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How To Name Your Animal Business

Finding the ‘pawfect’ name for your animal business is an important step in establishing your brand. It can be difficult to think of pet store names that showcase everything you want your customers to understand about your company, and you might need some help.

We’ve put together a complete guide to help you name your animal business, including real-world examples of successful pet store names, as well as our top 5 tips for creating the perfect animal business. We’ve also used our animal business name generator to create a list of 20 ‘paw-some’ names that you’ll love for your pet store.

After you’ve read our advice, try out our animal business name generator to create the perfect name for your brand, that will appeal to ‘pawrents’ and furry friends alike!

20 Animal Business Name Ideas

Finding an amazing name for your pet business can be tricky if you’re not sure where to start. Our animal business name generator is designed to help you create the best, personalized names for your company. All you need to do is enter a few keywords about your company, press generate and be blown away by our suggestions.

Below, we’ve created a list of 20 animal business name ideas to get you started. After that, try using our pet store name generator to find ideas you won’t be able to keep your paws off.

Here are our 20 suggestions for your animal business name:

  1. Animal Premium
  2. Animal Time
  3. Animal Mart
  4. Animal Planet
  5. Animal Quest
  6. Animal Advisor
  7. Petorzo
  8. Posh Pet
  9. Point Pet
  10. Kingdom Pet
  11. Petiva
  12. Supply Pet
  13. Petdo
  14. Petooze
  15. Haven Pet
  16. Essentials Pet
  17. Petella
  18. Pawopolis
  19. World Paw
  20. Pawfluent

20 Animal Business Name Ideas

  1. Awesome Animals
  2. My Next Pet
  3. Critter Comforts
  4. Cutie and the Beast
  5. Carnival of Animals
  6. Lucky Pets
  7. Cool Creatures
  8. Wild About Animals
  9. Posh Pets
  10. Magic Paws
  11. Friends with Fur
  12. Mister Critter
  13. Pets with Personality
  14. Paws and Pals
  15. The Creature Teachers
  16. Amazing Animals
  17. The Paws Project
  18. Passionate About Pets
  19. The Critter Clan
  20. Wag That Tail

Best Real-World Animal Business Names

One of the best ways to create your own pet store names is to sniff out the competition and see what names they’re using! We’ve gathered some of the best real-world animal business names to show you why these names are great, and why they work so well for their company.

After you’ve read our animal business name examples, try using our pet store name generator to create your own unique pet store names that you’ll be ‘pawsitively’ pleased to have to represent your brand.

Here are our best real-world animal business names, and why we love them: 


Petco has been around since 1965 and focuses on the health and wellness of pets, pet parents, and Petco partners. Petco sells a range of products and services for pets, including food, grooming, and more.

The name Petco is the ideal name for a company: it is short, sweet, and easily remembered. Petco is a combination of the two key aspects of the business, ‘pet’ and ‘company’, which ideally advertises to their audience what their brand is about, who they appeal to, and what kinds of products they sell.

By shortening ‘company’ to ‘co’, Petco is creating a new, fresh name that defines them as a modern company. This represents Petco’s desire to be a ‘trailblazer’ for standards of welfare for pets, which is shown through the name. 


Similar to Petco, PetSmart also indicates to their customers what their company is about within the name. PetSmart

is one of the leading pet retailers in the United States, not only offering traditional pet products such as food, treats, bedding, and more, but expanding to offer grooming services, boarding, and training within their stores.

The inclusion of ‘pet’ within the title of the company alerts customers to their central product base, but the combination of the name with the word ‘smart’ also helps to present them as innovative. ‘Smart’ also implies that choosing their company is a ‘smart’ choice for customers, which can increase audience attraction to their brand.

By making PetSmart one word, the company is also cleverly making a double meaning, as ‘petsmart’ could also be read as ‘Pets Mart’, which represents how their stores cater to animals. The capitalization enhances the word ‘smart’, but the pronunciation further pushes what is available at their stores. 


An online company that sells well-loved favorite brands including Natural Balance and Tidy Cats, Chewy aims to be the most trusted and convenient location for pet parents.

The name Chewy references the product type that is available from this pet store, which is primarily a range of food for animals such as cats and dogs, as well as treats.

Chewy is a great name for an animal business as it is short and direct, and means it is easier for customers to remember. The shorter name will also help the company gain exposure online, as ‘chewy’ may be a search result for ‘chew toys’. 


A company that offers customers savings on their pet food and other essentials, Coupaw also helps animals in need through every purchase made on their website.

Coupaw serves as a great name for the company, showcasing them as an innovative and fun brand through the creation of their brand name. Just like Petco, the combination of the words ‘coupon’ and ‘paw’ to create Coupaw advertises to shoppers exactly what the customer is about.

Using ‘coupon’ within the name also advertises the low-cost prices and potential savings offered by the company, which is a great incentive for any customer. Furthermore, the company also works with charities to help animals, which is also another incentive for customers to shop with them.

Only Natural Pet

It can be argued this pet company uses a different tactic within their names to appeal to a different demographic. Only Natural Pet specializes in selling holistic, natural, and eco-friendly products.

Rather than appealing to the masses with names such as PetSmart or Petco, Only Natural Pet uses a longer name that suggests sophistication and a higher-grade product appeal to those who wish to indulge their pets.

However, like the other companies, Only Natural Pet still advertises in their name that they cater to animals, and the unique product array they offer of eco-friendly products.

Why Your Animal Business Name Should Showcase Your Speciality?

As we have observed with our real-world examples when naming an animal business, incorporating relevant words such as ‘pet’, ‘animal’ and ‘paw’ can be a great way for customers to understand what your brand is about.

While it can be tempting to choose names that are unique, you do not want to choose pet store names that will lose the connection to the existing animal business market, as this can confuse your customers. Your animal business name should ideally showcase what makes your business unique and special, as this will attract customers seeking something different.

When using our pet store name generator, choose a few keywords that you feel encapsulate your brand and see what you can create. Try our animal business name generator now for some great ideas.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Animal Business name ideas

When creating your animal business name, it is important that you are focused on creating a pet name that represents all the crucial elements of your company. We’ve put together a list of fun ways you can create unique animal business names that will inspire you to name your pet store.

Once you’ve read our top tips, use our animal business name generator to try creating your own unique name for your brand that you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

Here are our 5-tips for creating unique animal business name ideas: 

  1. Keep Your Business Name Consistent

An important part of promoting and growing a business in the modern age is advertisement through social media. Therefore, it can be essential to ensure that your animal business name is consistent throughout all your platforms, especially your website.

If you have curated a list of pet store names that you love, use our business name search index. to ensure that the corresponding domain name is available to use. This way, your customers will be able to find your business easily, which can be great for increasing profits and growing your audience.  

  1. Use Word Combinations

Just like Coupaw, combining words can be a great way to generate an innovative and unique name for your animal business. Putting words together can create an impression of your company as fun and inventive, as well as allow you to showcase key elements of your business through your name.

For example, if you specialize in organic food for dogs, you could use a name such as ‘Dogoganic’. Alternatively, if you sell food and treats for birds, you could name your pet store ‘Treaty Bird’.

However, do not force word combinations, as it can result in business names that are hard to spell and pronounce, and will hinder your customer’s ability to remember them. If you are struggling, use our animal business name generator for inspiration on how to create a great name for your pet store. 

  1. Try Some Techniques

One of the best ways to create an animal business name is to use word techniques that will make your name catchy. For example, using a rhyme within your name can make it easier for customers to remember your business, which makes them more likely to come back.

As well as with a rhyming name like ‘Fat Cat’, you can also use alliteration to create a name such as ‘Pristine Pets’. Experimenting with various names is a great way to discover the perfect name for your pet store. 

  1. Appeal to Your Audience

One of the most important factors to consider when creating your animal business name is how your audience will respond to it. Knowing and appealing to your core demographic is the main way you will get your business to flourish, which is why your name should appeal to them.

For example, our real-world example Coupaw perfectly advertises its company to those who want to save money on their pet food. Conversely, Only Natural Pet uses a longer, more sophisticated name to target a demographic who are willing to spend a little extra to help the planet.

Channeling your audience within your business name can help you to engage with your customer base, as well as encourage them to shop with you again. For inspiration, use our pet store name generator to find the ideal name to appeal to your audience. 

  1. Make Your Company Easy to Find

If you are creating any type of company or brand, it is important to do your research to understand where your business will fall into the existing market.  When creating your animal business names, you want to use words that customers will recognize as indicating the products you sell.

When naming your pet store, including words such as ‘pet’, ‘animal’, ‘paw’ ‘tail’ and other similar words within your name will help your customers to understand what your company sells, as well as what they can expect from you.

However, when choosing an animal business name, do not limit yourself by choosing names that are too specific to your product. For example, if you choose an animal business name such as ‘Dog Emporium’, you may later expand to sell products for other animals, and lose customers as they will not be aware of what you sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When thinking of pet store names, it is important to consider what products you are selling, what animals you are selling them for, and what sort of audience you wish to appeal to. All these factors should contribute to your name, and if you need help, try using our animal business name generator.

Common names for pet stores include words such as ‘furry’, ‘paws’, ‘zoo’, ‘claws’, ‘pets’, ‘puppies’ and more. It is recommended not to be too generic when choosing an animal business name as it can detract from what is special about your business.

Some of the most famous animal businesses include PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supermarket, Global Petfoods and Petland. All the most famous pet store names often incorporate the word ‘pet’.

When naming your animal business, it is important to consider including the word ‘pet’ or similar advertisement for what the company offers, as it can help customers to understand your business better.

When choosing a name for your animal business, it is important to decide what type of business you will be. A pet grooming business will require a different name and aesthetic than a pet food business, which must be considered when you are deciding between pet store names.

If you need help to create a unique name to represent your pet brand, use our animal business name generator for a variety of great options.

If you know your animal business will specialise in one key area, such as dog training, you can afford to be more specific with the names. Dog training business names should again contain keywords that advertise to your audience what your brand is about.

Common words for dog businesses include ‘bark’, ‘wag’, ‘pooch’, ‘puppy’ and ‘paw’. However, do not limit the potential growth of your business by choosing an animal business name that will restrict you later. Always think about the potential expansion and growth of your animal business.


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