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How to Name Your Geek Business

How to Name Your Geek Business

You’re ready to kick off your geek business – you thought of everything you need, including a brand plan. However, you soon notice that you’re missing an essential part: the name. 

Fortunately, a geek business name generator might be the ideal tool you’re looking for to find different options and choose your favorite. This article offers some guidance, including several name alternatives that you could use – read on! 

How to Use the Geek Business Name Generator

To use a geek business name generator, you simply need to enter your words and click on ‘generate’ to get different alternatives. You can get thousands of ideas for your business, and it only takes a few seconds! 

20 Geek Business Name Ideas 

You need a name that catches your clients – if you haven’t found it yet, don’t fear, there’s a geek business name generator that can help you. Here are 20 ideas that might work for you: 

  1. The Geek Hub 
  2. Geek Island 
  3. Geek District 
  4. Nerd Street 
  5. Home of the Geeks 
  6. The Nerd Zone 
  7. Geek Factory 
  8. The Idea Nest 
  9. Nerd Nation 
  10. The Geek Solutions 
  11. Nerd Lab 
  12. The Geek Corner 
  13. Nerd Inc. 
  14. Geek Corp. 
  15. The Nerd Cave 
  16. Geeknetic 
  17. Geek Uptown 
  18. Nerdbusters 
  19. Geek Industries 
  20. The Geek Warehouse 

To develop the previous 20 name ideas, the most important factor to keep in mind was the word ‘geek’ or ‘nerd,’ since that’s what defines your business. Furthermore, if you want to come up with fun ideas for your company name, follow the next tips:

  • Include the word ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ whenever possible — otherwise, clients can’t know what your business is about
  • Don’t be afraid to combine different options (for example, add the word ‘street,’ ‘dynamics,’ ‘factory,’ or ‘industries’)
  • Come up with original ideas since it’s what can make your company stand out from the competition
  • Brainstorm as many ideas as you can before deciding

20 More Geek Business Name Ideas

  1. Gadget Masters
  2. Science Kings
  3. Trivia Xperts
  4. Geekers
  5. Wiz Kids
  6. DigiGeek
  7. Technophilles
  8. Everything Nerdy
  9. Geek Legion
  10. IT Specs
  11. Geekolution
  12. Knowledge Knights
  13. Geek Consulting
  14. Worldwide Geeks
  15. Genuine Nerdiness
  16. The Tech Crowd
  17. Cloud of Geeks
  18. InterGeek
  19. Knowledge Central
  20. Introverts United 

Best Geek Businesses 

When you want to be successful, you should look at the best brands around you and see if they used a geek business name generator. Understanding their strategies can help you improve yours, especially if you’re looking for the perfect name. 

If you’re constantly reading about geek businesses, you probably know about these examples. They are famous Geek businesses that offer different services, and founders chose their names after going through different circumstances.  

  • Kodable: programming for kids 
  • Simpalm: app and web development company
  • Yaskawa Motoman: Robotics Company
  • Boston Dynamics: Robotics Company
  • Udemy: an online platform to sign up for courses or teach them 

Taking a look at the names of the previously mentioned business can tell you two things: firstly, the name you pick must be easy to understand. Secondly, others should be able to recall it without much trouble, even if it’s a strange word (for instance, Udemy). 


It started in 2011, and its initial name was Surfscore Inc. This business emphasizes that all children can benefit from learning programming and that they should all have the opportunity to do so. 

Kodable is a very straightforward name – it easily tells you that the brand works with coding. At the same time, switching the ‘c’ for a ‘k’ gives the name a playful twist, which you might be looking for, especially if your product is meant for children. 


It started in Washington, DC in 2009, and its founders (Vikram Seth and Piyush Jain) recognized many opportunities to transform government agencies, companies, and nonprofit organizations around DC.

This company grew quickly, and nowadays, it’s one of the most famous ones to develop mobile apps. Even so, its founders maintain two important principles: affordability and partnership. No one knows the true origins of the company’s name, but it stands out from its competitors because it’s unique, easy to pronounce, and memorable.

Yaskawa Motoman

Specializing in robotics, Yaskawa started in 1989. It has developed more than 50,000 robots, and it has produced automation solutions and products for all types of industries (for example, arc assembly, welding, dispensing, coating, material handling, removal, cutting, packaging, spot welding, and more). 

The company’s name is widely recognized, but its origins are not known. However, many people know it as ‘Motoman,’ which shows that it’s still easy to remember and very catchy. Since Yaskawa has gained so much fame in the US, it’s a perfect example of a robotics company with an effective name.

Boston Dynamics

Founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, Boston Dynamics is one of the world leaders in making robots. It initially worked with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, but it eventually started making physical robots (such as the BigDog, which was designed for the US military). 

In this case, the name ‘Boston Dynamics’ comes from the company’s origins. Additionally, the word ‘dynamics’ makes things more interesting, and it gives people the sense of movement and development, two essential factors that you must keep in mind in the robotics world. 


Most people today know about Udemy, especially if they’re students. It’s one of the biggest learning services in the world, and it offers courses to professionals, adults, teenagers, and even children. It started in San Francisco in 2010, and its founders were Gagan Biyani, Oktay Caglar, and Eren Bali. Although the name of this brand sounds strange, they came up with it when they thought about combining the words you and academy. 

Ultimately, the founders wanted Udemy to be ‘the academy of you,’ which is why they chose that name. The name works because it’s easy to remember, but in this case, it’s particularly catchy because the word sounds strange. Currently, Udemy is one of the most famous learning services worldwide, and its founders have managed to make the name stick in people’s minds. 

Why You Should Start a Geek Business 

If you’re looking for a geek business name generator, you’re probably considering starting a brand. However, you might have some doubts, and that’s completely normal when you’re just beginning. 

The best entrepreneurs always say that you should start a business if you want. In many cases, it might give you benefits you never thought of. 

The Main Reasons

Firstly, starting a new business lets you work from anywhere. In many cases, you might want that freedom, so being your own boss could be the solution. 

Running a new business takes time and effort, but it can also let you create products or offer services that others might need. Thus, if you’ve always wanted to make something, your brand might be the ideal creative outlet. 

There are other important benefits of starting a geek business, and you should explore them all if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Take a look at all the advantages you might get: 

  1. You Can Work on the Things You Love 

When you have your own business, you can work on the things that matter the most to you. You’re probably already thinking about that, especially if you’re already unsatisfied with your job. 

Many people want to do something that satisfies them; something that makes them feel alive. In this case, that might be your business!  

Having a business lets you work on your passions, which is an ideal way to live. You can get up every morning and do what you love. 

  1. It’s a Great Way to Learn New Things 

One of the best advantages of starting a business is that you have to learn new things. It’s not just about reading a couple of blog posts on the subject – you can even take courses to understand the best strategies and make your brand work. 

Although not everyone is passionate about learning, it could give you incredible skills. You might, for example, develop your critical thinking, analysis, and writing skills. 

Overall, learning new things helps you understand your brand’s values and make it grow the way you want to. It’s also essential to guarantee your business stands out from the competition since it gives you skills to make it unique. 

  1. You Can Have a Flexible Schedule 

Some people feel suffocated when they have to work at specific times of the day. You might dream about being your own boss, which would allow you to choose when you want to work. 

Having your own business can certainly allow you to have a more flexible schedule. Therefore, if you’re disciplined and know what you need to do and when then it might be the ideal option for you. 

Disciplined people are sometimes more comfortable if they can choose when they want to work. Nonetheless, the only thing that can give you that freedom is running your own business. 

  1. New Challenges Every Day 

Once you use a geek business generator, you might have the perfect name for your brand. However, that doesn’t mean the hard part is over. Running a business can be challenging every day. 

Businesses require constant attention, especially if they’re online. You must, for example, be aware of the trends and make sure your brand is up to date. 

Being a successful business manager requires you to constantly learn new things, particularly when it comes to your business. Studying and adjusting things on your brand may become part of your daily activities. 

  1. You Can Be More Creative 

Clearly, using a geek business name generator is just an example of tapping into your creativity. When you’re a brand owner, being creative is part of your day-to-day job! 

Geek businesses are very special: they’re made for people with unique tastes and likes, for example, video games, robotics, programming, learning, and more. Thus, exploiting your creativity and making something that works for them might be a great outlet for you, and a fantastic way to contribute to the geek community. 

Five Tips for Creating Unique Geek Business Name Ideas 

The previously mentioned aspects are some advantages of starting a geek business, but if you want a successful brand, you need an effective name. Udemy, Kodable, Simpalm, and others, are just examples of businesses that have made it work. 

Using a geek business name generator can help you easily pick the name for your brand. If you want more ways to choose an ideal name for your business, take a look at the following five tips: 

  1. Remember Your Own Name 

Your own name might be the inspiration for the name of your business. It doesn’t need to be the final product, but it’s a great way to start. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Purpose 

The best geek business name ideas come to you when you keep your purpose in mind. You must know what you want your brand to achieve and come up with a name that encompasses that. 

  1. Make it Catchy 

When you’re exploring different geek business name ideas, you might notice that some of them don’t catch your attention. If you want your clients to feel enthralled, you need to choose a catchy name. 

  1. It Has to Be Easy 

Geek business name ideas are varied, but you must choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember. Clients that can’t recall the name of a business probably don’t want to visit it much, so you must choose wisely. 

  1. Have Fun 

With a geek business name generator, you can easily come up with different options and choose the best one. Have fun during the process because it’s your brand – you get to decide what you want! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should use a geek business name generator if you want fantastic ideas for your brand. Using it lets you have various options to choose from without wasting any time.

A geek business name generator can give you different Star Wars names, for example, ‘The Death Star Hub,’ or ‘Millennial Falcon Industries.’

The best way to find the ideal nerdy name for your business is to use a geek business name generator. It's a straightforward method to get various options, and it's a very convenient tool to have by your side.


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