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How to Name Your Automation Business

Are you looking for a name for your new home automation business? One of the most crucial tasks for any entrepreneur is to name their company; the name should clearly state what services your home automation company provides. 

You can start by using our free automation company name generator to generate a variety of home automation business name suggestions, or you can read on to learn about how to name your home automation company.

How to Use the Automation Business Name Generator

Search: Enter keywords and the core service of your business into the automation company name generator. 

Select: Scroll through the thousands of suggestions that the automation company name generator has given you.

Launch: It’s time to take your new business name and run with it! Set up your website name before somebody takes it. You’re now a step closer to fully setting up your automation business. 

20 Automation Company Name Ideas

You want a name that expresses your brand’s identity while also conveying its message. Finding the best name for your company or startup is a difficult, time-consuming, and exhausting process. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of names we came up with for you.

  1. Great Automations
  2. Automation Management
  3. Across the AutoNation
  4. TimeSavers
  5. Automates
  6. Automanage
  7. PROcess
  8. ABC Automation
  9. Active Automation
  10. Endless Automation
  11. AutoGro
  12. Set in Motion
  13. AutoGro
  14. Free Flow Auto
  15. Automation Dynamics 
  16. Automated Essentials
  17. Swift Automation
  18. Automation Nation
  19. Innovato Automation
  20. Bravo Automation

20 More Automation Company Name Ideas

  1. Tech Integration
  2. Fully Automate
  3. Smart Systems
  4. Custom Automation Solutions
  5. Bright Home Tech
  6. One Touch Solutions
  7. Premier Home Automation
  8. The Home of the Future
  9. Tech of the Future
  10. Smart Home Technologies
  11. NewTech Design
  12. Automated Concepts Co
  13. DigiGadgets
  14. New Age Tech
  15. Home Robotics
  16. EZ Home Automation
  17. In Control Home Automation
  18. Welcome to the Future
  19. Urban Automate
  20. Smart City Solutions

Best Automation Businesses

  • Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation is one of the world’s leading industrial automation firms. We’re not exactly sure as to how the business got its name from simply using the word “automation” so that customers knew what the business entailed. 
  • Omron Automation. Omron Automation was founded 80 years ago and is now one of the world’s leading industrial automation firms. The company’s main business is manufacturing and selling automated equipment and systems. This company began in the area of Kyoto called “omuro,” from which “Omron” was derived. It also included the word “automation” in the name so that the name was specific to the type of service it provided.
  • Danaher Industrial Ltd. Danaher Industrial Ltd creates and manufactures industrial and consumer product designs. The word “Dana” comes from an ancient Celtic word that means “swift-flowing,” which is an appropriate description of Danaher’s nimble mindset and rapid flow of innovation over the years.
  • Siemens. Siemens is Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company with offices in more than 100 countries. The firm was called Siemens after the family that owned it.
  • Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is known for integrating world-leading process and energy technology to help organizations become more efficient and sustainable. Similarly, this company was named after the founders: Eugene Schneider and Adolphe Schneider.

Unique Advice Content for Automation Company Names

This four-step procedure can assist you in using an automation company name generator. In this example, coming up with a name for an automation company that represents the organization’s innovative, smart, and dependable services and products can be a challenging task. Here’s a rundown of the steps we took to come up with these business names.

One of the most important things that can determine your company’s success is its name. It’s the first thing a potential client sees when researching you and your services. This is also the first thing people notice when evaluating you, and it can offer them a notion of what to expect from your business.

The name should be original and appealing in order to make a positive first impression on potential customers.

Make a List of Possible Names

Begin by thinking of words that could be used in your company’s name. Use words like “Home,” “Smart,” “Tech,” and “Systems” in name ideas; you can see that while these words can be related to automation, they also suggest that this firm or brand can provide a smart, technical, and advanced form of automation service or product. The idea is to make a list of terms or names that come to mind when you think of your company.

Keep in mind that there are no “bad ideas” in this step. You may write anything that comes to mind since you’re going to filter most of these terms later on. In case you’re unsure about one of the names you wrote, keep it anyway, you may either like it or adjust it in the future.

If you’re stuck, feel free to use our automation company name generator. 

Shortlist Your Ideas

Analyze your thoughts after you’ve compiled a list of probable names from the automation company name generator. Remove any names that are difficult to remember, spell, or pronounce. Keep names that are brandable, memorable, and express your brand’s product, values, or service to your target audience.

Here’s a fast checklist you may use to help you narrow down in selecting the name that our automation company name generator created:

  • Is the name easy to remember and pronounce?
  • Is the name unique among competitors?
  • Does the name have a meaning?
  • Is the name free of overused words?

Obtain Feedback

You now have a list of three to six fantastic names to ask for input from potential clients or industry professionals (your target audience). Avoid getting input from family and friends because they are more inclined to compliment all of your suggestions, and they are not your customers.

Check If It’s Available

It’s a good idea to have at least five great automation names on your list at this time, just in case any of them have already been used by existing companies. You can run a Business Name Search online to see whether your name is available in your area, and to see if it is available for Domain Name Registration and Trademark.

Five Tips for Creating Unique Automation Business Name Ideas

As a business startup, you want a name that catches the attention of everyone who hears it. However, choosing a company name is a common stumbling block for young business owners.

Make It Unique

Being unique can be frightening (and difficult), but it’s crucial when naming your company – don’t be afraid to stick out!

Accept that your Stark-family-themed Game of Thrones app called Wintr may be lost in the shuffle because there are a billion applications with names like Grindr, Tinder, Flickr, and Tumblr. As a new business, your name should compel people to sit up and take notice, rather than look up, look down, and forget about you.

Don’t push yourself throughout the brainstorming phase to generate hundreds of possibilities to work with – it’s all about a free flow of thoughts and imagination. Using an automation company name generator can help you in this phase.

Ensure That It Is Future-proof

You don’t want to choose a name that might damage your future growth goals or limit your reach.

Let’s say your company makes women’s shoes, but you believe you may someday branch out into the male market. It isn’t useful to have a name like Glam Heels by Fiona.

Consider your company’s story, values, and key points of difference as you brainstorm to future-proof your brand and get out of the singular “this is the product we create or thing we offer” mindset.

Make It Simple to Use

What do you do now that you’ve compiled a first-round list of unique business name suggestions? Even if it’s a made-up word, it’s crucial to pick a name that’s simple to speak, spell, and type into Google.

Choosing a name that makes it easier for people to find you can put you ahead of the game. Also, keep in mind that if clients can’t find you, they may find someone else!

Check to See If the Name Is Available 

It’s time to do some research once you’ve settled on a business name (or a few) that you like. You may want the name in your website URL for SEO and validity reasons, so see whether it’s accessible in ‘.com’ format. If not, you have approximately a hundred possibilities ranging from ‘.net’ to ‘’ to ‘.tv’ — but a ‘.com’ URL can offer your company a sense of credibility and drive more visitors.

What’s the good news? Being inventive pays off because the more unique your name is, the more likely a web address is available.

If the exact handle name isn’t accessible (which is likely), there are a few simple adjustments you can try, such as adding a word or an underscore. Check the content of any handles that pop up in your searches to see whether anyone else is using the same name.

Make Sure You Love It

It should go without saying that you must adore your new business name and be secure in launching it into the public. That’s why we advocate coming up with a lot of ideas on the automation company name generator and mulling them over before deciding on one – don’t anticipate overnight success!

Finally, companies rebrand all the time, but it takes time and money. To guarantee that your business gets off to a fantastic start, do your best to get the name perfect on the first try.


We hope this has helped you choose the best automation company name idea. If you want more options, use our automation company name generator for the best results!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It has a very catchy business name: Pottery Barn's name alone evokes a sense of rustic furniture curation. Try to evoke a positive sensation by using imaginative and highly visual language. Using an automation company name generator can help too!

It has a nice ring to it : A solid business name has a nice ring to it. Some names, like Aritzia, combine constants and vowels, while others, like Fauna, rely on rhythm to create a sense of flow. Before deciding on a brand name, practice saying it out loud and in conversation to see how it sounds on the tongue. If possible, keep it to around five syllables.

It addresses your target audience: A strong company name is remembered by its target audience. If you run a tech company, you might want to dabble with industry terms.

It’s memorable: You can have a memorable product or a spectacular ad in the age of limitless scrolling, but it may not assist your consumer if they can't remember your brand name when they try to look you up later. What is it about a company's name that makes it memorable? It has a sense of rhythm or repetition, is abstract or quirky, isn't too long, and, of course, looks nice in a logo.

Consider your brand values and what is important to your company before deciding on a name. Is your company focused on fair trade or environmental stewardship? Make sure that the company name you choose matches these ideals so that there is no future dispute. This can be done using an automation company name generator.

A business name is crucial since it can identify you from your competition. As for an alarm company, adopting a name that instills safety in clients can be a fantastic tactic, or creating a risky corporate name might define a new brand as a disruptor in an industry.

Any domain hosting service can tell you if your company name is accessible as a domain. Simply type your business name into their search bar, and it shows all the possible results. Normally, the price is displayed next to each name, allowing you to quickly determine whether domains are within your budget or not.

Yes, a company name can be registered as a trademark. There are a variety of reasons to trademark a business name, but the most common argument is that it grants you the exclusive right to use your company name anywhere in the world without fear of competition.


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