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How To Name Your Gadget Business

Everybody has a gadget these days, and usually multiple. The gadget industry is thriving. Indeed, the global technology industry is set to reach a whopping $5tr in 2021. As such an impressively lucrative business, you’re probably thinking that setting up a gadget business is a great idea for your bank account!

If you are considering setting up a gadget business and you’re mulling over the name, why not take a look at our gadget business name generator and see how it can help!

This guide will cover everything you need to know to come up with your own gadget business name, including how best to use our gadget names generator. I’m Alex and I’ll be your guide throughout this article as we work together to create your new gadget business name.

20 Gadget Business Name Ideas

First of all, we’re going to look at some gadget business name ideas. I found these by using our gadget business name generator and inputting a few words I associate with gadget businesses. Take a look below to see what the gadget name generator came up with.

  1. Tech Domain
  2. Hi-Tech Command
  3. Tech Total
  4. Techpad
  5. Operation Smart
  6. Smart Systems
  7. Smart Solutions
  8. Techworks
  9. Chrome Technology
  10. Techegy
  11. All-out Tech
  12. Desk Tech
  13. Intellect Connect
  14. Connecthut
  15. Solar Smart
  16. Smartzen
  17. Expert Connect
  18. Tetra Connect
  19. Connectly
  20. Techhut

20 More Gadget Business Name Ideas

  1. Gidget Gadgets
  2. Task Tools
  3. Magic Machines
  4. Cosmic Gadgets
  5. Gadget Gurus
  6. Budget Gadget
  7. NewAge Gadget
  8. Trusted Gadgets
  9. Geeked Gadget
  10. NewVention
  11. Qwertical Gadget
  12. Luxury Gadgets
  13. TechHouse
  14. Techizio Gadgets
  15. Tech Hub
  16. TechTree
  17. Appgo Gadget
  18. Mobile Crib
  19. Gadgetronics
  20. GeekZone

Best Real-world Gadget Business Names

Now we have seen what our gadget business name generator can do, let’s take a look at some real-world examples of gadget business names. Looking at your competitors’ names, how they work, and how they don’t, is a great way to get inspired about your own gadget business name.

Below, we’ve gathered our favorite real-world gadget business names and analyzed what it is we think works with them. Check them out and gather even more inspiration to prepare you to use our device name generator.

Electric Objects

Though now defunct, this digital art app had a pretty simple but effective name. ‘Elcectic’ connotes that the app works on electronic devices, it tells the user it is digital and it reminds us it’s a piece of technology. Combining it with ‘objects’ makes us see it as a digital thing, as it were.

This is a very simple name and uses straightforward and uncomplicated language to explain what this brand does. Sometimes a brand name can be this simple.


Providing the world with decentralized data architecture, this brand uses the Greek works for ‘army’ or ‘military,’ invoking images of masses of power.

Using other languages, particularly classical languages, is common for brands. For gadget businesses, classical languages are perhaps more suitable due to their relationship to mathematics.


Giving advice and providing devices designed for those in the later stages of life, TechSilver is all about giving back. We love this brand name because it tells us exactly what this business is doing.

‘Tech’ denotes that they are involved in creating and advising on tech. ‘Silver’ is a reference to the later stages of life that most of their gadgets are aimed at. A witty and simple name that conveys the company’s aims clearly.


An acronym for Lucky Goldstar, LG was formed from the merging of two brands. We love this acronym, not for what it actually stands for, but for the way the company uses it along with their slogan, ‘Life’s good.’

LG can very easily be mistaken for standing for ‘life’s good,’ and though it doesn’t, it’s linking with the rest of the brand’s marketing makes it a powerful name. Along with this, LG is short, sharp, and fully recognizable now.


Probably one of the most renowned gadgets companies on the planet, Apple is short, sweet, and simple. An easy-to-spell, easy-to-pronounce name with familiarity and connotations of vitality and health.

It is always worth noting that your business name doesn’t need to be overly complicated, or even have anything to do with the gadget you’re selling, to be memorable.

Unique Content for the Niche

Tech is all about solutions. Solutions to long-distance communication, solutions for finding directions easily, and solutions for paperless research. To truly stand out in the world of gadgets and gizmos, you’re going to need to offer something nobody else has thought of.

Your business name should reflect this uniqueness and you should ensure it is easily recognizable as a standout feature of your brand. Use words associated with how you’re different in your brand name to ensure that customers know why they should choose you.

As an incredibly fast-paced environment, staying ahead in the industry can be difficult but if your gadget business is truly unique and you can show that through your branding, your newly minted gadget business is going to go far!

5-Tips for creating unique Gadget Business name ideas

Now we’ve been inspired, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for creating your own gadget business name. In this section, we’ll look at the steps you can take to create a memorable and distinctive name for your gadget business.

Some of these steps will also help you to use our gadget business name generator more easily. As an invaluable resource, learning ways to get the best out of our gadget name generator is in your best interests!

1. Get to know your business

Getting to know your business is the fastest way to create a really great brand name. You need to decide who you are as a brand and what you want to put out there about your brand.

Come up with words you associate with your brand, decide who you want to target with the business, and make sure all of these words associate your brand with the values you have decided upon.

Brainstorm these ideas and list all of the most relevant words to your brand. This is a great way to decide upon words to start plugging into our device name generator too!

2. Check out what everyone else is doing

We’ve already done a bit of this for you, but now you need to find gadget businesses that are doing something similar to what you have got planned.

Find similar companies and see how their names work. What do you like and not like about their names and do they reflect the business’s values and ethos back to you?

Checking out the competition is a great way to see how you can fit into the gadget world.

3. Check what others think

Speaking to your friends, family, and colleagues about your new gadget business name is a great way to see how others respond to it. See if they can tell what you want to present your brand as. Ask for feedback and don’t shy away from criticism.

You’re likely to think all of your name ideas are fantastic and so, asking others is a great way to get a more unbiased observation of the business names you have come up with.

4. Check it is available

This step should be done as early on as you can. You don’t want to be disappointed further down the line, so do a google search and check the domain name is available for the gadget business name you want.

Doing this search means finding out if others are using your name or something similar and you can respond accordingly.

5. Use our gadget business name generator

Our gadget business name generator is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to find a gadget business name. Using the gadget names generator can help to give you masses of name ideas in one go!

Plugin some of those words you brainstormed earlier and find different combinations of each. See if you can find a combination you like!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming a gadget company is easy once you know exactly who you are as a business. Make sure you understand your market and what your customers want and use this to inform your business name. Use words you know they will respond well to and allow your name to speak for your company.

A device name can make or break its success. Choosing a name that connotes what the device does and how it can help your customers is a great way of enticing them. On the other hand, plenty of devices have names that do not have anything to do with what the device does. You can create a whole range of imaginative names for devices to get customers interested.


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