How To Start An Insurance Company

Everything you need to know about starting an insurance company!

Insurance is vital to the global economy. It is an arrangement that guarantees compensation for a specified loss on an asset. This asset can be anything from a house to a person. We would not buy a property or guarantee proper medical attention when sick without insurance. The insurance industry is generally not affected by the state of the economy and, therefore, an excellent business to be involved in. Research the market first before you make your final decision. If you can identify a gap in the market that you can fill, move on to the next stage of your start-up preparations.

Make the proper preparations

You can not start your insurance company without experience and the relevant licenses and certificates. Ideally, it would be best to work for a large insurance company first to gain this experience. During this time, you can determine what kind of insurance you want to sell and get all the relevant licenses and education required for that sector. This means that all the legal requirements for selling insurance will be in place when you finally decide to start up.


It is not possible to sell insurance without the proper licenses and certifications. Make sure these are in place before you take the next step. Every state has different requirements for the insurance industry. You will have to provide the relevant authorities with the required paperwork before being approved as an insurance agent.

Digital Insurance

Before the internet took over our lives, buying insurance was done on a face-to-face basis. You would contact the insurance company, and they would typically send you extensive paperwork to fill in. They returned your policy with all the cover conditions, and you paid the premium.

The internet has changed all that. Now we can buy an insurance policy on most things by filling in the insurance companies questionnaire online and waiting for a response from them. It makes everything much more manageable and allows you to compare different products and companies online before making any decisions.

Because of the accessibility of the internet, the big insurance companies sell insurance directly to us online. They do not need to solely rely on affiliated agents to sell their products.

However, insurance companies still have affiliated agents that sell their products who earn commission on their sales. By becoming an agent for one of these companies, you can start your own insurance company.

Affiliate with an insurance company

The insurance company underwrites the insurance policy. This means that they are the ones which pay out in the event of a successful claim. So you will be selling their product. To do this, you must be accepted as an affiliate for your chosen insurance company. For more information on the requirements to become an insurance agent, click here.

You are not bound to work for one insurance company and, as such, can affiliate with several to give your customers the best choice of policies. You will also be able to offer them the best price on the market by doing this, making your products competitive. Presuming these companies have accepted you as an agent, you will now be able to offer products that are as good as, if not better, than your competitors.

Know your product

If you have an in-depth knowledge of the product you are selling, you will have a competitive edge. This applies to most businesses but especially to the industry. Many of your clients will take your advice when choosing their insurance, as most of them don’t know precisely what they need. If you are familiar with all the small details of the policies you are selling, you will recommend one that suits your client’s individual needs.

Identify your market

Identify your market before you start selling. For example, if you sell life insurance, target people over fifty-five. Typically, this is around the age people start thinking about providing for their families when they are gone. Targeting a younger market will bear little fruit as they will be concentrating on themselves and might not have enough disposable income to spend on life insurance.

If you don’t identify your market correctly and your domain name doesn’t lead clients to your particular specialty, you will find it hard to attract traffic to your site.

Make your company easy to find

The insurance industry is highly competitive. You will have to make it easy for clients to find your website. Your company name and domain name should lead them to you when looking for insurance. Your title should include the word insurance and the type of insurance you specialize in. Getting your domain name right can be the difference between success and failure in the modern world. Using the correct keywords in your name is essential to lead clients to your site.

Our Business Name Generator can help you to create a unique and ideal name for your business.

Create a marketing network

Your marketing department is your website. Everything should be channeled through it. Your Facebook, What’s App, and other social media platforms should lead back to it so you can engage with the client to make a sale. These social media platforms should be entices to encourage clients to look at your website. You can do this by posting a price example for insuring your house or a great deal on life insurance. Keep the platforms updated on all the products you provide and any relevant news about the insurance industry.

Advertise wisely online, targeting a specific market in your area. Use FacebookAds to get more people to lie on your Facebook page and pay for Google pay-per-click ads on relevant websites that already attract your target market. These may be insurance blogs or Home economics websites, for example.

Make the buying process easy

You have a much better chance of making a sale if you describe your product in an easy-to-understand way.This is something that you should learn and even get help with. The first meeting with a prospective client is the make or break of getting their business. Your business should approach this in a couple of ways. You should be able to explain your products in a simple way. If you succeed, you will gain the client’s trust and probably make the sale.

Additionally, your website should be user-friendly and describe the products you offer separately and distinctly. If you have a website full of text and complicated words, you will overload the viewer with information, and they will leave your site. Lead the reader through your site and end up with a CTA (Call to Action) that entices them to buy their insurance directly from the site.

Use your contact base

Get in touch with all the people you know who might be able to help you with your business. When selling house insurance, talk to everyone you know in the real estate business and ask them to recommend you to clients buying a new house. If you specialize in accident insurance, ask your friends in a sports or motorbike club to help you out. When you think about it properly, most of your close contacts have the potential to help you out in some way, whether it be directly or by introducing you to someone who might require your services.

Be accessible

Although the first step in buying insurance might be through the internet, clients will feel more comfortable dealing with the person behind the website. Make yourself accessible through email and social media networks, like Messenger and What’s App. Answer their queries within 24 hours. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else. Once you have engaged them, offer to come to their house to discuss their insurance in more detail. This will convince them to buy their insurance from you in most cases.

Build your reputation

If you build a good reputation for yourself within the industry, your business has a good chance of success. Reputation is built on trust, good service, and competitive products. Word of mouth is still an effective marketing tool, and people will recommend t]you to their friends if they are happy with the service you provide. Don’t be afraid to ask a satisfied customer to recommend you to other people. They will be glad to do so. Have a review section on your website encouraging people to ]leave reviews for other potential clients to read.

Include a blog on your website

Your clients will find a blog exciting and show that you are keeping up to date with the insurance industry. Try posting something relevant at least once a week to keep Google interested in your website. The unique content you post on your blog, the more traffic will be directed to your website. 

Start your insurance business from your home

Having an office is not necessary at the start-up stage.If clients want to meet you, they can do it conveniently at their homes or somewhere else. Working from your home will save you a lot of money at the start when you need it most. When your business starts to grow, you can take the next step and move into your first office.

Trade legally

You will have to have all the relevant licenses to sell insurance in your state. Have a look here to find out what licenses you need in your particular state. Register your company as a sole proprietorship or an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Finally, seek advice from an accountant on this matter. You will also have to make your monthly tax returns and end-of-year accounts as per the law of your state.

Keep your finances in order

No matter how big or small, every business needs to keep its finances in order. But it is of vital importance with your insurance company for the following reasons. You will need to have control over premiums payments from your clients because if they are paying monthly and payment is missed, the insurance company will cancel the policy after thirty days.

This could lead to trouble for both you and your client. If a claim is made after the policy has been canceled, the client will not receive a payout. Although this is through no fault of yours, the client will probably blame you for not warning him, and your reputation will be affected. You should monitor all your policies regularly to ensure everything is in order. Your finances notify your client in good time before renewing his policy.

Look for a partner in a different field

When it is time to expand, try and find a partner specializing in a different field to you, this will grow the company faster, and you can sell each other products and your own. It is mutually beneficial. You should move into premises at this stage and consider employing a secretary to manage the office. This will give you and your new partner the freedom to be out selling. If you have a profitable business at this stage, you have a platform to build the business further using the same business model.


The insurance business can be lucrative. It is also very competitive. When you start, know what industry area you want to specialize in. Affiliate yourself with a few good insurance companies so you can offer competitive products to your clients.

Have all the correct licenses in place before you start trading, and make sure your business name facilitates being found on the internet. Build a reputation through word of mouth and written reviews on your website. When it is time to expand, find a like-minded partner specializing in a different field to double your product availability. Finally, keep your finances and policy premiums to avoid any unwelcome problems which may lead to loss of reputation.

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