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Complete Guide to Naming Your Delivery Business

Our delivery business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get delivery business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Delivery services are growing in prominence as more and more people are getting used to ecommerce purchases. If you intend to develop a successful business in the field, you should have a pretty good idea about what clients are looking for.

The best delivery companies out there put emphasis on convenience and flexibility for their customers. Same-day delivery, testing products and getting a chance to return them if they don’t correspond to what the vendor has promised, multiple payment options – all of these have become pretty standard features in terms of product delivery.

Branding should establish your market positions right from the start. Do you offer national or international delivery options? Is your company adamant on following a green delivery model that reduces the environmental footprint? Don’t hesitate to explore what makes you unique and to display it loud and clear through your branding efforts.

Demographic Interests

Delivery service providers work with a wide range of clients. From corporate, extra-urgent deliveries to ecommerce shopping for end consumers, such businesses have an array of customers, each group having its specific needs and preferences.

It will be impossible to target every single group of clients in need of delivery. If you offer more specialised services, you will have a niche demographic. Otherwise, it will be important to cast a wide net in order to win customers over and ensure their loyalty to the brand.

Both young and older individuals rely on delivery companies. Some of them are looking for the most affordable solutions. Others need quick delivery and are willing to pay as much as it takes to get a package to a specified address within the same day or on the next day.

Doing a bit of analytical research and relying on the right metrics will make it easier for you to pinpoint the demographic characteristics that will affect your marketing efforts. When you have such information, you can fine tune your branding efforts and you can also focus on the services that make the most sense for the particular group of customers.

Competitor Name Analysis


While this is probably one of the most prominent shipment and delivery companies, few people know that Federal Express (hence the abbreviation) carries the name of the company’s original air division.


Another delivery corporate giant, DHL is named after its founders – Larry Hillblom, Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn. The combined initials of the surnames result in DHL.

YRC Worldwide

The American shipping company was started in 1906 and it carried the name Yellow Cab Company. A horse-drawn hack laid the foundations of the delivery business. Eventually, the founder upgraded to a Model T Ford and the delivery business started to expand.


It seems that abbreviations are pretty common in the world of delivery services and courier companies. DTDC, India’s most prominent logistical business has a name that stands for Desk to Desk Courier.

Schenker AG

The German delivery company is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and it is named after its founder Gottfried Schenker.


The international delivery company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The name stands for Arab American Express.


While delivery service providers tend to put little emphasis on company name creativity, it pays off to be somewhat different and capable of standing out. Carry out some competition research to see what other similar couriers are named. When you do, try to pinpoint the characteristics that make you better and unique.

One of the simplest approaches is to brainstorm for words and phrases that are relevant to the industry. Our Business Name Generator will help you come up with variations and chances are that at least a few of those will be a good match. Try our website name generator and domain name generator for naming help for your online presence.

To test out our name generator, you can explore the following industry words and phrases:








Cash on delivery

Custom clearance


Drop off

Pick up



Freight forwarder









Track and trace


Delivery Business Name Inspiration

  1. U Ship: the name is simple, straightforward, brief and memorable. It also tells a potential customer exactly what they could do via the service provider.
  2. Couriers on Wheels: bike delivery is becoming increasingly popular in urban environments and the name is ideal for such companies.
  3. Safe Route Delivery: the safety of purchases and items sent from one person to another is very important for people who use the services of delivery companies.
  4. Shortcut Carriers: a shortcut is something that speeds up a process. When customers are looking for fast deliveries, such a business name will make a lot of sense.
  5. Dynamic Logistics: active words associated with speed and reliability are ideal for the name of a courier company.
  6. SendEx: expedited deliveries are in high demand. This name is somewhat reminiscent of FedEx but it is capable of standing on its own.
  7. Muy Rapido: the Spanish phrase for very fast is generally recognisable and it also results in a name that sounds cool and that is recognisable.
  8. Speed Post: once again – look for verbs and adjectives that are perceived as positive in the respective field.
  9. ASAP Delivery: you want your items to arrive and to be sent to the people you love ASAP. The name is great and just about everyone will know what you mean.
  10. MoovExpress: yet another variation that has a modern sound to it and that will assist your branding efforts.

What Not to Name Your Delivery Business

There are many clichés when it comes to naming delivery companies. Avoid abbreviations unless these are common knowledge. The addition of the prefix or the suffix Ex is also not a good idea, unless you can come up with something fresh and different from the brand identities of the current participants on the market.

An active name makes a lot of sense for delivery companies. After all, couriers perform an active duty. They have to be fast and they have to deliver parcels quickly and efficiently. Avoid names that sound passive or tired. Subconsciously, people could associate your company with the wrong characteristics.

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