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Get an artist name in less than 5 seconds with our AI-powered Artist Name Generator.

1. Choose Your Artist Name Keywords

Insert relevant keywords into the business name generator to create artist name ideas.

2. Get Artist Name Ideas

Get a list of name ideas and shortlist the ones that best match your artist business.

3. Select Artist Names

Pick your favorite names, check if they’re available, and pick the one you will use for your artist business.

Benefits of Using the Generator For Your Artist Name

Here’s what makes our artist name generator so unique:

High-powered technology

Our artist name generator is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, meaning you quickly get the best name suggestions. 

Completely free 

You can use our artist business name generator completely free of charge, with no subscription or hidden costs. 

No limits

Our name generator for artists comes with no limitations. You can use it as often as you like. 

Easy to use

Our generator is simple to use, with just a few basic steps.

More than just a name

Whether you’re looking for a name, domain name, logo design or trademark, you can use our generator to make it happen.

Top Tips

How to Create an Artist Name

Research Thoroughly

Look at other artists and what makes their names good. Then, brainstorm keywords that capture what your art is all about. 


Originality is Key

To ensure your artist name is original, conduct thorough research to avoid clashes with other artists, choose a name that reflects your unique style. Do a Google search and social media check to see if anyone uses the same name.


Make it Memorable

To create a memorable artist name reflects your artist style, keep it simple and always draw inspiration from your identity. Avoid generic choices and think about how the name will be perceived in the future. 

Have Fun

Isn’t that what art is about? Remember to enjoy yourself and keep tweaking the name to make it a fun and creative process.


Feedback Time

Before you secure your artist name, don’t forget to ask your friends and family what they think. Who knows — maybe an even better option for an artist’s name is around the corner?


Check Availability

Don’t forget to check if your domain name is available. Plus at social media sites to secure the support handles for our chosen name. 

Get Inspired

20 Artist Name Ideas to Inspire You

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Audiolada
  • Audionetic
  • Hi-Res Nature
  • Kid Rogue
  • Frame Kid
  • Headshot Painter
  • Music Painter
  • Band Modus
  • Sound Pitch
  • Sonic Orchestra
  • Digi Sound
  • Beat Orchestra
  • Vistaster
  • Brush Buddies
  • Scenefluent
  • Colorbea
  • Life Fuze
  • Scenegenix
  • Colorex
  • Lifeworks

Video Guides

Artist Name Generator Videos to Get You Started

Let our video guides help walk you through how our generator works and top tips for starting your artist business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some people like to use their own name as their artist name or a nickname they’ve had since childhood. Others prefer to invent something unique or poetic – a cool artist name that grabs attention and stands out.

Our artist name generator creates names for all art industries.

To legally own your artist name, you will need to trademark it. Providing evidence of use is important, and it's a crucial step to protect your artistic brand legally. Avoid choosing an existing artist name to prevent conflicts and legal issues. Use our trademark tool to trademark your name.

An example of a famous artist's name is the street artist Banksy. Rather than using his real name, he uses an artist's name. Which is believed to date back to some of his earliest work, which included the tag “Robin Banks”.



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