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How To Name Your Pet Business

If you’re passionate about caring for animals then your business name needs to capture this. We all know how those great pet store names create a sense of trust, honesty, and compassion. 

When growing your new company, you want a name that inspires your customers and more importantly yourself! As a business owner, you’ll be devoted to ensuring the happiness and health of pets’ lives. If this sounds like you, then keep reading to find everything you need to know about pet business names. 

This step-by-step guide is here to help you find that perfect name. Your first call to action should be our Pet Business Name Generator. In seconds, you can be scrolling through hundreds of unique and cute pet store names. 

Still, need a little more advice about naming your company? Then stick around for a full walkthrough of business names, the largest pet chains in North America, and specialized tips from the pet business industry.      

20 Pet Business Name Ideas

As a dedicated service, the Pet Business Name Generator will get your ideas flowing. Try a number of different words that capture your services. Here are 20 unique pet store names to get you started:

  1. Quest 4 Pets
  2. Purr N Bark
  3. Project Cuteness
  4. Cherish Pups
  5. Animal House
  6. Urban Pets
  7. Healthy Crackers
  8. Le Petit Pets
  9. Luv Your Animals
  10. The Arachnid Palace
  11. Doggiez Stylez
  12. Whiskies Supplies
  13. City Petters
  14. Paws Paws Paws
  15. Pawn N Stuff
  16. Exotic Species
  17. DogTown Central
  18. Pamper Groomers
  19. Hail The Biscuits
  20. Of Mice and Cat

20 More Pet Business Name Ideas

  1. Ruff Life
  2. Pawsibilities
  3. Canine Crew
  4. Pet Crew
  5. Fido Fiddle
  6. Pet Haus
  7. Dear Galore
  8. Play Pen
  9. Tails of Joy
  10. Maw and Paw
  11. Spotty Pet Store
  12. Pet Pawpose
  13. Pet Empire
  14. Pawfect Tail
  15. Wiggly wag
  16. Pup Hub
  17. Bark in Style
  18. Poodle Standard
  19. Groom and Growl
  20. Top Cat

Best Real-world Pet Business Names

Having got to grips with our Pet Business Name Generator, you may want to compare your list of names with the most successful pet stores in North America. 

It’s always good practice to complete competitor analysis. There are loads of interesting facts to learn from a company and its origins. This process will definitely spark your creative urge. With that said, let’s look at the leading North-American pet chains in 2021 by the number of stores:  

  • PetSmart with 1,650 stores 
  • PETCO with 1,559 stores
  • Pet Supplies Plus with 561 stores
  • Pet Valu with 486 stores
  • Pet Supermarket with 219 stores
  • Global Pet Foods with 190 stores
  • Petsense with 182 stores
  • Woof Gang Bakery with 142 stores


As the most well-known pet store name across North America, PetSmart sells pet products, services, and even small pets. 

However, PetSmart began under the name, PETsMART, as a play on both a “pet’s market” and “smart solutions” for your pets. In 2005, the company rebranded itself to PetSmart. The name change was part of their refocused brand identity. 

They wanted to focus specifically on those pet parents that considered their pets as part of the family.

Pet Supplies Plus

As a local pet store carrying an array of natural pet foods, Pet Supplies Plus tells you everything you need to know in the name. They aim to offer all the supplies you need and anything “extra”. 

Pet Valu

This company offers a full line of services for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and other small pets. They even provide help with adoption.

With a smart marketing strategy, the word “valu” signifies that they offer great deals that can even take the “e” off “value”.

Pet Sense

Advertised as America’s hometown pet store, Pet Sense is here to “make sense” of all the problems you may have with your pets.

Pet Business Names and Brand Identity

As the American Pet Products Association detail that American consumers spent around $11 billion in 2021 on pet insurance, grooming, training, walking, and supplies, you need to be clear on your brand identity.

Pets are not just for Christmas!

We all know pets are not just for Christmas. They are a lifetime commitment that will involve a number of costs. More and more households are considering adopting or buying a pet since the start of COVID. With this in mind, you know that there’s a great demand for pet services. 

Here are a few things you need to know about pet store names, brand identity, and target audience. 

Millennials are the Number One Pet-Owning Generation

In 2017, millennials became number one in the pet-owning demographic. With 35% of U.S pet owners being millennials, you need to consider how pet store names are going to connect with a younger generation. 

Try to use a name that is social media-friendly. You don’t want a name that will be scrolled past straight away. Millennials now have an overwhelming passion for the pet industry so maybe trying a less traditional name will attract customers.

Pets Are Always Family!

Pets Are Always Family!

If you work with animals and pet owners every day, you know that a pet is more than just an animal. It belongs to a family, providing joy and happiness.

You only need to take a look at the most successful pet store in North America, PetSmart. They purposefully rebranded with this in mind!

When looking at pet store names, try to find words like “homely”, “cozy”, and “snug”. These words let your customers know you offer everything for that perfect snuggle with their pet.

A Pet Needs Its Treats!

Pet owners indulge in treats and gifts for their pets every week. Your name should speak to their gift-giving urges! This includes snacks and even dog-related merchandise. 

Have a look at some of the most popular names of pet treat brands and see if any words catch your eye. You can try putting some of these words into our Pet Business Name Generator to find fun creative mash-ups! Here is the list:

  • Blue Buffalo 
  • Zuke’s 
  • Canine Carry Outs 
  • Full Moon
  • Fruitables
  • Good ‘n’ Fun
  • Pup-Peroni
  • Cloud Star 

 5-Tips for creating unique Pet Business name ideas

1. Try Your Own Name

If you love all pets, why not show it by using your own name. As a business owner who deals with pet owners every day, you want to instill a sense of trust. There’s no better way to maximize personal credibility than building a good reputation under your name. 

Using your name not only builds credibility. It will also distinguish you from competitors. It’s very unlikely that a direct competitor is going to be using your name. By taking this route, you will have a unique brand identity that stands out against the marketplace. 

Moreover, it demonstrates your commitment to the cause. Pet store names should bring to mind passion, and your name on the store represents your dedication to pet supplies and services.

2. Focus on the Values of the Owner

If you’ve decided to use your own name, then personal credibility is the bedrock of your company. Make sure you know what values are at the heart of your business. 

This is important because it will instruct your marketing strategies. Your values will also filter down to all your employees and how they conduct their business. 

3. Don’t Let it Get Too Long

If it’s a personal name you want, try to stick to your first or last name. If you have a business partner you may want to reconsider using a personal name. You don’t want four or fives names in the title as this will put customers off. Remember, the longer the name, the less memorable it will be. 

4. Try Finding Some Keywords

We hope you’ve made use of our Pet Store Name Generator. Have trouble discovering that creative name? Try finding some relatable keywords for your business. Try and build a list of keywords and synonyms like:

  • Fluffy
  • Paws
  • Whiskers
  • Cleaning 
  • Claws
  • Pups 
  • Kittens

5. Put Them in The Pet Store Name Generator

Now all you have to do is take those keywords and put them into our Pet Store Name Generator. We’ll do the rest for you. The search tool will begin to mix and match the keywords, producing some really creative combinations!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When creating a pet shop name, consider using a couple of these techniques: 1. Get creative with alliteration. For example, “Perfect Pups”. 2. Have a go at a rhyme. Try something like, “as Smitten as a Kitten”. 3. If you can, make up a pun! Look at names like “Groucho Barx”.

Try some of these catchy dog breeding names: The Puppy Palace, The Fish Farm, Pooch Forever, The Dream Team, Smiling Kittens

Here are 5 tips for creating that perfect catchy business name: Try acronyms, Have a go at making a mash-up, Try a geographical location, Use your own name, Get inspiration from books.


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