Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Accelerate naming process using the name ideas below (or generate them yourself)

Selecting the right clothing name is a critical moment to showcase your brand’s personality to potential customers. A strong brand name can help establish the business as a household name and transform customers into walking advertisements. 

Don’t start your brainstorming session with a blank notebook. Our Clothing Brand Name Ideas Generator offers a range of suggestions you can use as-is or to inspire your own catchy clothing brand names.

Benefits of Having a Great Brand Name

A good clothing brand name can play a significant role in helping a business stand out from the competition and establish a firm presence in the market. 

Here are a few ways a great name‌ for your clothing brand can enhance your business:

  1. Creates a unique identity – A unique and memorable brand name can help establish a strong identity for a business, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember the brand.
  2. Differentiates you from the competition – A well-crafted brand name can help a business differentiate itself from competitors by communicating a unique value proposition and brand personality.
  3. Easier for customers to remember – A great brand name is memorable and easy to recall, which helps increase brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness.
  4. Increases brand awareness – A strong brand name can help increase brand awareness, especially when combined with effective marketing and advertising strategies.
  5. Builds trust – A well-established brand name can help build trust with customers by conveying credibility, reliability, and quality.

50 best clothing brand name ideas list

1. Shirts Cave

2. Threads Stone

3. Men’s Creed

4. Outfit Faille

5. Men’s Ardor

6. Women’s Label

7. Women’s Forge

8. Barebone Dresses

9. Dresses Bunco

10. Snappy Dresses

11. Women’s Capture

12. Threads Dud

13. Outfit Creation

14. Men’s Zoo

15. Shirt Cabana

16. Vogue Dresses

17. Men’s Tale

18. Shirts Lab

19. Men’s Guild

20. Epic Threads

21. Women’s Touch

22. Dress Shore

23. Fabled Threads

24. Tornado Threads

25. Dress Delights

26. Shirts Scene

27. Shirts Sultana

28. Dresses Daytona

29. Men’s Machines

30. Women’s Warmth

31. Torque Threads

32. Ojas Outfit

33. Successful Shirts

34. Smite Shirts

35. Doggy Dresses

36. Moksha Men

37. Tael Threads

38. Milli Men

39. Ooze Outfit

40. Mortar Men

41. Curvaceous Women

42. Dune Women

43. Fame Shirts

44. Aloha Shirts

45. Forge Threads

46. Carve Dresses

47. Pink Outfit

48. Suburbia Women

49. Patch Shirts

50. Saint Dresses

Need more clothing brand name ideas? Generate here:

Creating Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Brainstorming a name for your clothing store 

Brainstorming is the first step to creating catchy clothing business name ideas. With our name generators, you can use both conventional and unconventional keywords to evaluate and refine your options. 

Consider the goals of the brand, its target audience, and the emotions you want to evoke when creating the brand name. And during your brainstorming sessions, take notes and keep a record of all the ideas generated, even if they seem unrealistic. 

From there, you can evaluate and narrow down a list of the most promising options. Brainstorming is a fun and creative process that can lead to the discovery of a unique and memorable brand name.

Relative clothing and fashion keywords

Exploring keywords associated with clothing, fashion brands, and style is the best way to expedite the naming process. They make it easier for potential customers to find and identify your brand, and they improve your search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for customers to find your online clothing store.

Our advice: Choose a name that integrates relevant keywords in your brand name to establish your brand as an authority in the clothing industry. You’ll increase your brand’s visibility and attract more customers.

Combining words to create unique clothing brand names

Blending two or more words together can sometimes create a unique and memorable name. Combo names can be quirky, descriptive, or even humorous, as long as they’re easily recognizable and accurately reflect the brand’s personality and ethos. When done successfully, a unique portmanteau company name can help establish an identity and set the brand apart from competitors.

Checking if the clothing brand name is available

Before starting a clothing brand, it is important to check if the brand name and domain name are available for:

  1. Legal reasons – To avoid infringement of someone else’s trademark and to ensure that the brand name is legally available for use.
  2. Marketing reasons – To ensure that you have a unique name that’s recognizable, avoiding confusion with other existing brands.
  3. Brand identity – A brand name is an important aspect of a company’s identity and can affect the success of the brand.

By checking the availability of your clothing line name ideas, you’ll protect and promote your brand’s image and reputation.

50 Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Fashion Flood
  • Chic Custom
  • Outfit Operator
  • Boho Bugs
  • Chic Colossus
  • Fashion Foozle
  • Outfit Opacity
  • Fashion Forum
  • Boho Bit
  • Fashion Flower
  • Outfit Oryx
  • Chic Collector
  • Chic Cool
  • Boho Bambino
  • Boho BodyBuild
  • Fashion Floor
  • Boho Branded
  • Big Boho
  • Fashion Farming
  • Chic Creations
  • Fashion Flicker
  • Milano Mane
  • Milano Miner
  • Opal Outfit
  • Boho Bridge
  • Outfitorama
  • Bare Boho
  • Boho Bumble
  • Fluffy Fashion
  • Bamboo Boho
  • Foster Fashion
  • Fabled Fashion
  • Beguiling Boho
  • Backboard Boho
  • Moonshot Milano
  • Osiris Outfit
  • Clan Chic
  • Flamingo Fashion
  • Bargain Boho
  • Frat Fashion
  • Mega Milano
  • Inside Italy
  • Concord Chic
  • Fuse Fashion
  • Mungo Milan
  • Barbell Boho
  • Infinite Italy
  • Fashion by France
  • Crib Chic
  • Breezy Boho

50 Traditional Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Charming Christmas
  • Fauna Family
  • Fly Family
  • Centaur Christmas
  • Kaiser Family
  • Traditonus
  • Snazzy Folk
  • Flip 4th July
  • Notch Folk
  • Dynasty Tradition
  • Folk Parade
  • Urbane Tradition
  • Nip Tradition
  • Curvaceous Cowboys
  • Richness Folk
  • Frill Tradition
  • Family Fashion
  • Clothesgiving
  • Donna Tradition
  • Auction Cowboys
  • Cowboys Insignia
  • Thanksgiving Deal
  • Family Grande
  • Folk Dynasty
  • Family Circle
  • Saint Folk
  • Family Blank
  • Christmas Swag
  • Christmas Panther
  • Thanksgiving Sapphire
  • Folk Lion
  • Cowboy Ruby
  • Ethnic Exchange
  • Ethnic Clique
  • Family Grove
  • Classy Cowboys
  • Flagship Family
  • Farm Family
  • Eternal Ethnic
  • Canvas Cowboys
  • Cabana Cowboys
  • Freak Family
  • Collar Cowboys
  • Fort Family
  • Cyber Christmas
  • Christmas Culture
  • Frosty Family
  • Cozy Cowboys
  • Tradition Tire
  • Family Femme

Generate more traditional clothing name ideas here:

100 Streetwear Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Vintage StreetAxe SquareSplendor StreetTough CityJog Street
Faille KicksSnug StreetImpulse StreetCirculate StreetSymbol City
Supply StreetMomento SquareCastaway KicksLaced UrbanMilli Kicks
Snug StreetMaximus ClothesShobiaInstant ClothingBrigade City
Rancor ClothingCub StreetHatchel SquareShoenestFlower Clothes
StreetxStreetableA+ ShoesGarmsvioAdonis Vests
Real ClothingVestquipoNifty GarmsVestyaDeem Kicks
Dynasty KicksApache ClothingDesign GarmsVariable ClothingGarmsdo
World ClothingStreetorzoBurb KicksLacey StreetStrip Clothing
Strength ClothesDonna StreetColossus VestSakura ClothingFunctional Kicks
Rev ClothingSuburbia VestHorde ClothingDonna StreetSquare Sway
Street SkillClothes ChartStreet SignatureStreet SpicySteamy Street
Clothes CavilStreet Strong-SideStreet SkuaVest VerifiedVest Vamp
Clothes ConveyanceGarms GoliathClothes CrawlerStreet SoarSquare Shrine
Clothes CraftedVest VolcanoSquarelanceSquare EvermoreClothing Infinity
Runway GarmsClothes SwitchGarmsegyStreetvioClothing All
SquareliaClothes MerchantStreet MassClothing TimeoutNative Clothing
Vest AnatomyClothing DeepCollect ClothesCreativo ClothesSigma Street
Surveyor StreetCha-Cha ClothesSuperstoreCatalog ClothesCog Clothes
Slurp SquareVideogame VestGonzo GarmsClub ClothesCantina Clothes

50 Christian Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Elegant Saint
  • Stylish Saint
  • Saint Majesty
  • Bible Road
  • Christian Kart
  • Church Supply
  • Bible Wayfarer
  • Jesus Robe
  • Church Martyr
  • Christian Ally
  • Peter Pharaoh
  • Christian Merchant
  • Nifty St Peter
  • Christian Clue
  • Christian Cleopatra
  • Church Hatchel
  • Christianzoid
  • Saint Khan
  • Saint Vogue
  • Guided Christian
  • Church Clothing
  • Christian Suburbia
  • Jesusium
  • Bunco Church
  • Saint Fashion
  • Christian Frost
  • Jesus Gear
  • Jesus Jade
  • Bible Swag
  • Affinity Bible
  • Wedge Jesus
  • Christian Flair
  • Nifty Church
  • Unique Saint
  • Bible Extravagance
  • Decadent Church
  • Plush Christian
  • Void Jesus
  • Christian Duchess
  • Bible Allure
  • Church Apparel
  • Divine Saint
  • Closet Jesus
  • Jesus Drip
  • Renown Christian
  • Attract Saint
  • Purity Peter
  • Secure Saint
  • Christian Commerce
  • Amenity Jesus

50 Sustainable Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Smart Bling
  • Green Cabana
  • Enter Natures
  • Glance Natural
  • Artisan Natural
  • Naturtastic
  • Sustainable Chard
  • Organya
  • Nature Uniform
  • Natural Attractive
  • Smart Outskirt
  • Organic Garms
  • Organic Barter
  • Sustainable Dynasty
  • Organic Grove
  • Nature Drip
  • Green Guided
  • Natural Amber
  • Green Gold
  • Naturegenix
  • Nature Keep
  • Green Luxury
  • Organic Luxury
  • Nature Peek
  • Stylish Nature
  • Organic Victor
  • Natural Majesty
  • Forest King
  • Forest Queen
  • Voluptuous Nature
  • Forest Cabana
  • Greenwind
  • Natural Expert
  • Floral Forest
  • Nature Nest
  • Forest Fad
  • Forest Drip
  • Sustainable Sweet Sharp
  • Green Gurus
  • Nature Novel
  • Greengenic
  • Green Gunslingers
  • Organic Objective
  • Nature Nation
  • Orgasnic
  • Forest Fiesta
  • Green Guard
  • Nature Nexus
  • Nature Niyama
  • Green Galvanic

Not satisfied? Generate more sustainable clothing name ideas here:

100 Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas Tagalog

Dapper UrbanFame UrbanWhip WearCandy CityWanderlust Wear
Continental CityWidget WearInspire CityOrganics OutfitFiber Fit
Tailor TownFit FlakeTown TalesOutward DowntownTown Training
Celestial CityOn-Court OutfitFit FadTown TastingsOceanside Outfit
Mighty DowntownWobbly WearBoho ClothesCheeky CityTown Trap
City ChunkWhisper WearWick WearTown DivineUrban Bro
Aloha CityCity ClanTown AviatorFit RunwayUrban Clinic
Urban EnchantUrban StylishOutfit WiredCity GarmentFit Array
Urban HeatOutfit GrindCity FormJungle WearCity Darling
Urban MassUrban AxeTown MisfitsOutfit WickTown Shred
Town H2OZip WearThor CityDowntown RoseTown SKill
Wear ShapeAbove OutfitWear BoulderDowntown DynastyUrban Knick
Wear DukeUrban GuildMiss WearCity SnugUrban Dynasty
Town BrokerDowntown AerobicUrban DaisyUrban SlayDowntown Taper
Urban BlingCity BlingCity VoidTown FableUrban Lavish
Downtown HazelCity NestCity AllyDowntown MovementDowntown Maximus
Wear MinkApparel OutfitPure OutfitRebel CityMaker Wear
Modish WearKick OutfitAphrodite UrbanDusk CityNinja City
Creed WearArray DowntownMajesty DowntownReset CityUrbane Town
Divine DowntownRhino TownThin CityUrban DuchessSnappy City

100 Baby Clothing Brand Name Ideas

BabyvaBabynestSupply GenerationNewiumRare Kid
Young AuctionNew CommerceYoung CreedDrip NewKidster
Style KidCue KidRoll BabyDandy GenerationMagic Young
Avenue BabyRangers GenerationSombre KidWorld BabyCave Child
Wedge ChildSaint KidBoulevard KidShelter ChildRebel Kid
Mikado YoungFinesse BabyLion BabyLuxury BabyFly Child
ChildsyBabyhutKidadoraDune ChildMink Young
Spike ChildCabana BabyBarter BabyLittle BabyCrossroads Kid
Aplenty YoungYoung MillionChildbesForm KidDirect Baby
Outskirt ChildKidlyticalSnug ChildStreet YoungMagic Baby
Zip YoungMantle ChildYoungsioStrap BabyFavor Young
BabyneticLost ChildYoungverseWorld YoungAristocrat Child
ChildocityYounglyBoulevard KidBabyneticMerchant Kid
Child DivineYoung ConventionalYoung BoxBaby PatrolYoung Crib
Kid SellSesame KidKid CleopatraChild FlipBaby Spot
Child GroveCurvy BabyYoung MadrasYoung DripBaby Explore
Baby DreamElegant ChildCovert ChildYoung DynastyChild Casa
Child CrooksBaby BoYoung YardBaby BoosterCuddly Child
Child CzarBaby BedBaby BureauChef ChildChild Creators
Young BuildKid TenorYoung JaguarNomad ChildYoung Hitch

100 Cool Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Rebel ThreadsFashnestPasha ChicLooker JeansIneffable Chic
Fetching FashionOmni ShirtsCapital ClothingAntidote WearShirtsnest
ShirtsadoMaverick WearThreadsocityArdor LineDiana Threads
Fireball ClothingBarebone ShirtsTopic ClothingLab WearTrendy Togs
Smelt ShirtsMagna LineNest ThreadsBaked LabelLoop Classic
Fashion FuturistLilly SilhouetteRitual AttireDaring DudsVoid Collection
Banish ClothingSway LabelFuel ClassicRebel LineColorway Ensemble
Peachy Clothing Co.Behold ShirtsFree Spirit FashionsCrash ClothingAthena Look
Rider RackFabric BonesLabel TwistDeemPhenom Label
Tribe Clothing CoWagon WheelFlower FabricsMisguided CollectionKin Casual
Blurred ThreadsAhead of the CurveArk ThreadsChic RebellionStory Attire
Bash EnsembleFathom CollectionLoop FabricRakish AttireCuts Collection
Dahlia FabricsFable LabelKeep JeansFlaunt Couture Cave Clothes
Courageous ClothesWearopsAdonis AttireCrave ClothingExpanse Ensemble
Fierce FabricsAbstract AttireClothinglyLine-up LabelCasa Clothes
Sumo ThreadsCutting Edge CasualsCanvas CollectionWild WardrobeCovert Collection
Lap JeansArc AttireFabric VoidLoki LabelLensman Clothing Co
Chapter ShirtsTinted WearList LabelCue CollectionLabel Kick
Freya ThreadsFocused FabricsJuliette JeansAcclaimed ClothesCherub Jeans
Faro FabricHype AttireAura LookTake JeansZipped Threads

100 Minimalist Clothing Brand Name Ideas

SimplicitaFrill PrepOwl FashionPanda VintageEssential Attire
Lynx LineMinimal MilanoBastasticIcarus OutletMikado
SultanaMinimal WardrobeLola LineThe Minimalist LineChat Clothing
Collusion ThreadsBeckonModishClean Cut ClothingFlip Brand
Bop PantsSleek and SimpleTenor RackStreamlined StyleSimplicity & Style
Pure EssentialsEthereal BareDonna RackThe Ugly MinimalistModish Clothing
Cypher ClothingEffortless EssentialsChic VistaCabal ChicRackfluent
Roll JeansRed-eyeClaim ClothingJeanssyBelle Shirts
Boho RackShirtsisticEssential ThreadsTease ShirtsSimple Silhouettes
JeansadoPantsioAmeliChic CueChadri
RackzenForage CollectionGrid JeansShirtsnMode Threads
The Minimal CollectionLine LinksFashlanceRoamMinimalist Apparel
Hera FashionWearcogHatchelMyst Line
JeansbeaAztec LineModern MinimalismThreadszenMomento Clothing
Minimal Modern WearBaron CollectionFashadoraEssential PiecesVixen
Bent ClassicLabelzenClue AttireBonitaToss Attire
VisageUncomplicated ChicLotus LineGrind FashionPared-Down Pieces
Lapse LineBloom ClothingOutpost BasicCleo ClassicWish Attire
Mantle AttireSerenity AttireZag JeansKit BareBlurred Casual
Timeless ThreadsNip FabricPurely EssentialCrest AttireStreamlined Fashions

Need more catchy clothing name ideas? Generate here:

50 Cute Names For Clothing Brands

  • Cupidwear
  • Cozy Chic
  • Soft Touch
  • Trendy Threads
  • Sweet Stitch
  • Lovely Laces
  • Cuddly Cottons
  • Adorable Attire
  • Precious Prints
  • Fresh Fabric
  • Happy Hemlines
  • Chic Styles
  • Sassy Stripes
  • Classy Clothes
  • Timeless Tops
  • Delicate Dresses
  • Radiant Rags
  • Pretty Patterns
  • Bold Basics
  • Fun Fashions
  • Elegant Ensembles
  • Flattering Fits
  • Dazzling Duds
  • Charming Chiffon
  • Soothing Silks
  • Glamorous Garments
  • Radiant Raiment
  • Soft Selections
  • Chic Shirts
  • Comfy Cuts
  • Graceful Gowns
  • Fantastic Frocks
  • Jolly Jeans
  • Funky Furs
  • Luxurious Layers
  • Joyful Jumpsuits
  • Cute Coats
  • Elegant Eveningwear
  • Stunning Suits
  • Radiant Robes
  • Pretty Pants
  • Stylish Skirts
  • Chic Shorts
  • Comfy Cardigans
  • Radiant Rompers
  • Fun Frocks
  • Lovely Leggings
  • Cupidwear
  • Stunning Scarves
  • Elegant Wraps

Ready to Name Your Fashion Brand?

Choosing the right clothing brand name is critical in the fashion business. A solid brand name creates an image, evokes emotions, and builds loyalty among customers. And it will set your clothing business apart from the competition. 

If you want to establish credibility and make it easier for customers to remember and recognize your brand, consider factors like your target audience, brand personality, and the overall market and competition. With the right name, you can establish a long-term presence in the industry.

Our clothing brand name generator will churn out unlimited ideas for free. What are you waiting for? Start your business name brainstorming session now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To start, our Clothing Brand Name Ideas Generator is a tool you can use to find inspiration for your search. The names generated are not end-all, be-all suggestions. Use the generated names along with the other tips listed above to find an extraordinary name for your brand. Otherwise, here’s a list of other sources of inspiration for clothing brand names: 1. Personal experiences, interests, and passions. 2. Pop culture — books, movies, music, and art. 3. Location, geography, and landmarks. 4. The clothing brand's aesthetic, mission, and values. 5. Foreign languages and their meanings. 6. Mythology, folklore, and legends. 7. Nature and its elements — flowers, animals, and planets. 8. History, science, and technology. 9. Trends and current events in fashion and popular culture.

There are a lot of suggestions above that will help you set your clothing line name ideas apart. Try Unique spelling or word combinations, puns, wordplay, portmanteaus, elements of local or cultural significance, associating the name with a specific emotion or feeling, or using an abstract concept, such as a color, symbol or element. As long as the name is easy-to-remember and has a unique sound to it, you’ll be able to create your brand identity.

Use these channels for market research on your ideas: - Competitor analysis - Customer surveys - Online data - Trade shows - Sales data - Social media - Industry reports - Online forums and blogs - Networking

It is unnecessary for there to be a specific meaning behind your clothing brand name ideas. As long as your name reflects your brand values, mission, and aesthetic, and it resonates with your target audience, you’re good. But it’s ultimately up to your brand strategy. A meaningful name can help in building a strong brand identity and connecting with your target audience. It can also give your teams a sense of purpose or mission, which can be appealing to customers who value authenticity and social responsibility.

This question treads a fine line. You can use someone else’s name ‘ideas’ for inspiration. Businesses do it every day. However, you don’t want to copy legally protected brand names and trademarks. It’s trademark infringement that can lead to legal action. Don’t put effort into copying a brand. Our generator is free and unlimited! Use this tool to create your own unique name you can trademark and copyright for yourself — and then reap the benefits.

Yes, you can change your name in the future if necessary. But the clothing industry has a distinction from other industries. Clothing brands have a higher overhead and permanence than other industries. When you sell a shirt with your brand name, it’s out there for the world to see, and changing that later on can cause confusion — and it’s expensive. If you are considering changing a clothing brand name, carefully evaluate the reasons behind the change and weigh the potential benefits and risks. And if you proceed, have a well-planned and executed strategy for communicating the change to your customers.


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