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Complete Guide to Naming Your Babysitting Business

Our babysitting business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get babysitting business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

What’s the one thing that parents looking for babysitting services prioritize over everything else? That’s right – the safety and comfort of their little one.

If you’re about to launch a babysitting company and you’re wondering which name to choose, focus on the reputation and the knowledge of the babysitters you employ. Whether they have skills in terms of educating and interacting with youngsters or they have a background in psychology, this is something you should definitely capitalize on.

Another thing you can highlight is the fact that parents have choice and freedom in terms of choosing babysitters. You may have a rating system that they utilize to leave feedback to a certain professional they interacted with. You may have a website form allowing parents to book a specific babysitter. Let potential customers know right from the start that they’re in control.

An alternative approach may focus on the entertainment and the educational activities that babysitters will engage kids in while parent are away. Do your babysitters have a background in art? Do they know how to work with special needs kids in order to encourage cognitive development? You need a strong selling point, a differentiator. The more niche your services are and the more knowledgeable your staff is, the better in terms of good branding.

Demographic Interests

Parents take a lot of time before choosing the right babysitter. They will do thorough research and look for personalized recommendations in order to identify someone who will keep their little ones safe and happy.

The crowd of potential clients is incredibly picky and understandably so. Thus, your branding efforts have to address worries before these even arise. Will little ones be safe? Will the babysitters stick to the rules and the routines set by the parent? Don’t hesitate to answer the questions that have not been asked yet.

Parents will take a close, close look at the work that a babysitter does. If anything is not up to par, chances are that they’ll look for replacement without giving the company a second chance. Thus, a focus on quality and attention to detail will matter, no matter what the area of specialization is.

Because of these specifics it isn’t really that important to be creative in your naming approach. Your company name should sound solid, serious and trustworthy. Creativity can be exercised in other aspects of your marketing.

Competitor Name Analysis


The company has developed an app for the busy urban parents looking for someone to take care of their kids. Its instantly obvious who the target audience of the brand is.


Yes, you can be clever when choosing a babysitting company name and Sitting Around proves it. The company is based on parent coops in different neighborhoods that exchange sitting for sitting.

The Babysitting Company

One of the big players in the field has a name that sounds serious and corporate. Needless to say, such an approach will appeal to parents in need of reliable and highly qualified assistance.

My Sitter Solution

This is a name that does put a little bit of emphasis and personalization. My Sitter Solution hints at the fact that parents have control over the sitter that they choose.

Seeking Sitters

This is another simple and straightforward name that doesn’t beat around the bush and tells potential clients what the entire endeavor is about.

Helpr Babysitting Company

While the name is more or less straightforward, it does come with a trendy component in the form of the first word and the manner in which helper is spelled out.


A babysitting company name should sound solid and reliable. Take some time to identify the features and the values you want to have associated with your brand. Based on these, you can launch a name selection brainstorming session.

Our Company Name Generator can be particularly beneficial. Input the phrases you have in mind for your business and you’ll get an array of suggested names that feature the particular word or phrase. Domain name availability will also be checked to give you a comprehensive idea about effective digital branding.

To get you going, we have picked an array of phrases that are suitable for a babysitting company name:





















Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Reliable Sitters: this is what all parents are looking for when attempting to find the best babysitter, aren’t they?
  2. Mom and Dad’s Helper: a little bit cuter, this name still sounds serious enough to tell parents they’ll be getting assistance they can count on.
  3. Best Choice Babysitters: one more name that sounds sophisticated and gives potential customers confidence in their choice.
  4. Nannies on Demand: do you need a babysitter right now or in a week? Do you want to control the selection of the right sitter? Choose Nannies on Demand.
  5. Overnight Nannies: there may be instances in which parents need babysitting overnight or for a longer period of time. Emphasize on this specific service being available via your company.
  6. Sunshine Sitters: sunshine, light and positive energy is something associated with children. Thus, the term is excellent for a babysitting agency name.
  7. Tender Care: parents want someone who is gentle, careful and attendant to the needs of their little one. The name suggests such characteristics.
  8. Happy Baby: a name that’s similar to the previous one due to the fact it tells parents what the outcome of choosing the respective company is going to be.
  9. Fun Learning Sitters: babysitters aren’t there just to protect kids and ensure their safety. A focus on development and education is thus a good idea.
  10. Loving Hugs: parents want someone who will connect with their kids and make them feel good while mom and dad are away. Loving hugs will definitely be required in such a situation.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Don’t get too frivolous and original when attempting to choose a babysitting company name. Parents aren’t looking for creative branding, they’re looking for a solid service. It will be difficult to convince them you’re the right person for the job if your company name sounds anything but serious.

If you offer niche services, you will be shooting yourself in the foot by opting for a generic name. A company’s title makes it clear who the target audience is. Differentiating yourself right from the start is essential for qualified lead generation.

Include a geographic location in the name of the babysitting company only if you intend to limit yourself to the particular area. Growing on a regional or national level will force you to do rebranding, which obviously isn’t a good idea when people get to know you.