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Complete Guide to Naming Your Angel Investment Business

Our angel investment business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get business angel name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Angel investor groups typically represented successful entrepreneurs and people who have been particularly successful in the corporate world. The aim of such entities is to connect angel investors to startup owners and young entrepreneurs in need of assistance.

Angel investment typically has two components – financial support and mentorship.

Because of the specific nature of such interactions, angel investor branding should put a lot of emphasis on the authority, the experience and the industry-relevant background of the powerful individuals represented by the group.

Branding efforts need to be heavily focused on reputation establishment. Past successes and projects that an angel investor has managed to bring to realization will be an obvious focus on such campaigns.

Needless to say, the name chosen for an angel investor business or a group should be the first sign of authority, power and business strength.

Demographic Interests

Angel investor groups and entities typically work with young entrepreneurs who show signs of potential success in the respective field. It’s a mutually-beneficial arrangement. Startup owners get funding and guidance to bring an idea to fruition. Angel investors add yet another profitable entity to their portfolio.

There are certain trends and changes dictates by the business climate and the industries rising to the top. Angel investment entities may occasionally modify the demographic that they deal with for the purpose of expanding the scope of activities they finance or entering a new and profitable niche.

The profile of young entrepreneurs and startups angel investment groups work with is pretty diversified. Few limits will apply, especially if the respective group focuses in a particular niche and is not keen on taking new projects on.

Angel investment groups come in all shapes and sizes and as a result, just about everyone who has a good idea and who is looking for funding will find a program or two to apply to.

Competitor Name Analysis

Atlanta Technology Angels

The name is highly practical and it lacks a creative element. It tells prospects where the group is located and what types of projects it demonstrates an interest towards. Typically, angel investor group names are always this serious and straightforward.

Golden Seeds

The angel investment group focuses on female leadership. The name is creative and suggestive – the group plants the seeds of a potentially profitable enterprise by looking for the right opportunities to finance.

HealthTech Capital

It’s beyond obvious that this angel investor group focuses on the development of better healthcare services through investment in technology.

Clearly Social Angels

The name suggests that the group focuses on more than just the provision of funding for promising projects. Clearly Social Angels is a group that makes business support and financial planning services available.


A bit of clever wordplay has never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to effective branding efforts. FIreStartr is an angel investor group that helps promising digital enterprises start the journey to successful growth and sustainable development.

Global Invest Her

The name instantly makes it clear that the investment group is tailored to supporting female entrepreneurs and startup owners. The mission of this entity is to make it easier for women to start their own business.


An angel investor group’s name should exude confidence and expertise. Usually, these entities have formal names that demonstrate a serious approach towards discovering new opportunities to fund and to take to the next level.

Because there’s a certain etiquette when it comes to naming an angel investor group, it may be somewhat difficult to avoid the clichés and come up with a title that sounds distinctive.

To make the first steps towards the selection of the right name, you should definitely try our Company Name Generator. The suggestions you get are excellent for further brainstorming and refining the original idea. Additionally, you will be provided with accurate information about available domain names.

Do you need some assistance to start your brainstorming session? How about giving the following phrases a try:






Capital venture






Social responsibility










Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Real Angels: A name that comes with enough authority to spark the interest of individuals interested in support for the realization of their project.
  2. (Ad)Venture Partners: it is still possible to be a bit playful in the selection of the right name for an angel investment group without losing any authority.
  3. StartUp Success: the aim of angel investor groups is to enhance the success of startup endeavors. A straightforward name like this one makes it instantly clear what the group is all about.
  4. Woman on Top Angel Investment Group: numerous angel investment entities focus on supporting women in the corporate world and this name is suitable for such an entity.
  5. Prima Angel Group: the definition of prima is first or leading. At the same time, it has a nice sound to it that makes the name both memorable and meaningful.
  6. The Tech Accelerator: the name of an angel investor group should certainly hint towards the sector and the specific startup varieties that can apply for funding.
  7. The Pioneer Fund: angel investors are very often pioneers in a certain field and the name of such a group could definitely mention the fact.
  8. More Than Funding Angel Group: many startup owners are looking for more than just financial assistance. Put emphasis on mentorship and guidance in the name.
  9. ProInnovation: whenever the angel investment group is focused on innovative endeavors, it’s important to mention the specific in the name of the organization.
  10. Beyond the First Milestone: let potential applicants know that the respective entity offers ongoing support that goes beyond achieving a first business milestone.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

While it is good to go the corporate route, avoid the clichés. There are dozens of angel investment groups out there. Do a bit of research to acquaint yourself with popular names. You will next have to work on choosing a name that isn’t reminiscent of another entity.

Names that are way too generic like Tech Angels, for example, aren’t going to cut it either. Dozens of angel investor groups operate in the tech industry. What makes your entity and the opportunities that you have to offer different? A niche name is going to be a much better pick because it will ensure instant recognition.

Finally, don’t make the name too long and convoluted. The Owens Cross Roads Forum of Bio Technology Investors may be specific but nobody’s going to remember such a name. choose concise, catchy and easy to pronounce titles for a higher level of recognition.