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Complete Guide to Naming Your Boutique Business

Our boutique business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get boutique business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The term boutique itself sounds different from a shop or a store. It speaks of a larger volume, high quality goods. Boutiques can sell designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, high-end makeup or personal care supplies.

In the world of boutiques, quality trumps the price every time. A good boutique name should sound sophisticated. You’re not selling mass-manufactured goods and you’re not targeting just about everyone in the neighborhood. Boutiques are about selection and refinement.

The name of your boutique should be reflective of that fact. Sometimes, boutique names sound pretentious and pompous. Drawing the line between being sophisticated and going overboard can be difficult. To avoid the realm of excessive pretentiousness, you should focus on the distinctive characteristics of the products you’re selling (or the lifestyle that they ensure to buyers). A handcrafted leather purse is obviously much better than its cheap, mass manufactured faux leather cousin. Make that distinction and emphasize it in the name.

Demographic Interests

Boutiques cater predominantly to the needs of women, although there are certain places that are tailored to men interested in fashion and personal grooming.

Boutique customers tend to have a higher income level, a good job and higher education. They are quite discerning and they’re after quality rather than affordability.

People in their 30s, 40s and 50s are typical boutique demographic. Younger women may typically avoid boutiques because the products will be out of their price range.

These customers are highly loyal to the brands that they have gotten to know and that they approve of. Swaying them in a new direction and getting to win their loyalty will be a difficult task, especially in a highly competitive niche. To do so, you will either have to offer products that nobody else has or you will have to do an outstanding job in terms of customer service quality.

Competitor Name Analysis

Saks Fifth Avenue

The upscale department store in New York is named after its founder – Andrew Saks. As the name suggests, the flagship boutique is located in Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue.


The name is French and it means The Scout. It comes from the fact that the boutique’s founders have scouted the world to find the most avant-garde designers to display and represent proudly.


Yet another French fashion boutique, Printemps has a name that translates to spring. Natured-inspired motifs were pioneered by Printemps and the store was also known to hand out violet bouquets to its customers on the first day of spring (an excellent branding move on their behalf!).

Style Mafia

A Miami-based boutique that quickly grew into an international high fashion brand. According to the company’s branding message, it appeals to women who are trendy but who interpret fashion in their own individual way.


The intimates and swimwear boutique has a name derived from a Nigerian parable – Ebb (closeness)-Ur (goodness)-Zhai (joy).

Consign of the Times

When it was founded, Consign of the Times was the first designer resale boutique in Miami. Ever since, it has established and maintain its reputation as a primary consignment boutique.


A boutique name can be a bit more whimsical. It can have a hidden or an interpretative meaning. To find the right match for your brand and your products, you will need to think hard and you’ll have to put some creativity in the process.

A great brainstorming session can be launched by using our Business Name Generator. Just choose a suitable phrase and enter it in the respective field. You’ll be provided with multiple variations that could potentially inspire your boutique’s name. On top of that, you will get domain name availability data.

To get started, you may want to test out the following boutique-related terms and phrases:

High fashion




Flash sale

Window shop

Niche retail

Limited edition





Haute couture











Boutique Business Name Inspiration

  1. SkinTight: there is something inherently sexy and feminine about skintight clothing, which is why the name results in immediate positive connotations.
  2. French Pose: France, more specifically Paris, is recognized as the capital of fashion. A potential customer is instantly going to know what this boutique is all about.
  3. Indispensable: the word indispensable means crucial, necessary, that cannot be replaced. A boutique that sells indispensable items is obviously going to be popular among its clients.
  4. Tres Chic Fashion: yet another name inspired by French vocab. There’s just something extra=special about French phrases, which makes them such an excellent pick for boutique names.
  5. Viva la Moda: fashionistas also know that Italy is the home of numerous fashion giants. A fashion boutique that carries an Italy-inspired theme is certainly an excellent idea.
  6. Healthy Glow: if you have a cosmetics boutique, such a name would be a suitable choice.
  7. La Belle Label: a bit of wordplay is always good and putting emphasis on label will also be suitable for the establishment of the right boutique reputation.
  8. Femme Extravagant: the name appeals to the woman who has her distinct fashion signature and who doesn’t want to blend in.
  9. The Elite Palette: a name that is suitable for a cosmetics shop or a makeup boutique.
  10. The Connoisseur: a connoisseur is a person that recognizes and targets fine, original items. Such a boutique name is also gender-neutral, which makes it suitable for a wide array of shops.

What Not to Name Your Boutique Business

Don’t pick a name that sounds pompous just because it feels fancy. Keep it in line with the brand and with your products. The inspiration for the name should come from within the brand and the process should not work the other way around.

If you opt for foreign phrases, make sure that the name is something that the local audience will understand. A phrase that is too obscure and that will have to be explained is not going to make for a good brand.

Stay away from the boutique clichés. Glamorous, impeccable, fashionable and one of a kind are all phrases that have ran their course. You can adopt a much fresher approach towards naming your boutique. Otherwise, the name will sound a bit tired and out of place in this day and age.

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