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How To Name Your Fancy Business

Fancy businesses come with a reputable image, putting the customers and their needs first. You might be wanting to impress customers with your own luxurious fancy business.

Whatever you decide to specialize in, whether that is clothing, luxurious food, or premium services, you will need advice on how to come up with the best fancy business names.

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through that name picking process. Whether you’re after motivation to come up with some classy business names, or are looking for names that are available to use, this article has got you covered.

20 Fancy Business Name Ideas

20 Fancy Business Name Ideas

Down below are 20 of the best fancy business names that I found using our Fancy Business Name Generator. See if any catch your eye, or if not then perhaps they may at least inspire you to come up with your own!

To come up with these names I simply thought of words that I associate with ‘fancy’ and popped these into the generator.

  1. Custom Drive
  2. Custom Qualified
  3. Deluxe Classics
  4. Deluxe Lord
  5. Deluxe Opal
  6. Fancy Emerald
  7. Fancy Stallion
  8. Fancytastic
  9. Fancy Tiger
  10. Lavish Direct
  11. Lavish Galaxy
  12. Lavish Wilderness
  13. Nimble Customs
  14. Ornate Collections
  15. Ornate Owl
  16. Rich Bits
  17. Rich Love
  18. Rich Rainbow
  19. Splash Lavish
  20. Upscale Deluxe

20 More Fancy Business Name Ideas

  1. Nova Elite
  2. Luxica
  3. The VIP Experience
  4. Emerald Collection
  5. Celeb Power
  6. Diamonds and Pearls
  7. Self-Indulgence
  8. Narcissus
  9. The Fashion Egoist
  10. Lifestyle Group
  11. Dazzling Sensations
  12. Just Platinum
  13. As Posh as it Gets
  14. A Sprinkle of Fashion
  15. Mademoiselle VIP
  16. Dame de Fantaisie
  17. The Lifetime Collection
  18. Sparkling Rose
  19. Eleganza
  20. (Ex)Clusivity

Best Real-world Fancy Business Names

Best Real-world Fancy Business Names

Before you start brainstorming your own fancy business names, it’s always best to research names already out there to see what has made them so successful. With that being said, here are 5 of the best real-world fancy names for business.


The business name Pandora comes from Greek mythology, in which the name translates to ‘omni gifted’. The brand is known to be one of the best jewellery brands in the world.

The name nicely links to their luxurious jewellery, which most people will buy for their friends or family as a special gift.


This fancy jewellery brand is known for top quality bracelets and watches.

The name is ‘synonymous with open-mindedness and curiosity’, seeing ‘beauty in everything’. This is a great way to link back to the beautiful pieces on offer, and customers know that they can go here for timeless pieces of jewellery.


Perhaps one of the most prestigious and luxurious brands ever, the name Rolex actually came from a merge of the words ‘hoROLogical EXcellence’.

This name already sounds fancy in itself, and the fact that it has been kept pretty simple makes it more appealing. Plus, anyone in the world would be able to recognise this brand name!


Another fancy business that has taken inspiration from Greek mythology. Originating from an Olympian God, the son of Zeus, Hermes acted as the messenger of the Gods.

This luxurious fashion brand definitely uses its name to stand out from the rest. Although many fancy fashion businesses usually include their founder’s name, Hermes still incorporates a name but with a different twist.


This designer brand is hugely recognized for its luxurious fragrances and products.

The company name stands for ‘innovation, creativity, and progress’. The name is easily recognizable due to the reputation of the brand, and in some cases, this is built up over time.

Unique Content for the Niche

When it comes to thinking of some fancy business names, you want to come across as cool and sophisticated. Being a luxurious brand or business means that you want to be taken seriously, and there is already serious competition out there.

To stand out from the rest, you need to think of some classy business names that make sense, but create impact.

Sometimes, trying to think of a really sauve business name requires a lot of effort. You might want to steer away from anything that sounds corny or won’t be taken seriously by potential customers. Therefore, steer clear of anything too outgoing or cliched.

5-Tips for creating unique Fancy Business name ideas

1. Keep it simple

Most luxury and fancy business names use one word which immediately captivates customers and lures them in to buy their products. By keeping your name simple, you are making it alot easier to spell, say, and for your audience to recommend you to friends and family!

Using more than one word can take away the value from your brand. You want to be able to use a simple name so that customers can understand you and to avoid any confusion.

Try and use a word that you know your customers will recognize, as this will make them more drawn to your business. Plus, it will help your name to stick in their heads more.

2. Get brainstorming

Take it back to basics and grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down any initial ideas that you have! Try to think of around ten fancy names for business, come back to them after a few hours, and see whether you still think they work or not.

Alternatively, come up with around 10 individual words that you associate with luxury items or fancy things and pop them into the Fancy Business Name Generator.

If you still feel stuck, then give yourself a break. Letting the mind wander and think about other things can actually be really beneficial. You might find that the next day you wake up feeling more motivated and have a much more creative mindset.

3. Ask for feedback

I’d say that this is one of the most important steps you can take in making sure that your business name is well received by your customers. Asking for feedback means that you have a greater variety of opinions and this could influence your final decision.

Try to gather a good range of people and don’t just rely on your friends or family to give you feedback as their opinions may be hindered. Ask questions such as:

  • What sort of things do you associate with our business name?
  • Would you be likely to purchase items from this business?
  • What does the name first make you think of?

You can even ask them to rate each name on a scale from 1-10 so that you can really see which names are the most popular and which ones you should probably get rid of.

4. Check for domain availability

So you’ve got a list of great fancy business names. But have you actually checked that you can legally use them? This is a mistake that a lot of businesses make, but don’t worry as it is easily avoidable.

All you need to do is a quick Business Name Search online to see if the name is available to use in your country/state.

Try to do this step early on in the name picking process, as this will mean that you immediately know whether to keep that name on your list or to cross it out and get back to the drawing board. Plus, you can then start looking for social media handles to see if they are also available.

5. Use our Fancy Business Name Generator

Hopefully these tips have been incredibly useful so far. Can we take the opportunity to remind you once more about our Fancy Business Name Generator. It really is the perfect tool to use to help you come up with original and unique fancy business names.

All you need to do is think of words that you would like to use in your business name, pop them in the generator, and sit back and relax as dozens of options are curated for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It can sometimes be hard to come up with classy business names without sounding too corny or embarrassing. The perfect fancy business name needs to sound slick and sophisticated, so why not check out some of these suggestions to get you started: -Nova Elite -Luxica -The VIP Experience -Emerald Connection -Celeb Power -DIamond and Pearls

There is no correct way to decide on a business name. For some business owners, it comes straight away, for others, it may be a lengthy process. However, there are certainly steps you can take that can make this process that bit easier. Here are some tips that you can follow: -Use acronyms -Use words that roll off the tongue -Keep it simple -Use your own name -Take inspiration from other names -Partner with another company


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