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Use our free artist business name generator to create hundreds of artist business name ideas in no time! Give it a try to find your new artist name.

1. Choose Your Artist Business Name Keywords

Insert relevant keywords into the business name generator to create artist name ideas.

2. Get Artist Business Name Ideas

Get a long list of name ideas and shortlist the ones that best match your artist business.

3. Select Artist Business Names

Pick your favorite names, check to see if they’re available, and pick the one you will use for your artist business.

How to Use Our Artist Business Name Generator

The BNG artist business name generator can give you hundreds of unique, original artist name ideas, and it’s a really simple tool to use. 

The first step is to think of some words that describe your artistic style or your company’s theme.

From there, you can type your words into the artistic name generator and get a long list of names. Then use the filters to narrow your search and filter out the specific artistic name ideas that interest you.



Insert relevant artist keywords in the search box.



Generate 1,000+ name ideas for your brand.



Filter the results and select the winning artist name.

Prepare a shortlist of the artist business names you like the most, and make sure to check on domain availability for each one before claiming it as your own. 

You can also make all sorts of adjustments before deciding on a name that fits your brand just right.

Benefits of Our Artist Business Name Generator

Our artist name generator is extremely easy to use. It’s packed with helpful features that make it easy to find the right artist name ideas. 

Here’s what makes our artist name generator so special. 

  • High-powered technology – Our artist name generator is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, making it one of the smartest and most useful tools of its kind.
  • Completely free – You can use our artist business name generator completely free of charge, with no subscription or hidden costs to worry about.
  • No limits or restrictions – There are no limits or restrictions with our username generator for artists, so you can use it as often as you like.
  • 100s of unique names – The generator can create hundreds or even thousands of unique artist name ideas based on your input.
  • Easy-to-use – Another advantage of our artist business name generator is that it’s so simple to use, with just a few basic steps to follow.
  • Versatile – No matter whether you’re looking for artist nicknames or a new professional company name, you can use our generator to make it happen.

20 Artist Business Name Ideas

Want to see what our artist business name generator can do? Here are 20 unique artist business names provided by the generator using only the following keywords as prompts: creations, canvas, inspiration, artistic, and image.

  • Canvascape 
  • Creations Market 
  • Inspiration Booth   
  • Artistic Blueprint 
  • Imagepad 
  • Boho Canvas
  • Inspiration Palette 
  • Contrast Creations
  • Artistic Nuance 
  • Image Arte 
  • Dream Canvas
  • Inspiration Makers 
  • Culture Creations
  • Artistic Express
  • Image Enchant 
  • The Canvas Collective
  • The Inspiration Realm
  • Artisan Creations
  • Crimson Artistic
  • Axis Image

20 Artist Nickname Business Name Ideas

Our artist business name generator can also be used as an artist username generator or artist nickname generator, too. Here are some clever and unique artistic nicknames made by the generator using these keywords: vista, brush, scene, color, and life.

  • Vistaverze 
  • Brush Bros 
  • Scenegenix
  • Colorex 
  • Lifeworks 
  • Vistaster 
  • Brush Buddies
  • Scenefluent
  • Colorbea 
  • Life Fuze 
  • Vistawind 
  • Myst Brush  
  • Scenescape
  • Colorella 
  • Life Vortex 
  • Vista Vinyasa
  • Brush Magna
  • Scene Asylum
  • Colorlaza 
  • Lifenest

You can also try our art business name generator if you’re looking for an art name instead of an artist name.

Social Media Handles for Artists

The art world can be a competitive place, and it’s important to do what you can to help your work and your business stand out. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be really useful for spreading the word and raising awareness of your art.

Having your own social media handle or username is essential as an artist, as this is how people will find you and how you can promote yourself. However, you may find that the business name or nickname you want to use has already been taken on social media.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this. Here are a few tips that can help you if the exact matches of your chosen artist name ideas aren’t available:

  • Modifiers – If the specific name you want to use isn’t available, try it with modifiers, like “The” in front of your name or phrases like “I am” and “This is”.
  • Misspelling – Another trick is to intentionally misspell part of your name, or even substitute one of the letters for a number, like a 3 instead of an E.
  • A New Name – If all else fails or you want your name to be truly unique, you can go back to the drawing board and come up with a brand new name.

Check out our name generators for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to get more help making unique social media handles.

Our artist business name generator isn’t the only tool you can use at BNG. We have many other business name generators that can be used for creating all kinds of unique, original, and interesting business names. Here are some of the most popular options:

Make sure to use business name search to check if you can legally use the artist name you selected.

10 Tips For Creating Artist Business Name Ideas

  1. Tell Your Story – Art is a personal expression of the artist or a reflection of their thoughts and ideas. Therefore, it makes sense to use your own story or history as part of your artist name. Think about what words sum up your journey and use them.
  2. Talk to Friends – Looking for inspiration and ideas to enter into our artist business name generator? A good place to start is to talk to the people who know you best, like friends and family. Ask them their opinion of your art and how they feel about it; you might get some great ideas for your business name.
  3. Avoid Hard-to-Spell Words – Many successful artists and artist businesses have fairly simple and easy to spell names. Try to follow their example and choose something that is easy to pronounce and easy to spell to avoid confusion.
  4. Don’t Restrict Yourself – As an artist, your work may evolve over time and your style may change. Keep this in mind when choosing your name. Don’t choose a name that is too limiting, but one that will last your entire career.
  5. Use Our Generator – One of the fastest and easiest ways to find great artist name ideas is to use our artist business name generator. It’s quick, simple, and free to use, and it can give you hundreds of unique artist business names.
  6. Analyze Other Artists – It’s always a good idea to look at what names other artists use. Think of some of your favorite artists or leaders in your style and look at the words they use to make up their names.
  7. Be Creative – Artists tend to be creative people, and it’s a good idea to use your creative skills to come up with a name that is unique and original to help you stand out and attract attention.
  8. Brainstorm Ideas – When you’re first starting out in your search for an artist nickname or brand name, try to brainstorm and write down as many words as you can think of that are relevant to your art and the feelings you want to evoke.
  9. Think About Your Audience – It’s also a smart idea to consider your audience when coming up with artist business names. Think about what kinds of words will have an effect on them and make them interested in you.
  10. Be Relevant to Your Genre – There are many different genres and forms of art, from sculpture to graphic design. Names can vary based on genre, and it makes sense to choose words and phrases that are appropriate for your chosen form of art.

A good idea to help when looking for artist business name ideas is to look at real-world art business and artist names and think about what makes them special. In this section, we’ll look at some examples of famous names for real world artists and art companies.

Best Photography Names 

Here are some of the top names for professional photography studios, as well as pro photographers on social media sites like Instagram.

The White Space 

The White Space is a photo studio in Australia. The name is highly evocative, suggesting a blank canvas or empty room, ready to be filled with life and color.


Memoryweaver is the social media handle for pro photographer, Marcus Rodriguez. The name makes us think about how photographs can capture memories forever.

Lightdrop Studios 

Light is an important element in photography, videography, and art in general. The beautiful, elegant name of Lightdrop Studios emphasizes the importance of light.


Onelastmidnight is the social media handle of a UK based photographer. The name is poetic and intriguing, evoking various emotions in people who hear it.

Best Tattoo Artist Names 

Tattoos are another form of art, and there are some extraordinary tattoo artists and studios out there, using bodies as canvas and tattoo pens as paintbrushes. Here are some of the best names.

Bang Bang 

Bang Bang is the name of a successful tattoo studio in New York City. The name is easy to remember, but also evocative, making people think about something impactful and exciting.

Temple Tattoo 

Temple Tattoo is a tattoo parlor in Oakland, California. The name uses two words beginning with the letter T to make it easier to remember and fun to say.

Sang Bleu 

Sang Bleu is a London-based tattoo studio that has been visited by major celebrities. The name comes from a French phrase, which translates to “Blue Blood”; it’s elegant and exotic, immediately attracting attention.

Speakeasy Tattoo 

Speakeasy Tattoo is the name of a tattoo parlor in Toronto. The name makes people think of a place that is secret and special. This makes the name appealing.

Best Illustrator Names 

Illustration is another exciting form of art. Here are some of the best artist nicknames of real-world illustrators, including successful and up-and-coming artists.

Useless Treasures 

Useless Treasures is a Berlin-based art studio and illustration company. The name is evocative and expresses the artist’s sentiments and philosophy.

Adam Niklewicz 

Adam Niklewicz is an up-and-coming illustrator from the US. Like many other artists and illustrators, he simply uses his own name on his work, and this can be an effective method to raise awareness and convey authority.


Alterlier is the nickname of an illustrator from Colombia. Her name combines the words “Alter” and “Atelier” to create something new and different.


Keebs is the artist nickname of John Lee, a freelance illustrator from LA. This shows that sometimes, a short and simple nickname is all you need in the art world. The name is very easy to remember.

Best Street Artist Names 

A lot of art is done on the streets, and there are many famous street artists who have turned towns and cities into their own personal canvases. Here are some examples.


Daze is the nickname of legendary street artist, Chris Ellis. This name is simple, yet highly evocative, showing how viewers can fall into a daze of their own when admiring a wonderful work of art. 


Nobody is sure who Banksy is or how he got his name, but the name has become known around the world. It’s unique and easy to remember, giving it global appeal.

Lady Pink 

Lady Pink was one of the main female street artists of the 70s. Her name is a simple one, but accurately captures her character and the vivacity of her art. The name is fun to say and evokes an interesting image.

Os Gemeos 

Os Gemeos is the name given to a pair of street artist twins from Brazil. The name simply translates to “The Twins” and shows the strong bond between these brothers.

Best Graphic Design Names

Art can also be digital, in the form of graphic design. Here are some names of leading graphic design studios and businesses around the world.

Velvet Spectrum 

Velvet Spectrum is the name of a graphic design studio in Portland. The name is very evocative, conjuring a range of sensations and images, like the softness of velvet and the many colors of the spectrum.

Fireart Studio 

Fireart Studio is a graphic design company from Poland. The name conjures images of fire and excitement, showing the passion that this team puts into their projects. 


Dschwen is the name of a design studio and popular graphic design Instagram account. The name is a mashup of the founder’s names (David Schwen), and it shows that simple names work well.

Happy Cog 

Happy Cog is a New York design firm with a lot of high-profile clients. The name sounds warm and welcoming, but also shows the brand’s strong work ethic, through the word “cog”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One of the first things to do is try and list lots of words that describe your approach to art or your style of art. From there, you can brainstorm artist name ideas or use our artist business name generator to get lots of ideas made for you.

There’s no right or wrong answer, as artists can have wildly different names. Some people like to simply use their own name as their artist name, or a nickname they’ve had since childhood. Others prefer to invest something unique, poetic, or elegant as a way to grab attention and stand out.

It can be a good idea to start a limited liability company as an artist. This way you can officially claim and register your chosen business name so that it cannot be taken over by others. It also allows you to start your own business, which can have tax and other advantages. Our our LLC name generator to create your name and check if it’s available with business name search.

It’s not compulsory to have a made-up business name as an artist, but if you want to be a professional artist and sell your work, you will need to have some kind of official title. This could simply be your own name, or it could be an artistic name that you invent.




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