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How To Name Your Computer Repair Business

How To Name Your Computer Repair Business

We all know that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach after you crack your computer screen or drop your phone in the bath.

That awful moment of realization when you know that putting it in rice isn’t going to cut it this time. So, who do we look for when our luck runs out?
Your computer repair business, of course!

But once the frantic Google search for the best repair shop in town starts, how can you be sure that your business name will catch the eye of a desperate customer? Well, that’s where using the Computer Repair Business Name Generator can help you out!

Using the Computer Repair Business Name Generator assures that you have the most eye-catching and unique name that gets those customers to splash the cash!

Below, we take you through how to get started on discovering your computer repair business name, with some handy how-to’s, tips, and examples on picking the best business name there is! Let’s get started!

20 Computer Repair Business Name Ideas

Here we’ve collected 20 example computer repair business names from the Computer Repair Business Name Generator to guide you in the right direction and give you some inspiration. Could you see yourself trading under any of these names? Make sure you try the Computer Repair Business Name Generator yourself to see if you can find that perfect name!

  1. RepairsRevolution
  2. Computer Compound
  3. Beep Doctor
  4. Digital Link
  5. Diagnostic Doubles
  6. Mechanic Reboot
  7. Digital Overwrite
  8. Abstract Repair
  9. OptimalCyber
  10. TheDigitalSurgeons
  11. ByteSalvage
  12. Encrypted Tool Shed.
  13. Bug Beguile
  14. Wired Pharmacy
  15. DesktopDandy
  16. CompTech Shack
  17. Error404 NoMore
  18. Diagnostic Dough
  19. CompCalibrate
  20. Bug Burnout

20 More Computer Repair Business Name Ideas

How To Name Your Computer Repair Business
  1. Tech Wizards
  2. The Hardware Clinic
  3. WeFix
  4. Hi Tech Maintenance Boutique
  5. Pro IT Solutions
  6. Healthy PC Co.
  7. PC Fix and Beyond
  8. ComTech Repairs
  9. Hardware Guys
  10. The PC Doctor
  11. PC Break No More
  12. Hardware Care Services
  13. FlexPC Repairs
  14. Byte by Byte Computer Diagnostics
  15. Safe Comp Co.
  16. Digital Masters
  17. Healthy Click Clinic
  18. A to Z Computer Services
  19. Bugs Be Gone
  20. Urban Laptop Shop

Best Real-world Computer Repair Business Names

Are you feeling uninspired? Don’t panic! Figuring out a great business name can be tough; that’s why we’ve got you covered on the creativity front.

We’ve listed a group of successful computer repair businesses with great names to give you a creative boost! We’ve explained what makes each name stand out and why it’s so successful with customers.

Pay close attention to the hidden meanings of words to see if you can pinch any cool ideas!

This list covers all things computers like software, tech support, and screen repair, so don’t worry if there are names that don’t immediately specialize in computer repair!

Apple’s Genius Bar

We’re willing to bet you know who Apple is, and maybe you’ve even had a first-hand encounter with the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store. Specializing in all things tech repair, the Genius Bar is an incredibly successful asset to Apple’s business, with millions of people booking appointments every year!

Apple has done some pretty cool marketing with the Genius Bar’s name. The customer is promised the best service from highly skilled and intelligent individuals by using the word ‘genius,’ all with the casual and relaxed tone of being at a bar. It’s simple but super effective.

Geek Squad

Who doesn’t take a little comfort in a business called Geek Squad? Geek Squad offers repair and support to a wide range of electronics, not just computers.

Geek Squad has a unique take on branding; they even label their staff as ‘Agents.’ What’s not to love?

On the surface, it may just seem like a gimmick, but Geek Squad successfully brings in customers by marketing itself as a friendly, relaxed company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. They also immediately put customers at ease with the knowledge that computer know-it-alls or ‘geeks’ are on the job!

It’s also worth mentioning that the word ‘geek’ is an internationally recognized label, so they already understand the type of business they’re dealing with regardless of customers’ language.

Computer Prodigies

Computer Prodigies is a top-rated electronics repair store based in Chicago. Computer Prodigies have done a great job at immediately establishing themselves as experts in their field. By using the word ‘prodigies,’ customers know that they are doing business with individuals who excel in their field of knowledge.

There is also a lack of complicated jargon, so customers know what the business does without having to research them any further or decrypt any play on words or puns.

My Computer Works

Well, there’s no better way to get straight to the point. That’s what makes this computer repair company’s name so effective; there’s no way you can misunderstand ‘my computer works.’ My Computer Works market themselves as a model of computer repair and clearly state that your computer can work too if you decide to do business with them.

This is another example of a company that doesn’t want to come across as super serious and cold to their customers, so they have opted for a name that, at first glance, is quite simple but is effective in terms of branding.

My Computer Works is easy to spell, say, and has clear intentions, so customers aren’t left scratching their head when they’re trying to understand what that business does.

Choose Computer Repair Business names that paints you as reliable in uncertain times

Trading in technology puts you at the forefront of modern business, so in uncertain times, you’ll need to be a port in a storm.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of us traded the office for our guest bedrooms and switched board rooms for Zoom calls, so we tested our reliance on technology more than ever. In fact, 71% of Americans switched to home working most or all of the time during the pandemic.

Obviously, to work from home but still stay connected to colleagues, people need access to laptops and PCs for most of the day, so a broken keyboard or smashed LCD can mean major disruption to people’s work and home life!

That’s where your computer repair business comes to the rescue and saves one of that 71% of Americans a day lost on their paycheck!

With that in mind, you should try to think of or generate a name that strikes confidence in customers and makes them feel like you are the right person to call in times of crisis.

5-Tips for creating unique Computer Repair Business name ideas

Even after you’ve familiarized yourself with all the ways you can develop computer repair business names, we know that it can feel quite stressful navigating this journey. So, we’ve broken it down into five easy steps, so you know precisely how to kickstart your computer repair business.

1. Work out your specialty

Your specialty will be the primary service that you offer your customers. What is the gap in the market that you are targeting? Are you an all-rounder computer repair company, or do you specifically deal with hardware?

Do you offer within-the-hour service, or do you require overnight access to customer items? Whatever it may be, your specialty may be the thing to exploit in your search for names!

2. Finalize your identity

What do you want customers to take away when they read your name? Do you want to give them the impression that you are all about business and have big dreams about becoming the next tech giant?

Or, will you take a page out of Geek Squad’s book and market yourself as fun and friendly, and maybe even give your employees a cool title? Whichever way you decide to brand yourself, your decision will impact how you name your business.

Think about translating that identity into a title so customers know who they’re dealing with just from a quick Google search.

3. What is your USP?

Your USP, or unique selling point, is what sets you apart from other computer repair businesses out there. You have to ask yourself, ‘what makes my company the go-to place for…?

Your USP should define how you get your name out into the world; so, it could affect your naming decisions.

To work out your USP, you should consider the following:

  • target audience
  • The gap in the market that you are filling
  • How your service compares to competitors
  • What are your core values as a business?

Figuring out the technicalities will help you strategize more effectively, ultimately rewarding you with customers spending big bucks in your business!

4. Use the Computer Repair Business Name Generator

What are some of the keywords that you think best describe the service you provide? Got them? It’s time to put them to good use. Enter your keywords into the Computer Repair Business Name Generator to see what you can find!

You should find a few that feel the most accessible, memorable, and maybe even a little fun. Try to focus on uniqueness and rhythm, as these are the things that customers tend to remember the most.

5. Put it to a vote!

You need to ensure that your fancy new name isn’t a total miss with everyone but you. So, consider putting your selection to a vote amongst your family, friends, or even your employees if you have them.

By shortlisting your picks in this way, you’ll ensure that your names are accessible and understandable for a broad range of people, so when it comes to publicizing your computer repair business name, you’ll have much more success!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we can't give you exact specifics, we can give you some advice. You should get creative with your name selection and try to use acronyms, mashups, and puns where you can so you stand out from competitors!

Computer technicians work on various things like repairing and maintaining hardware and software and supporting everyone's technological needs when necessary. They can also diagnose people's computer problems, troubleshoot the issue, and advise how to avoid any more issues best

You should always check that your domain is available to use before you make your final decision. This is super important to avoid any legal action against you from a business with the same name. You can check whether your name is available on the Computer Repair Business Name Generator!

You’ll first need to lay down the basics. What will you sell? What makes you different? Where and how will I trade? These are the key ingredients to a good business strategy. You’ll then need to use the Computer Repair Business Name Generator to find that winning business title!

You'll need to be computer literate and understand how and why faults happen. You'll also need to know how to install lots of different software and understand what each of them does. You may also need to be hands-on if you are dealing with hardware repair. Good problem-solving skills and customer service are also vital skills!


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