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Complete Guide to Naming Your Beachwear Business

Our beachwear business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get beachwear business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The world of fashion and apparel creation is highly completive. Even if you have a great idea and great products, you may find it difficult to launch a successful beachwear brand and attract loyal customers. The key to successful branding in this case would be differentiation and showing prospects what you have to offer that nobody else features.

The quality of the designs is the first thing. What’s your signature? Is your beachwear brand haute couture? Are the swimsuits more sporty and comfortable? Is the brand inclusive of all sizes, shapes and body types?

You need to have one primary strength to base the branding upon. This strength should obviously be highlighted when you try to name your company. SwimsuitsforAll, for example, is a brand that tells potential buyers immediately that models are available for all sizes and bodies.

Demographic Interests

The target demographic for beachwear is predominantly female. A growing market segment of men is exploring trendy fashion options for the beach but this segment is pretty small and pretty niche. It would be better for a growing business to tailor its branding efforts towards the needs and the preferences of women.

There is no age limit and while most swimwear companies do target younger women, the selection will depend on the specifics of the clothes, swimsuits and accessories you are trying to sell.

A designer brand will typically target a younger woman who has a higher income level and who wants to stand out. She is a picky customer, she is familiar with multiple brands and she is not going to get swayed easily in one direction or other. An athletic swimwear and beachwear brand, on the other hand, will be more inclusive in its targeting and the demographic profile. Such a brand should potentially target both men and women. A focus on convenience and practicality will be a good idea.

Competitor Name Analysis

Mine Mediterranean

The company is created by two sisters who were inspired by the timeless, classic style of the Mediterranean region. The designs are clean, sophisticated and all of the swimsuits are well-crafted – something that the founders believe is reflected in the name of the brand.

Hoaka Swimwear

The word hoaka comes from Hawaiian and it means magnificent, lustrous. This way, the brand delivers the message of quality without being obvious. Hoaka certainly sounds much cooler than “magnificent swimsuits.”

To Dive For

A bit of clever wordplay is always a good idea, especially if you want people to remember your company easily. This is the philosophy behind the name selection of To Dive For – a company that creates swimwear for swimming and diving.

B Fyne Swimwear

This is also a creative and fun way to say something that will look pretty obvious and clichéd otherwise. B Fyne is the company of a Nigerian woman who realized there was insufficient representation of African women in terms of suitable beachwear.

Oseree Swimwear

Ose(ree) comes from French and the translation of this word is “to dare.” The designs are obviously daring and sensual. The name is chosen to appeal to a young and hip crowd that would like to stand out on the beach.

L*Space Swimwear

There’s an entire backstory to this beachwear brand’s name. the L*Space refers to love, laugh, lounge and live. Thus, the company is in a way attempting to sell a lifestyle and an experience.


You have a lot of freedom in terms of beachwear name selection. Getting frivolous and creative will fare well in the industry. In fact, this is the only way to stand out.

Choose a few words, phrase and adjectives that could potentially tell the world who you are and what you stand for. When you do, please don’t hesitate to test our Business Name Generator. It will produce a list of suggestions based on the phrase that you have used and it will also provide information about domain name availability.

To get the process started, you may want to test out the following beachwear-related phrases:










Big girl




Wrap skirt






Weekend bag

Flip flops

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Beachwear Business Name Inspiration

  1. Embrace Your Curves Swimwear: inclusivity is becoming more important for beachwear brands. If you offer all kinds of sizes, make sure the fact is obvious.
  2. Love Your Beach Body: the term beach body has become so popular lately! You can mock it a bit and you can certainly have fun with an apparent cliché.
  3. Salty Mermaid: which lady wouldn’t want to perceive herself as a mermaid at the beach?
  4. Chic at the Beach: this is a name that once again targets the ladies and promises them beautiful designs.
  5. Oh La La Mademoiselle!: you can get whimsical and you can still be very successful when it comes to ensuring the recognition of your beachwear brand.
  6. Sea Athlete: such a name is suitable for companies that manufacture swimwear for swimming and diving.
  7. Beach Fashion: sometimes, the most obvious and classic road will be the best one. You work in the field of beachwear and you often fashionable pieces – what more could clients want?
  8. A Grain of Sand: a romantic nod to the beauty of summer and the ocean can help you craft a lovely branding message.
  9. Vacation Bliss: this is yet another name that could provoke a positive emotional response from the audience. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to go on a summertime vacation?
  10. Aquamarine: a bit of wordplay due to the use of the word aqua and the fact that aquamarine is actually a color.

What Not to Name Your Beachwear Business

Try to avoid stiff and unimaginative names. Swimwear Zone may sound descriptive enough but it doesn’t reveal anything about the personality of your brand. The fashion niche is so overpopulated that you have to get at least a bit whimsical.

Focusing on the practical appeal of your swimsuits when going through the naming process is also not the best approach. Women will typically choose beachwear to stand out and get noticed. Comfort is a secondary consideration.

Unless you are a popular and recognized designer, you may also want to avoid naming the company after yourself.

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