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Complete Guide to Naming Your Therapy Business

Our therapy business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get therapy business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

A therapy practice is quite different from other types of businesses out there. The credibility and the credentials of the psychologist or the therapist will be incredibly important for building trust. In addition, there are ethical standards and confidential practices that govern the work of such professionals.

Because of the specifics, as well as the negative idea that some people may have about attending a therapy session, it’s very important to brand yourself in the best possible way.

Branding a practice may run against the understanding of some therapist but in this day and age, it’s become an essential. Not only can such branding help more people discover the benefits of therapy, it can also increase awareness about its importance.

A good therapy brand should be based on compassion and an understanding of the problems that people face. What is a person going through in order to seek therapy? How can a therapist offer assistance? These are the important questions you need to ask yourself when assigning certain characteristics to your brand.

Demographic Interests

To make the brand work for you, it’s important to ask yourself one key question – who gets psychotherapy?

Many people are referred to therapists by their general practitioners. Anxiety and signs of depression, as well as chronic stress and the inability to cope with it make many seek professional assistance. These could be young urban professionals, overworked parents or people who are struggling with marital problems.

Some studies suggest that females, particularly single females are referred to therapists more often than other groups of people. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to stick to the therapy schedule and complete the entire course of treatment.

Therapy is usually attended by wealthier individuals who have obtained a higher level of education.

Despite new technologies (online therapy is becoming increasingly popular among young people), the percentage of individuals who are getting therapy hasn’t changed profoundly over the course of a decade. Often, doctors will prescribe medications instead of referring people to therapists. Very active advertising efforts in the pharmaceutical field have contributed to this phenomenon.

Competitor Name Analysis

Healing Elaine

As you’ll see, the overwhelming majority of therapy practices is named after the founder. In this case, the addition of a positive word like healing helps potential clients see exactly what the respective professional can offer.

My Quiet Place Counseling

A therapy services provider that has chosen a more intriguing approach towards name selection. This title speaks of serenity and tranquillity – something we all need in this hectic world.

Urban Balance

When addressing a mental health or a personal problem, we’re ultimately looking for balance in our lives. Hence, the name is an excellent choice for a therapy practice.

Empowering Options

The right therapist aims to empower their clients and this is precisely what the name of this Chicago-based practice implies.

Healing Conversations

This is another therapy practice name that relies on the positive connotations of the word “healing.” The use of “conversations” is very clever because the word sounds much more casual and non-threatening than a therapy session.

Nevada Anger Management

Here’s a therapy practice that has adopted much more concrete and practical approach towards name selection, telling potential clients exactly what the area of specialisation is.


A focus on positivity, sustainable results and compassion should guide your therapy business naming efforts. Just naming your business after yourself isn’t going to cut it if you want to stand out.

You need a list of positive words and you can use that list with our Business Name Generator. You’ll get dozens of variations that you can play with, modify and run through the generator again until you have the ideal name. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

If you need assistance to get started, here are some therapy-related words and phrases:





Mind-body connection




Relationship counselling


Life coaching










Therapy Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Power of Hypnosis: if you have a certain key area that you specialise in, make that the focus of the therapeutic practice name.
  2. Free Minds Therapy: when you’re struggling with a mental health problem, you feel like your mind is chained. This name implies freedom through a therapeutic approach.
  3. Happy Mind, Happy Body Therapy: a powerful word like happiness is a great addition to the name of a therapy business because happiness is something we all pursue.
  4. We Care Therapy Studio: often, people want to feel that someone understands and cares for them. This is why a name like the example here can do wonders for therapy branding.
  5. Sunshine Therapy: another very positive and very powerful association that therapists can rely on to distinguish themselves.
  6. Let’s Talk it Out Therapy: talking about a problem is the first step towards recovery, which is why the name’s relevant and it will strike a chord.
  7. The Mind Doctor: this name is a bit more frivolous and approachable, which is why it may work for people who aren’t 100 per cent confident about getting therapy.
  8. Leave the Past Behind: our past has a significant impact on our lives and many people struggle because of their history. The name will lead to immediate recognition of the services being offered.
  9. Personal Growth Studio: ultimately, therapeutic help is all about personal growth.
  10. Pure Emotion Therapy: the name is somewhat more generic but the chosen phrase still leads to a positive association.

What Not to Name Your Therapy Business

Don’t base a therapy practice title solely on your name. the approach is boring, it doesn’t tell potential clients anything about your strengths and it results in a bland entry on some directory.

Location isn’t important, unless you want to put emphasis on community and being an important member of it.

As a therapist, you’re used to professional jargon and you may feel tempted to include a specialised word or phrase in the title of your practice. Instead of sounding professional, however, you will have a business that appears obscure. Stick to something simple and common that most people will understand.

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