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How To Name Your Costume Store

Are you ready to kick-start your new costume store? The first and most important thing you need to do is decide on your Company’s name. This is because the name of your store will be front and center in every advertisement, website, and business card. Thus, it needs to create a good first impression on the viewers. Try our costume store name generator above to get ideas right away.

Furthermore, there are many things that you need to look into before selecting a name for your costume store. We have performed extensive research and accumulated all the information that will be beneficial in the naming process. Keep reading to know more.

How to use the costume store name generator?

Using our costume store name generator is extremely easy. Firstly, you need to write the word ‘costume’ or related keywords in the search bar and press ‘Generate.’ Some keywords include ‘drape,’ ‘style,’ ‘getup,’ ‘disguise,’ ‘cosplay,’ ‘masquerade’ and so on.

Once the search page loads, you can filter the results. For instance, there is a filter called Industry, where you can select a range of categories that fits your store. Fashion, creativity, and crafts are some of the categories that can match your costume store. Besides this, you can modify the character count, the number of words, placement of keywords, and so on. There is also a domain checker for names. Try our costume store name generator yourself and see the results.

20 Costume store name ideas

We conducted a search using our costume store name generator on your behalf. After a thorough examination, we have selected twenty unique names for your store. Kindly check if any of the suggestions inspire you to come up with your own costume store name idea.

  1. Enchant Craze
  2. Dandy Costume
  3. Chaos Cosplay
  4. Feature Fancy
  5. Drape Wardrobe
  6. Wardrobeworks
  7. Dapper Disguise
  8. Orn Costume
  9. Styled Splendor
  10. Apparel Project
  11. Selection Studio
  12. Outlet Outfit
  13. Nifty Alley
  14. Duke Dapper
  15. Halloween Heaven
  16. Styled Apparel
  17. Movement Masquerade
  18. Spirit Style
  19. Classic Costumes
  20. Creations Charm

20 More Costume store name ideas

  1. Costume Haven
  2. Masquerade
  3. Spirit of the Stage
  4. The Actor’s Wardrobe
  5. Grandma’s Attic
  6. Magic, Mascots & More
  7. Costume Keepers
  8. Delighted Disguises
  9. Masked Adventures
  10. Charmed Garb
  11. OnCue Costumes
  12. Wigged
  13. Superhero & Villains
  14. Phantom of the Party
  15. The Novel Shop
  16. Charmed Alley
  17. Embellished
  18. Spiffy’s Costume Studio
  19. Alice’s World of Wonder
  20. Dressed to Conceal

Best real-world costume store names

The Horror Dome

You can get an extensive range of products or apparel for Halloween at the Horror Dome store. It is one of the fastest-growing online Halloween product businesses globally, and its product categories include masks, costumes, props, decorations, Animatronics, and gift cards. Moreover, The Horror Dome has been running successfully for two decades. If a customer needs a special Halloween or haunted house item not listed on their website, they can arrange it. Besides this, the option of customization is available as well.

The Horror Dome might be too scary for young kids. Thus, it is more suitable for adults. The prices are comparatively higher. Overall, the costume store name idea is creative and evidently implies their kind of services, which attracts potential customers.

Behind the Scenes Costumes

This store is famous for its unique collection of vintage and Halloween clothing. The specific product categories that gained public attention include 18th-century costumes, eccentric Venetian masks, and Masquerades. Besides this, it also has a wide collection of Burlesque, Steampunk, Colonial, and Pirate costumes, and Hania Stramotas is the founder of this Business.

Making such lavish and intricate costumes is no piece of cake. A lot of work goes behind the scenes. For instance, Stramotas and her designer Susan Hiraoka give each costume a name and historical background before making it. This apparently helps with their design process. Moreover, they hand-select the fabric of each costume and make unique intricate detailing themselves. Thus, the store’s name corresponds to their work process and brings out the store’s originality. Moreover, it is an intriguing costume store name idea that helps attract various potential customers.

Carnival Store

This store is the most well-known fancy dress shop in London. Dimitri Stephanides founded this store back in 1952. Moreover, it has been in business for over 69 years. The Carnival Store has apparel and items for both adults and kids. Their product categories include fancy dresses, accessories such as wigs, masks, hats, face paints, footwear, teeth, Prosthetics, and many more. It does not matter if you need costumes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Olympics, or American Independence, the Carnival Store is always here to cater to your needs. Besides this, you can also rent clothes for playing a movie or cartoon character or a royal member. Thus, the name ‘Carnival Store’ perfectly fits their brand and showcases their services beyond all doubts.


If you are an anime lover and looking for stores to buy cosplay costumes, EZCosplay is the one for you. It was started by two anime enthusiasts who are also siblings. They are Lei Wang and Stella Wang. They have products for every anime lover, including Attack on Titan, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, and many more. Besides this, they also have costumes for countless movies and games. Thus, if you are a Genshin Impact or Valorant player, EZCosplay has the perfect costume for you.

Furthermore, if you wish to dress as your favorite character from movies such as Lord of the Rings or Spider-Man, this store is your destination. EZCosplay’s primary goal is to provide the best quality cosplay costumes globally. They continuously strive to upgrade their services.

Thus, the name EZCosplay projects their brand services evidently. Moreover, it also implies that you will have an easy (EZ) time searching for the ideal costume for you.


As the name already implies, this shop is the storehouse of Superhero costumes. The Company is based in China. They have a wide variety of superhero costumes. The categories include DC, Marvel, Totally Spies, Deadpool, Spiderman, Lantern Corps, Shego Kim Possible, the Avengers, Justice League, X-men, The Incredibles, My Hero Academia, and many more. In case your Superhero costume is not listed on the website, you can opt for their custom-making service. They also have solutions for outfits that are not in size. Besides this, Herostime offers Halloween costumes as well. The name evidently projects the niche of their Business, which is why they attract the right customers.

Unique advice content for costume store name

Do a brainstorming session

You need to brainstorm and think of a costume store name idea that will fit your brand. ‘Magic,’ ‘disguise,’ ‘stage,’ ‘actor’ are some creative and unique words that you can use. You can see that these terms are relevant to costume. However, it projects a wide range of costumes that people can expect from your store. Do not forget to jot down all your ideas somewhere for further analysis.

In case your creative juices are not working at the moment, you can always try our costume store name generator for free. Some of the names we accumulated from the generator include Masquerade Empire, Invasion Cosplay, and Regent Disguise.

Shorten your list of ideas

After writing all your ideas in the list, it is time to remove the unfit names and shortlist them. Make sure to keep the names that sound good and depict your brand well. We have prepared a quick checklist so that you can shortlist it with ease.

  • Can people read and pronounce the name easily?
  • Is the name unique and different from the rest?
  • Is the name memorable and straightforward?
  • Does the name project your brand values or communicate a relevant message?
  • Does the name contain clichés or overused terms? If so, the name is not suitable for your costume business.

Feedback is essential

After shortlisting, you should have around three to six good names for your Costume store. After this, we recommend you ask potential customers to provide some critical insight and feedback about these names. Besides them, you can also ask people who are working in the costume Industry. Many people make the mistake of solely asking their family and friends for feedback. This is of no use as they will most likely praise every idea. We have prepared some questions that you should ask your target audience.

  • What did you think of when you first heard the name of the costume store?
  • Is it easy to remember?

Check the name’s availability

After getting reviews and feedback, your list should have a minimum of three names. This is because some of the names might not be available. For this, you can conduct a quick search on Business Name Search. This will show whether the name is available for use in your state or country. Besides this, you also need to check if you can use it for Domain Name Registration. You can easily check this in our costume store name generator.

5 tips for creating unique costume store name ideas

Perform a competitor name analysis

Doing a competitor analysis is essential. If you do an analysis for their strategies, why not do it for their names as well? You can always take inspiration from them and perform a search on our costume store name generator to get more ideas. This will give you a clear picture of which costume store name idea is working out and which is not. Thus, you will be able to form the best name for your store and avoid mistakes.

While performing the analysis, make sure to get an answer to these questions:

  • Is the store able to convey its product or brand value through the name? Is it working in their favor?
  • Are costume stores following some trend in the naming process? Always remember your Business should stand out from the rest.
  • Which store has the best name? Why is it working, and how to form an even better name?

Your store name should convey your brand values

Most businessmen make the mistake of using mainstream terms such as ‘Superhero,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Spirit,’ and so on. These names are too literal and have a chance of getting lost in the bunch of other costume stores. A good business name should communicate your company and product values to the customers at a deeper level.

For example, there is a costume store called ‘Hogtown Mascots.’ The name clearly indicates that it sells costumes for mascots. Moreover, Hogtown is a historic nickname used for Toronto. Thus, it is a great name.

Create a memorable store name

It would be best to create a memorable name to create a good first impression on the customer. While this might sound easy, figuring it out is rather difficult. Thus, we have listed some tips on how to make the name more memorable.

  • Use alliteration. Our costume store name generator has a category for rhyming words. Some examples are Magic Mascots and Charmed Garb.
  • Make sure not to use long or complicated words.

Brandable business names are recommended

Brandable business names are those that make no sense. However, they are catchy, short, and sound good. Every name follows a Vowel/Consonant/Vowel pattern. Some examples of Brandable costume store names include Nurilo Costumes, Nuvane Costumes, and Alomos Costumes.

Do not make the mistake of making combinations

Many people in Business make this typical mistake of resorting to bad word combinations when they are unable to use their original idea. For example, John decided to name his costume store Maskzoid. However, he finds out that the name is already taken. Thus, he opts for combinations such as Masksszoid, MasskzoiD, and so on. This is a definite no. It is always better to start from scratch and follow the tips we mentioned above in such situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It would help if you analyzed your competitors first to understand what makes you stand out from the rest. Then use our costume store name generator to get ample ideas for your costume store.

Some of the best real-world costume store names include Abracadabra NYC, Screaming Mimi's, EZCosplay, The Horror Dome, Gothic Renaissance, and Behind the Scenes Costumes.

A great costume store name should be simple, short, easy to say aloud and remember. Moreover, it should also convey your product and brand value.


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