17 Ways To Create A Killer Company Name

Why Bother With Names?

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a business. 

You need to have a great idea, build a team of talented people, and develop a unique product or service. 

But one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the perfect company name. 

A good name can help your company stand out from the crowd and can serve as the foundation for your branding.

So how do you come up with a great company name? 

Check out these 17 tips!

Need A Hand?
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Think About Your Brand

Your name is one of the elements that make your brand. It has to work with all the other elements if you want to build a memorable brand. 

In other words. 

You have to make sure your name fits your brand. 

Your name has to work with your brand positioning. It has to match your brand tagline. At the end of the day, it has to tell the same story you’re trying to tell with your marketing. 

Go Beyond The Obvious

The easiest way to create a name for your brand is to combine two (or three) descriptive words and call it a name. 

But, that’s not very good, is it? 

Instead, you should think about your name in a more metaphorical way. Try to create a name that evokes the emotions behind your brand. 

Think about it. 

Most big brands use evocative names – Google, Amazon, and Apple. These brands spend billions on marketing and branding. There’s a reason why they prefer evocative names. 

Did You Know?
Alphabet, Google’s parent company, spent $3.6 billion on advertising in the United States in 2021. That’s up from 2020, when Alphabet had an advertising budget of $2.5 billion.

Think In Colors

This is a cool little trick you can use when you get stuck thinking of new name ideas for your company. Instead of words, try to think of colors that match your business.

Here’s what to do. 

List down two colors that go with your company. Now go search for what these two colors represent. 

You’ll find a huge list of adjectives and metaphors you can use to create your company name. 

Try to keep this to a few colors. Stick to colors that make sense for your company.

think in colors

Find Inspiration In Images

They say an image is worth a thousand words. And that’s absolutely true. You can interpret an image in different ways. 

You can also use images to create memorable company names.

Here’s how. 

Go to Google images (or any other search engine for images). Start typing words that are related to your business and look at the images that show up. 

If you look closely, you’ll start noticing interesting images that can metaphorically represent your company. 

Can you use these metaphors for your company name? 

Look In Unusual Places

You want to avoid names that look like other names in your industry. That’s why you have to find inspiration in other places. 

Here’s what to do. 

Try to think of a few completely unrelated markets and niches. Start searching for brands in these markets. 

List down the most interesting names you find. Can you mimic their style, metaphors, and sounds for your company name? 

You sure can. Any name created this way is bound to stand out. 

searh in unusual places

Open Your Favorite Book

Good ideas often come from books. The stories in them take us to a special place where creativity comes second nature. 

This is the perfect time to create your company name. 

Think about your favorite book. Do you remember any distinct metaphors? Or events that took place and made an impact on you? 

You can even use the names of the characters in the books. There’s really no limitation to what you can do with this little trick. 

Your Family Name?

What do Kaiser Motors, Adidas, Balenciaga, Canon, and Ferrari have in common? All these brands were named after founders. 

Surnames are most often used in brand names, but first names can also be used. Adidas, for example, combines both. It comes from Adi Dassler, the founder of the brand. 

Do you have an interesting family name that you can use for your brand? 

You can also talk to the elder members of your family. There might be an old nickname of your family that you’re not even aware of. 

Did You Know?
You can go through the list of famous companies that use family names. The list is available on Wikipedia. Did you know that Taco Bell was named after the founder Glen Bell? 

Rewatch Old Movies

Good movies help us relax. They get instilled in our brains, and they generally evoke positive emotions. 

Why not use them as inspiration for your company name? 

Think of your favorite movie characters. Can you use their names? Are there any memorable scenes you can use for inspiration when creating business names?

Try to stick to popular movies. 

You want people to make the connection immediately after they see the name. That’s hard to do with movies that most people haven’t seen. 

watch old movies

Listen To Your Favorite Songs

We mentioned how to use books and movies to find inspiration for your company name. You can do the same with songs. 

Here’s how. 

Think of your favorite songs of all time. Think about the lyrics. Are there any popular parts you can use for your business name? 

For example. 

“Sweet Child O’Mine” from the Guns’n’Roses song would be a great name for a kids’ store. 

You can even use this metaphorically. You probably know the song “Bicycle Race” from Queen. Can you imagine how memorable a bike shop would be if it had the name “Queen’s Bike”?

Try this technique and see what comes out. 

See The Signs

They say most people aren’t aware of the things that happen around them. That’s probably true. 

But what if you open your eyes?

Go on a walk and try to observe the world around you. Take note of all the things that can be tied to your business. 

Do you see a majestic tree that reminds you of your business? Or maybe a new store that just opened that has the exact same vibe you want for your name? 

Whatever the sign might be, open your eyes and look for clues. Creativity might hit you when you least expect it. 

Listen To Nature

Nature is a powerful remedy for the stressful world we live in. Have you ever noticed that your thoughts become clearer if you take a long walk in the nearby park or forest? 

Think about that. 

Why don’t you take advantage of that and use these peaceful walks to create your company name?

Let your mind wander and do its magic. You might find your name when you let your brain do its thing. 

You can observe the nature around you and look for clues you can tie to your brand. 

The worst it can happen is that you spend a couple of hours in nature. That’s a risk most are willing to take. 

listen to nature

Onomatopoeia Speaks

That’s a difficult word. Onomatopoeia is a word that tries to mimic the sound it’s describing. For example, bang for an explosion or hiccup for hiccups. 

How do you use this? 

Think of sounds that can be tied to your brand. 

Let me give you an example. 

Let’s say you’re starting a disruptive brand that will completely change the clothing industry. 

Would a name like “Boom Boutique” make sense in that case? The word “boom” represents the impact (explosion) you’re making in the industry. 

List down a few sounds you can use for your business. Can you turn any of them into a brand name? 

Quick Tip!
You can use a publicly available list of popular onomatopoeia words if you need some inspiration when creating your company name. 

Use A Dictionary

This is one of the original “cheats” professional brand developers and copywriters used. And it’s still effective today. 

Here’s how to use it. 

Let’s say you’re trying to create a name for your business when you reach writer’s block. 

What do you do?

Well, you can open a dictionary and start looking for synonyms of words you already considered. Or, you can even start picking words at random. 

The story goes that Jeff Bezos picked Amazon as a random word from the dictionary. If it worked for him, why wouldn’t it work for you? 

Try Other Languages

Have you ever noticed that fashion brands often have French and Italian names? That’s because we unconsciously connect premium fashion with these two languages, and brand professionals know that. 

Can you do the same?

Sure you can. You can use foreign words in your company name. Try to think of a language that would make sense. 

German and Japanese words work great in engineering. Sanskrit words would be the right fit for yoga brands. 

You can also use the language of your ancestors for your business name. 

try foreign languages

Use Smart AI Tools

Sometimes, even the best tricks won’t help you find the right name. Let’s face it, when our creative flow gets interrupted, it’s hard to brainstorm interesting ideas.

This is where we turn to machines. 

You can use a smart, AI-powered name generator to help you create the right name for your new business. 

We recommend you try BNG name generators. We spent a lot of time developing and tweaking the functionalities, and we believe we have the best name generators on the market. 

That’s not all 

Our name generators are completely free to use. You really have nothing to lose. Try them out. You’ll thank us later. 

Simple Always Wins

Novice business owners often overcomplicate the naming process. They are set on finding THE perfect name for their business. 

Here’s the truth.

There are no perfect business names. At the end of the day, you’ll have to pick one that works for you. 

The reality is most business names are a compromise. In fact, even some of the best brand names in the world weren’t the first pick for the brands they represent today. 

Did you know that Google was initially called “BackRub”? Google was a compromise name that became one of the biggest businesses in the world. 

Just Buy It

If everything else fails, you always have the option to simply buy your company name. 

Let me explain. 

There are companies that sell pre-made brand names. When you buy the name, you usually also get the corresponding domain name and a logo design.

All you have to do is pick the one you like the most from the list.

We recommend you try Domanifiy. They have a solid selection of high-quality company names you can purchase immediately. 

Give them a try. 

just buy it


There’s a lot that goes into creating a killer company name. It’s normal for business owners to feel lost when naming their company. 

We shared 17 different tips, tricks, and tactics you can use when searching for that killer name that fits your company. 

You’ll have your new name in no time if you follow the tips mentioned in this article. Good luck on your business journey!


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