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Generate thousands of names for your craft business all in under 5 seconds.

1. Choose Your Craft Business Name Keywords

Think of some creative and crafty words to put in our craft business name generator.

2. Get Craft Name Ideas

The craft business name generator will give you thousands of original craft name ideas. Use filters to make the list more manageable.

3. Select Crafty Business Name Ideas

Highlight your favorite craft name ideas and choose one that sums up your company’s vibe or theme.

Benefits of the Craft Business Name Generator

Screenshot of How to use our Craft Business Name Generator

Generate ideas in seconds

The business name generator for crafts will instantly come up with numerous naming options for your craft business.

Get logo inspiration

Once you select name from the crafty business name generator, you can also select logos that resonate with your business. 

Check for domain availability

Promptly check if domain names suited to your business name are available.

Trademark cross-checking

Evaluate possible names with existing trademarks to sidestep legal issues.

Save your preferred business names

Save your preferred business name ideas to use later. 

Top Tips

How to Name a Craft Business

Not sure what steps to take to name your craft business? We’ve listed a few steps to help you out:


Word Combination

Combine two words to create a concise, unique name like “FairyCraft.” This approach helps in creating a unique brand identity that stands out in the craft market amongst your competitors.


Invent Neologisms

Forge entirely new words that are both memorable and easy to articulate. This innovative method will reflect your creativity, creating a unique brand appeal.


Rhythmic Names

Use alliteration, assonance, and consonance to make the name catchy and memorable. Build customer loyalty with a name that sticks to your clients’ minds.


Short and Sweet

Keep your name short, ideally under 20 characters and three syllables or less. Shorten names are easier for your clients to recall, and mention to others (a key aspect for word-of-mouth marketing). 


Check Availability

Ensure your chosen craft business name is available and that you can register the domain. Avoid being too similar to other craft businesses. 


eCommerce Consistency

Don’t forget to align your crafty business name with your website domain and social media for easy customer access. Make sure your brand is recognizable across different platforms.

Get Inspired

20 Craft Business Name Ideas

To ease you in, we’ve gathered 20 of our favorite names from the Craft Business Name Generator. Check them out:

  • Jungle Artisan
  • Grand Crafts Collective
  • Craftaholic
  • The Art House
  • Craft Connections
  • Featherweight Fabrics
  • Buttercup Designs
  • Project Pottery
  • Uncommon Crafts
  • Craft Bureau
  • Artisinal Splendors
  • EcoCrafts
  • Artlux
  • Apex Design
  • Crystal Artistry
  • Carved Creations
  • Fabled Furnishings
  • Ace Creative
  • Eternal Textiles
  • HomeCraft

Successful Craft Business Names and Why They Work

It’s never a bad idea to perform a competitor analysis during the naming process. That’s why we’ve put together five of the best real-world business names for crafts so that you can see what works in the field.

Craft Company NamesDescription
StickleyStickley is a renowned US manufacturer of premium home furniture. The name is taken from its founder, Gustav Stickley, who established the company in 1898. It has since flourished into an international brand. 
HaandHaand is a successful porcelain pottery manufacturer from North Carlina. The additional ‘a’ in the word ‘hand’ catches the eye, but it doesn’t disturb the readability or pronunciation of the name. 
Everest TextileEverest Textile is a key player in the textile industry and is an important provider for companies including Nike and Adidas. It’s a fairly simple name that clearly states the services provided, which is important for prospective partners. 
Carnation CraftsCarnation Crafts is a small family-run art and crafts business from the UK. The image of the carnation evokes a sense of elegance and intricacy that is particularly relevant to the products sold by the company. When paired with the word ‘Crafts’, it also creates alliteration that helps to make the name catchy.
Fireside Lodge FurnitureFireside Lodge Furniture is a manufacturer and supplier of hand-crafted wooden furniture based in Minnesota. Whilst this name is slightly longer than we’d usually recommend, it does a great job of highlighting the company’s key products and target market: rustic wooden furniture fit for campsites and forest retreats.
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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Firstly, decide on the type of products you are going to sell, your target market, and your USP. Based on these three areas, shortlist five or more keywords that reflect your craft business’ vision. Insert these keywords into the Craft Business Name Generator and select a name that is original, concise, and brandable.

A good craft business name communicates the products and services available as well as the vision of the company. It is usually short, rhythmic, and unique. Sometimes, a good business name for crafts uses new words in a creative way to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the best real-world craft business names include Haand, Stickley, and Everest Textile. Our favorite names from the Craft Business Name Generator are Craftaholic, Artisanal Splendors, and Fabled Furnishings. Try the name generator yourself and see what names you can find!

Firstly, choose your product area and see if it can be applied to any gaps in the market. Decide your target market as well as the vision and USP of your craft company. Locate suppliers and acquire any necessary permits. Establish your marketplace and, finally, get to work!



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