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How To Name Your Boho Business

The complete business naming guide for boho businesses by branding and startup specialists. Draw inspiration from 20+ boho business names and gain industry-specific advice to help you pick a winning name that truly catches the eye.

Whether your new boho business sells clothing, home decor, or accessories, it’s time to make a statement with the perfect business name! More so than in other markets, customers want to see a brand that is bold and off-the-wall. Don’t know where to start? Try our Boho Business Name Generator above!

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, keep reading for tips and tricks on how to refine your new boho boutique name. On this page, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite boho businesses for you to learn from as well as some tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

20 Boho Business Name Ideas

We’ve put a few simple ideas into our Boho Business Name Generator, and these are the company names that came out the other end. Have a look and see if any of these resonate with you!

  1. Spiritscape
  2. The Fairy’s Meadow
  3. Fly Garments
  4. The Bio Basket
  5. Sunrise Catwalk
  6. The Botanical Boardwalk
  7. Venus Dresses
  8. Freenetic
  9. Rare Tender
  10. Seb’s Sanctuary
  11. The Wild Artisan
  12. Evergreen Attire
  13. Cloverolla
  14. Elfin Essence
  15. The Sapphire Saint
  16. Pearly Persona
  17. The Cosmic Cradle
  18. Skylink Jewellers
  19. The Eternal Wardrobe
  20. Arcane Splendor

20 More Boho Name Ideas

  1. Birdie’s Boutique
  2. Clover’s Creations
  3. Cosima’s Closet
  4. Faye’s Flora
  5. Goldie’s Gala Of Goods
  6. Ivy Island
  7. Lavender Looks
  8. Lotus Loft
  9. The Magnolia Market
  10. Noa’s Clothes
  11. Paloma Pantry
  12. Poppies & Pearls
  13. River Of Reverie
  14. Sky Of Soleil
  15. Wandering Willow’s
  16. Briar Blooms
  17. Gaia’s Grocery
  18. Deliliah’s Delights
  19. Deja Nu
  20. Breeze Boutique

Best Real-world Boho Business Names

Boho business is all about the brand. Customers want to see something original and non-conformist.

But in a market that defines itself by being unique, how do you pick a name that immediately sparks interest?

Taking a look at some of the biggest current boho businesses and their respective names can be a good place to start.

We’ve compiled a list of our four favorite names within the boho scene, and explained what makes them so effective.

Urban Outfitters

The biggest brand on this list. Urban Outfitters is a simple name with a nice ring to it. It is quite neutral, which helps to keep its target audience as broad as possible. The keyword here, ‘urban’, does distinguish the brand as a trendsetter that goes against the tide.

Free People

Free People is a great name that perfectly captures bohemian values. The first word, ‘free’, is suggestive of a carefree nature and a disregard for inhibitions. The second, ‘People’, helps to establish the brand as a community for like-minded free spirits.


LoveForever is another powerful name that speaks directly to the values of boho consumers. Intentionally or not, it harkens back to the ‘free love’ social movement of the 1960s. On top of this, the name implies a friendly, even affectionate level of service delivered to customers.

Chasing Unicorns

Chasing Unicorns is a name that expresses the creative and imaginative dimension of the bohemian lifestyle. We can expect that this brand’s products are a little dreamy and quirky, which is exactly what customers in this field are looking for.

How to Name Different Types of Boho Boutiques

Your company name is the first touchstone for any potential customer, so it needs to give a taste of what kind of products your business offers.

Your company name is the first touchstone for any potential customer!

Ideally, you want to convey your business’ core values with the name, but always leave the consumer wanting more.

In the boho scene, you might be selling clothes, accessories, or even interior decorations. Depending on which of these you specialize in, your boho boutique name will vary.

Whatever area of the market you are seeking to make inroads in, we’ve laid out how to come up with a compelling and relevant business name.

Boho Clothing Brand Names

Clothing is the most saturated area of the boho market, making a good business name all the more important.

Boho clothing brands sell a wide range of typically baggy garments including dresses, skirts, jumpers, and trousers, often embroidered with vibrant patterns. In short, products sold are eye-catching and trendy.

Most businesses in this field go down one of two routes. Firstly, there are brands that express the style of clothing with their names, such as Ibizatrendy or Outdazl.

The second set, including LoveForever and Free People, instead try to capture the essence of bohemian values that customers relate to. If possible, find a name that incorporates both of these approaches.

Boho Accessories Brand Names

Accessories, which we’ll summarise as jewelry, headpieces, and any other ornamental items, form a key part of the bohemian chic.

Some of the most popular items on the market include dangling beady necklaces, earthy-colored headbands, and leather bracelets that are all a throwback to a late 60s and early 70s are aesthetic.

Some of the boho businesses incorporate people’s names into the brand identity to add a personal touch. This is particularly effective for businesses producing their own accessories in-house, as it helps the buyer feel more connected with the brand.

Other brand names, such as Pretty Vagrant and Eclectic Eccentricity, draw on words that are semantically linked with bohemian tradition.

Boho Home Decor Brand Names

People like to incorporate the boho style not only into the way they dress but also into the way they decorate their homes.

Boho home decor businesses take the earthy palettes we find in boho clothing and jewelry and integrate them into every facet of interior design, with Moroccan-style lounge furnishings, woody kitchenware, and wicker baskets — the possibilities are endless!

An effective name in this market will convey the style of your home decor items. We’re a big fan of Terrain because it captures a strong sense of nature that is a big part of the bohemian identity.

Consumers shopping for home decor items will typically have a bit of money to spare, so don’t be afraid to convey the quality and luxuriousness of your company in its name.

5 Useful Tips for Naming your Boho Boutique

It can be hard to come up with a boho name for the business and stick to it. In the boho market, your name is something that your fans will come to associate with you for years to come, so you want to get it right.

We’ve put together a list of key tips that can help you in this process. Before starting, though, we recommend trying our Boho Business Name Generator above. Shortlist a few names, and then return to this section so you can put our hot tips into practice!

1. Consider the Consumer

Remember that boho isn’t just a fashion style. For many customers, it encompasses a way of life. It is a free-spirited, rule-bending, and uncompromising philosophy.

Boho isn’t just a fashion style!

Products in this field act as an expression of this lifestyle for their users, and the name of any brand should too. This is why you should consider using words or phrases that capture bohemian values in your brand name.

2. Find a USP

Brands in this field are built on being different; it can be difficult to come across as unique within a sea of non-conformists. This makes identifying an original USP all the more important.

Firstly, consider where you will specialize, be it in maxi dresses, head chains, or vintage rugs. Think about how you can do this differently and better than any of your competitors. One idea is to source all your materials organically and sustainably.

When you’ve worked out what makes you unique, you can integrate this idea into your brand name.

3. Be Creative

As a boho business, your target market will appreciate a bit of creative flair. If you can get some clever wordplay into your name, be brave and go for it!

If applicable, draw on rhymes, metaphors, or idioms. At the easier end of the spectrum, alliteration doesn’t go amiss. Using non-typical language features can present your brand as fun, which will make it more appealing to many customers.

4. Get Some Feedback

If you’re looking at entering into the boho scene, you probably have some level of interest in this field. You’ll also probably know some people with whom you share this interest.

Once you’ve got a few initial brand names, share them with peers. See which ones are received well and which ones fall flat.

This is an easy way to narrow down the shortlist.

5. Remember to Check the Domain Availability

There’s nothing worse than finally settling on a business name, only to find that the web domain has already been taken. When researching names, check that the domain is available, ideally with a .com ending.

With our Boho Business Name Generator, we have a built-in feature that allows you to check which domains on the internet are currently available.

It’s also wise to register for social media accounts under your business name. This ensures that your brand is consistent across a variety of channels and easy to locate for customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Identify what makes your boho business unique compared to its competitors. Then, use our Boho Business Name Generator and shortlist creative names which best align with the brand identity.

An effective boho business name signals what products the brand sells whilst also conveying bohemian values. These include creativity, spontaneity, and nonconformity.

Some of our favourite names from our Boho Business Name Generator are Sunrise Catwalk, The Fairy’s Meadow, and Evergreen Attire. Read through the full list for more ideas!

Boho, or bohemian style, is an aesthetic that brings together strong, relaxed, and earthy elements. It draws on hippie influences from the late 1960s and 1970s.


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