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Complete Guide to Naming Your Geek Business

Our geek business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get geek business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Ask yourself, what do you want the brand of your geek business to communicate?

The language you use in a business name needs to help communicate your brand, and accentuate your unique selling point – whether that be exceptional services, the largest range of products, or an eco-friendly commitment.

To build on these 3 examples, a servicing business may choose a name like ‘Geeks to You’; whereas a product rich store may go with ‘Geek Warehouse’; and an eco-friendly geek business might promote this with a name like ‘Eco-Geeks’ or ‘Green Geeks’.

As you can see from these examples, certain words communicate different assumptions, depending on the type of geek related business you are running. As popular culture relates most geeks to being tech-savvy, you may wish to choose language that plays on that natural connotation, such as ‘Tech-Nerds’ or ‘Web-Wizards’.

Geeks are also generally associated with scientific knowledge or intelligence, so researching scientific words (often of Latin origin) may help you come up with a business name that embodies ‘geekiness’.

Demographic Interests

Luckily, your target audience is quite clear (geeks), so depending on what specific niche your business specialises in, it is always helpful to consider your target audience/customers shared interests or hobbies, and devise a business name that appeals to this.

For example, if you know that your target audience would have an interest in the solar system and outer space, a name like ‘Geek Galaxy’ or ‘Space Nerds’ may help attract your ideal customer.

You could also draw from a pop-cultural interest of your target audience, and incorporate a reference to a famously ‘geeky’ movie or book – such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, etc…

Competitor Name Analysis

Geeks 2 U

Geeks2U is one of those clever business names that explains exactly what they do in a brief, memorable title. They provide a service where ‘geeks’ – technology professionals – come to your home or business to help fix tech problems

Dr. Geek

A similar business to Geeks2U, Dr. Geek chooses to accentuate the qualification and professionalism of their service technicians by comparing them to doctors – evident in their description of “highly skilled CompTIA A+ certified computer technicians.”

Geek & Prosper

Another example of an online store business that explains exactly what they do in a catchy, memorable name. Alliteration is a very common business name tactic that gives that ‘roll off the tongue’ appeal – as obviously ‘Presents for the Geek’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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Brainstorm Geek Business Name Ideas

If you’re stuck and you are in need of some ideas about how to name your business, you may want to give our Business Name Generator a try. It will give you thousands of suitable ideas and you can also check domain availability – hitting two birds with one stone!

When brainstorming, consider how people pronounce your business name, and how it may look visually when written on a business card, social media post or logo.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of words commonly associated with geek businesses:













Geek Business Name Inspiration

Taking in to account the comments above, here are some further examples/inspiration for geek business name ideas:

  1. Gadget Geeks: a business name that uses alliteration to sound catchy and memorable, but also is quite clear on what the business is about.
  2. Geekonomics: the suffix ‘-nomics’ derives from the Latin for ‘law’ and is used to mean ‘law of’. It has been used in some successful business names to help them sound like industry experts, such as “Freakonomics” and “Searchonomics”.
  3. Geecko: a play-on-words of ‘gecko’, which could be used as the business mascot and/or logo to make this business name particularly memorable.
  4. Word Nerd: similar to alliteration, rhyming can be used to make a business name catchy and memorable – with this particular example relating to a business revolving around words, such as editing or copywriting.
  5. Nerd Burger: a clever name for a themed restaurant who has a strong idea of their target audience (nerds) and perhaps targets their menu to this particular niche.

What Not to Name Your Geek Business

As with most business names, it is always advised to avoid long-winded or hard to spell business names, as these are not only hard to remember, but can make it difficult to search for online… a crucial marketing avenue for any modern business.

It is always recommended to avoid business names that may be deemed as offensive or marginalising, however a business name including the word ‘geek’ is a teetering this line, as we all know ‘geek’ can sometimes be used as a derogatory term. The important line to tread here is owning the geek title, but not going too far that you may offend your target audience.

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