Amazon Store Name Ideas

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Amazon Name Ideas

We’ve created 950 catchy Amazon store name ideas using our Amazon business name generator to provide you with unique and available names for your store.

Not many people saw Jeff Bezos’s vision in the late 1990s when he started a store in which you couldn’t walk in and had to buy items you couldn’t touch before purchasing. A silly idea that had to fail.

Some 20+ years and $100+ billion in Jeff’s pockets later, Amazon is the number one retailer in the world. With the platform attracting over 300 million active customers globally, it’s no wonder people are trying to get on the ride and make a profit on Amazon.

Still, the number of buyers doesn’t mean you can just upload a photo of your product and watch dollars fly your way. Where there’s money, there’s competition. Amazon attracts over 9.5 million sellers from all over the world.

If you want to be successful, you need to work on your branding, and it all starts with a memorable business name.

Amazon Business Name Ideas—How To Make Your Store Stand Out

Your business name should always stand out, be memorable, and be to the point—potential customers should know what they can expect from your company from the moment they learn of your name. Amazon stores are no different.

When you decide on a name for your Amazon store, you should make sure it:

  1. Is memorable
  2. Represents your products
  3. Is available

Catchy Amazon Store Names

The primary job of your Amazon business name is to attract buyers and pique their interest in the products you offer. To do that, you need to come up with a catchy store name that will stand out and stick in your customers’ memories.

There are several techniques you can use to make your name memorable. For example, you can use puns and humor (as long as it’s tasteful), alliteration, rhymes, or even geographical terms if it’s relevant to your business.

You can also settle for a single-word name that’s easy to remember (looking at you, Nike).

25 Memorable Amazon Seller Name Ideas

Check out our list of 50 Amazon seller store name ideas that are catchy and roll off the tongue easily. We’ve used our Amazon store name generator to create them:

  • Storezilla
  • Anything Store
  • Storecog
  • Flip Store
  • Storewind
  • Amazon Capital
  • Amazon Wise
  • Store Finest
  • Store Top
  • Amazon Conquer
  • Store Blink
  • Amazon Rule
  • Amazon Allure
  • Store Swift
  • Store Sweet
  • Amazon Artsy
  • Amazon Aristocrat
  • Avid Amazon
  • Ship Store
  • Sanctuary Store
  • Alpha Amazon
  • All-Out Amazon
  • Superb Store
  • Systems Store
  • Ajax Amazon

Need more Amazon store name ideas? Generate here:

25 Amazon Names That Stand Out

  1. Optimum Amazon
  2. Prime Store
  3. Amazon Fly
  4. Efficiency Store
  5. Infinite Amazon
  6. Riveting Retail
  7. Store Hustle
  8. Retaillistic
  9. Rentals Retail
  10. Solve Amazon
  11. A1 Amazon
  12. Split Store
  13. Recovery Resell
  14. Aroma Amazon
  15. Amazon Innovate
  16. Speed Resell
  17. Resell Fort
  18. Resell Nirvana
  19. Relax Resell
  20. Retailsy
  21. Urban Resell
  22. Elite E-Store
  23. Amazon Zip
  24. Addict Amazon
  25. Retail Bay

Brand Names That Represent Your Business

Let’s imagine for a moment you’ve never heard of Ace Hardware. What do you think they sell? It’s definitely not a flower shop.

While your name should be creative, you should still keep it in the confines of what you’re doing, i.e., make sure it represents your products. Nobody wants to buy shoes from a place called The Brick Factory.

Another reason to use a product-related name is the fact that it will give your customers an idea of what they can expect. Depending on your niche, you can have killer names that can excel in:

  1. Clothing and fashion
  2. Electronics
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Tools
  5. Homeware
  6. Global products
  7. Jewelry

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Clothing and Fashion

If you’re looking for clothing and fashion store names, you can use words such as apparel, threads, and specific clothing types. 

Artful ApparelTurbo ThreadGraceful GarmentGilded GarmentTetra Threads
Temple ThreadsTrend StoreFit StoreTwinkle ThreadsAll Star Apparel
Threads TownThreads KitGarms ClosetFX FashionThreads Cave
Threads FadApparel SewGarms GaloreGarment FlairGarms Swag
Hot FashionColor FashionThreads AllyGarment DuneSecret Fashion
Tasty ThreadsAmity ApparelGarms GrailGarment AlohaApparel Aloha
Ample ApparelThreads ParadeApparel SwankAmore StoreGarment Void
Apparel AnvilAutumn StoreGarment UniqueThreads IdolDress Lacey
Shirt HazelDress SpringGarment PopShirt ClassGarms Darling
Clothing MajestyDress NiftyShirt IcarusShirt SnazzyFress Fad
Dress MantleApparel MisfitsGarms LynxDress TrendDress Keep
Garment CreedClothing CubClothlyDressivaClothes Unique
Dress ZooShirt SwayClothesvilleClothes KinClothing Air
Dress AttireGarment AvenueBling FashionClothivaShirtsio
Symbol FashionClothing HeroShirt CliqueApparel DeemApparelopedia
Clothing ImperialFlex StoreShirt DuskGarment RunwayClothing Sphynx
GarbeaDress JazzClothing RitzyDress OriginalsDress Opulent
Clothes SaintClothing DateGarmtasticClothing PeekApparelistic
DressxShirt GrandeClothing JoeClothing FirstClothing Luxe
Shirt GazeApparel PantherClothing LionShirt CornerApparelology

If your niche is undergarments, you can use our lingerie name generator for the best results.

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Electronics

When it comes to selling electronics, people expect a techy or futuristic name that will make them believe buying your product is a step to possessing state-of-the-art technology. Check out these unique Amazon name ideas that will keep sending customers your way.

Computer TurboIT CreedComputer ZoneTech SourceComputer Elite
Automation GeniusLaptop FusionIT MatrixTech GunLaptop Fury
Tech ReliableLaptop HorizonAutomation ElevateIT TitanIT Grind
Tech IntellectLaptop HaloTech QuestLaptop WiseComputer Mafia
Tech PurposeLaptop BotAutomation FireComputer MachTech Guardian
Computer FirstIT WorldComputer LuminousLaptop LogicLaptop Lux
Computer CaptureLaptop LuringComputer CrusaderTech TrioComputer Concept
Computer ChampionIT InstinctTech TripIT InfoComputer CEO
Laptop LuminousCactus ComputerInner ITTots TechPlateau Phone
Professor PhoneTrick TechLord LaptopTantra TechPhone Aid
Phone BriskIT LimitlessTech MonkTech InsightComputer Fortress
IT KingIT MetroLaptop AirTech RevolutionPhone Push
Laptop CloudComputer CookieLaptop InfinityTech CatalystComputer Global
Computer NoobPhone DuelTech GrindTech ChromeComputer Orc
Phone ZoneIT CatalystTech WizardLaptop RubiconPhone Zen
Laptop BuffIT HunterLaptop MegaTech BrosComputer Wire
Phone DudesPhone DuelTech CultTech ShadowPhone Fox
Domain PhoneNixon ComputerBinary TechMarket LaptopMicro Computer
Modular TechConnect ITBit ITBargain ITPower Computer
Air PhonePower PhoneFiber PhoneMega TechTitan Computer

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Cosmetics

A good Amazon store name for a cosmetics shop should make it clear what you’re selling but also provide a sense of glamor, quality, and prestige.

Blended VisionBlast CosmeticsCapri AllureDeific ArtistryWaves Cosmetics
VisexVisologyClear ArtistrySkin VisionNatural Vision
Hera CosmeticsGracious MakeupFormula AllurePurify AllureAttract Cosmetics
Splendorous ArtistryDreamy ArtistryLovely CosmeticsBewitch CosmeticsFlip Allure
Aspasia ArtistryMakeupellaGlamour AllureViolet AllureAyesha Allure
Shimmer CosmeticsRiveting MakeupLust VisionAdmire ArtistryCosmetics Queen
Cosmetics RejuvenateAllure DesireMakeup GentleMakeup EnhancerCosmetics Desirable
Vision SoothCosmetixCosmetics ShineCosmetics RadianceMakeup Silk
Makeup FoxCosmetics PegasusArtistry EroticCosmetics LavishAllure Classy
MakeupoozeAllureaholicVision VestAllure AgentsMakeup Mill
Vision ValueAllure AdmireArtistry AmbientMakeup MirageCosmetics Chakra
Allure AddictionCaptivating CosmeticsCosmetics CrazeMakeup MinkArtistry Agnels
Allure AthenaMakeup MojoArtistry AhimsaAllure AxelMadonna Makeup
Meadow MakeupCosmo CosmeticsCatwalk CosmeticsAztec ArtistryMomento Makeup
Chronic CosmeticsAmaze AllureAmber ArtistryMillions MakeupArcane Allure
Connoisseur CosmeticsGrander GlamorCool AllureGlamorliaGrain Cosmetics
Flawless MakeupGlamor CosmeticsLucent CosmeticsCrips CosmeticsReign Glamor
VissyWe CosmeticsBright GlamorMakeupifyFeminine Cosmetics
Pico CosmeticsDiamond VisionWow AllureCosmeticsprismDeluxe Glamor
GlamorableMakeupgenicsTonal GlamorLuring CosmeticsEsthetic Makeup

Generate More Amazon Store Name Ideas Here:

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Tools

If you’re selling tools on Amazon, you can use the name of specific tools or general nouns like hardware. You should also establish who your target audience is (mostly male shoppers, presumably) and use words that might attract them.

HardwarescapeCity ToolsStrength HammerDrip HardwareCity Gadget
Citadel ToolboxEagle ToolsLean HardwareMerch HammerTrend Hardware
Command AppliancePrecise HardwareCommerce ToolboxFort ToolboxProject Tools
Prime GadgetGet ToolboxWant ToolsAbsolute HammerMaster Hammer
Assemble ToolsStonemason ToolsPrime ToolboxLean HammerPivot Gadget
Arch HammerPrecision ToolsAffordable ToolsMerchant HardwareDelta Gadget
Seasoned ToolsAngle HardwareFix ToolboxAspect ApplianceLeader Toolbox
Tools TradeTools CommerceTools AceToolbox FlowHardware Ground
Hammer GarrisonAppliance FortressAppliance SwapGadget ARchHardware Leader
Hammer MasonToolbox VendAppliance ArmouryHardware HomelandTools Trader
Toolbox TeaseAppliance AddictGadget GuysHardware HearthstoneGadget Gala
Toolbox TowerToolbox TreasuryGadget GnawGadget GongGadget Glam
Appliance ArtToolbox TogThunder ToolsTiger ToolboxHeracle Hardware
Hive HardwareTRUE ToolboxTyrant ToolsHandy HardwareTank Toolbox
Handmade HardwareTidbit ToolboxAgeless ApplianceMighty MenTrim Toolbelt
Hustle HardwareNail NationHustler HardwareTerra ToolDeluxe Drill
Drill DailyHardware HarmonyDrill DoctorHardware HueNail Keep
Tool CraftNail FalconDrill BarterTool StarHardware Master
Bargain HardwareSmart NailGranite SmithMason SmithPro Nail
Star DrillSuccess SmithStonemason SmithGarrison DrillShop Drill

To make the most of our generator, use the hardware store name feature.

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Homeware

As a homeware product seller, you can name your Amazon store using the specific niche you’re in, such as furniture or home decor. If you’re focusing on a specific product type, it would be smart to mention it in your name.

Blooming RoomGardens HomeLady DecorDeco HomeSunny Room
Paradise DecorDivine GoodsFlora DecorMagnolia HomeLinen Room
Keep FurnitureSpade RoomFoam GardenWatering DecorAntiques Room
Club RoomCultivation HomeFocus GardenGlimmer HomeWant Decor
Bed DecorEnchanted FurnitureDaisy DecorWare HomeUrban Decor
Enchanted HomeDistrict FurnitureLeaf FurnitureEnvy HomeMattress Goods
Merchant HomeExotic GoodsGreen Space FurnitureUrban RoomIsland Room
Lotus FurnitureCity GardenCafe DecorEvergreen GardenSunrays Furniture
Spade RoomPalm DecorHoney GardenGarden BloomsGarden Chair
Home ChainFurniture GuerillaHome OrchardGarden GrowDecor Valley
Home MerchantRoom BountyFurniture ShipFurniture BedDecor Queen
Home AtlantisGarden MajesticWare TigerFurniture CrystalFurniture City
Home PantherWare AmberWare InsigniaHome LavishGladiator Goods
Review RoomWorkshop WareFighter FurnitureGenius GoodsHazel Home
Divine DecorFairy FurnitureGet GoodsFabled FurnitureWagon Ware
Hurdle HomeFashion FurnitureHubble HomeDream DecorGaia Goods
Diamond DecorFamily FurnitureForever FurnitureWarrior WareDreamland Decor
Room RegalGoods GlamWare WatchtowerDecor DelightRoom Rate
Home HipRoom RenegadeHome HolidayDecor DoggiesGoods Getaway
Home HopperFurnitRoom RawDecor DroveFurniture FlexFurniture Forever

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Global Products

If you’re not in any specific niche, that’s kind of a niche in its own right. The best Amazon names will include words like wholesale, marketplace, and merchant. Check out our top 100 picks.

Merchant FlipWholesale CityWholesale ProjectRetail MerchGlobal Exchange
Marketplace VendGlobal MerchantGlobal KeepWholesale BrokerRetail Ship
Global DripMarket SwitchGlobal ChainRetail ChainWholesale Auction
Marketplace TradeWholesale JamMarket JamMarketplace MerchantRetail Bargain
Market AuctionWholesale CommerceWholesale SpotMarketplace TrendMarketplace Mill
Merchant DirectMarket VendMarket DealRetail SpotMarket Merchant
Wholesale AbsoluteWholesale ProjectGlobal HaulWholesale AceMerch Global
Shop RetailSwitch WholesaleAdvisor WholesaleAction WholesaleSpot Market
Broker RetailKart RetailFlip WholesaleVend MarketplaceHaul Market
Auction MerchantCart MarketplaceGet GlobalTrade MarketFlip Retail
Bargain RetailShip WholesaleDirect RetailProject RetailCommerce Marketplace
Marketplace MinuteMacro MarketGlobal GurusGo GlobalMarketplace Minty
Wholesale WildlifeMerchant MarvelMarket MagentaRetail RubiconWholesale Wiggly
Market MammothRetail RubyMarketplace MingleMarket MaxiGlobal Galvanic
Retail RideMega MarketplaceMash MarketplaceMerchant MikadoRetail Rocket
Merchant MarginMarket MilkMarket MashedMarketplace MammothMarket Minotaur
Retail RayGlobal GuardGlobal GalaGlobal GrabberMarket Mason
Retail RebalanceWidget WholesaleMagna MarketMagic MarketplaceMadam Merchant
Major MarketMajesty MarketMoonshot MarketplaceWonder WholesaleResort Retail
Reckless RetailGenie GlobalMajestic MarketMode MarketplaceMile Market

100 Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas for Jewelry

Similarly to fashion brands, jewelry stores should use names that suggest your products will bring exclusivity, grandeur, and pizzazz to your customers’ lives. Try to be imaginative and use words that suggest your products are of the highest quality.

Fine DiamondGoldocityJewelryadoraJade TreasureObsidian Gold
Market SilverSilverluxCrystal GemDivine DiamondPegasus Diamond
Sterling SilverChaing JewelryCelestial TreasureGold JewelryDeal Treasure
Opal GoldAffluence GoldJam TreasureGengenixGoldado
Majesty DiamondSilverbesLavish SilverGet DiamondContinental Gold
Atlantis GoldOpulent TreasureExquisite QueenCity JewelryGarnet Gold
Majestic GoldTiger JewelryGet SilverMajesty GemBismuth Diamond
Direct GemDiamond QueenGold LuxeQueen MajestyGold Attract
Gold TradeGem RegencyQueen DripJewelry AmberGem Gold
Queen ZephyrSilver SphynxDiamond JaguarJewelry GoddessDiamond Haul
Gold OsirisElegant DiamondSilver PrinceGem StallionGem Sterling
Gold KartGlamor GoldSiddha SilverGorgeous GoldGlorious Gem
Guava GoldGenuine GoldSio SilverGenie GoldSimple Silver
Jewelry JuggernautSilver StonemasonJuicy JewelryGold GourmetSilver Saturn
Diamond DreamerGold GoodsDigital DiamondQueenhutSilverarc
Richness JewelryDynasty SilverLavish GoldCleopatra DiamondLapis Queen
Merchant DiamondRegent GoldDelicacy GemAdmire QueenRadiance Queen
Bargain GemAffluence QueenDivine QueenCrystal QueenPegasus Gem
Major SilverTrade GemException GoldSwap GemPorcelain Queen

Need more Amazon jewelry store name ideas? Generate here:

How To Make Sure the Name Is Available

Before you settle on a name and decide to set up shop, you need to make sure the name isn’t already taken. You should also check for any similar-sounding stores, as business owners may interpret your name as misrepresentation or trademark infringement.

You can check the name availability by going through the USPTO’s trademark database. You can also google the name you have in mind to see if the domain name is free. If it’s not, use our domain name generator and check if you can get the domain instantly.

Coming Up With Your Amazon Seller Store Name Ideas

If you want to be creative on your own and come up with a great name, you should create a checklist and follow it to end up with the best ideas. Here’s an example of a checklist:

  1. Examine your competition—Check out how others have named their stores. Create a list of the best real-world Amazon business names and try to figure out why they work
  2. Jot down any idea—You don’t have to bang your head to come up with the best name on your first try. Write down any name that comes to mind and then cross out the ones you don’t like
  3. Compare with the competition—Which names are as good as the competitors’? Which ones are lackluster? Compare your ideas with established brands and see which ones can hold their ground
  4. Ask for feedback—You may be in love with an idea only to see that nobody really cares for it. Don’t let that happen after you’ve obtained a trademark. Instead, ask your target audience and friends what they think about the name

Creative Amazon Store Name Ideas List—200 Best Amazon Names

Check out some of the most creative Amazon FBA store name ideas, as well as the best FBM store name ideas:

Lap HandmadeGet CommerceExcalibur E-StoreAmazon AcreShop Vend
Shop PoppyHaul MarketBargain ShippingCommerce JamSubtle Store
People ShopShippingiumOnline LullChain ShopShipping Skeg
Store InteractiveHomemade HerculesAmazon AcademyHandmade ChaiMarket Jam
Odin OnlineAgile CommerceStore SocialStore DiveHandmade Auction
Store SimAmazon RelaxStore SakuraShop SocietyStore Canvas
MarketzenHypnotizing HandmadeHomemade HopMarket SwitchHandmade Box
Project StoreStore StreamHomemade FlipStorm StoreStore Imagine
Trade E-StoreFlip E-StoreDrip ShippingOnline FlipCaramel Commerce
Handmade ImpulseShop DealMill ShopShop StreamZip Store
Simply StoreStore AuctionQueens StoreBarter StoreKingdom Store
Core StoreCommerce TradeHandmade HarpOnline OwnSpark Plug Homemade
Handmade DirectDirect CommerceCity StoreKart E-CommerceStore Drove
Muscle StoreMarketbesOnlineopediaReflect HandmadeHandmade Spot
Market ModularJust HomemadeShippingryCaffeine CommerceJam Market
Direct E-StoreE-Store ExtractContour CommerceShipping ExchangeOnline Swap
Silhouette StoreAmazon CliqueGet HomemadeCharlie CommerceLift Shop
Amazon AnnuityOnline DirectSolution ShopChunky StoreMarketx
Flip StoreTrade E-CommerceInfinity HomemadeExchange MarketE-Store Drip
Chain MarketRapid AmazonSnap ShippingMirage MarketStore Shepherd
E-Store VendMedium HomemadeTalk HomemadeHomemade HiltonHomemade Barter
Store SpireStore SmithStoresterStore DenHealthy Amazon
Ace CommerceBroker MarketEffort E-StoreAuction E-StoreShipping Bargain
E-Store DirectNirvana shopHandmade HappinessShopverseSure Shipping
Deal StoreMerch StoreMill ShippingCommerce DealDaytona Shop
Dope HandmadeAmazon FarmerSkyline StoreHomemade SwarmCatalog Store
Shipping ShopHandmade CreativesE-Store WantHandmade HoneyAccomplish Handmade
BodyBuild StoreAuthentic AmazonOnline SellFast HandmadeOnline City
Handmade HabitAmazon DevelopBargain StoreMarket E-StoreSkinwork Store
Commune CommerceSpot ShopStore SeductressTreasury StoreAntiques Shop
Lavish shopE-Store BargainImage HomemadeMarket MapHomemade Hustle
Slender ShopSnuggly ShopWant HomemadeHomemade CommerceOnline Merch
City CommerceAmazon AmazementShop ArtShopoontShowtime Store
Market DirectSugary ShopAmazon WindShop DriveCommerce Ship
Keep ShopSpecialty StoreGet E-CommerceStore MerchOnline Agile
Pitch HomemadeVillage StoreNomad ShopMarketverseE-Store Drop
Homemade SavorStore TradeShop DealShipping SaverOnline Operator
E-Store EscapadeHandmade EncoreAmazon AuraSincere StoreHomemade Ship
Jam CommerceStore SpotShopnestHomemade HabitAbsolute Commerce
Store SystemsOpulence StoreStore SellShipping DripE-Store Keep


Your store may offer the best products on the Internet, and you may offer the best prices, but it’ll be of no use if nobody browses through your catalog. Your name can make or break your whole business. Its purpose is to attract customers, tell them what your business is about, and show them they can expect products they will never complain about.

A catchy, memorable name will stick in your target audience’s minds, and they will be more receptive towards buying your products. What you sell will be the ultimate test of your business’s success, but a quality name will help you get customers.

You can use any of the Amazon store name ideas we’ve mentioned above. If you’re not happy with any of them, use our generator for free and get a top name using your own keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best Amazon store names are the ones that are memorable and let customers know what your business is about. You should use a name that establishes the type of product you’re selling. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, you can use our Amazon store name generator to help you out.

You should check other store names in your niche and find a pattern among the most successful ones. You need to be creative but don’t break the mold too much. Once you’ve done your research, do some brainstorming and try to come up with a name that is on par with your competitors. You can always look for Amazon store name ideas on the Internet for inspiration.

Use our Amazon store name generator to come up with thousands of names within seconds. You can enter keywords and select the industry you’re in to finetune the results. Once you pick a name (or several of them), the generator will check domain availability for you automatically.

Catchy names roll off the tongue easily, and people are quick to remember them. To achieve this, you can use rhyming, alliteration, or humor in your name.

Generally, yes, as long as there is not any already-established business with that name. With that in mind, you should avoid any profanity and words that suggest illegal conduct, misrepresent your store, or are misleading in any other way.

The name of your store is the initial (and often only) means of communication with your potential customers. While Amazon shoppers are looking at products primarily if you don’t have a standout name, you won’t attract as many customers, and most of them won’t return to shop again.




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