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Complete Guide to Naming Your Research Business

Our research business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get research business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Research companies can work in many fields – from the academic field to doing work for another business in order to get a better idea about market dynamics

Market research is the one niche that such companies are associated with but it’s not the only one. Typically B2B service providers, research businesses have to emphasise their capacity to analyse data for the purpose of building the right reputation.

To begin developing such a brand, you will first have to establish your market niche. Are you going to be an academic researcher? A technical one? Will you work in the realm of big data analysis? Or maybe advertising and public relations? Each of these fields will necessitate a particular branding approach that isn’t going to work in the other areas.

Once you accomplish this goal, you will have to find out what your demographic is. Knowing your prospects and what they’re looking for will make it much easier for you to fine-tune all reputation establishment efforts and get the best possible outcome.

Demographic Interests

Research companies, regardless of the industry that they operate in, tend to be B2B service providers. Their clients can be medium-sized companies or large corporations in need of analytical information that will affect certain processes.

Providing accurate and reliable information is your biggest strength and the one thing your clients will be looking for. If you’re not capable of delivering information they can count on, chances are that the partnership will end pretty soon after its establishment.

Most research company clients also want quick and convenient delivery. Choose the right technology and the right methods of communication in order to please them. If you’re hoping to make the business grow in the years to come, you should invest in digital and big data solutions. Keep in mind that the research field evolves all the time due to new technological capabilities being made available. You cannot remain static and hope to maintain your good reputation. In order to keep clients happy, you will have to evolve.

Competitor Name Analysis


One of the biggest professional services, auditing and research companies in the world, Deloitte is named after its founder – William Welch Deloitte.


As far as market research goes, there’s no bigger player than Nielsen. Just like Deloitte, the company carries the name of its founder – Arthur C. Nielsen.


This is yet another big player in the field of market research. While most people are familiar with the abbreviation, IRI actually stands for Information Resource Incorporated.


A prominent French and global market research brand. The company was launched in 1999 by Didier Truchot – a professional having extensive experience in both the IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique) and ISOS institutes.


Abbreviations and companies being named after their founder are apparently pretty common in the research field. DRG is another big player and the abbreviation stands for Decision Resources Group.

Informa Financial Intelligence

This is a company name that explains itself. It accomplishes two tasks. The name tells potential companies that the businesses specialises in the field of research and that it also offers niche services in the financial field.


Research companies do a lot of serious analytical work. This is why you have to choose a name that sounds serious and respectable enough. A thorough brainstorming session will help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your biggest assets, you can determine a suitable brand identity.

Try our Business Name Generator to explore multiple possibilities and increase the scope of your brainstorming session. You will also get information about domain name availability.

Certain words and phrases are immediately connected to research and analytical work. The following vocabulary will acquaint you with the relevant terminology you can use when attempting to name your business:




Big data


Market research



Retail index

Applied research



Competitive intelligence



Focus group





Research Business Name Inspiration

  1. Analytica: the name is pretty streamlined and minimalist but it tells a potential audience exactly what you have to offer.
  2. The Benchmark Group: you need to have a serious, corporate sounding name in order to attract long-term B2B clients. Choosing a name like this one can help you accomplish the goal.
  3. Innovate through Intelligence: while getting abstract isn’t a good idea, you can certainly employ a somewhat innovative approach to naming your business.
  4. DataMine Research: data mining is a well-known term in the field of analytical research. As such, it’s well-suited to the branding needs of your business.
  5. MultiVariation: you can easily take mathematical and statistical terms and use them to build a brand. The approach will work well in the fields of market and academic research.
  6. Know Your Audience: the name is a bit more niche and specific. It’s an excellent choice for a market research company.
  7. Mega Insight: information is knowledge and power – most entrepreneurs recognise the fact. They want insight into audience behaviour/effectiveness of processes and this is what the name promises.
  8. Beyond the Figures: the name makes a promise that the company can offer its clients much more than mere data analysis.
  9. Hidden Numbers: a well-known phrase, this one can be branded effortlessly to speak of the activities of a research company.
  10. Gold Standard Research: the gold standard is the ideal that all professionals have to adhere to, regardless of the industry. The name speaks of the adoption of the best practices in the field of research.

What Not to Name Your Research Business

Going whimsical isn’t a good idea in the fields of research and data analysis. Your clients want security and accurate work. A serious-sounding title makes the right promise on your behalf.

If possible, avoid a generic name that doesn’t tell a lot about the type of research you can handle for your clients. Just like in other fields, the more specific your brand naming efforts are, the better.

Avoid the clichés in the field and look for something a bit more distinctive. You’ve seen from the examples that abbreviations are overdone. So are titles inspired by the name of the company’s founder. Do your best to avoid using words like research and intelligence – you can say the same thing in a much more creative way.

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