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Use our free artist name generator to create hundreds of artist name ideas in no time! Give it a try to find your new artist name.

1. Choose Your Artist Name Keywords

Insert relevant keywords into the business name generator to create artist name ideas.

2. Get Artist Name Ideas

Get a long list of name ideas and shortlist the ones that best match your artist business.

3. Select Artist Names

Pick your favorite names, check to see if they’re available, and pick the one you will use for your artist business.

How To Come Up With An Artist Name

Our artist name generator can give you thousands of unique, original artist and music artist name ideas, and it’s a straightforward tool to use. 

The first step is to think of words that describe your art or music style or your company’s theme.

You can then enter your keywords into the artist name generator and get an extensive list of names. Next ,use the available filters to narrow your search and remove any artistic name ideas that don’t interest you.

You can also use our art business name generator if you want an art business name instead of an artist’s name. 

Before you finalize a name that will stick with you, do a business name search and see if you can legally use the artist name you selected. 

Prepare a shortlist of the artist business names you like the most and check on domain availability for each one before claiming it as your own. 

You can also make all sorts of adjustments before deciding on a name that fits your brand just right.

What Should My Artist Name Be?

There’s no right or wrong answer, as artists can have wildly different names. Some people like to simply use their own name as their artist name or a nickname they’ve had since childhood. Others prefer to invent something unique or poetic – a cool artist name that grabs attention and stands out.

Tutorial for Creating Artist Business Name

10 Artist Name Ideas

Want to see what our artist name generator can do? Here are 10 unique artist names provided by the generator using only the following keywords as prompts: audio, nature, music, painter, artist, and kid.

  1. Audiolada
  2. Audionetic
  3. Hi-Res Nature
  4. Kid Rogue
  5. Frame Kid
  6. Headshot Painter
  7. Music Painter 
  8. Audiocrity
  9. Paint Pro
  10. Audioholic

10 Music Artist Name Ideas

You can use our music business name generator to find music business name ideas. Check out these suggestions for musician and band names using the keywords band, sound, group, and orchestra:

  1. Band Modus
  2. Sound Pitch
  3. Sonic Orchestra
  4. Digi Sound
  5. Beat Orchestra
  6. Groove Group
  7. Cloud Band
  8. Melody Orchestra
  9. Note Group
  10. Vox Band

10 Artist Nickname Ideas

Our artist name generator can serve as an artist username generator or artist nickname generator as well. Here are some clever and unique artistic nicknames the generator made using these keywords: vista, brush, scene, color, and life.

  1. Vistaverze 
  2. Brush Bros 
  3. Scenegenix
  4. Colorex 
  5. Lifeworks 
  6. Vistaster 
  7. Brush Buddies
  8. Scenefluent
  9. Colorbea
  10. Life Fuze

10 Tips for Creating Good Artist Business Names

Tell Your Story – Art is a personal expression of the artist or a reflection of their thoughts and ideas. That’s why using your own story or history as part of your artist name makes sense. Think about words that sum up your journey and use them.

Talk to Friends – Looking for inspiration and ideas to enter into a name generator for artists? An excellent place to start is to talk to the people who know you best, like friends and family. Ask them their opinion of your art and how they feel about it. You might get some cool artist name ideas.

Avoid Hard-To-Spell Words – Many successful artists and art businesses have fairly simple and easy-to-spell names. Try to follow their example and choose something easy to pronounce and spell to avoid confusion.

Don’t Restrict Yourself – As an artist, your work may evolve, and your style may change. Keep this in mind when choosing your name. Don’t choose a name that is too limiting, but one that will last your entire career.

Use Our Generator – One of the fastest and easiest ways to find good artist name ideas is to use our artist business name generator. It’s quick, simple, and free to use. Just type in your keywords, and it will give you thousands of unique artist business names.

Analyze Other Artists – It’s always wise to look at what names other artists use. Think of some of your favorite artists or leaders in your style and look at the words they use to make up their names.

Brainstorm Ideas – When you first start in your search for an artist’s nickname or brand name, try to brainstorm and write down as many words as you can think of. Once you’ve compiled a list of names relevant to your art and the feelings you want to evoke, you can start removing the ones you don’t like as much.

Think About Your Audience – Consider your audience when coming up with artist business names. Think about what kinds of words will affect them and pique their interest.

Be Relevant to Your Genre – There are many different genres and forms of art, from sculpture to graphic design. Names can vary depending on the genre, and it makes sense to choose words and phrases that are appropriate for your preferred form of art.

Should You Trademark Artist Names?

When you’re happy with your ideas and decide on a name, you need to make sure it’s available. It’s not a coincidence that we don’t have two Beyonces or Bob Rosses.

Many artists choose to trademark their names and protect their brands. You can search the trademark database to make sure the name you want to pick is available. Once you confirm it’s free, you can protect yourself from copycats by trademarking your name or logo. 

While taking out a trademark may be over the top (and it doesn’t do much globally), you can never be too sure. In addition, having a trademark can help you in legal battles over copyright infringement and art ownership.

What Are Some of the Best Artist Names Right Now? 

When searching for artist business name ideas, look at real-world art business and artist names. Think about what makes them unique.

In this section, we’ll look at examples of famous names of real-world artists and art companies.

The White Space: The White Space is a photo studio in Australia. The name is highly evocative, suggesting a blank canvas or an empty room, ready to be filled with life and color. 

Memoryweaver: Memoryweaver is the social media handle for pro photographer Marcus Rodriguez. The name makes us think about how photographs can capture memories forever. 

Bang Bang: Bang Bang is the name of a successful tattoo studio in New York City. The name is easy to remember but also evocative, making people think about something impactful and exciting. 

Alterlier: Alterlier is the nickname of an illustrator from Colombia. Her name combines the words “alter” and “atelier” to create something new and different. 

Daze: Daze is the nickname of legendary street artist Chris Ellis. The nickname is simple yet highly expressive. It shows how viewers can fall into a daze when admiring a wonderful work of art.

Benefits of Our Artist Business Name Generator

Here’s what makes our artist name generator so special. 

  • High-powered technology – Our artist name generator is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, making it one of the smartest and most useful tools of its kind.
  • Completely free – You can use our artist business name generator completely free of charge, with no subscription or hidden costs to worry about.
  • No limits or restrictions – Our username generator for artists comes with no limitations. You can use it as often as you like.
  • 1,000s of unique names – The generator can create hundreds or even thousands of unique artist name ideas based on your input.
  • Easy to use – Another advantage of our artist business name generator is that it’s so simple to use, with just a few basic steps to follow.
  • Versatile – No matter whether you’re looking for artist nicknames or a new professional company name, you can use our generator to make it happen.

Our artist business name generator isn’t the only tool you can use at BNG. We have many other business name generators that can be used for creating all kinds of unique, original, and interesting business names. Here are some of the most popular options:


Choosing an artist name can be tricky. It will potentially stick with you for the rest of your career, and it needs to convey your artistic expression during the entire process. When choosing a name, you need to be creative and go for something memorable and not limiting, but still not too outside the box for people not to misinterpret it.

If you need help coming up with great artist name ideas, use our artist name generator and get 1,000+ ideas in a matter of seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting a limited liability company (LLC) as an artist can be a good idea. This way, you can officially claim and register your chosen business name so that others cannot take it over. It also allows you to start your own business, which can have tax and other advantages. Our LLC reviews can help you find the best LLC service. You can also use our handy guides to search for how to set up an LLC by state.

It’s not compulsory to have a made-up business name as an artist, but if you want to be a professional artist and sell your work, you will need to have some kind of official title. This could simply be your own name, or it could be an artistic name that you invented.

Enter the name you want to use in the USPTO’s database search and see if it’s available. Still, the trademark database is not the only relevant source as there can be foreign artists or ones without a legal trademark. You can use search tools to find if there are any social media accounts with that name and find the artist with the specific name that way. If you can’t find any, you’re good to go.

Use Google to search for the name and see how many results appear. If you’re a musician, use streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud to find the name that way. Social media can also be a helpful tool, as well as your country’s trademark database.

If you don’t want to go with your real name, you can use a pseudonym that will better reflect your artistic style. A fake name can also help you stand out from the crowd, especially if your real name is common.

If you’re struggling to come up with a name by yourself, you can use name generators to get some inspiration. Make sure you use an easy-to-spell name that doesn’t have parentheses or other special characters. The name should also be original and hint at what type of art you’re creating.

If you want to protect your artist name from copycats, you can trademark it. Having a trademark can help you in any copyright infringement and ownership disputes that may occur. Trademarking your name is the same process as trademarking a business name – you need to see if the name is available and then complete the trademark process.


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