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How To Name Your Balloon Business

Balloons — kids love them, pets are either fascinated or terrified by them, and adults often have nostalgic feelings when they are spotted. But these delightful bobbing spheres also make up a surprisingly popular industry amid the arts, entertainment, and event planning sectors, making balloon businesses a great option for starting your own company!

But how do you start the process of professional ballooning? Well, before you need to worry about matching colors and patterns or how to attach balloon nozzles to a helium canister, you need some company name options. 

And that’s exactly where our easy-to-use balloon business name generator comes in handy! Keep on reading for more information.

20 Balloon Business Name Ideas

Creative balloon business names are simple to conceptualize and create with our generator tool. 

In fact, I came up with 20 different names for a hypothetical balloon business just to show you how easy and effective the process is, as you can see below! All you have to do is choose the right keywords, and our balloon business name generator does the rest of the work.

  1. Balloon Deluxe
  2. Amusement Balloons
  3. Balloons Float My Boat
  4. Up, Up, & Away Balloons
  5. Balloon Fever
  6. Balloonesque
  7. Are These Your Balloon Animals?
  8. Balloon Bonanza
  9. Balloonz 4 Bashes
  10. Buddy’s Balloons
  11. Inflatable Surprise
  12. Balloonatopia
  13. Surprise! Balloon Creations
  14. The Joy Of Ballooning
  15. Visit The (Balloon) Animal Zoo
  16. Blow Me Away Balloon Creations
  17. Twisty Tied Creations
  18. Balloon Utopia
  19. Balloon Mania
  20. Balloon-O-Rama

As you can see, I opted for very fun, bouncy names to match the typical vibe of balloons. If you want a more serious event planning balloon service, select keywords like “professional”, “glamor”, and “glitz” to evoke those feelings. In essence, it’s all about the keywords and terms that you choose to use!

20 More Balloon Business Name Ideas

  1. ClassioBurst
  2. Airwave balloons
  3. Funlayer
  4. Groffon
  5. Bolloberry
  6. Goodfun
  7. jade balloons
  8. breeo balloons
  9. Bigflag
  10. To To balloons
  11. Flyelle balloons
  12. Bornes
  13. CircleShade
  14. Bluebriss balloons
  15. FunDots balloons
  16. happyZip
  17. WelloBee
  18. Yotto balloons
  19. Swiperly
  20. NooFoo balloons

Best Real-World Balloon Business Names

To garner some title tips for your own use of our balloon business name generator, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and successful balloon companies that are already in existence. From parties to event installations, there are balloon choices for everyone!

All American Balloons

Patriotism and balloons— it’s an unlikely combination, but one that works. Who doesn’t want to channel their all-American side and decorate with a bunch of colorful balloons! And just by the name, you can infer that this business is indeed one of the biggest retailers of balloons in the country.

Bubblegum Balloons

With words like “bubblegum” embracing the fun and playful vibe that balloons give off, it’s a great way to name your company in an enjoyable way. Other words that denote merrymaking or having a good time can draw in customers looking to outfit a party or add some joy to a gathering.

Mike The Balloon Guy

Using a confident phrase like “the guy” in combination with the owner’s name is a great way to give customers the impression that your company is the go-to source for whatever you are selling— in this case, balloons! It instills positive self-assuredness and customers will likely trust the company implicitly.

The Glitzy Balloon Company

For a more elegant affair with balloons, the use of “glitzy” or other such glamorous words is a great way to let your customers know that your company provides more than just floating balloons. 

Professional creations are also hinted to by the use of “company” which is a more corporate term than most use when describing a balloon purveyor.


A fun and funky name, the way this company squishes all the words together and adds a “z” instead of an “s” to the end gives it a trendy and hip appeal. It makes you anticipate a variety of party, festive, and special occasion balloons, likely with a twist.

Up, Up, and Away: What Defines the Horizons of Your Balloon Business?

Balloons are fun, bouncy, and nostalgic, often bringing back childhood memories when we see them. However, there is so much more when it comes to having a balloon company and using our balloon business name generator to come up with unique titles for your enterprise and the work you produce.

The Uses of Balloons and Balloon Types

It can be easy to picture balloons as a jolly, monochromatic sphere, floating at the end of a ribbon. However, the balloon market is actually a very lucrative and growing sector!

As such, there are many uses for balloons that are in surprisingly high demand — from event planners to entertainers, magicians to artists, there are many options for how to use and implement balloons. And this should definitely be considered when naming your own business.

For instance, will you sell balloons that are specifically designed to be twisted and folded to transform into a range of impressive balloon animals? What about a custom balloon printing business, where baby showers or hen parties can have customized balloons to brighten the mood? 

These types of questions will change up balloon business names considerably.

Furthermore, there are a variety of party and event balloons that are popular, including foil balloons with extensive designs or captions, elaborately printed latex balloons, and even industrial-strength ones that can withstand the elements when being used outside for longer periods of time.

For example, balloons can be purchased for a children’s party or a 30th birthday — both are celebratory situations but with wildly differing aesthetics and themes, so even party balloon stores need to have a wide range. Or, you might carry heavy-duty balloons for decorating corporate events or even as installations at a wedding or an art gallery opening.

If you want to delve into different styles of balloons, you can opt for ones that are bright and colorful, without any patterning to distract from their majesty. Conversely, novelty balloons can be quite popular among practical jokers and those who want a gag gift or decoration.

In all, it’s so important to impart exactly what type of balloons and their specific uses your business caters towards so that customers can get a good understanding of your stock before even setting foot into the store. Plus, it helps our balloon business name generator narrow down keywords to produce some great name suggestions!

5-Tips for Creating Unique Balloon Business Name Ideas 

As you continue to figure out creative balloon business names, make sure to keep these top tips in mind to help you establish the most descriptive, memorable, and unique company possible, using our balloon business name generator!

Tip #1: Blow Away The Competition

When it comes to balloon company names, always check out the other businesses on the market for any information that you can learn from them. 

This includes naming conventions, marketing techniques, and even ways in which other companies have cornered a specific niche inside the balloon industry — these are all important aspects that you can consider and put into practice in your own business!

Tip #2: Define Your Balloon Business Niche

Will your company focus on party balloons or professional event decor? It is wise to know exactly what type of business niche your balloon company fits into before you get too wrapped up with the wide range of names available for your enterprise.

Tip #3: The Best Keywords and Synonyms for Better Balloon Business Names

Ballooning might seem like an easy industry to come up with names for at first glance. However, once you get into it, you will find that the market is very competitive and balloon supplies, services, and creations are generally in demand. 

That’s why you need to rely on the keywords and synonyms that best describe the company you have created and the balloon products you craft — making your company name stand out among the others is essential, and specific keywords are the key to finding the perfect one with our balloon business name generator.

Tip #4: Opt For Easily Remembered, Recognizable, And Remarkable Names

Balloons are inherently cheerful objects— it’s hard to be melancholy around a balloon! Lean into this fun aspect of the product and use the jolly nature of balloons to come up with some business names that refer to the entertaining, enjoyable, and party-time aspects.

Keep names short and snappy, no more than two to four syllables in length. Additionally, you can use specific and catchy literary devices to create rhythm and the sonic interplay between the vowels and consonants that make up the words themselves!

Tip #5: Check Your Balloon Business’s Name Availability 

Don’t let your dreams and aspirations of perfect balloon company names be burst by finding out that someone else has already claimed your favorite! Once you come up with a shortlist of ideas, use our balloon business name generator to figure out available domains for your entirely unique company name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Within the arts and entertainment industries, balloon businesses are surprisingly lucrative and a great option for starting up your own company.
And because wholesale stocks of balloons are fairly inexpensive, as well as enjoying low start-up costs, successful balloon companies can have great profit margins even when working as a mobile business or from home.

Ballooning and making elaborate creations with balloons as your medium does require some skill, so if you want to start your own business in the industry, it’s wise to start learning the tricks and practicing your technique.
Furthermore, evaluate your possible customer base and the occasions your balloons might be used for, such as parties, weddings, or corporate events, and begin target-marketing towards that clientele early on.


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