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Generate names for your cosmetic company below.

1. Choose Your Cosmetics Company Name Keywords

Identify some descriptive words that are relevant to your cosmetics products.

2. Get Cosmetics Company Name Ideas

Type your words into the cosmetic name generator and watch as it makes a long list of name ideas just for you.

3. Select Cosmetics Company Names

Verify availability before choosing a cosmetics brand name to move forward with.

Benefits of Our Cosmetic Company Names Generator

Our cosmetics company name generator is here to make your branding journey smoother and more efficient. Here are the different ways this tool can help you:

How to use our Cosmetics Company Name Generator

Save time and effort
No need to rack your brain for ideas; we’ve got plenty ready for you to explore. It’s a quick and easy way to find the perfect name without spending hours brainstorming.

It’s free
Our cosmetics company name generator is totally free to use. So, you get a ton of name suggestions without spending a dime.

Get logo ideas too
Not only do we suggest names, but we also toss in some logo design ideas. It helps visualize how your brand might look and feel with that name.

Relevant suggestions
The cosmetic name generator provides name suggestions relevant to the cosmetics industry. This way you’ll only find names that fit the vibe and feel of your brand.

Domain registration and availability checker
Our tool checks if the suggested name’s domain is up for grabs, this way, you can quickly claim it and establish an online presence.

Top Tips

How to Choose the Perfect Name for  Cosmetics Business

What do the successful cosmetic line names have in common? They are simple, catchy, and memorable. When choosing a business name for cosmetics, you have to make sure that the name ticks all these boxes. 

Besides sounding well, good cosmetic business names should also connect with your customers and reflect what your brand is all about. Follow these tips below to pick a name that absolutely represents your cosmetic brand.

Get inspiration from a generator

Get inspiration from a generator

Start off by using online tools meant for generating cosmetic business names. Our cosmetics company name generator can be a great starting point for generating fantastic cosmetic business name ideas. You may even find a name so perfect that you don’t need to tweak it. 

Embrace simplicity

Embrace simplicity

The best cosmetic company names are simple, easy to remember, and spell. Always keep simplicity in mind when choosing a name. Complicated names may turn customers away or limit your online presence.

Consider your products and target market 

Consider your products and target market 

Think about what makes your cosmetics unique. Is it the key ingredient, manufacturing process, or the specific niche your products cater to? See how SheaMoisture coined its name from the shea butter in its products. What about Soko Glam adopting the term ‘Soko’ because it targets the South Korean market?

Unleash your creativity

Unleash your creativity

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There’s no single ultimate path to arrive at a desired name. You can combine multiple names from the generator, and experiment with wordplay, metaphors, or cultural references that align with your brand’s identity. 

Personalize it

Personalize it

Your name or nickname can also make an excellent cosmetic brand name. Many of the big brands in the industry coined their cosmetic company names this way, the likes of  Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Fenty, and Kiehl’s. Your initials can work too: take KKW Beauty as an example.

Ask for a review 

Ask for a review 

Get feedback from people you trust. They might see things from a different angle and help you choose a name that really stands out. Consider their suggestions and refine your options based on their feedback.

Get Inspired

Cosmetics Company Name Ideas

These are 20 names we came up with using the cosmetics company name generator. Go through them to understand what the generator’s output looks like and then, try to generate some more by yourself.

  • Aesthetic Storm
  • Desire Face
  • Ethereal Enhancement
  • Become Aesthetic
  • Face Bay
  • Face Fix
  • Lavish Enhancement
  • Makeup Marvel
  • Revive Aesthetics
  • Sugar Makeup
  • Cosmoline
  • Magic drop
  • Dream Shades
  • Absolute Glam
  • Refined Reveal
  • Blooming Beauty
  • Beauty Bonanza
  • Ultra Beauty
  • Mascara Maniacs
  • Lippy Time
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The cosmetic industry has grown steadily since 2004. Despite a slight decline during the COVID-19 lockdown, the industry is set to generate a whopping $129 billion revenue by 2028. Among other segments, skincare makes up a large portion of the cosmetic industry with a 41 percent market share

Social media influencers have contributed immensely to the growth of the beauty industry. This niche has the third highest representation on Instagram, with 7.63 percent of influencers on the platform promoting beauty products and services. This figure emphasizes the importance of leveraging social media marketing strategies for your cosmetic brand. 

Remember, there’s enough room in the sky for all flyers, use the generator to find a good company name and launch your brand right away.

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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start by brainstorming words related to beauty, skincare, or makeup. Enter these words into the cosmetic name generator and look through the results. Think about how these names highlight your brand's uniqueness and reflect its essence. Then check if it's available and register it.

Your cosmetics business name should reflect your brand values, connect with your audience, and be memorable. Focus on what sets your products apart - whether it's natural ingredients, specific benefits, or a luxurious vibe.

No, you can generate as many cosmetic brand name ideas as you like free of charge. After the first batch of names, click on the 'Generate more' button to generate more until you find one that stands out.



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