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Complete Guide to Naming Your Handmade Business

Our handmade business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get handmade business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Handmade businesses should be interested in promoting a brand that is crafty or artisan, and it is important to use language that communicates that brand. As being handmade is your unique selling point, you may consider including related language in your business name, such as ‘Craftsman Collective’ or ‘Artisan Delights’.

Certain words communicate different assumptions, and since this business is based around being ‘handmade’, language such as ‘traditional’, ‘old school’, ‘customary’, ‘creations’ etc. appeals to your brand, as they are generally related to being handmade or artisan.

Demographic Interests

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is a valuable asset in generating a business name, as you can try to create a business name that appeals to your customer’s interests.

For example, if your handmade business is sells rustic home wares, incorporating words such as ‘barn’, ‘country’ or ‘rural’ will automatically appeal to your target audience.

Similarly, if your handmade businesses unique selling point is being sustainable or eco-friendly, then you may consider using language that resonates with your customers such as ‘green’ or ‘eco’.

Competitor Name Analysis

Nature’s Secret

This handmade furniture shop accentuates its unique selling point of using natural, local woods to create modern, handmade furniture.

Little Earth Nest

This clever business name uses just 3 words to sum up their unique selling points of creating children’s toys (little), with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices (earth).

Knitty City

Rhyming is a good way to create a catchy, memorable business name, which this business does whilst also describing their niche product of knitted, yarn creations.

Craftsman Homes

This large-scale commercial homebuilder gives off the impression of providing a custom, personalised services by describing the homes they build as ‘craftsman’.

Tree Top Toys

This popular handmade, wooden toy manufacturer uses alliteration to create a memorable, ‘roll off your tongue’ business name that also promotes their unique brand.


This ethical, handmade clothing store manages to sum up their business, and fun, simplistic brand image in a clever one-word name… brilliant.

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Brainstorm Handmade Business Name Ideas

When brainstorming for handmade business name ideas, as well a trying to capture your brand image and appeal to your target audience, consider how people pronounce your business name, and how it may look visually when written on a business card, social media post or logo.

If you’re having trouble brainstorming, check out our Business Name Generator to help generate thousands of business name ideas from a single word, and check domain availability whilst you’re at it.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of gift business related words:


















Handmade Business Name Inspiration

Taking in to account the examples above, here are some further examples/inspiration for handmade business name ideas:

  1. Labour of Love: a handmade business that focuses on a unique selling point of personalised, passionate creations.
  2. Jenny Craft Co.: sometimes a handmade businesses unique selling point may be its small-business brand, and including the same of the owner could be used to accentuate the a personalised vibe. A personal touch is always memorable!
  3. Lathe Creations: a lathe is a tool used for turning wood in handmade wood creations, which could be referenced in a business name to promote a unique technique. This works for any other tool or piece of unique equipment.
  4. The Artisan Warehouse: the word warehouse can be used to describe your business, as it is generally associated with a large store with lots of stock on shelves for people to browse.
  5. Dreamtime Designs: if your handmade business creates products associated with sleep or bedtime, then choosing a name like this should clearly identify this to your target audience

What Not to Name Your Handmade Business

It’s always advised to avoid long-winded or hard to spell business names, as these are not only hard to remember, but can make it difficult to search for online, which is a critical marketing avenue for any modern business.

It is also recommended to avoid basic descriptive words such as ‘good’, ‘best’, ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, etc., as this won’t convince your target audience nearly as much as letting your products/services build your reputation for you.

Of course, it is always recommended to avoid business names that may be deemed as offensive or marginalising.

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