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Google Cloud Platform

there isn’t a whole lot to say about this company. The company is a Google division that specializes in the platform as a service (PaaS) provision. The platform offers an array of cloud computing services.


the company was officially named Oak Ridge Telephone Company. In the 70s, it underwent a name change to Century Telephone Enterprises and eventually – to CenturyLink. The name is reflective of technological changes in the field.


specializing in an array of cloud-based services, the company has a name indicative of the ready availability of such solutions.


a cloud-based storage service, Sync has a name that tells potential clients they can easily transfer data across platforms and make sure that they’ve accomplished complete synchronization as far as version control goes.


cleverly named, the San Francisco company offers electronic signature technology that enhances digital transactions and makes them safer.


the cloud service provider focuses on data analytics that companies can rely on to ensure optimal uptime, cybersecurity and better performance. The name is indicative of the company’s ability to boost productivity and help companies work smarter.


the name of the company is a derivative from the names of the three Zuora founders – K.V. Rao, Cheng Zou and Tien Tzuo.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Good marketing strategies in the field of cloud computing typically focus on two things – flexibility and accessibility. These are the biggest strengths of cloud platforms and services. They can grow together with the user and they’re also readily available from any location that has internet access.

Naming strategies offer a whole lot of flexibility. Some companies go for a practical approach and they focus on strengths or the specifics of a product. Technical terminology can also be utilized. Others opt for a completely irrelevant or a made-up word that is given certain meaning through branding efforts.

Unless you are targeting a very specific audience, refrain from going too narrow. Industry jargon is fine if your business will be interacting predominantly with companies that have a history in IT development. When targeting a B2C client, however, you should not be adopting such an alienating approach towards name generation. Instead, you may want to focus on the benefits and the best characteristics of your services

Remote access, convenience, flexibility, instant access, scalable, personalized, frameworks, innovative delivery method, hybrid cloud computing, cost-efficient, choice, management, web-based service, enterprise solution, optimized, customer data management, 24/7 support, secure, networking technologies

Clientele & Interests

Cloud-based solutions are scalable, convenient and readily accessible from just about every location. Depending on the specifics of the product development, cloud companies can work with both businesses and end B2C customers.

B2B interactions involve both small companies and large enterprises. Cloud solutions are highly scalable, which allows for effortless modifications as a business grows. Thus, when a company discovers the right cloud service provider, it’s likely to stick with the opportunity and make changes upon necessity.

B2C customers can be looking for an array of cloud solutions – from document storage to email clients and electronic signatures. Typically, these clients are tech-savvy and they have a good idea about the features they want. Cloud companies usually work with younger clients who are open to new technologies and willing to experiment with solutions that offer an alternative to a standard service or a product.

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Industry Related Words



cloud platform

software as a service


platform as a service



cloud app

cloud storage

document storage

Google Drive


cloud backup


cloud computing


cloud management


server hosting

virtual server

cloud server

hybrid storage

infrastructure as a service


personal cloud

private cloud

public cloud

vertical cloud computing


consumer cloud

content management

external cloud

hosted application

Microsoft Office

on-demand service

pay as you go

utility computing

flexible capacity

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