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Complete Guide to Naming Your Baby Business

Our baby business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get baby business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Baby-focused companies have a highly specific target parents – young parents, grandparents and family friends who’re looking for a gift. The niche is quite promising because statistics show that the number of babies and kids in the US is growing steadily. In other countries, parents are getting access to tons of useful information that helps them identify and get products they wouldn’t have considered before.

Studies show that parents and grandparents are spending more on kids than ever before. If you’re launching a new baby-focused brand, this is a fact you should definitely capitalize on.

When considering brand names and attributes, you have to understand the needs of the market and the emotional connection these people are looking to establish with the brand.

Baby brands have to put emphasis on safety, comfort and quality. Items that are designed with safety in mind, hypoallergenic, ergonomic, etc. tend to perform the best on the respective market.

Keep in mind that buyers use well-defined criteria for product selection and they’re not flexible at all. A mom who wants onesies made of organic cotton will not compromise for something less expensive and made of polyester, for example. Thus, once the brand identity is established, consistency will be of paramount importance.

Demographic Interests

Baby brands work with parents, grandparents and family friends looking to buy items for youngsters. Usually, the price of the item is not the main consideration as far as products and services are concerned. Safety, the developmental potential, flexibility and longevity tend to be factors that matter much more.

People buying from baby companies are pretty inflexible. Once they identify a product line or a brand of preference, a switch to a competitor will be quite unlikely. This is why being successful as a new business in the respective field will be dependent on having something new to offer, on branding yourself in a way that distinguishes you from the competition.

Everything – from the logo of to the packaging of the products should feel friendly, warm and accessible. Bright colors, clean designs and innovation will all pay off.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name of the most popular disposable diaper brand is derived from the verb “to pamper.” To pamper is to look after someone, be gentle and carrying – the exact message that will appeal to new parents.


The company proudly displays its Italian heritage in the name. Chicco means a grain or a bean in Italian. In addition, this is the nickname that Chicco founder Cavaliere del Lavoro used for his baby son Enrico.


Originally, the company was known as Baby-Wise. Eventually, the team of founders (a husband and wife) decided to rebrand to reflect on green living practices and that’s how BabyEarth came into existence.


The name could be interpreted in two ways. The word angel could refer to the baby itself or to the fact that someone is watching over such an innocent creature. The combination with “care” completes the positive notion.


This diaper brand gets its name from kleen (a shortened version of Kleenex) and bebe – the Spanish word for baby.


Just like Pampers, this brand of disposable diapers is looking for a way to strike an emotional cord with the parent looking for something soft and comfortable for their little one.

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Baby company names should sound cute but sophisticated at the same time. Such a goal isn’t that easy to accomplish, especially if you want a title that sounds original and different from competitor brands.

A thorough brainstorming session will be required to find the one name that is 100 percent reflective of your core brand values. You may want to start the work by choosing a couple of relevant terms to run through our Business Name Generator. You’ll also be provided with domain name availability information.

Here are a few terms you can use to get started:
















Toy chest





Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Mother’s Caress: nothing could be softer and gentler than the caress of a mother. Effective branding strategies can effectively incorporate this fact into marketing efforts.
  2. Tiny Treasures: a brand name that has a double meaning. It could refer to the fact that a baby is a tiny treasure or it could refer to the quality of products.
  3. EcoBaby: if organic and sustainable is your thing, you should definitely emphasize the fact in the title of your company.
  4. First Steps: this is a general name that could refer to any kind of baby business and that will appeal to a wide range of parents/other customers.
  5. LilLove: a little bit of love hides in the fingers and the toes of a newborn. Every parent will instantly know what the name is all about.
  6. Pink Hippo: the teddy bear is a bit overdone as a symbol of baby-related things. Just think of a pink stuffed hippo – it’s equally cute and exciting.
  7. Lullabuy: a little bit of clever wordplay can be excellent for distinguishing your brand.
  8. Delicate Affection: the name is suitable for both product-based businesses and those offering services like daycare, nannies, etc.
  9. Smiley Babies: the ultimate goal of every parent!
  10. CuddleZ: you can experiment with words and made-up phrases that have a good sound to them.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Avoid the obvious when trying to name a baby business – the competition is stiff and the loyal crowd will be difficult to sway in a brand new direction. If you don’t work hard to distinguish yourself, chances are that you’ll be waved off as yet another (potentially mediocre) service provider.

The words baby and toddler have been quite overdone when it comes to naming your company. While this is precisely what you have to offer, chances are that you may adopt a much more creative approach, can’t you?

Keep it short and sweet. The Little Fun Lamb Baby DayCare does sound cute but guess how many people who hear about the company for the first time are going to remember its name. Chances are that recognition will be impeded if you do not keep it short and sweet.

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