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Complete Guide to Naming Your Animal Business

Our animal business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get animal business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Business development dealing with animals allows for many specialization areas. You can sell pets, supplies, food, medicines or services aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of animals. Because there are so many possibilities, it’s important to maintain a degree of focus in your branding efforts.

Consider your specialty first and begin your branding efforts only after. Choose the right message you want to deliver. For example, you have a personalized approach and trained staff who can ensure pet happiness. If so, “happy pets” should be the running theme of your branding efforts.

There are so many possibilities within the field of animal care – obedience training, pet psychology, toy making, accessory making, travel service provider, animal hotels, cat cafés – you name it, somebody is already doing it. this is why you need a niche strength. If you keep your branding efforts too generic, you will find it almost impossible to differentiate yourself from the competition.

When trying to deliver the message across, it may also be a good idea to focus on a particular emotion. Love, confidence, happiness and cuddliness are all associated with pets. Capitalize on these opportunities.

Demographic Interests

Animal owners and lovers are well-known for the deep connection they have with four-legged and other creatures.

These individuals are usually looking for the best and they may be willing to spend a lot on the comfort and the wellbeing of their animals. Thus, bargains aren’t typically the best thing to highlight. You may want to focus on product uniqueness and the benefits that it can bring to the table.

Animal lovers don’t have a distinctive demographic profile. They can be young or old, married with kids or single. Income levels are also not indicative of animal ownership but wealthier individuals could be more willing to spend on frivolous items like pet accessories and apparel.

Competitor Name Analysis


The fun name provides a great reference to the range of services. DogVacay is a company that makes it easier to find a pet sitter for periods when you’re away from home.

Cuddle Clones

A fun company that creates exact soft toy replicas of your pets. The plush replicas are based on a photo and you can easily take them everywhere you have to go.


This is yet another joyful name that provides an immediate indicator about the scope of services. DoodyCalls is a pet waste removal company that can handle everything – from scooping poop in the yard to cleaning the cat’s litter box.

The Honest Kitchen

A company that makes human-grade food for pets. The Honest Kitchen emphasizes the fact that its ingredient policy is fully transparent in an attempt to win the trust and approval of pet owners.

Vet on Demand

This is a name that doesn’t really necessitate an explanation, does it?


The company offers solutions similar to what Skype enables. The primary focus, however, is seeing and “chatting” with a favorite animal while you are away on a vacation or on a business trip.

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Animal companies operate in many fields and they need to be relatable. A bit of emotional appeal and humor in the name will be excellent choices. To get started, try our Company Name Generator. The ideas can be easily tweaked and personalized to represent your own business. In addition, you can carry out an effortless domain name availability check via the website.

Here are several terms and phrases you can use to power the search and begin your brainstorming session:














Cat tree



Pet attire




Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Wag the Tail Dog Treats: every single dog owner knows that dogs wag their tail when they’re happy. The reference will be easy to understand.
  2. The Feline Barber: a beauty parlor for kittens should definitely have an exquisite and memorable name.
  3. Bark and Meow Hotel: finding a creative and memorable name for an animal hotel isn’t always easy but there are many great choices – this is one of them.
  4. Mobile Vet: a suitable name for a vet app that enables online consultations or finding answers to typical animal health questions.
  5. Fetch, Sit and Roll Over!: an obedience school for young pups should have a descriptive name that isn’t too stiff or clichéd.
  6. VIP Pooch: if you’re looking for a boutique that offers luxury goods for animals, this will be the one to visit.
  7. Creature Haven: an animal sanctuary or a rescue center will definitely benefit from such a name, as far as branding efforts go.
  8. Who’s a Good Boy?: another excellent name for a pet academy or a coach dealing with disobedient and highly energetic puppies.
  9. Simply Purrfect: a cat-centered business could never make enough use of cat-related puns, can it?
  10. Ears to Tail: this is another suitable and fun idea for naming an animal grooming business.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Don’t choose a name that’s stiff, humorless and tired. As already mentioned, animal lovers invest a lot of emotion in the relationship that they have with a pet. A good animal business name should have some attitude. Pristine Grooming certainly doesn’t sound as fun as The Feline Barber, does it?

Use terms, phrases and expressions pet owners will know. Dogs wag their tails when they’re happy. Cats purr. Puppies have a short attention span. This is general knowledge that you can easily turn into an insider joke. This way, you will build rapport right from the start. Avoid generic statements that pertain solely to the products and the services you have to offer. Many others have a similar company portfolio. How are you different from them and even more important – how are you better?

Finally, avoid abbreviations or terms unless these are meaningful and familiar to everyone. ACDT, for example, may be a bit too abstract. Few people know that the abbreviation refers to absolute control dog training. Instead, choose something a bit more meaningful and that can be comprehended instantaneously.

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