27 Good Podcast Topics to Expand Your Podcast in 2024

Dive into our article and uncover the hottest trends that will skyrocket your podcast’s popularity this year. Stay ahead in the podcast game – find out what’s making waves in the industry in 2024!

Are you an aspiring podcaster on a quest for the perfect podcast topic to captivate your audience? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to serve up fresh and innovative podcast topic ideas that will set your show apart from the rest.

Grab your mic, adjust your headphones, and prepare for a whirlwind journey as we unleash a treasure trove of good podcast topics that will electrify the podcasting landscape in 2024 and beyond.

What Are Good Podcast Topics?

Choosing the right podcast topics is crucial for capturing and retaining the interest of your podcast listeners. With countless podcast genres and topics to explore, it’s essential to identify subjects that align with your passion, expertise, and target audience. 

Thanks to platforms like Apple Podcasts, we were able to see what topics and podcasts act as good inspiration for an upcoming podcaster like you.

But first,  if you’re stuck on good podcast topic ideas, then answer these key questions before you start a podcast?:

  • What are my podcast goals?
  • What expertise can I bring?
  • Is the topic relevant and timely?
  • Can the topic be explored in-depth?
  • Have I covered similar topics before?
  • Is there potential for audience growth?
  • Can I monetize my podcast?

These questions may provide you with answers that inspire you further. 

Let’s check out good podcast topic ideas and podcaster examples in the following section.

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27 Podcast Topic Ideas

Here are a few podcast topic ideas you can try out: 

  1. Pop Culture 
  2. Entertainment
  3. Social Issues
  4. Current Events
  5. Food and Culinary Adventures
  6. Personal Finance and Wealth Management
  7. Women in Leadership
  8. Nature and Wildlife Conservation
  9. Cultural Exchange
  10. Art of Photography
  11. Music and Its Influence
  12. Relationships and Dating
  13. True Crime
  14. Mindfulness and Meditation
  15. Science Fiction
  16. Activism
  17. Sports
  18. Book Club
  19. Travel Tales
  20. Parenting and Family Life
  21. The Future of Technology
  22. Entrepreneurship
  23. History
  24. Politics
  25. Anime
  26. Makeup
  27. Acting

And now let’s dive in deeper to see what they’re all about:

1. Pop Culture 

Pop culture in podcasting refers to the podcast episodes and shows that focus on the latest trends, news, and discussions surrounding popular culture, including music, celebrity gossip, and other elements of contemporary entertainment. 

These podcasts often provide analysis, commentary, interviews, and engaging conversations related to the ever-evolving landscape of popular culture.

Example: Keep It! A mix of pop culture and politics. Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel host this incredibly out-of-the-box podcast, which examines issues from a queer perspective. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “The Birth of a Coronation” 

2. Entertainment

Entertainment podcasts offer a deep dive into the world of entertainment, covering a broad spectrum that includes film, television, music, celebrity insights, and the latest in fashion and lifestyle. 

These shows are rich in content, providing listeners with up-to-date information, expert analysis, and engaging interviews, often featuring discussions with industry insiders. 

They cater to an audience eager to stay informed about the fast-paced entertainment industry and its many facets. 

Example: Chicks in the Office. Ria and Fran are your go-to source for entertainment news and gossip about celebrities. 

Sample podcast topic: “Gypsy Rose is an Influencer”

3. Social Issues 

Podcasts about social issues explore timely topics, such as political developments, societal challenges, and cultural discussions. 

These podcasts aim to inform, analyze, and foster meaningful conversations about the pressing issues and events shaping our world today, offering diverse perspectives and insights on matters of global, national, and local importance.

Example: Helpful Social Work Podcast. Jo Fox and Gerry Nosowska dive into the topic of social work, and what it means to transform other people’s lives. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “What does helpful social work mean to you”

4. Current Events

Current events podcasts focus on providing timely and in-depth coverage of the latest global happenings and news stories. 

These podcasts serve as a crucial source of information for listeners looking to stay informed about world affairs, economic shifts, and social issues. They often feature expert analysis, commentary, and sometimes live reporting, offering diverse perspectives on the events shaping our world. 

Example: Global News Podcast. The latest news about events happening all around the globe. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Funeral held for senior Hamas leader”

5. Food and Culinary Adventures

Food and culinary adventures in podcasting involve episodes and shows that explore the world of food, cooking, and culinary experiences. These podcasts often feature discussions on recipes, culinary techniques, food culture, restaurant reviews, interviews with chefs and food enthusiasts, and take listeners on flavorful journeys to discover new tastes, cuisines, and gastronomic delights. 

They celebrate the artistry and passion behind food, inviting listeners to indulge in the diverse and delicious world of culinary exploration.

Example: The Sporkful. Hosted by Dan Pashman, this foodie podcast is an interesting one. In this podcast, you will learn about people through food. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “The Secret to Grace Church’s Lobster Rolls”

6. Personal Finance and Wealth Management

Personal finance and wealth management podcasts offer episodes and shows dedicated to educating and empowering listeners in matters of financial planning, budgeting, investing, and wealth accumulation. 

These podcasts provide insights, strategies, and practical advice to help individuals make informed financial decisions, build financial literacy, and work towards achieving their financial goals, fostering a healthy and prosperous financial future.

Example: Suze Orman’s Women & Money (And Everyone Smart Enough To Listen). Check out Suze Orman’s amazing financial advice, which has transformed the lives of her many listeners. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Social Security Spousal Benefits”

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7. Women in Leadership

Women in leadership podcasts focus on episodes and shows that highlight the experiences, achievements, challenges, and insights of women in various leadership roles. These podcasts provide a platform to discuss topics such as:

  • gender equality, 
  • women’s empowerment, 
  • career growth, 
  • leadership skills, 
  • and personal development, while showcasing inspiring stories and offering valuable advice to support and empower women in their leadership journeys. 

They strive to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal representation in leadership positions across different industries and sectors.

Example: Future Women Leadership Series. Helen McCabe leads her listeners through stories of successful women, and the hardships that they had (and have) to face in business. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Kylie Blucher on navigating micro-exclusions at work”

8. Nature and Wildlife Conservation

Nature and wildlife conservation podcasts center around episodes and shows that advocate for the protection, understanding, and appreciation of nature and wildlife. These podcasts shed light on environmental issues, conservation efforts, biodiversity, sustainable practices, and the interconnectedness of ecosystems. 

Example: BBC Earth Podcast. This nature podcast features stunning wildlife stories as well as beautiful natural sounds. See nature’s natural rhythms and listen to heroes who are enthusiastic about environmental protection.

Sample Podcast Topic: “Reflections”

9. Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange podcasts feature episodes and shows that promote cross-cultural understanding, appreciation, and dialogue. These podcasts provide a platform to explore and celebrate the richness and diversity of different cultures, traditions, languages, and customs from around the world.

Example: Cultural Exchange The Podcast. Explore this captivating podcast that celebrates diverse cultures. One can learn about heritage, art, food, music, and traditions from around the world, including Haitian, Syrian, US, Japanese, and more.

Sample Podcast Topic: “Episode 7 | feat. Steven Baboun”

10. Art of Photography

Explore photography by interviewing photographers and photo enthusiasts and also by discussing techniques, equipment, composition, and editing.

The podcasts often feature interviews with professional photographers, share tips, insights, and showcase inspiring photographic works. They inspire listeners to enhance their skills, unleash their creativity, and develop a deeper appreciation for the art of capturing moments through the lens.

Example: The Art of Photography. Get inspiration from a podcast that informs its listeners all about photography, darkroom techniques, composition, philosophy and so much more. This podcast, hosted by Ted Forbes, is a true gem among photography enthusiasts. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “How to copy the color grade of any image”

11. Music and Its Influence

These podcasts explore various genres, artists, music history, cultural significance, and the emotional and psychological effects of music. Through:

  • discussions, 
  • interviews with musicians, 
  • analysis of songs, 
  • and personal stories, these podcasts celebrate the universal language of music, and its ability to evoke emotions.

Example: Switched on Pop. Dive deep into the world of Drake, Daft Punk, Shakira and other famous artists. Get inspired by pop music conspiracy theories, and the Eurovision song contest. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Listening to Daft Punks: Discovery” 

12. Relationships and Dating

These podcasts address various topics such as communication, love languages, relationship dynamics, dating tips, navigating challenges, and maintaining healthy relationships. They often feature experts, psychologists, and relationship coaches who share their expertise and offer practical guidance. 

Through personal stories, interviews, and Q&A sessions, these podcasts aim to support, educate, and inspire listeners in their journey towards building fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Example: Modern Love. A podcast all about the modern dating world. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “The Marriage Proposal That Wasn’t.”

13. True Crime

True crime podcasts are dedicated to episodes and shows that delve into real-life crime stories, investigations, and criminal psychology. These podcasts provide a platform to explore captivating mysteries, infamous cases, and the minds of criminals, offering analysis, storytelling, and discussions that captivate and engage true crime enthusiasts. 

Example: In The Dark. An investigative journalism podcast.

Sample Podcast Topic: “S2: E2: The Route”

14. Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation podcasts focus on episodes and shows that guide listeners through various mindfulness and meditation practices. These podcasts offer relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, guided meditations, and insights into the benefits of mindfulness for mental well-being. 

Example: Mindfulness For Beginners. A podcast about regulating emotions. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “How to Fight with Someone”

15. Science Fiction 

Science fiction podcasts revolve around episodes and shows that delve into speculative fiction, exploring futuristic concepts, technology, alternate realities, and the impact of science on society. 

These podcasts offer discussions, storytelling, and interviews that transport listeners to imaginative worlds, examine the ethical implications of scientific advancements, and celebrate the creativity and imagination of science fiction authors and filmmakers.

Example: Welcome to Night Vale. A spectacular podcast about the town of Night Vale where every conspiracy theory is the truth.  

Sample Podcast Topic: “Carlos, Explained”

16. Activism

Activism podcasts focus on episodes and shows that highlight social and political activism, advocating for change and addressing various societal issues. These podcasts provide a platform to discuss activism strategies, grassroots movements, human rights, environmental justice, and equality. 

Example: The New Activist. Listen to activists from all around the world. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Sho Baraka. Knowing Your History”

17. Sports

Sports podcasts bring the excitement and passion of the athletic world to life, featuring episodes and shows that cover a wide range of sports-related topics. These podcasts offer engaging discussions, expert analysis, thrilling game reviews, interviews with athletes, and captivating storytelling that captivate sports enthusiasts.

Example: Pardon My Take. Sports insights of important sport history events. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Max Homa And Brooks Koepka, Nuggets Win The NBA Finals And Golden Knights Win The Stanley Cup + Guys On Chicks”

18. Book Club

Book club podcasts offer literary enthusiasts a virtual gathering space to discuss and explore the world of books. These podcasts feature episodes and shows that dive into captivating book reviews, author interviews, in-depth literary analysis, and engaging conversations around various genres and titles. 

Example: Big Queer Book Club Podcast. Spreading the word about queer literature. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Michele M. Reynolds – Six Feet”

19. Travel Tales

These podcasts share personal travel experiences, destination spotlights, insider tips, and cultural insights that inspire and inform. Listeners can find out more about their favorite travel destinations, as well as find out about never-seen-before places all around the globe. 

Example: Travel Tales by AFAR. A podcast about how travel changes people — real life stories. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Rick Steves Wants to Save the World, One Trip at a Time”

20. Parenting and Family Life

Family and parenting podcasts are heartwarming and informative shows that provide guidance, support, and inspiration to parents and caregivers. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics including child development, parenting tips, family dynamics, and fostering strong relationships.

Example: ParentEd. In the twenty-first century, a work-life balance is sometimes hard to upkeep. In this podcast, get inspired by parenting and marriage advice many people yearn for. 

Sample Podcast Topic: “Fatherhood: Braving a New World”

21. The Future of Technology

The future of technology podcasts are engaging and forward-thinking shows that explore the latest innovations, trends, and possibilities shaping our digital world. These podcasts delve into topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, virtual reality, and emerging technologies, providing insights, expert interviews, and thought-provoking discussions. 

Example: Future of Tech. AI is a hot topic these days, learn from the best and teach people all about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Sample Podcast Topic: “How Civil Engineering Can Guide The Future of Telecommunications with Mark Potter, CIO, Optus”

22. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship podcasts are inspiring and educational shows that empower aspiring and established entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Through interviews with successful entrepreneurs, expert advice, and real-life stories, these podcasts offer valuable insights, practical tips, and motivation to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, overcome challenges, and create thriving businesses. 

Example: The Tim Ferriss Show. Listen to inspiring stories and get inspired by the 4 hour work week with Tim Ferriss.  

Sample Podcast Topic: “#677: HERESIES with Co-Hosts Kevin Kelly and Noah Feldman”

23. History

History podcasts are audio programs that focus on historical events, figures, periods, or themes. These shows aim to educate and entertain listeners by bringing history to life through engaging storytelling, in-depth research, and often, expert interviews.

Some might focus on broad overviews of significant historical periods, such as the Roman Empire or the American Civil War. Others might delve into more specific events or topics, such as the life of a particular historical figure or an examination of lesser-known historical mysteries.

Example: The British History Podcast. Listen to a chronological take of the history of Britain. 

Sample Podcast Topic: To Kill a Legend

24. Politics

Politics podcasts are audio programs that focus on political events, ideologies, processes, and personalities. They aim to inform, engage, and sometimes persuade listeners about various aspects of local, national, or international politics.

Example: The Political Party. A funny take on politics.

Sample Podcast Topic: Show 317 — Rob Burley

25. Anime

These podcasts cater to the diverse interests of anime enthusiasts worldwide, offering insights into this rich and varied medium. The scope of anime podcasts is as diverse as the genre itself. Some podcasts might focus on specific anime series, providing episode-by-episode analysis, while others might cover a broad range of series and movies, from classic titles to the latest releases. 

Example: Anime Out of Context. This podcast explores and takes apart the strange aspects of anime. 

Sample Podcast Topic: Episode 261 – Adachi and Shimamura

26. Makeup

The spectrum of makeup podcasts is broad and diverse. Some focus on makeup tutorials, providing step-by-step guides on creating various looks, from everyday makeup to more elaborate styles for special occasions. 

Other podcasts might concentrate on product reviews, sharing insights about the latest cosmetic products and tools in the market. They offer listeners a wealth of knowledge, tips, trends, and discussions related to makeup application, skincare, beauty products, and the beauty industry at large.

Example: Fat Mascara. All about makeup, hair, celebrities and more. 

Sample Podcast Topic: The Hair & Mental Health Connection with Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka

27. Acting

Acting podcasts are audio programs centered around the craft and business of acting. They provide insights, advice, and discussions related to various aspects of acting, including technique, auditioning, character development, voice work, and navigating the entertainment industry.

The range of acting podcasts is vast. Some may focus on acting techniques, offering tips and exercises to help actors improve their craft. Others might provide advice on the business side of acting, such as audition tips, how to get an agent, or how to navigate casting calls.

Example: Back To One. Actors talk about acting. Dive deep into the craft of acting — listen to a new approach every week.

Sample Podcast Topic: Mark Duplass

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Other Good Topics to Talk about on a Podcast

Here are some other good topics to talk about on a podcast:

Podcast Topic IdeaPodcast Example
Product ReviewsThe Gadget Lab
Social MediaSocial Media Marketing Podcast
MeditationDaily Meditation Podcast
Children’s StoriesStory Time
Movie and TV RecommendationsThe Watch
Celebrity InterviewsArmchair Expert
DIY TutorialsFix It 101
Short StoriesThe Moth
DietingThe Nutrition Diva
FarmingThe Modern Farmer
PsychologyPsychology in Everyday Life
ASMRSleep and Relax ASMR
Comedy and ImprovComedy Bang Bang
CookingHome Cooking
MedicalThis Won’t Hurt a Bit
MusicSong Exploder

Choosing a Podcast Topic Checklist

Podcast Topic Checklist

Here are some great ways for choosing a podcast topic:

  • Authenticity. Choose a topic that aligns with your values, personality, and authenticity. Authenticity helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level and fosters genuine engagement.
  • Cross-Platform Potential. Explore the potential for cross-platform content creation. Consider if your chosen topic can be extended to blog posts, videos, social media content, or other mediums to maximize your reach and engagement.
  • Personal Growth. Select a topic that allows you to grow personally and intellectually. Choose something that challenges you, encourages continuous learning, and expands your knowledge and skills.
  • Enjoyment. Ultimately, select a topic that you genuinely enjoy discussing and exploring. Your passion and enjoyment will make podcasting an enjoyable experience for you, which will translate into quality content for your listeners.
  • Longevity. Consider the long-term sustainability of your chosen topic. Will it provide you with enough content ideas to sustain your podcast over time? Ensure there is enough depth and breadth to explore within the topic.

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How to Find Topics for a Podcast

Finding topics for your podcast can be an exciting and creative process. Here are some methods to help you discover engaging topics:

  • Set aside dedicated time to brainstorm ideas. Write down any topic that comes to mind, regardless of feasibility or relevance. 
  • Reflect on your personal experiences, hobbies, or areas of expertise. Consider how these aspects can be transformed into engaging podcast episodes. 
  • Stay updated with industry news, developments, and emerging trends within your podcast’s niche. Research relevant blogs, news websites, and publications to discover topics that are currently popular or gaining traction.
  • Invite guest experts who are knowledgeable in your podcast’s field. Their expertise can spark discussions on specific topics and provide fresh insights. 
  • Encourage your listeners to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions for future episodes. Pay attention to their questions, requests, and engagement. 
  • Review your past episodes, blog posts, articles, or any existing content related to your podcast. Identify subtopics, themes, or angles that can be expanded upon or explored in more detail.
  • Stay attuned to popular culture, entertainment, and current events. Explore how they relate to your podcast’s niche and consider incorporating relevant topics or discussing their impact on your audience.
  • Collaborate with other podcasters, influencers, or experts within your niche. Brainstorm episode ideas that involve joint discussions, interviews, or crossover episodes. 

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Takeaway Points

With so many podcast topics to choose from, we’re sure that you’re not about to run out of options. The question now is — what podcast topic should you pick? 

Remember to take our advice, and first of all do some brainstorming and think about topics which you can cover from personal experience. It’s always easy to talk about something that hits home. And if you’re still unsure, then see what industry trends are popping up — your interests plus popular topics combined will make a great podcast topic for sure.

Remember that a great podcast starts with a great name first. And what better way to choose a name than to pick one from our podcast name generator? We have only the best selection of podcast names around — generated by our AI, you’ll find the perfect podcast name in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some consistently popular podcast topics include true crime, comedy, personal development, technology, news and politics, business and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and pop culture.

Collaborate with friends, colleagues, or fellow podcasters to brainstorm content ideas. Invite guests who are experts or thought leaders in your podcast's niche. Explore existing podcasts in your niche or related topics. This can inspire new ideas, help identify gaps in the market, and provide insights into what resonates with the audience.

Yes, podcasts can make money through various monetization strategies. Those include sponsorships, affiliate links, collabs, live events, etc.

Infuse your podcast with humor, storytelling, and lively banter to create a fun and engaging atmosphere that keeps listeners entertained throughout each episode. Incorporate interactive elements such as audience Q&A sessions, contests, or live call-ins to foster a sense of community and active participation, making your podcast a fun and interactive experience.

A popular podcast is one that consistently delivers high-quality content, engages its target audience, and creates a sense of community. It captivates listeners by offering valuable insights, unique perspectives, and entertaining storytelling. Additionally, effective promotion, strategic guest collaborations, and active listener engagement contribute to its popularity and growth.


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