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Which Stars of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are the Most Successful?


The success of vlogging – the activity of uploading short and daily video blogs to social media sites – is ever-growing with some of today’s top celebrities starting their careers on our computer and phone screens.

The reason behind this cultural phenomenon? For vloggers, creating and uploading online video content allows audiences to effortlessly engage with, and feel more connected to, their favourite creators.

In the modern world, boosting your personal brand has become a significant way to get ahead in the business world. As the stars of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram grow in popularity, becoming a content creator looks like an increasingly attractive way to kickstart a successful career.

But who are these notorious social media vloggers and what are their side ventures?

In order to determine the top most successful vloggers, Business Name Generator has analysed over 100 different stars on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, looking at the following criteria:

  • YouTube subscribers
  • Instagram followers
  • TikTok followers 
  • TikTok content total likes 
  • Youtube content total views 
  • Google search volume 
  • TV & film appearances listed on IMDb
  • Side hustles and entrepreneurial pursuits  
  • Total average social media earnings per post 


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Who is the Most Successful Vlogger?

Table showing the most successful vloggers

From content creators on YouTube to influencers on Instagram and TikTok sensations, there are multiple social platforms full of thriving vloggers – but who stands out from the crowd as the most successful vlogger of them all?

Kimberly Loaiza takes the crown for being the most successful vlogger, with an impressive overall score of 95.5 out of 100. The Spanish-singing performer scored perfect marks in almost every category. 

Loaiza’s collection of music videos, from ‘Me Perdiste’ to ‘Pa Eso Se Hizo’, gave her a TV/ film appearances score of 9.5/10 plus a side hustle score of 10/10. The vlogger’s lifestyle content, showing fun snippets of her life alongside perfectly-orchestrated dance routines, gained her a YouTube subscribers score of 10/10, an Instagram followers score of 9.6/10 and a Tiktok followers score of 9.5/10

As a result of such popularity, the social star is estimated to earn a whopping $203,911 (£169,996) a post across the three social platforms, giving her a score of 19.0/20 in the average earnings category.

Just missing out on the top spot is Jake Paul in second, with a respectable score of 94.8 out of 100. The comedic content creator turned boxer is now racking up millions from his pay-per-view fights, giving him a side hustle score of 10/10 and a TV/film appearances score of 9.9/10

Jake’s growing popularity has 2,000,000 fans searching for him on Google, giving him a Google search volume score of 9.9/10. The boxer’s popularity extends to his social platforms, with Jake Paul earning a massive $85,920 (£71,629) per post per social platform, giving him a score of 19.8 out of 20 in the average earnings category.

Jake’s older brother Logan Paul lands himself in third, as one of the most successful bloggers with a total score of 92.8 out of 100. The professional WWE wrestler has a Google search volume score of 9.4/10, with 1,000,000 fans searching for him every month.  

Logan’s comedy vlogs have seen him receive a Youtube subscribers score of 9.8/10, an Instagram followers score of 9.3/10 and a TikTok followers score of 8.7/10. Being so popular, it is no surprise that Logan earns on average $95,820 (£79,883) per post across the three platforms. 

Climbing the ranks to fourth place is Charli D’Amelio, scoring 90.5/100 and earning her a spot as one of the most successful vloggers. Her popular lifestyle content earns D’Amelio $272,705 (£227,348) per post across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, giving her an average earnings score of 19.4/20. Plus, D’Amelio’s entrepreneurial ventures into the clothing and fragrance industries, and the release of her own book gives her a side hustle score of 10/10.

Khaby Lame emerges as the fifth most thriving name on the vlogging scene, with a terrific total score of 89.6 out of 100. Lame’s comedy videos, which see him mocking other people’s ‘simple life hacks’, have gained him a Youtube subscribers score of 10/10, an Instagram followers score of 9.6/10 and a TikTok followers score of 9.5/10

The sixth most successful vloggers list is none other than the UK’s own KSI, with a score of 88.2 out of 100. The popular vlogger, who was made famous for his gaming and comedy video content, can make a massive $47,890 (£39,924) per post across the three social platforms Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

KSI has enjoyed a wide variety of side hustle success, with his ventures including boxing, acting, singing and, most recently, the creation of his drink brand PRIME, with fellow vlogger Logan Paul. This has given the vlogger a side hustle score of 10/10.

Of the top 20, content creators in the genres of lifestyle and comedy were the most successful, with 30% of vloggers in these genres. Gaming followed closely behind at 25%, proving that finding success on social media can be all fun and games.

Which Vlogger Has the Most Successful Side Hustles?

Successful Side Hustles

Vlogging can open up many doors and avenues to explore. These range from collaborations with brands, book deals, showbiz and music opportunities and even high-profile sporting careers.

To determine which vlogger has been the most successful in their side hustles, we analysed over 100 vloggers, looking at who has had the most success outside of social media.

Vlogger Addison Rae tops the leaderboard as the most successful side-hustling vlogger given her career as a music artist and actress scoring a perfect 20 out of 20. Addison Rae, who became famous for her TikTok content has 31 IMDb credits to her name, including starring roles in the 2021 film He’s All That, the 2018 film Marnie’s World, plus the TV show Addison Rae Goes Home.

Following closely behind in second spot is Jake Paul, with the vlogger proving he is savvy with a side hustle, scoring 19.9 out of 20. The content creator is now arguably more famous for his boxing career, earning Paul millions from every fight, and gaining him a side hustle score of 10/10. With pay-per-view fights, like his most recent Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva’ gracing TV screens, Jake secured a TV/film appearances score of 9.9/10

Ranking third place as the vlogger with the biggest side hustle success is Charli D’Amelio, who has launched a career as both a music artist and an actress since finding TikTok fame, scoring her 19.7 out of 20 overall. Landing her first voice role in the 2019 film ‘StarDog and Turbocat’, alongside other TV appearances, D’Amelio has a TV/film appearances score of 9.7/10. D’Amelio also scored 10/10 for her side hustles, which on top of singing and acting, consist of everything from books and a podcast to a makeup collection and clothing line. 

Bella Poarch is the fourth most successful vlogger when it comes to side hustles, with her career as a music artist proving to be as equally big a hit as her social media content, scoring Poarch 19.7/20. Her latest 2022 album features the song ‘Build a B*’, which has over 350 million listens on Spotify and counting, earning her a side hustle score of 10/10. As well as this, her music videos contributed to a TV/Film appearances score of 9.7/10.

Finding themselves in fifth place for her profitable side hustles is Kimberly Loaiza, scoring 19.5/20. The singer’s music videos for songs like ‘Devoto’ and ‘Fuego’, have gained her a TV/film appearances score of 9.5/10. Elsewhere, her clothing line with SHEIN ‘Kimberly Loaiza x SHEIN’, plus her own telephone company gained her a side hustle score of 10/10.

In sixth place is children’s entertainer, Blippi, who scored 19.5/20 for his side hustle success. The children’s vlogger has a toys business that includes everything from dolls and figures, to toy cars and trains, scoring him a Side Hustle score of 10/10. Blippi’s YouTube popularity has also led to his own TV show ‘Blippi’ which continued for 8 seasons, giving him a TV/film appearance score of 9.5/10.

Finding success on social media is one thing, but the very best vloggers have taken up successful side hustles. Some content creators like children’s vlogger Blippi with his toys business run side hustles that directly relate to their content, while others have a completely contrasting side hustle to their content, like comedy creator Jake Paul becoming a boxer.

What is for certain is that the very best vloggers understand the value of their personal brand, and know how to apply their charisma, determination and business know-how to achieve success both on and off the screen.

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Who is the Wealthiest Vlogger?

Who is the Wealthiest Vlogger?

Vlogging can be an extremely profitable profession, with many successful vloggers making millions through their content. However, out of all these social media sensations, who is earning the most?

We have analysed over 100 vloggers to determine who has made the most money, purely through uploading content across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube combined: 

In first place is Khaby Lame, the Senegalese-born Italian social media personality, is crowned the wealthiest vlogger with an unbeatable score of 20 out of 20. His popular content has seen him be referred to as one of the “biggest names in social media” and has accumulated a total average earning of $340,520 (£283,884) per post across the Instagram, TikTok and YouTube platforms combined.

Just missing out on the top spot and in second is Bella Poarch, with a score of 19.8 out of 20. Born in the Philippines, but living in the USA, the lifestyle vlogger turned singer made Forbes’ list of Top Creators Earnings in 2022, which is no surprise, considering the $273,971 (£228,404) she earns per post across the major social media platforms.

Emerging as the third richest vlogger is Charli D’Amelio, an American competitive dancer and social media personality with a score of 19.6 out of 20. Alongside TV success with her own show ‘The D’Amelio Show’, her online lifestyle content is also incredibly successful, earning her a total average of $272,705 (£227,348) across social media. 

Addison Rae, an American actress and social media queen secures her spot as the fourth wealthiest vlogger with a score of 19.4 out of 20. Making the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list in 2021, her lifestyle content shows no sign of slowing, with her average earnings across social media totalling $214,184 (£178,560).

Kimberly Loaiza takes the title of the fifth wealthiest vlogger, with her lifestyle vlogs earning her an impressive score of 19.2 out of 20. The Mexican music artist, known for her singing and dancing videos, has total average earnings across social media of $203,911 (£169,996). 

With so many successful vloggers taking the internet by storm, which category of content is the most successful when it comes to monetising it? Looking at the top 20 wealthiest vloggers, while four out of the top five were lifestyle bloggers, a larger 35% of the top 20 primarily produce content that falls into the comedy category – proving that there’s money in being funny.

Which Vlogger Has the Biggest Online Following?

Which Vlogger Has the Biggest Online Following?

Followers, a real-time digital scoreboard showing the size of a person’s loyal fanbase. Follower counts mean quite literally everything to vloggers, as having larger online followings usually equals a greater chance of success. 

So, which vloggers top the scoreboard when it comes to having the most subscribers?

Leading the way as the most followed vlogger is Kimberly Loaiza, with a total score of 29.1 out of 30 on our index. The social media star scored 10/10 for her number of YouTube subscribers, as they stand at 38,300,000. Known for being the 7th most followed user on TikTok, with 68,900,000 subscribers, Loaiza had a TikTok follower score of 9.5/10 and an Instagram follower score of 9.5/10 for her 36,200,000 followers. 

Claiming second place for the largest online following is Zach King, with a total score of 28.1 out of 30. Known for his ‘magic vines’ that give the illusion he’s performing spectacular tricks, the content creator has a YouTube subscribers score of 9.1/10 with 14,700,000 subscribers. The vlogger also has 24,300,000 followers on Instagram, with a score of 9.4/10, and 70,500,000 followers on TikTok, gaining Zach a score of 9.6/10

Logan Paul lands the spot of third place with his large and loyal following, giving him a score of 27.8/30. The comedic vlogger has 23,600,000 YouTube subscribers, giving Logan a score of 9.8/10, 24,100,000 Instagram followers (scoring 9.3/10) and 16,100,000 TikTok followers (giving him an 8.7/10 TikTok score). 

The fourth vlogger on the list with the largest online following is Charli D’Amelio, a creator of lifestyle content with a total score of 27.6 out of 30. Gaining a YouTube subscriber score of 7.8/10 thanks to his 9,460,000 subs, D’Amelio also has a 9.9/10 Instagram follower score (49,100,000 followers) and a TikTok follower score of 9.9/10 (148,300,000 followers). 

Jake Paul, is the fifth most followed vlogger, with a total score of 27.5/30. Jake’s comedic content has seen success across all of his social platforms. The vlogger had a YouTube subscribers score of 9.6/10 (with 20,400,000 subs), an Instagram followers score of 9.1/10 (21,000,000) and a TikTok followers score of ​​8.8/10 (16,800,000). 

Securing the title of the sixth most followed vlogger is KSI, with a total score of 26.2 out of 30. The king of gaming content with his famous FIFA videos has 16,000,000 YouTube subscribers (worth a score of 9.2/10), 12,300,000 Instagram followers (scoring 8.8/10) and 10,000,000 TikTok followers (scoring ​​8.2/10).

So, what type of vlogging content attracts the most followers? Analysing the top 20 most followed vloggers, it emerged that lifestyle and comedy are the two most dominant categories. 

Which Vlogger Has the Most Popular Online Content?

Which Vlogger Has the Most Popular Online Content?

For vloggers, popularity is essential, which is why having the most watched and liked content on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube is something that every vlogger strives for. 

So, which vlogger is leading the way when it comes to racking up the most views and likes?

Younes Zarou tops the table for having the most popular content, with an impressive total score of 18.5 out of 20.  The German vlogger who mainly creates comedy content is famous for his eclectic range of popular illusion videos and tutorials.  An impressive 1,000,000,000 likes on TikTok have gained him a score of 9.1/10, whilst his total YouTube views of 7,970,693,272 earned a score of 9.4/10

Kimberly Loaiza emerges as having the second most popular content, scoring 

18.4 out of 20 for her lifestyle videos. From tours of her mansion to her family Halloween outfits, Loaiza boasts a TikTok likes score of 9.8/10 (4,300,000,000 likes) and a YouTube views score of 8.6/10 (4,622,760,754 views). 

Earning a spot in third is Jake Paul, with a score of 17.7 out of 20 for his comedy vlogs. Known for his pranks and fooling about with his friends, Jake has racked up 

311,600,000 likes in total on TikTok, giving him a TikTok likes score of 8.7/10. His YouTube channel is even more popular with 7,244,397,396 total views, scoring 9.0/10

Nineteen-year-old Dan Rhodes climbs the ranks to fourth, with his content being extremely popular scoring him 17.6 out of 20. The English vlogger, known for his magic videos, Dan’s quick tricks have earned him a TikTok likes score of 7.9/10 (161,300,000 likes) and a YouTube views score of 9.7/10 (12,990,460,823 views). 

Woody & Kleiny take the title of having the fifth most popular online content, with a total score of 17.5 out of 20. Their comedic videos that cover everything, from challenges with friends to hilarious life hacks, have seen the duo receive impressive ratings and results. The pair have a total of 234,300,000 likes on TikTok (scoring 8.4/10) and overall YouTube views of 7,406,327,529 (scoring 9.1/10). 

Logan Paul secures his spot in the top six vloggers with the most popular online content, scoring 17.4 out of 20. Initially famous for his daily vlogs that fell into the comedy genre, Logan now uploads a range of content from boxing and WWE, to videos like ‘I Bought The Worlds Most Famous Pokemon Card’.  Logan has accumulated a total 277,500,000 likes on TikTok (giving him a score of 8.5/10) and 5,926,174,715 YouTube views (scoring 8.9/10). 

Which category of online content has proved the most successful when it comes to accumulating huge numbers in likes and views? From analysing the top 20 vloggers with the most liked and viewed content in the data, it emerged that 40% of the most viewed and liked content creators were in the comedy category.


A seed list of over 100 vloggers was drawn using the sites Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Feedspot and NoxInfluencer. Over 100 vloggers were measured against the same nine factors to determine a top 100 ranking. 

The statistics gathered for the top 100 were processed through a Google Sheets formula to give each vlogger a total score out of 100 based on a total of nine factors – eight factors scored out of ten, plus one factor scored out of 20.

The eight factors scored out of ten were YouTube subscriber; Instagram followers; TikTok followers; TikTok content total likes; Youtube content total views; Google search volume; TV & film appearances listed on IMDb; Side hustles and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The one factor scored out of 20 was Total average social media earnings per post. The reason this category was scored higher than the others is because it consisted of three smaller parts which were combined together for a greater sum. These parts were; Total average earnings per Instagram post; Total average earnings per TikTok upload; Total average earnings per YouTube combined.

The sources used in the data collection for this campaign were Ahrefs, Feedspot, Google, IMDb, Influencer Marketing Hub, Instagram, Nox Influencer, Social Blade, TikTok and YouTube.