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Here are the top trending words used in Crafts Business names.



















How Craft is often described

(“______ Craft “)

Example Craft store names using these related descriptive words ‘Ancient Craftifacts’ and ‘Coastal Gemcraft’.





















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Complete Guide to Naming Your Crafts Business

Our Crafts business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get digital business name inspiration.

The name you pick for your Craft business is going to form its identity — it’s the name that your potential and existing customers will remember you with, it’s the name that’ll start ruling their hearts and minds, and it’s the name that’ll help you lay a strong foundation for your brand.

Naming your Craft business isn’t going to be easy. But we intend to make it a possibility with our naming guide.

While you’ll be able to pick a name that’s a perfect fit your Craft business, it’s not going to be complete without you creating goals for your brand; identifying the target market that’s going to be the best fit for your craft business; zooming in on the demographic interests of your target audiences; taking a peek and analyzing how your competitors named their respective businesses; and brainstorm ideas for coming up with names for your Craft Business with some healthy dose of inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The first step to creating brand goals that are relevant to your business and to help you identify your target market is to create a buyer persona — a generalized description of your ideal customer.

Who is she? Where does she live? What might be her median salary range? What are her interests? What does she do on weekends? What kind of car(s) do(es) her household use?

Asking the right questions to the right people gets you as close to your ideal buyer persona as possible. Once you get there, creating your brand goals, identifying your target market, generating a name for your Craft business, and many business-related tasks thereafter (such as sales and marketing) will all get easier.

Based on your buyer persona, you can answer the following questions to help identify the right name and brand for your Craft business:

Do you want your business to reflect premium or luxury? Or are you targeting the average Joe? Do you want to emphasize on being eco-friendly or do you want to make your craft business niche and for a select group of customers only? A name like Josephine’s Jute Crafts reflects a primary emphasis on Jute as the core of products created under the brand by a single person while Midvalley Craft Store suggests a larger Craft business that probably sells a lot of products. Meanwhile, a name like Grandeur Crafts suggests premium or luxury with high-priced Craft items on sale.

If you have a unique selling proposition and if you know who your buyer typically is, it gets easier for you to establish what your brand wants to communicate. For your Crafts business, assuming your typical audience is homemakers, you’d want your brand to communicate that you are the friendly, supportive, and of course a dependable source of Crafts for your community.

For instance, let’s say you are a local Crafts business and your audience is all the moms in and around your locale, a name like Crafty Momma might just resonate with your audience. See where we are going with this?

While you are at it, beware that words have connotations and meanings, and also varies by context. Is a name like Challenge Crafts going to suggest that you’d be selling crafts that customers have to struggle with? Bygone Crafts suggests that you are dealing with Ancient artifacts or items from a bygone era?

Demographic Interests

For a crafts business, considering retail as the primary model, most of your potential customers are going to be moms across age groups. Depending on your target locations, your potential customers are mostly employed or self-employed with a great interest in family, kids, home, home decor, personal care, beauty, and more.

Unless your Crafts business has a singular focus on doing wholesale business, your potential customers are people who appreciate art, and are appreciative of creativity. The potential customer base for a Crafts business is also a passionate group of individuals who care. So, taking a “going green”, “organic”, “environment-friendly”, or “Charity” angle is sure to give you a unique angle for your Crafts business.

Competitor Name Analysis

Jonny’s Sister

What would you do if you wanted to use Individual names as your business name but didn’t want to name your business after you? Use would use relationships, that’s what. Johnny’s Sister still uses personal names but in a slightly different way by using relationships.

Mariah’s Emporium

If you ever thought that it might be funny to use your own name as a business name, don’t over think. Mariah’s Emporium is straightforward and is a simple case of naming a business after the founder herself and the last time we checked, the business is doing great. 

JC Middlebrook

Founded by Jayne Childs (that’s where the JC in the business name comes from), JC Middlebrook is a successful Crafts business selling lace textiles, gifts, and art items. Using your own name as abbreviations is also one of the ways you can use your name for your Crafts business.

Walnut Studiolo

A husband and wife team who run a successful Crafts business at Walnut Studiolo — based in Oregon, U.S — sell leather items primarily — a good case study of a niche Crafts business with a derived name from well-known words.

Coralie Reiter

In a yet another example of a Crafts business named after the founder herself, Corali started her business after a career as a Jewelry designer. At Coralie Retailer, she creates Jewelry along with items using beading and textiles from all over the world. .


Fitzy is a good example of a Crafts business name that doesn’t mean anything by itself but has potential for excellent branding. Fitzy is a leather goods specialist business, based out of Canada.

Craft Business Name Inspiration

  1. Habil Crafts: Habil is Spanish for “Skill” — an easy way to just bring in another language (still written in English characters), easy to pronounce, and is still relevant to Crafts business.
  2. Diestro: This name also means “skillful” in Spanish and it’s perfect for your Crafts business can stand all by itself and makes for a good brand that you can grow global with.
  3. Dreamation Crafts: Bringing in a combination of a sense of how thoughts (dreams) become things. Dreamily inspired, but created with skill and love.
  4. Unhindered Crafts: Stands for a Crafts business brand that’s defined by unbridled, unstoppable creativity and passion.
  5. Chic Crafts: A Crafts business that’s exclusive for the modern millennials reflecting values such as chic, urbane, and savvy.
  6. Insta Crafts: Contemporary and modern Crafts business that actually recreates the awesome art, artifacts, and crafts shared on Instagram.
  7. Organik Crafts:  Keeping the earth healthy is a mission for this crafts business. Sell only Crafts and items created with Organic material.
  8. Green Home Crafts & Art: Crafts and artifact dedicated to making your crafts not only look good but also help you go green.
  9. China Flair: Dedicated to importing, reselling, or recreating incredibly fine artifacts and products from China.

What Not to Name Your Craft Business

If you are thinking of making your Craft business global or large, don’t name the business after yourself. Apart from that, don’t use names that are long, difficult to spell, compound names that don’t connect, etc. For instance, don’t use a name like Butterscotch and beesting Crafts — it’s too long and it just doesn’t seem to connect for a Crafts or Artisan business.

Try not to court controversy by using names such as Shady Crafts, Witch Hunt Crafts, Black Magic Crafts, or Anti-Christ Crafts — you just don’t want that kind of a brand recall, do you?

While you are at it, avoid names that resemble larger brands, unappealing names, misspellings, variants of well-known names, or by mixing words together to make it even harder than it should be such as Chic Chick Crafts or Spaze Crafts.

Combine Words

We’ve taken words from above and from our generator results and combined the words to create new Craft business names.

Craftlectibles (Craft + Collectibles)






Craft in Foreign Languages

Consider using foreign words in your business name to give the impression of an international or exotic brand.

Latin: Arte

French: Artisanat

Italian: Mestiere

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