only if it is representative of the brand.

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