How to Start a Skincare Blog

Starting a skincare blog might seem overwhelming at first, but it becomes very simple with good planning. Read all about how to start your skincare blog here, with tips on growing your audience and making money.

Everyone likes to look their best, which is what skincare and cosmetics firms rely on. As a result, it is not surprising that the beauty business generates billions of dollars each year. The worldwide beauty and skincare business is worth 500 billion dollars and is expanding faster than ever before.

In fact, it has a projected market value of over 800 billion dollars by 2023. Consequently, many young beauty and skincare aficionados establish their fashion blog or social media account, providing beauty tips and hacks. While this may be a highly profitable company, there are several factors to consider before embarking on such a venture. Therefore, read on to find out more about the skincare world.

What Content do Skincare Bloggers Create?

There is a lot to consider when starting a skincare blog. Different bloggers post about different aspects of skin care depending on their areas of expertise and target audience. They could promote personal brands or international ones. However, creating amazing content should always be your first concern.

Let’s look at some of the best strategies for writing impactful blog posts:

Unique content — Make sure your material is distinct and sticks out from the rest. Choose a subject within the beauty business to focus on, or bring your creative twist on issues. Your faithful fans will be the ones that truly connect with you as a person, so make sure your personality comes through your work.

Photographs — Captivating, high-quality images will motivate your followers. It will also complement your content and guarantee your articles capture your audience’s attention. You may use any photo editing application to make visually appealing graphics.

Videos — Creating videos in which you discuss and demonstrate how to use various beauty products may be an efficient method to increase your following. Make your personal YouTube channel where you may submit your videos and then embed them on your site.

You must develop a timetable to guarantee that you regularly provide a variety of materials. Once your blog pieces are published, promote them on social media sites and on your email list to attract your target group to visit your website. This will assist you in gaining consistent and devoted readers for your skincare blog.

Decide Your Niche

There are millions of skincare products online, therefore, you must understand that it’s almost impossible to write about each of them before starting a skincare blog.

To run a successful skincare blog with a loyal and good following, you must decide what you will be concentrating on. For instance, you can apply a more remedial approach if you have medical experience or credentials in the professional skincare world. Your readers will keep visiting your blog because they want to know more about skincare products that can provide medical benefits. Another great place to start is general skincare, which focuses on sharing your skincare routine or recent favorite skincare products.

Furthermore, you can design your blog to be based purely on product reviews. You will be able to get a proper number of following by providing details about skin care products you have used and how effective they were.

Focusing on product reviews works ideally because no one would want to spend so much money on something they are not sure will work for them. Hence, your audience will be more interested in hearing someone else’s experience before buying a skincare product.

Create a Unique Blog Name for Your Website

After carefully considering the kind of information you’ll be posting for people to read, it’s important to come up with a simple and memorable blog name.

No matter how good your material is, people cannot remember long names, even if they appreciate what you write about. As a result, you’ll need to come up with a distinctive name that will stick out but won’t be too tough to remember.

When trying to create a memorable name, try mixing and matching a variety of terms that people use daily. Nevertheless, you can try our blog name generator if you’re facing any difficulty coming up with an ideal skincare blog name.

Select Your Platform

As a startup, we recommend WordPress if you are on a budget. Moreover, a blog is not complete without a good and attractive theme where you can display ads, widgets, beautiful photos, and shopping pages.

Additionally, you can access a one-click WordPress installation feature which you can activate within seconds if you use BlueHost.

Choose A Simple Theme For Your Blog

You must choose a simple theme that is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. An ideal WordPress theme will give your website all the fundamental design elements that a skincare blog needs. Moreover, a theme can break or make your blog.

A theme’s good desktop display doesn’t essentially indicate it will have a good mobile view, which is usually the case. No one would like to read a blog that is difficult to navigate. It may lead to a point where it becomes completely confusing.

Once you have selected your theme and confirmed that it appears good on both desktop and mobile, you can proceed to choose your audience.

Determine Your Audience

It would be best to reflect on who you want your skincare blog readers to be. Consequently, this will help decide the content and tone of your skincare blog.

For instance, if you aim to inspire young adults & teenagers to take better care of their skin and address skin problems like acne, it should be about inexpensive brands. In contrast, you need to focus on anti-aging products and benefits addressing premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation if you write for a 30+ audience.

You must avoid being too bubbly or chatty or using a girly layout if you write to a more mature audience. Mature readers love reading content that is simple, precise, and effective.

Develop Different Categories

Blog readers don’t like content that focuses only on one category and is hard to follow. Therefore, one significant way to prevent this is by organizing your blog content into diverse categories. This way, you easily keep track of your content and your target audience. Additionally, you will get a better insight into what you need to improve and what you need to introduce.

Creating different categories for your skincare blog is beneficial to your readers as they can easily identify the categories that interest them. You don’t have to put articles about dry skin and oily skin in the same category.

Write Contents People Can Understand

You may possess the world’s knowledge and best ideas with no one to read your content if you lack good storytelling skills. Online content writing is significantly different from corporate or academic writing, always remember to use a more fun, conversational and straightforward approach.

Deliver your information in concise and understandable sentences that are easy for a reader to follow. While aiming to communicate your comprehensive knowledge with your readers and educate them on important things, you must speak their lingo and not conclude that they will automatically get the message.

Even as a professional in the skincare industry, you must not make your readers feel like they should have prior knowledge of all complicated measures to having clear skin. You have to keep it simple because this is your passion and not theirs.

Be Honest

Our favorite influencers and YouTubers have lied to us about certain skincare products on one occasion or another. For this reason, it is not surprising that people are starting to become cautious of whom they consult for advice whenever they want to purchase a skincare product.

You would not like to be labeled as a blogger that isn’t trustworthy, as it may damage your reputation and that of your blog. Thus, if you are paid to write on a product, ensure it is clearly stated somewhere at the beginning of your writing.

No matter how enjoyable or interesting an article may be, everyone skims through articles because a 3,500-word review on a skin care product may be too long. This increases the possibility of people missing your disclosure. However, it will always prove that you are honest with your readers.

Monetize Your Skin Care Blog

You need to make money off your blog after setting it up. One of the best ways to make money from a skincare blog is affiliate marketing. You can sign up for appropriate skincare affiliate programs & promote their skincare products on your blog by publishing reviews.

Aside from the option to try a lot of wonderful skincare products, you will help your audience select products they will enjoy and love using. Another way to make money off your skincare blog is by displaying ads. Selling ads sections on your skincare blog can be an effective strategy to make recurring monthly revenue without any extra effort. However, it is important to note that this is a viable alternative if your blog receives huge traffic. This is why you must have a good and practical marketing approach.

Marketing Your Blog

You must market your new skincare blogging job if you want it to prosper. Therefore, implement different strategies to help you, along with creating a prosperous skincare blog.

We have included several of the most efficient techniques to market your skincare blog below.

Inform Your Family and Friends

The first thing that you should do when your skincare blog becomes internet-based is to inform your family and friends about it. Send your blog’s link to everyone you know and request that they visit your skincare blog.

They should also provide comments or criticism if they have any. Also, request that they share your skincare blog with their pals so that you can gain more visibility.

Make use of social media

This is a terrific way to gain free targeted traffic to your new site. Simply publish a link to your blog on all of your accounts to generate a steady stream of visitors.

You may also include the link in your profile headers, along with a call to action for admirers to join up for your newsletter or visit your skincare blog. Your social media presence will assist you in promoting and becoming a successful blogger.

When you publish any blog piece, share it on your social media sites as well. You may draw readers to your blog by combining samples from the text with eye-catching pictures. Use an automated platform, such as Buffer, to plan daily updates so that you can continue getting blog traffic on autopilot.

Join blogging communities

Most skincare bloggers belong to a variety of clubs and blogging communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media sites. You may also take inspiration from other skincare blogs. This will assist you in promoting your new blog content, and you may gain a lot from their blogging experience. Make an effort to locate relevant online communities and forums where your target demographic congregates.

Interact with other bloggers

Join different blogging communities, leave comments on other people’s writings, and provide a link to your personal blog so that others may check it out. You will also find other skincare bloggers to interact with. It will assist you in developing or learning fresh blog article ideas. Find a blog title and blog post categories such as cosmetics blog, fashion blog, and others. Also, keep in mind that this method entails true networking as opposed to merely spamming groups with your link.

Write guest blogs

Writing pieces on other skincare blogs in your area is one of the most efficient strategies to build your readership. Look for blogs with a readership similar to yours and contact them about writing an article for their site.

The more popular your blog, the more visits you’ll get to your website. However, don’t dismiss the tiny blogs. If you make this a regular element of your marketing plan, you will see a continuous inflow of visitors.

Top #3 Skincare Bloggers

#1 Face Flawless Skin

Face Flawless Skin is run by three beauty writers: Danielle Gray, Christenne Carr, and Felicia Walker Benson. Face Flawless Skin is actually a newly launched skincare blog that quickly boosted in popularity because of its niche. The blog focuses on beauty for women of color, and readers can take a survey to let the writers know what kind of content they’re looking for or need.

The blog mostly posts product reviews and how-to articles showing different techniques for skincare and beauty. These posts are popular for their audience because it will help them when deciding on what products to buy.

Apart from its website, Face Flawless Skin operates on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. They also have a mailing list that readers can join for tips and updates.

#2 Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily has been around since 2012 and focuses on Korean beauty. This specific niche helps the blog run successfully. Started by Alicia Yoon, who grew up with skin issues and eventually pursued skincare as a hobby and passion, she wanted to help others. She had the idea to share the advancement of Korean beauty products with the U.S. through her blog. She recently opened a store in Queens, New York.

The blog focuses on products and reviews to help readers understand the best Korean products for every skin type. She has posts about skincare, makeup, specific brands, and much more.

Peach & Lily operates on a comprehensive website with a variety of different posts. The blog also has an Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest account, and YouTube channel. You’ll also find a newsletter sign-up.

#3 Kimberly Loc

Started by Kim Wallace in 2010, Kimberly Loc focuses on natural, organic beauty products that are safe for the environment. Kim has started several other blogs and also contributed to different beauty magazines. Kimberly Loc rose in popularity also because of its very specific niche. Rachel’s Plan Bee even collaborated with Wallace to create a natural body oil.

The blog content focuses on introducing different products, discussing the best natural ways to practice good skincare, and introducing readers to different all-natural skincare gurus. Kimberly Loc also features “Ultimate Guides” to different natural products, from shampoos to eyeliners.

In addition to the blog’s comprehensive website and email newsletter, you’ll also find it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Starting a skincare blog might be a daunting prospect, especially when everyone appears to be posting skincare secrets all over the internet.

However, keep in mind that there is always space for creativity. While this is not a simple thing to achieve, it may be a lucrative alternative for you and a chance to do something you are excited about while earning a bit of money. Not only will you be advising people on how to look great, but you will also be informing them on the right products to use. Thanks to your advice, they may even encourage their friends to follow you, thus, adding another follower to your blog.


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