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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bookkeeping Business

Our bookkeeping business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bookkeeping business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Bookkeeping and accounting companies are professional service providers who may struggle a bit when it comes to creative branding. After all, the seriousness and accuracy of such companies is of paramount importance for maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

Many clients think that all bookkeeping service providers have the same thing to offer. This isn’t the case. Your branding efforts should focus on showing potential customers what makes you different from the competition.

Your values and the persona of your brand should stand behind all important decisions – from name selection to crafting the right logo and marketing materials. Is your emphasis on accuracy and quick completion of relevant tasks? Do you specialise in helping small businesses meet regulatory requirements and begin their journey towards growth and success? Ask yourself what makes your brand special. Answering this question will make the entire branding process much easier.

A final aspect of branding is knowing what consumers want. Research suggests that three things are valued the most when it comes to bookkeeping – swift services, cost-efficiency and reliance on new technology. These go on top of honesty and accuracy.

Demographic Interests

Bookkeeping companies work primarily with B2B customers although some may offer individuals a bit of assistance in terms of dealing with financial documents and taxes.

These clients have a specific volume of financial documents that has to be processed. Regardless of the workload, customers always expect accuracy and an ability on behalf of their bookkeeper to accomplish all essential tasks on time.

The needs of the clients will change as the business grows or experiences a slowdown period. Thus, many will be looking for a bit of flexibility in terms of price calculation. If you can offer this on top of a reliable service, chances are that you’ll be capable of establishing long-term relationships with multiple satisfied customers.

Competitor Name Analysis

Advantage Income Tax and Business Services

While this name isn’t the most creative one on the face of the planet, it tells potential customers (both B2B and B2C) exactly what the company specialises in.

Fantaxtic Services

Clients do expect a serious approach towards brand establishment from bookkeeping companies. This name example, however, shows that a bit of frivolousness can contribute to the creation of a memorable brand.

Masters of Coin

This is another company that has adopted a more indirect approach towards name selection that still makes it clear what the types of services are.

Better Books Bookkeeping Services

The phrase sounds good and it is a catchy one. These are the reasons why the name of this New York bookkeeping company is a good choice.

Maximum Liberty Bookkeeping Services

As already mentioned, flexibility and on-demand services happen to be quite important for clients. This is why the name of the company results in a positive association.


Another example of how a bit of creativity and humour can help a B2B service provider distinguish themselves from the competition.

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So many bookkeeping service providers use their name without coming up with a company title. The approach isn’t the best one. Your name deprives you of a chance to focus on the values and the believes that govern your work. This is why you should definitely spend some time on coming up with a professional and catchy corporate name.

The Business Name Generator is an excellent tool you can use for the purpose. Just enter a relevant word or a phrase and you’ll be provided with dozens of variations. Information about domain name availability is also there for you to make the best choice.

Here is a list of bookkeeping-related words and phrases you can use to begin the naming process:







Accounts receivables







Cash flow


Income statement


Net income



Balance sheet

Operating profit

Bookkeeping Business Name Inspiration

  1. Cash Flow Masters: relevant terminology and a somewhat more bombastic word can work together to produce a memorable bookkeeping brand.
  2. The Numbers Gal: here is another example of how being a bit more casual in the selection of a company name isn’t going to take away from your seriousness as a quality service provider.
  3. Spotless Books: immaculate bookkeeping is of paramount importance for every single business – a fact you can use to your advantage when doing branding.
  4. Elite Accounting: you want powerful words that are perceived in a positive way and you want relevance. The name presented here accomplishes both goals.
  5. Optima Financial Management: if you offer a bit more than just accounting and bookkeeping, let your clients know.
  6. BookWorx: this is a more generic name that can still work exceptionally well in the context of accounting and bookkeeping services.
  7. Laser Precision Bookkeeping: once again, the focus is on characteristics that the clients perceive as positive.
  8. Tailor-Made Accounting Solutions: this name lets customers know that the bookkeeping service will be personalised to meet their individual needs.
  9. Mo Money Accounting: a bit of slang can produce a memorable name, even when it comes to serious B2B service providers.
  10. WeBalance Bookkeeping: this one is an obvious choice that doesn’t need a detailed explanation about why the name works.

What Not to Name Your Bookkeeping Business

Avoid using just your name in combination with accounting or bookkeeping. Joe’s Bookkeeping Company does not sound fresh or exciting. In addition, it doesn’t tell potential clients what makes Joe better than the dozens of other bookkeepers out there.

Location is also irrelevant. The place where your office is does not make you a better or a worse bookkeeper. Local marketing can be accomplished in a number of other ways – you can have a slogan or website copy that emphasise your location.

Don’t come up with a complex, industry-specific name. The deep terminology is not something that your clients will understand. Words and phrases like cash flow or balance are common. This is as far as you should go in terms of bringing terminology in the mix.

A very long and descriptive name isn’t a good idea either. It will be difficult to remember, especially if the phrase isn’t a catchy one. Again – the best approach is to keep it simple and to use other marketing copy to give clients additional information.

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