Fashion Brand Name Ideas

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Fashion Brand Ideas

With the fashion industry raking in about $1.53 trillion worldwide in 2022, it’s no wonder more companies are trying to get a slice. The big boys are worth billions of dollars and are in no business of sharing the profit. If you don’t want to end up in the depths of obscurity, you need a name that will stick to consumers’ memories. We’ve used our fashion brand name generator to come up with 950 fashion brand name ideas that will attract customers your way.

The quality of your products is key, and they will ultimately decide whether you’re worth your consumers’ spending. In the early days, however, your business name can make or break your business. Your name is the first (and often only) contact you have with potential customers, and if they’re not attracted to the idea, they will never enter your store.

Let’s face it, your shirt can be the best in the world, but nobody wants to wear clothes from the Dung Beetle’s Suit clothing line. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a better name for your business, you can use one from our list of fashion business names.

How To Come Up With Brand Name Ideas for a Fashion Business

Coming up with a perfect brand name for a clothing and fashion business is not as easy as it might seem. You need to walk the fine line between being original and creative but still be in the realm of the expected—it needs to be the right name that fits in the clothing industry.

How do you do that?

When you think of catchy clothing brand name ideas, you’ll notice that they use clean, straight-to-the-point names that people can memorize easily. Think Nike, Zara, and Puma. Others use words that suggest the type of clothing and the type of fashion they represent. Even before you enter an Urban Outfitters store, you know what to expect.

Another popular move is to make it sound stylish, classy, and upscale. In other words, make it sound French or Italian. For example, Massimo Dutti sounds like a famous Italian designer, but it’s actually a Spanish brand with nobody on the executive board called Massimo.

Fashion Brand Name Ideas Checklist

Don’t rush into naming your clothing business—you need a unique name that will stick with you for years. Be meticulous and create a checklist for the process.

  1. Competition analysis—What makes other clothing names good? What clothing brands have a poor name? Try to analyze the names and see why something works and why other things don’t
  2. Brainstorming—If you come up with the best fashion company name on the spot, you should be in the business of naming things! Chances are, you’ll come up with more uninspiring ideas than good ones. Write each one down, and when you have a list of 100+ ideas, go through them to pick the best one
  3. Comparison—Compare your names with your competition. As we’ve said, you need to be creative, but it still needs to sound like a clothing business name. Compare your ideas with existing brands and see how far off you are
  4. Feedback—Once you narrow your list to the final ten or so ideas, it’s time for some input. Ask your friends, family, and target audience to rate your list and see if your ideas would make a good clothing brand
  5. Check availability—Some names might already be taken. You can go through the USPTO’s trademark database or use our generator to instantly check domain name availability

Brainstorming Tips

Let’s imagine you’re starting a clothing line. With all the other headaches you have, you finally found an hour of free time to brainstorm name ideas. You’re on the clock, so just come up with 100 catchy clothing brand name ideas—just like that. Can’t be done, can it?

Here’s what you can do to get your creative juices flowing. Try to follow a pattern of memorable, catchy business name ideas. You can use:

point png Humor (as long as it’s not tacky)

point png Alliteration

point png Rhyming

point png Wordplay

point png Words that suggest what type of products you offer (urban, worker, accessories, etc.)

50 Catchy Fashion Company Name Ideas
  • Fortify Fashion
  • Fashion Filled
  • Fashion Frill
  • Clothing Citron
  • Critical Clothing
  • Confidence Clothing
  • Fab Fashion
  • Clothes Camelot
  • Chopped Clothes
  • Clothing Clutch
  • Clothes Corp
  • Fashion Furry
  • Fond Fashion
  • Akin Apparel
  • Foot Fashion
  • Contemporary Clothing
  • Fetching Fashion
  • Crusader Clothes
  • Clothing Centric
  • Clothing Cure
  • Carefree Clothes
  • Clothing Champions
  • Curvy Clothes
  • Flood Fashion
  • ABC Apparel
  • Collusion Clothes
  • Crop Clothing
  • Fashion Farm
  • Credible Clothes
  • Fast Fashion
  • Clothes Create
  • Fame Fashion
  • Cannon Clothes
  • Fashion Fame
  • Artists Apparel
  • Clothes Classroom
  • Clothes Colossus
  • Clothes Canyon
  • Compelling Clothing
  • Arise Apparel
  • Fashion Freya
  • Fashion Fathom
  • Fashion Firestone
  • Clothes Classics
  • Clothes Crate
  • Confidence Clothing
  • Cheeky Clothing
  • Compact Clothing
  • Floral Fashion
  • Fortress Fashion

More fashion brand name ideas? Generate here:

Best Fashion Brand Name Ideas

Aside from being memorable (and available for registering), your fashion brand should also represent what type of apparel or clothing store you are. A brand that sells luxury dresses shouldn’t share its name with a mom-and-pop store selling baseball caps.

Depending on your business profile, you can choose a name from one of the following categories:

  1. Men’s clothing
  2. Women’s clothing
  3. Luxury fashion articles
  4. Accessories
  5. Pet fashion
  6. Footwear
  7. Plus size apparel

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Men’s Clothing

Few things are more depressing than seeing a lost man sitting in a women’s section waiting for his lady to finish shopping. Men’s clothing stores should suggest that there are no traps in the shape of expensive bags.

Camp ClothingWild WearMungo ManSense MenMantle Country
Echo UrbanBlend ClothingBewitch CountryIdol WearBetter Man
Genius MenBite UrbanFeed WearAtomice MenDahlia Urban
Fusion ClothingSymmetry MenVixen ManStreet MenTonic Man
Affinity ClothingUrban SwagInvincible ManBalaclava WearSlick Man
More CountryFame ClothingWelfare UrbanBare CountryMengenix
WearomaticUrbanjetClothingverseManopediaMan Insignia
Man GhostMen CrimsonManly DiverseManly TemptingMen Bio
MancoreUrbanluxMansyClassy ManClothing Purity
Man TactManly DiamondMen StylishWear CryptMantastic
Clothing NipManly ArdorUrban AviatorManly SuburbiaMen Captivating
Manly NurtureManly GlamMan MajesticUrban VogueClothing Cross
CountryfluentManivaManpadMan ParadeMen Minority
Manly MorningManly MarksMan MystClothing CustomsMen Martyr
Clothing CannonClothing ChardMan MetricManly ManicMen Minimal
Wear WinkManly MonroeMan MoralsClothing ClinicClothing Conspiracy
Manly MoonClothing CaffeineClothing CellarMan MarketMan Maker
Wear WagUrban UnlimitedMaxi ManMan MantleMen Matrix
Men MortalClothing CreativoMandala MenMaximus ManManly Monster
Conversation ClothingCup ClothingCrazy ClothingMarshal ManClothing Armory

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Women’s Clothing

For women’s clothing, you should opt for something that suggests beautiful designs and great fits. Check out our top 100 ideas.

Plush WearClothing MindUrban MadrasUrbanliaClothing Zip
Wear LuringGirl ChakraWomen AthenaGirl BodClothing Patrol
Wear VogueBright ClothingClothbeaWeargenixRenown Clothing
Clothing TrussUnity UrbanClothing CornerstoneClothing DashGirl Become
Wear PopWomenivaEnviable GirlClothing CutieClothes Zoo
Woman BerylJaded GirlWear ComelyChic GirlWear Autumn
Woman BoudoirUrbanexWoman AllurementWomanneticGirl Luxe
ClothableFierce WomanClothopsClothing CogClothing Talk
Urban OutpostGirlpadClothes DuneGirl VogueWomen Land
Girl LionessClothing GoddessWear LureWoman HitchWomando
Women OrchidStreet GirlSilk GirlClothes ChefWoman Wonder
Girl GeneticGroovy GirlKitty ClothingWoman WinsomeWear Wings
Clothes CertainGrounded GirlClothes ChampGhost GirlGirl Gourmet
Urban UnforgettableWomen WarmthGladiator GirlCrib ClothesWax Women
Geek GirlWisp WearGuru GirlGemini GirlWearlada
Bear GirlAgeless ClothingRadiance WomenDiamond WearIllusion Girl
Cosmic WearBazaar ClothesStitch GirlSpace ClothingDrip Urban
Miraculous UrbanCleopatra WomenGoddess GirlSonic ClothingAttract Girl
Haven ClothingMingle ClothingWomanousDelilah GirlTuck Girl
ClothadriDaisy WearSebas ClothingAccentuate UrbanRuby Women

Luxury Fashion Articles

Luxury brand names need to suggest grandeur, luxury, upscale clothing, and exclusivity. Don’t shy away from hinting that your suits and dresses may be on the expensive side.

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Luxury Clothing for Men

Urban BohoDivine ManManly MinkClothes KaiserSpike Shirt
Dune ManIllusion ManSaint SuitAllure ManSlender Tie
Choose TieParade TieAtlantis LuxuryAmenity MenAmber Man
Gear ManSymmetry ManMajor ShirtAffluence ShirtSplendor Luxury
Regent ManSapphire ShirtEternal LuxurySyndicate TieVagabond Luxury
Stella TieSpike MenRitzy ManAvenue ManCabana Tie
Leopard SuitDuke ShirtArdor ShirtVoluptuous ManWanderlust Man
Exquisite SuitElegant MenSnappy ShirtCzar ClothesFad Men
Renown ManFascination MenTiger ManMikado MenDecadent Man
Attire LuxuryMan DandyDaisy ShirtEmerald SuitGene Luxury
Major MenIcon ManAlly MenBones TieHazel Shirt
Affluence ShirtRage TieCrystal MenAmber ShirtChard Men
Delicacy TieElevated ClothesDiamond TiesCurvy LuxuryPosh Men
Amethyst MenAtlantis SuitTie IdolShirt BentMan Radiance
Man FigureMan AviatorMan ClubTie FadLuxury Wedge
Luxury PantherShirt FigureSuit OsirisLuxury DynastyTie Tenor
Luxury DrapeShirt A-LineSuit VailShirt JadeMen Slay
Surveyor SuitMinty ManMode ManLocal LuxurySapient Suit
Momentum MenSnuggle SuitSew ShirtSapphire SuitMen Milli
Luxury LoyalShirt SplendorMan MarkerMan MajestySuit Series

Generate various luxury fashion brand name ideas here:

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Luxury Clothing for Women

Urban BridalDress DhyanaTiara TornadoDress DaisyLuxury Life
Woman WhiskersStylish CrownWoman InsigniaCrown DivineDress Fly
Miss DressDress AntidoteWomen VeilWomen AvenueWomen Garment
Crown OpulenceLuxury RakishLuxury OpalWomen LuxuryLuxury Affinity
Woman AristocratDress AcesTiara PeekWomen TopicLuxury Bunco
Crown FlyPink CrownDress DuskFine DressVoluptuous Woman
Luxury BerylWoman DapperWomen ClassTiara FineTiara Duke
Crystal DressTiara AristocratTiara MantleWoman AllyCrown Osiris
Luxury SplendorWoman GoddessDress OpalCrown NattyDress Amber
Tiara HackelMagenta WomanRegency WomanSin DressDusk Luxury
Flaunt CrownKhan DressSpruce DressBarebone CrownMajestic Woman
Guided LuxuryKnick WomanTenor WomanRunway LuxuryRunway Woman
Illusion DressRunway DressA-Line WomanSlick LuxuryMink Crown
Slender CrownGlance WomanTiara TradeDress DashboardTiara Talk
Dress DecideWoman WondersTiara TalentLive LuxuryCrown Canvas
Luxury LineageDress DrenchCrown CreativesTiara TrinityDress Dynamite
Crown CyanCrown CelestialTiara TreasureLimitless LuxuryDesigns Dress
Lovely LuxuryCertified CrownCheeky CrownLineage LuxuryTwist Tiara
Tranquil TiaraTiarawindWomenellaWomanopolisDresspad

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Accessories

You can choose an accessory brand name that explains what your catalog is all about. Are you offering affordable, long-lasting products, or do you focus on vintage, upscale accessories? Use words that will make it clear.

Magna BagEnlivening BagFlamingo AccessoriesClass BagVivid Bracelet
Scarlet BraceletPublic BagDazzle BagBarebone BraceletPop Necklace
FX BagWedge NecklaceEnticing BeltContour AccessoriesLustrous Accessories
Mikado BagGalvanic BagCracked NecklaceTaking BraceletMiss Bag
Delilah AccessoriesGorgeous BagRover BeltGarment AccessoriesMuse Accessories
Tulip AccessoriesPrima BeltAthens BagDeep NecklaceHarmonious Accessories
Harmonious NecklaceVernal AccessoriesAthena AccessoriesRaven BraceletObsidian Bag
Orchid BagRuby BagJasmine AccessoriesStrap NecklaceProminent Accessories
Pink AccessoriesErotic BeltFetching BagCrooks BagSanguine Bracelet
Khan AccessoriesObsession BagRemarkable BagCounter BletEnchanting Blet
Baron BeltCue AccessoriesZeal BagAmazement BeltAvenge Bracelet
Zealous BagClassics AccessoriesRitzy BagFetching AccessoriesBag Exhibit
Accessories BareNecklace GarnetBracelet SalveNecklace FlairBelt Prima
Belt ArtistryBag LureBelt InsigniaBag GarmentBag Errorless
Bracelet LitBag EvolveNecklace ImperialBelt KittenBag Dusk
Belt GlamorAccessories BodBookworm BraceletAzure AccessoriesBerry Belt
Beast BeltBuck BeltAces AccessoriesBabies BraceletBaron Bag
Artes AccessoriesBoheme BagBuilt BeltBlitz BeltBelt Block
Bag BonsaiAccessories AngaBracelet BoostsAccessories AreaAccessories Appeal
Bag BumbleBracelet BrushBag BodyAccessories AssaultBag Buffer

100 Name Ideas for Pet Fashion

Pet owners treat their pets as if they were their kids. Don’t judge; just capitalize on their willingness to spend.

Leash HabitatCat ShopDog NipPet StopLeash Splendor
Pet CityCat ThreadsLeash BuddyPet PoshDog Strap
Pet StreetDog VogueLeash BentCat BodyLeash Continental
Dog ColorwayCat MinkPet CaveDog SocietyCat Chew
Cat GarmentDog AlleyDog FriendsCatporiumLeash Duchess
Leash LacedPet JadedLeanestPetnestDog Angore
Pet SupplyPet ProminentDog PoochPetivaCat City
Pet ParachuteLeash StitchDog DestinationDogegyDog Flex
Cat PharaohDog OutskirtDogopsPet MajesticPet Ruff
Pink DogCat TalesCat MajestyPet GroveCatadora
CatoryxDog CaliberLeash KitLeash HarborBalaclava Dog
Bling CatCrystal DogDogma CatVital DogDusk Leash
Phantom LeashRuby PetPlay CatFad PetStyle Leash
Affluence DogKick CatHitch LeashExquisite DogEternal Dog
Luxury CatLuxury DogCracked PetScooby DogDynasty Cat
Flossy PetLynx DogTrend CatUnleashed CatFlair Cat
Snazzy DogDog ResortClassics PetHappy PetFigure Pet
Circle CatCat CompanionsDog DishPet PegasusCat Camp
Pet PalDog DealPet PupsDog DentPet Plains
Cat ColossalDog DelightCat CuriosityPortable PetDog Drop

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Footwear Stores

With footwear stores, you can use words like kicks, shoes, and boots to let people know that’s what you’re selling.

Shoes StyleKicks SlickBoots WedgeFoot EmeraldKicks Crypt
Foot BossFoot AffluenceBoots ComplexShoes TenorKicks Patrol
Footwear EnticeFootwear CityFoot VisionaryFoot AffluenceBoots Bod
Footwear BoltKicks FanaticBoots BuffFoot HabitKicks Bareback
Shoes ListBootsvilleBoots FactoryShoes CornerShoes Martyr
Kicks CapitalFootwear LineageFootwear SerendipityFoot HabitBoots Buff
Boots RealmFoot ForeverShoes FitBoots ShelterShoes Pepper
Foot ShockShoes PepperBoots ManeShoes IconBoots Talk
Shoes BurbKickls LineageShoes BoulevardShoes IconKicks Execute
Boots GenuineRoyal FootKicks StreetKicks MysticFoot Sport
Foot BoxBoots DapperShoes JacquardFootwear RoyalKicks Rover
Footwear GlowSnazzy ShoesID KicksInvader BootsCellar Kicks
Delicacy FootwearFireball FootMajestic KicksQueen KicksCurvy Shoes
Space BootsRitzy BootsFamous ShoesThreads FootwearDevote Boot
Class FootwearSplendor FootExtravagant FootGravity FeetDivine Foot
Imperial ShoesSwift ShoesHollow KicksPrince BootsAvid Footwear
Sterling BootsSpike FootGarb KicksBinary BootsFootwear Fed
Footwear FindSweety ShoesFestive FootBoots BubsBoots Bravo
Foot FrostedBoots BarFoot FXFootwear FaithFiesta Footwear
Flake FootBirdseye BootsFluff FootFirst-Choice FootwearBling Boots

100 Fashion Name Ideas for Plus-Sized Customers

The perfect plus-size store name allows plus-sized customers to feel welcome (and not ashamed) and comfortable about buying items that fit them.

Women GrandeDivine SizeRegent LargeLivid LargeCurvy Idol
Visibly XXXLGrande SocietyLuring CurvyCollusion CurvyContinental Plus
Radiate PlusEnthralling GrandeQuaint LargeRebalance LargeTuck Lage
Circle XXXLTopic LargeGarb CurvesGlamor CurvesBeach Large
PlusworksYouthful CurvesCleopatra PlusCleo LargeAppear Curvy
Stunner SizeCounter CurvesFinesse XXXLFinesse CurvesAmber Curves
PlusyticalFoxy BigPepper LargePegasus GrandeCurvy Majesty
Cookie PlusGrandeomaticStyled PlusClassics CurvesReflect Large
Bounce PlusSplendor CurvesDame LargeAztec LargeMadam Large
Madam GrandeHarmony SizeIrresistible PlusCandescent SizeUniform Curves
Above SizeTulip PlusPosh LargeCurvy ExtravaganceLit Size
Plush PlusLarge LuxeBigvilleLarge KeepTasteful Big
Plus AllyCurvy AristocratLarge PegasusPlus CaveSize Glamor
Size MonroeCurves SphynxCurvy VixenSize VoluptuousPlus Glance
Large MagnoliaCurvy JazzXXXL DefineExperience BigCurves Lust
Plus ClassSpiffy SizeCounty CurvyPreview PlusSketch Size
Surge SizePerky PlusChill CurvesCurves Cha-ChaCurvy Cyber
Size SensualPlus PursuitCurves CentaurPlus PrixCurvy Catalog
Curves CropSize SleekSize SpellboundPlus PalaceCurves Clear
Size SafariSize StirCurvy CropsSize SamsonitePolished Plus

Get more plus-sized business name ideas here:

50 Unique Name Ideas for a Fashion Business

Looking for more ideas to get the best clothing brand you possibly can? Our clothing brand name generator can come up with thousands of names on the spot for you. Here are 100 of the unique ideas of our choice:

  1. Shoes Livid
  2. Boutiquery
  3. Garment Foundation
  4. Snappy Fashion
  5. Fashish
  6. Clothly
  7. Clothes Alley
  8. Boutiqueara
  9. Smashing Fashion
  10. Parade Clothes
  11. Garistic
  12. Boutiqueworks
  13. Pal Clothing
  14. Clothing Rank
  15. Hot Clothes
  16. Clothque
  17. Clothes Vail
  18. Crooks Garment
  19. Clothing Ya
  20. Garment Monroe
  21. Clothes Angora
  22. Refinement Trend
  23. Vogue Clothing
  24. Clothorama
  25. Antheia Apparel
  26. Trend Vintage
  27. Renew Fashion
  28. Spotless Boutique
  29. Spire Clothing
  30. Clothnest
  31. Amber Boutique
  32. Vintagejet
  33. Pigment Clothing
  34. Garment Luxuriant
  35. Apparelgenix
  36. Boutiqueella
  37. Fit Fashion
  38. Femme Garment
  39. Clothing Lilac
  40. Clothable
  41. Clothing Nirvana
  42. Fashistic
  43. Scarlet Garment
  44. Clothing Peek
  45. Fashiva
  46. Virtue Garment
  47. World Clothing
  48. Clothes Lit
  49. Garment Bonjour
  50. Diana Vintage

50 More Unique Names for Your Fashion Brand

  1. Daub Clothing
  2. Sheeny Clothes
  3. Boutique Galore
  4. Fashion Divine
  5. Clothhut
  6. Clothing Icon
  7. Beach Garment
  8. Clothing Indicator
  9. Duke Threads
  10. Garment Canvas
  11. Clothing Mecha
  12. Garment Osiris
  13. Juliett Clothing
  14. Apparel Jasmine
  15. Outpost Boutique
  16. Boutique Swank
  17. Zephyr Garment
  18. Kissable Clothes
  19. Apparelpad
  20. Clothing King
  21. Clique Garment
  22. Admire Boutique
  23. Garment Elan
  24. Fashion Foundation
  25. Aesthetic Vintage
  26. Clothingopolis
  27. Ether Clothing
  28. Attractive Vintage
  29. Hustle Clothing
  30. Shoes Hustler
  31. Boutique Hot
  32. Shoes Jazz
  33. Hippie Clothing
  34. Clothing Locker-Room
  35. Apparel Blend
  36. Apparelology
  37. Clothing Catwalk
  38. Clothing Supplies
  39. Clothing Reign
  40. Loose Boutique
  41. Minute Clothing
  42. Array Fashion
  43. Misguided Threads
  44. Clothing Essentials
  45. Clothing Mash
  46. Bop Clothes
  47. Clothing Electrifying
  48. Clothing Ville
  49. Clothes Exemplary
  50. Snug Boutique


There you have it! Regardless of whether you sell your products in a brick-and-mortar store or on Amazon, you need to have a name that will stand out and entice people to check out what you have to offer.

With established brands attracting the majority of the customers, you face an uphill battle to find your place under the sun. A catchy name that will stay in people’s minds and make them come back can help you significantly toward your success. A poor brand name can kill your business before it even starts.

Don’t rush your name-choosing process. Go through our list of the best fashion brand name ideas, use our generator, or come up with your own idea, but make sure you’re happy with your choice.




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