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Generate names for your escape room business below.

1. Choose Your Escape Room Name Keywords

Think of some exciting or mysterious words to enter in the business name generator.

2. Get Escape Room Name Ideas

The generator will give you thousands of fantastic name ideas. Scan through the list and use filters to narrow it down.

3. Select Escape Room Names

Select names you love, verify domain availability, and finalize your company name.

Benefits of our Escape Room Company Name Generator

Instant creativity

Generates thousands of escape room names in seconds.

Brand building 

Includes a logo maker for visual appeal.

Check domains

Instantly verifies domain name availability.

Save an compare

Ability to save favorites for easy decision-making.

Trademark support

Helps ensure the escape room name is legally unique.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Escape Room

Consider Your Theme

Align the name with your room’s storyline. The theme of your escape room will be the starting point for branding your escape room business. 

Reflect the Experience

Choose names that evoke mystery and adventure—showcasing the type of experience that people will have if they visit your escape room.

Have Fun

Use puns, rhymes, alteration, and humor, and let your imagination go wild. Your experiential escape room is a business where you can let your creativity shine through.


Be Unique

Stand out with a name that’s different from competitors. This will help you be memorable and make it easy for people to recommend your escape room to friends and family.

check tick

Domain Check

Before going too far with your business and marketing launch strategy, you must also check that the domain name is available.


Get Feedback

Share options with friends or potential customers for insights. If you’re unsure about the different names, you can conduct polls via social media and ask potential customers for their feedback.

Get Inspired

20 Escape Room Name Ideas for Inspiration

  • Cryptic Quests
  • Lock-In Legends
  • Riddle Realm
  • Escape Enigma
  • Maze Masters
  • The Clue Crew
  • Secret Passage Escapes
  • Puzzle Pursuit
  • Thrill Threshold
  • Hidden Haven Escapes
  • Chamber of Challenges
  • Brainy Breakouts
  • Mystery Maze Escapes
  • The Escape Experiment
  • Twist & Turn Escapes
  • The Trickster’s Trap
  • Mind Maze Mania
  • The Great Getaway
  • Escape Emporium
  • The Quest Quarters

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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The name of your business should convey the values of your brand. Nonetheless, it should also be fun and easy to remember. Therefore, when you use the room escape company name generator, you should choose an option that offers you all of that.

An escape room company builds escape rooms for people to solve, which is very fun. Teams can sign up and try to crack the code inside the room to be able to get out, and that's a very entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

The room escape company name generator can give you clever options for your brand, for example, ‘the house of escapes,’ ‘room escape solvers, and ‘the de-crypters.’



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