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How To Name Your Crochet Business

As an emerging business, the crochet industry is making big changes to the fashion industry. With more and more avid crocheters starting businesses, you may be wondering how you can start your own crochet business. If you are, you’ll be in need of a name and that’s where we come in. Our crochet business name generator can help you to come up with tonnes of crochet business names in one quick search.

Our crochet business name generator is easy to use and can give you lots of inspiration for names for crochet businesses. All you need to do is input words you want to be associated with your business into the generator and see all of the unique crochet business names it offers you.

In this guide, we’ll give you some quick tips on how to create a great crochet business name and how to use our crochet business name generator. I’m Alex and I’ll be with you throughout this guide! Let’s get started.

20 Crochet Business Name Ideas

First of all, we’re going to have a look at how our crochet business name generator can help you to create some really fantastic crochet shop names. I created these twenty crochet business names by inputting a few words I wanted to associate with this business into the generator. Check them out.

  1. Crochet Rack
  2. The Happy Crochet Co.
  3. Crochetworks
  4. Made to Crochet
  5. Simply Crocheted
  6. My Crochet Creations
  7. Crochet Treasures
  8. Enchanted Crochet
  9. Crochet Anything
  10. The Crochet Company
  11. Charming Crochet
  12. Knitsy
  13. Knit Shack
  14. The Knitting Mill
  15. Aloha Knit
  16. Studio Yarn
  17. Twisted Yarn
  18. Epic Yarn Creations
  19. Twist and Knit
  20. Rose Yarn

20 More Crochet Business Name Ideas

  1. Yarn to Masterpiece
  2. Crochetry
  3. Hooks, Knots and Love
  4. Crochet Love
  5. KnitIt
  6. Knitting Sisters
  7. Fine Crochet Gals
  8. Rapid Hookers
  9. The Fine Yarn Stitch
  10. Crochetville
  11. Knit Perfection
  12. Soft Threads
  13. Crochet by Sarah
  14. Lightning Fast Needles
  15. Tea Cozy and Beyond
  16. Mama’s Yarn Shop
  17. Stitch of Love
  18. Stitch Perfection
  19. Crafty Hands
  20. One Stitch at a Time

Best Real-world Crochet Business Names

Now we know how our crochet business name generator can help you to create unique and interesting crochet shop names, it’s time to take a look at some real-world crochet business names.

Checking out what other crochet businesses are doing can help you to find your niche and understand how your business name can present your brand to the public.

Below, we have gathered our favorite crochet business names and discussed why we like them so much. Check them out and get inspired.


We like this because it mashes together to crochet and entrepreneur. This makes those who visit this website feel like they too can become crochet entrepreneurs. It also helps them to trust this site, as they started their own crochet business.

We like word smashes because they can create new and memorable words that help your clients to remember your business name. It also shortens your crochet business name to ensure it isn’t too long!

The Crochet Craft Co.

We love names like this. They’re simple and effective and they communicate really clearly with the client as to what they do. When you read this business name, you know that the business is in the crochet industry and will likely be able to help you out with crocheting!

This name also uses alliteration which works to make it more memorable and helps it to roll off the tongue of the customer.

Wool and the Gang

This business name works to make you feel part of something. It uses the word gang which feels familiar and friendly as well as referencing all of the other parts of the crochet and knitting industry.

We like this because it is familiar and covers the whole area of knitting and crocheting in the name.

I Like Crochet

This is a simple name that communicates very well that this business is about crochet. It welcomes customers who also love crochet and feels welcoming to them.

This kind of name is great to make customers feel like they’re a part of something when they use your business.

Sweet Kiwi Crochet

This is one of the fun and charming names for a crochet business. The name communicates what the business does but is also fun enough to make it memorable.

Choosing unique and interesting names like this can really help people to remember your business name.

Unique Content for the Niche

Crochet is becoming bigger in the fashion industry and as more and more small businesses specialize in crochet, you will need to stand out. Your business name can help you to do this! When coming up with a crochet business name, you should communicate the reasons that you’re different from other crochet stores to attract customers to your business.

In addition, you could communicate the kind of materials you use, for instance, do you only use a certain kind of yarn? Or perhaps you create only crocheted bags or jumpers. It’s really up to you how you communicate your difference but using it can really help customers who are looking for your services to distinguish you from the crowd.

Our crochet business name generator is really invaluable as you create a crochet business name. Go and check it out now and begin inputting words to get some unique and incredible crochet business names!

5-Tips for creating unique Crochet Business name ideas

We’ve had a look at some crochet business name ideas that our name generator came up with, and we’ve seen how real-world crochet businesses are naming their businesses, so now, it’s your turn.

Below, we have gathered our best tips for creating a crochet business name as well as some tips for using our crochet name generator. Check them out and get started today.

1. Know your brand and your customer

This first step means really understanding who you are as a business and what kind of customer you’re looking to attract. You should write all of these things down and ask yourself questions like, who is my customer? What do they want to see from my business? How can my business name attract them?

This step should be done before you start anything else for your branding! You need to understand who you are as a business first.

2. Make a list of words

Now you know your brand, you can create a list of words that will be associated with your brand. You should list words you think could work in your crochet business name.

You can use this list when you begin using our crochet name generator too!

3. Don’t use too many words

This is the key to a memorable name. Now you’ve begun creating your name, you need to ensure it’s not so long that people can’t remember it!

If you’ve created a name you like but you think it might be too long, there are ways to shorten it. You could shorten certain words, or smash words together. You could also use an acronym!

4. Check it’s available

Once you’ve settled on a name, you need to make sure it’s available. Do a google search to ensure no one is using it, and check the domain name is available.

We suggest doing this before you start any other branding so that you’re not disappointed if it is already taken!

5. Use our crochet business name generator

We may be a little biased, but we love the crochet shop name generator. We think it’s such a great resource for those trying to come up with business names and so we think everyone should be using it!

Use that list of words you created earlier and plug some into the generator. You can keep coming back to the generator whenever you need inspiration too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coming up with a craft business name can be difficult but using our crochet business name generator can make it easy! Just think of the words you want to be associated with your business name and input them into our business name generator. It will offer you tonnes of inspiring and unique business names that can help you to create a really great craft business name.

The name of your knitting business name is the first impression the public gets of your business and it needs to represent your business well. You should come up with the ways your business is different, why it stands out, and why customers should choose you. You should use this in your name to attract your target customers to your business. Remember to make it catchy so that people keep coming back to you!

When naming a knitting business, you may find yourself tired of the word knitting! We have come up with a few different ways you can communicate that your business is focused on knitting without actually saying knitting. Check out our list: (1) Yarn references, (2) Wool, woolen, (3) Crochet, crocheting, (4) Threading, threads.


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